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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Facebook Week. Gay Marriage and KKK Flag
Mon Jun 29 23:40:58
So Facebook has been interesting this week. Lots of posts about Confederate Flags and Gay Marriage.

Has anyone seen any good real stupid meltdowns or anything? Facebook has just been like a churning turd pot of dumb comments lately, and these are issues that really make Conservatives and so called Libertarians want to commit mass shootings.

They also banned teaching Creationism at public schools in the UK. Hail Brittania!

Anyway what I have seen myself on facebook are:

-People posting things like how much they like the Confederate Flag, and then all their friends ripping into them about how dumb that is like hyenas on a wildebeast.

I just saw some dude have a crazy anti-gay ALL CAPS meltdown about how much he hates Gays, and the dude had the rainbow facebook profile pic that everyone has right now. It was really hilarious to see his friends tell him this and he said he just changed his profile to the rainbow pic because he liked the filter.

It's also really hilarious how so many people who post about liking the Confederate Flag also say in the post that they have black friends.

And then all the pages that people are unliking because the page administrator posts thing that are in support/against gay marriage/confederate flags.

I haven't really seen any Gay supporting Confederate Flag wavers though.


Tue Jun 30 00:23:15
Whoops wrong forum.
Tue Jun 30 00:50:17
But you are my friend!

Facebook is dumb.
the wanderer
Tue Jun 30 08:21:56
Don Stair (random facebook user) got pissed off at the NBC peacock

Tue Jun 30 08:55:06
Nothing outside of the normal stupidity you experience on an average facebook day.

Rednecks complaining about the Confederate flag being banned (it's not). Blaming Obama (he didn't do anything). Complaining about constitutional rights (none are violated). Which of course turns into Obama and gun control (Has barely done anything in terms of gun control) (has absolutely nothing to do with the topic).

I did almost have to yell at some stupid little fuck head. A buddy of mine, clearly fed up with all of the discussion posted something like "Let's just ban all flags and never have this conversation again." and I had made the harmless comment that I was pretty sick of hearing about it too. Then this little fuckwad decides to go off on an enormous rant about why I'm sick of hearing about it (like he knows better than I do lol) and how I never even thought to sympathize with the black people who live down south (thanks for calling me a sociopath). I typed out a little something like three times, but I decided to make the wise choice and just not get into it lol

Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 30 11:59:27
"about why I'm sick of hearing about it"

Yikes! Does he specialize in Facebook pop psychology? ;p

Facebook does at least show what a great impact eugenics could have on society :D
Tue Jun 30 23:44:49
"Facebook does at least show what a great impact eugenics could have on society"

You too.
Cherub Cow
Wed Jul 01 00:17:22
o thx! :D
Damian DB
Wed Jul 01 09:48:17
I called last week "clean out the clutter" :)

I unfriended a lot of close minded fools on both sides of the argument.

I'm paraphrasing, but one guy said "great, so now all states have recognize marriage certificates (and I won't even get into my feelings on gay marriage) from all other states, so why can't they do the same for my concealed carry permit?"

I was going to explain why government shouldn't regulate marriage to begin with but since they do, they shouldn't discrimate against who they issue license to, And how that's different from government regulating how you can carry your firearms. I then decided you know what, not worth the headache.
Sun Jun 05 23:22:11
RIP billah
Wed Mar 22 02:41:32
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