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Utopia Talk / General Talk / If you caught your roommate pissing in
A bro
Wed Jun 22 00:41:56
the bathroom sink instead of the toilet what would you do?

I walked past the toilet door which he left slightly open and I saw what he was doing.

the wanderer
Wed Jun 22 01:01:04
move my toothbrush
Wed Jun 22 07:54:15
using the toilet as sink. Seems that one is cleaner than the sink
Wed Jun 22 08:22:08
1, Ask what's wrong with the toilet.
2, hand him the bleach and cleaning brush and supervise to make sure he does the job right.
3, seek new living arrangements.
the wanderer
Wed Jun 22 12:00:34
from an SNL skit... [that would probably be on YouTube if they hadn't been such nazis]

Hi, I'm Norman Bates for The Norman Bates School of Motel Management...[yadda yadda]... Yes, a diploma in motel management can be your passport to prosperity, independence, and security, but are you motel material? Let's find out with a simple quiz.

Question 1: A guest loses the key to her room. Would you
A) Give her a duplicate key
B) Let her in with your passkey
C) Hack her to death with a kitchen knife

Question 2: Which of the following is the most important in running a successful motel?
A) Cordial atmosphere
B) Courteous service
C) Hack ker to death with a kitchen knife
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 22 15:57:03
Tentacle Rapist
Wed Jun 22 22:48:29
I would torture him
Till he begged to be murdered
then burn him to death
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