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Tue Oct 04 01:55:10
I am calling this finished (unless you see spelling errors or the like; content wise though, all good). Plan is to post it online in 3 parts, although where I'm not 100% sure. If any of you have ideas, I'll gladly check 'em out. Extra special treat for you schmoes, I won't make y'all wait.

part 1

Living on the outskirts of town in a small shack, her weekly trips for supplies had endeared her to the locals. She walked through the side streets, nodding to familiar faces as she passed by. Erica's teal, airy dress allowed her run to town as the day’s workout. Walking through the familiar streets gave her comfort, as it reminded her that she hadn’t moved in months.

The sound of Erica's wooden sandals echoing on the unfinished stone alerted the only person left on the street. "Dame Blanche," he called out to her, a smile plastered from ear to ear. While the nickname was playfully derogatory, as she was the only local white person, Erica smiled back. It was much better than other nicknames she had picked up. She waved back at the young man as she turned down onto a sparsely traveled side street.

Sunlight reflected off of a watch face and lured Erica’s eyes to a Caucasian male in a polo shirt. The man's clothing was odd; he was too underdressed to be a businessman, but too overdressed for a tourist. Erica quickened her pace and darted between buildings, into a narrow alley. As she crossed a street, a second, similarly dressed man started walking towards her and confirmed her suspicions.

Erica dropped her bag to the ground and began to run down the alley. With two men, there were bound to be more. She headed for the busy section of town, chased by the sound of loud clomping from the men pursuing her. Approaching a wide road, Erica slowed down and turned left to find two more men waiting for her. She skidded to a stop and sprinted back past the men before they emerged from the alley. With four men now chasing her, Erica ran to the nearest street that could take her into the crowded city center.

Unfinished stone turned into neatly arranged bricks with tiny blades of grass sticking out from between them. The street slowly became crowded with people. Erica, and the men chasing her, moved between narrow openings within the thickening crowd. With the market finally in sight, Erica looked behind her to see six men now following. Seeing the busy market, she picked up speed in an attempt to break line of sight for her escape. Finally on a paved road, Erica weaved through the crowd and dodged cars until she reached the canvas ceiling of the outer market. With little room between the sea of bodies, Erica slid her way through the crowd until she was certain that the outer walls of the market blocked the view of the men chasing her.

With the locals streaming by, Erica closed her eyes and a torrent of consciousness flooded her senses. A particularly calm mind flashed in her thoughts and Erica latched on, sinking her mental tendrils in. With a cold tug, Erica pulled herself inside of a tall man, dominating the will of her host, converting her body into energy. The sensation of metallic strings slithered throughout the man's nervous system, coiling themselves like wound rope. With little effort, Erica gained motor control of the new body, peering through its eyes for her captors while she moved for an exit.

Searing pain erupted throughout Erica’s body and ripped her from her host. She clawed to stay bonded with the neurons, but the electrical impulses were too intense and viciously separated her from the body. Erica was sent flying out of the tall man and landed sprawled out across the chiseled stone. Before she could move, her chasers surrounded her.

With the warm cement pressing against her face, she saw one man raise a disruptor gun and heard the muffled thwap of the weapon being fired. A dull pain in the back of her head accompanied blurred vision, and Erica could feel the life draining from her as she slowly lost consciousness. Before darkness overcame her, she saw two hulking silhouettes as they leaned in to scoop her up.
Tue Oct 04 01:55:33
part 2

Erica woke to a splitting headache. She inched opened her eyes to confusion and darkness. "What?" she muttered, unable to form a complete thought. She closed her eyes and slowly located the origin of her headache, running her fingertips over what felt like a puncture. It was usually needles in the arm and controlled sedative, but her head felt more like it had been subjected to elephant tranquilizer. Her captors had taken every precaution, even replacing her clothes with generic shorts and a shirt.

After gaining her bearings, Erica opened her eyes again. She noticed a slight hum overhead, but there was still complete darkness. She crawled along the sides of her cage, feeling the walls, almost caressing them as she passed. She concluded that it must be a special type of cage built specifically for her, constructed to prevent her from using her power to escape. It was a particularly clever creation since anything that let light into her cage could allow her to escape.

Erica crawled back to the middle of her cage and sprawled out across the floor. Being unceremoniously dumped in a tiny heap had left her muscles itching for relief. She arched her back, pushing herself off the floor until only her palms and heels touched the cool metal. Erica continued to stretch until she could feel the vibration of footsteps approaching the door to her cage. She sat up and scooted to the back of the cage, waiting for the inevitable gloating of her captor.

A suctioning sound seemed to release the door from its frame and the door swung open and dumped light into the room, blinding Erica for several seconds. With the light, a rush of brainpower glistened across her mind, coaxing her to possess one of them.

Erica could barely make out what was happening, but the loud scraping sound of table legs across the metal floor gave her a hint. She could make out two silhouettes passing each other through the doorway while a third man picked her up and sat her down in a folding chair. She sat in silence as her eyes adjusted to the light, slowly revealing the interrogator sitting across the small, metal table. He was wearing the same khakis as the men who had chased her. He sat there, judging her for another moment before breaking the silence.

"Erica Dunn," he said. "You did pretty good." His tone could have convinced most, but Erica was intimately familiar with people and personalities, considering the number of people she had possessed over the years. "French Africa," he said, almost as if talking to himself. "We heard a rumor from a little town in Algeria. You know what it was?"

Erica remained silent, studying him. She was more interested in who she was up against than whatever story he told her in an attempt to ease her nerves. With his pause, Erica looked past the doorway and saw two soldiers staring in at them, disruptor guns drawn and aimed. Erica had no wish to feel the pain of being forcefully removed from a host and decided to play along.

The interrogator leaned towards Erica, as if he were about to whisper. Enough light poured into the box to reflect off of the back wall, revealing a portion of his face. Erica didn't recognize him, but noticed the tan line where his watch belonged. "Danseuse de la Peau," he said, butchering the French.

She could tell he was a true-bred American by his barbaric accent; he may as well have just spoken English. However, Erica remembered the village where she earned the nickname.

"From there, it wasn't difficult to track a white girl to Morocco." The interrogator smirked, clearly taking pride in his prize. "What were you doing here?" His tone changed drastically, no longer trying to ease Erica out of her drug-induced sleep.

"Hiding," Erica replied. She wasn't particularly interested in the interview, eying the soldiers instead.

The interrogator laughed. "Here? You don't fit in here. Maybe Russia," he added. "You sort of stick out in these parts."

Erica smiled and showed the first signs of life, scooting her chair closer to the table in an awful screech. "I could be anybody," she said. She took a sick pleasure at the subtle flinch from the interrogator and both soldiers. "Even you, Pinocchio," she added, nodding across to him.

He tried to hide the nervousness in his voice, but Erica could still hear it. "We brought disruptors." He leaned back in his chair, an attempt to regain control by appearing casual.

Erica wasn't paying attention to him. She was too busy waving her hands about, controlling the strings of an imaginary puppet. For anyone else, it would have seemed ridiculous, but to her, most people were simply life sized dolls anyway. "What do you want with me," she asked without looking up from her pantomime.

The interrogator raised his voice until it echoed around the tiny box. "You escaped from prison," he said. "What do you think we want with you?"

"This cage won't hold me," she replied.

He looked unfazed by Erica's arrogant demeanor. "We've significantly improved our disruptor tech. Did you like it?" he asked. "Wide beam. Covers larger areas now." Erica simply smiled back at him, taunting him with her gaze. The interrogator slammed his hands down on the table, the sound echoing within the cage. "Who helped you escape, who are you working for?" he questioned.

His nerves had reached their peak. Erica knew there was little time before he had to hand her over for transportation back to the US and he needed answers. Erica had none for him.

"You need to cooperate," he said to her, trying to hide the hint of desperation in his voice.

The feverish insistence in the interrogator's voice told Erica that he was under intense stress and wondered if he was even authorized to be here and asking her questions. She finally looked at him, straight into the hollow recess in his shadowy face where his eyes would be. "I don't know who you are," she said, whispering to him. "I don't know who you work for. I don't even care." Erica wasn't lying; the voice wasn't familiar to her and the desperate tactics seemed disproportionate to her crimes. "You sound like you're after a spy." Her volume increased a little when she saw a twitch from her interrogator, indicating she wasn't far from the truth. "The only reason I'm the most wanted criminal in the world is because of my ability to P.H.A.N.T.O.M. It's unique. And unique is valuable." Erica could tell she wasn't getting anywhere and toned down her efforts. She scooted back in her chair and sulked down, indicating she had given up. "I don't know anything interesting," she said to herself. The interrogator had to lean closer to hear her speak. "But I will get out," she said forcefully, getting right in his face.

The soldiers at the door both took two steps towards Erica while the interrogator stood up from his chair and backed away. A pair of men came to remove the furniture, squeezing past the soldiers and the interrogator, while still watching Erica as she sat down against the back wall with a faint smirk on her face. Once everything had been removed, the interrogator nodded to a hidden party to seal the door to Erica's cage. As the door closed, the light that had leaked into the room slowly extracted itself, racing across the walls on its way out.

With the last crack of light vanishing, Erica quickly grabbed onto the mind of one of the soldiers standing guard and pulled herself inside of him. The sound of victory rang out as the door sealed shut. She could feel several bulges weighing her down; she guessed it was standard military issue gear. She thought to herself, "What would a spy be doing with grunts?"

"At ease," the interrogator said after the door finished sealing.

Both Erica and the soldier next to her lowered their weapons and relaxed, facing away from the cage. Erica flinched when she saw a familiar face out of the corner of her left eye: FBI agent Leonard Crow. He was standing in a large room at the end of a long hallway connected to the room holding her cage. The interrogator disappeared around a corner opposite her, exposing more hallway to her right. The decor looked familiar to her, but she couldn't quite place it and memories coming from her host were no help.

Erica couldn't get away from it, she was fixated: why was Crow here if not for her?

"Shit. Shit, shit, shit," Erica thought as Crow walked down the hall, toward her. The puny, red haired little devil had been haunting her for years, ever since being assigned to a case she was involved in. He didn't forget how she had strung him along; being misled had cost him hard-earned reputation. He was almost vindictive towards her, and now he was here to collect her. Again.

Erica's stomach growled as Crow approached the room with Erica's cage in it. He looked calm, with a hint of boyish excitement spilling through his cracked smile. "I'd like to talk to the girl," he said at the soldiers.

Erica stood there, not wanting to give up her identity. Crow was too clever to be disregarded. The tension of his presence seemed to build up forever, until the other soldier spoke.

"Sorry, nobody is authorized to see the prisoner."

Crow looked at the soldier standing opposite of Erica and then straight at Erica. Her heartbeat accelerated as he looked at her, as if he could pierce through her fleshy soldier costume to see the electrical strings moving the puppet. Crow took another step towards the large box, but both the soldier and Erica moved the barrel of their rifles in front of him. "I'm an FBI agent," he said to them, pulling out his badge.

The other soldier spoke up. "Sir, the FBI have no jurisdiction in an American Consulate."

Erica lit up. "So that's where I am," she thought.

“We absolutely do,” Crow countered.

Erica knew that a consulate would be outfitted with disruptor tech at the exits the moment she was located, which would put her in a bind. The moment she left the soldier, her escape would be realized and the hunt would begin again. She could knock her host unconscious as she left, but it would only buy her a small amount of time; she needed an escape plan.

“I’m sorry sir,” the soldier replied to Crow. “Not on this matter.”

Erica finally spoke up, hoping to put Crow off her scent long enough to plan an escape. "Look, sir," she said, letting the deep, growly voice of her host echo down the halls. "The prisoner is being transported within the day. You must wait until she has been transferred out of our control."

The forceful statement seemed to convince Crow to back off. He muttered something to himself as he turned back down the hallway towards the front commons of the consulate.

"Can you believe that guy?" asked the soldier. He was looking straight at Erica. “Trying to pull authority like that.”

Erica ignored the comment and stood guard over her empty cell, watching people roam free while she was still held captive by her own method to freedom. As minutes turned long and uninteresting memories bled from her host into her consciousness, the sight of approaching soldiers lifted her spirit. In her haste and hunger, she dropped her guard.

"The fuck are you doing?" the soldier next to her scolded. "We stand until relieved of duty. Especially with such a high value prisoner." He smacked her lightly on the arm.

Erica straightened up and waited the elongated seconds until her replacements came and relieved her of duty. Following her partner to the main foyer, she saw one of the agents who chased her standing near the exit, a disruptor rifle in hand. Erica quickly turned up the staircase next to her for a different exit.

"Where you going, Sampson?" asked the guard she was with.

Erica paused and turned back to the soldier. "Bathroom," she replied.

"Don't forget. Gotta be back at the compound in an hour," he said, nodding to her.

Erica quickly headed up the stairs, nearly running over someone traveling down. As their shoulders collided, Erica's gaze met the face of Crow, staring back at her in surprise. She felt her pulse quicken and her throat lock up, choked in fear. Both she and Crow fell back into railings, catching their balance by bracing against them.

"Sorry," Crow exclaimed, looking at the surprised soldier staring back at him.

An odd sense of familiarity beamed through Crow's eyes, almost as if he recognized the soldier from before the incident at the cage. "My fault, sir," Erica muttered, surprised her voice answered her command. "I should be more careful." She pulled her rifle back to her chest, barrel pointed to the ground, and ran up the stairs.

Crow watched the soldier disappear, not curious enough to follow, and walked to the exit of the consulate.

After escaping from Crow, Erica looked for an empty room. After several excuses for barging into occupied rooms, Erica found an empty one and hurried inside, locking the door behind her. The room was in disarray, with siding removed from the walls sitting beneath an open ladder. She could see that the electrical system near the window was severed. Erica slowly retracted herself from the soldier, appearing in front of him, with a slight hum of electricity passing over her skin.

The soldier regained awareness to the sight of a slender, attractive woman: the same woman he just remembered closing inside a dark prison. "Fuck," he muttered as the eclipse of Erica's fist extinguished his own light. He fell to the floor, barely conscious as a second blow rendered him blank.

Erica grabbed his wallet and the side arm from his holster, a simple 9mm pistol, and searched for any extra ammo. She left the rifle, as the beam would have no effect on anyone else. Realizing she was still in pajamas, she took the jacket from the soldier and put it over the white t-shirt she had on. With the gun slipped into her waistband and no extra ammo, Erica lifted the window and climbed out, hanging herself as near to the pavement below before dropping down from the second story. The impact of the fall stung in her feet and knees, causing her to pause a moment. "Oh get up," she thought. "You've had worse." Erica slowly pulled herself up, despite her knees cracking. As she looked down the alley towards the street, she squinted from the bright, midday sun.
Tue Oct 04 01:55:49
part 3

The American Consulate in Morocco was located in Casablanca, a substantial distance from Erica's escape plan. Despite her hunger, Erica knew she had to leave the city before her escape was discovered. Still groggy from the tranquilizer, she made her way to the street and walked away from the consulate, watching the passing cars for something serviceable. Walking into the sunlight, Erica scanned the light traffic to snatch a ride and head to Tangier, where she could take a quick ferry into southern Spain.

There weren't many travelers on the road, either walking or driving, and most of the cars passing by didn't seem capable of reliably taking Erica 200 miles. A few potential cars drove by, but Erica dismissed them when she felt multiple people inside. Eventually, a suitable car with only one person passed Erica, and she latched onto the driver.

The trip to Tangier was long and uneventful, a monotonous event devoid of distraction. Over the course of the several hour trip, Erica tried several times to find a worthwhile radio station. She didn't dwell on the escape plan or even the men sure to be chasing her, instead letting her mind wander and fantasize. By the time Erica finally reached Tangier and found a place to eat, the clock in the car read 14:30.

Erica parked the car several blocks away from the tiny cafe she had found and left her host, appearing as a pedestrian on the empty sidewalk. The sandy jacket and white cloth shorts she was wearing looked out of place but would be serviceable until she had escaped from Morocco. She walked back to the cafe and up the decorative stone steps to the second floor entrance.

Inside, a dark, wooden shelf held stacks of white plates and bowls behind a plain table set up as a makeshift countertop. A smattering of blue picnic tables held several guests who were elbow deep into their meals. Erica walked through the open door to see a heavily tanned woman standing behind the counter, a warm smile waiting to greet a customer.

"Buenos tardes," she sang to Erica.

The smell of garlic hit Erica's nose — an attempt to mask the underlying smell of fish. The scent of spiced meaat crept from across the room. With the proximity of Tangier to Spain, Erica guessed that the lady was a Spanish native. "Habla Anglais?" Erica asked. While she could banter along in French just fine, Erica was severely limited in her Spanish.

"Si, I speak English," the lady replied, understanding Erica's butchered question. She glided out from behind the counter and swept Erica into a seat. "I'm sorry, we don't have any English menus," she said.

"If you have a French menu," Erica suggested. Before Erica could finish her sentence, the owner had grabbed a menu for her. Erica smelled brewed tea but was unable to make out a flavor. "Merci, Ms. Ratliff," Erica said.

The woman looked at her, confused. "I know not any Ms. Ratliff," she muttered, looking around the tiny room.

Erica was already too busy looking through the menu to realize what she had said. Skimming through the choices, Erica saw mostly seafood with a variety of roasted vegetables. After a minute or so, Erica finally settled on shrimp with roasted peppers and tiger nuts, although she wasn't quite sure what tiger nuts were.

Erica looked around to find the owner and beckoned the lady over to order food. For the briefest of moments, the lady appeared to change, taking the form of someone familiar to Erica. The short, wavy hair was long and flowy and it had looked like she was wearing thick glasses.

"Yes?" the lady prodded.

Erica had stopped mid order at the oddity she was seeing. With the hallucination seemingly over, Erica finished her order and watched the lady walk back into the kitchen.

"Stephen," one of the other customers said.

Erica jerked her head towards the table, swearing he was talking to her. The table looked normal, but Erica was sure someone had just called her Stephen. Suddenly the picnic benches faded into nothingness, replaced by a blinding headache and several rows of desks. The cafe walls dissolved and ceramic stone appeared, plastered with posters and a chalkboard. The entire scene disappeared, reverting back to the cafe.

"Uh oh," Erica muttered, realizing what was happening. It was a side effect of her power; as she possessed people, their knowledge and memories would slowly bleed into Erica's consciousness and these hallucinations were Erica's mind purging the excess. Like the absorption of knowledge, Erica had no control over what was purged, however it was limited to information she had gained from others. It was unusual for an episode to occur when she was awake, as the protection of manifesting within a dream would shield Erica from the pain of her mind ripping itself apart.

Before Erica could brace herself, a second wave of agony set upon her. The customers from the cafe began to chatter like school children and the background faded back to the classroom that had flashed before. It wasn't the first time Erica had been torn from reality, so when the full force of the episode hit her, she was braced for it.

"Stephen, why are you acting so strange?" one of the students asked.

Erica, who had possessed Stephen at the time, resisted being sucked into the memory and refused to cooperate with her dream. At the front of the classroom, Ms. Ratliff turned around with a disappointed frown. "Leo, Stephen, stop talking." The teacher walked towards Erica, her frown morphing into a look of concern. "Are you ok?" she asked.

A brief flash of reality startled Erica when she realized the cafe owner was standing right where Ms. Ratliff had been in the memory, asking her the very same question. Erica slipped back into the memory episode with a brain-splitting headache, pain coursing through her. The memory was from high school; she had possessed Stephen to practice control and because he was the biggest prick in her grade. She had been grasping for control when Ms. Ratliff asked if she was ok, then had quickly escaped to the bathroom to leave her host without being caught. However, with her refusal to act out the past, Erica's imagination had to fill the void within the scene.

"Dude," Leo said to Stephen. "What's wrong? You're sweating."

The entire class had gotten up and surrounded Erica, all staring at her. When the memory finally reached the point where Erica had bailed, the hallucination evaporated and Erica found herself braced against the wall of the cafe with all eyes focused on her. Her clothes were soaked and she felt a chill, despite the sweltering heat. "I," Erica started, working through a knot in her throat. "I'm fine."

The owner took a towel filled with ice and forced it onto Erica's forehead. "Here, let me get you fan," she said, and rushed into the back room.

Erica sheepishly sat back down at her table and waited for her food. The episode had sapped all of her energy, compounding her hunger. Erica felt almost feral, eying other customers' food with a voracity all too familiar.

"Here we are," the woman sang, emerging from the back room with a large drink and a portable fan. "Complements," she said with a smile and placed the drink in front of Erica, who quickly snatched it and began gulping it down.

The rest of Erica's meal was uneventful, although she felt the sting of stares from the other customers as she gobbled down her food. Erica quickly finished and thanked the woman for her help. As she left, Erica asked for directions to a ferry headed for Spain and the owner happily listed several options.

"Sir," a soldier said, interrupting a discussion between Crow and Erica's interrogator. "One of the prisoner's guards was found in an office, unconscious."

Crow's stare immediately started burning a hole through the interrogator's brow. "Let me see the prisoner," he said with surprising force.

"We have custody until—"

"I don't give a damn, Hughes," Crow interrupted.

A sheepish befuddlement crept onto Hughes' face, betraying his intention to submit. "Alright," he whispered.

The soldier led Hughes and Crow to the hallway with Erica's solid, metal crate. The two guards in front both saluted as the group approached.

"Pop it," Crow barked.

The guards turned to Hughes, who nodded in support of Crow's command. One grabbed hold of the wheel to unlock the door while the other pointed his rifle at the seal. Heavy latches slowly released inside the crate, unsealing the cage. With a small push from the butt of his rifle, the guard opened the door.

Light swept through the tiny room, quickly penetrating the darkness inside. Both Crow and Hughes peered into the room to see an empty floor.

Crow bowed his head, frustrated with the incompetence. "Did you open the cage before I got here?" he asked, tilting his head toward Hughes.

"Yes," Hughes replied hesitantly. "I interrogated her several hours ago."

"And you incapacitated her before sealing it up?" Hughes closed his eyes and pursed his lips together, realizing the mistake. "Damnit," Crow exclaimed. "The fuck did you interrogate her for?"

"I thought..." Hughes began.

"No," Crow interrupted. "You weren't tasked with thinking." Rage slowly built up in his face, flushing his cheeks. "Damnit," he repeated, pacing.

The other men watched Crow work out his frustration for a silent moment, eyes darting shamefully between each other. They all felt the sting of failure, despite Hughes being the only perpetrator.

"Go!" Crow yelled, surprising the others with flailing arms. "Find her."

Erica pulled apart the cardboard packaging of the prepaid phone she had just bought. She quickly dialed and held the phone to her ear. After a moment, the dial tone began to ring.


Erica's heart skipped a beat when the angelic voice reached her ear. Her eyes pointed down towards the floor, averting an imagined gaze. "Hi," she replied. The deafening silence from the other side stirred up the butterflies in Erica's stomach as she dodged through the crowd on her way to a ferry headed for Spain.

The silence finally broke, prompting a smile to appear on Erica's face. "I thought you were in hiding," the feminine voice asked.

Erica picked out the obvious tension in Lauren's voice. It would have been easier if Erica could have just possessed her, to get a sense of her reaction without having to interpret Lauren's tone. "They found me," she replied. A quick inhale from Lauren widened the smile on Erica's face. "I escaped."

"Did you kill anyone?" Lauren asked, the disapproval oozing through the speaker.

Erica had made her way to a boat and pulled out cash she had taken from the soldier she used to escape. "One, yes," she said to the ticket clerk. After a heavy sigh from Lauren, Erica scrambled to explain. "No, I was talking to someone else. Nobody died," she explained.

A tired yawn squeaked through the phone. "Oh shit," Erica thought. She had forgotten about the time difference. "Did I wake you," she asked.

"It's barely 7, what do you think," Lauren replied through another yawn. "When are you coming home?"

Longing surged through Erica, the soft caress from Lauren's strong hands flashed intensely through her memory as if she felt it on her skin. "Get Crow off my back," she muttered into the phone. Erica arrived at the ferry to take her across the Mediterranean and looked around her for anyone suspicious. "I've got to go," she said.


Erica wanted more, but she knew that the target on her back was too large to venture back into the States. "Bye, Ren," she whispered.

"Papiers?" the dock hand asked in French as Erica approached the walkway to the ferry. Erica gave him her ticket and slipped him $100 American. "Merci," the old man said with a slight bow of his head.

Erica shuffled onto the ferry and found a quiet corner to stare out across the sea while the salty breeze blew through the deck. As passengers filed on, she mulled over her travel plans through Europe, focused on leaving Spain for an inland country. With a blow of the fog horn, the ferry cast off and carried Erica away from Africa, Crow, and the past few years of her exile. She closed her eyes, let the breeze blow across her face and through her hair, and pictured all of the memories of Lauren she could conjure up.
Cherub Cow
Tue Oct 04 02:09:52
Yay! :D
Tue Oct 04 02:34:53
Oh, and title of the thread is the title of the short story.
Tue Oct 04 05:23:56
Tue Oct 04 10:14:54
where's the tldr version?
Tue Oct 04 10:21:54
"Oh snap, you found me!"
"Yeah bitch, tell us all you know."
"Ain't nobody got time for that. JAILBREAK!"
"Where'd the prisoner go?"
"Bitches, I'm outta here."

More or less.
Tue Oct 04 12:26:43
Good plot, nice thought out characters, briljant ending.

May read the story anyways.
Wed Oct 05 11:23:27

Part 1 posted. :o
Wed Oct 05 11:39:32
Wed Oct 05 11:41:29
Where from here?
Wed Oct 05 11:57:36
I will be releasing part 2 and 3 on there. I should probably work on/finish the novel.

That's all I got so far.
Wed Oct 05 12:20:14

I had this song stuck in my head when I read it :P
Wed Oct 12 16:57:44
For the nobody that cares!


Part 2 is up.

Again, this is just a repeat of what is in this thread. But all official like.
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