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Ubes JAC
Mon Mar 20 03:31:07
Where do the kids these days upload mp3s and images too that's quick and easy, preferably without having to sign up for shit.

I just found an old folder with:

Songs from UGT Idol.
Singers include DL, PG, Lumi, Repel, and Billah. I'm really only interested in uploading DL's for his thread up top.

Probably the greatest comic ever made. Can't remember correctly but I think Kay made a post once upon a time about swords and... cats or something... I dunno.. and it got turned into SwordDicks, a comic that was user submitted from various GTers. I swear there was a website at one point.

A Map
I used to draw up random maps and then have you all request houses in certain locations... hilarity probably ensued.

I've included it below.

Q: What three posters founded the Danish Brotherhood?
A: Scarloc, The Talking Goat, and RedRum Jack (a.k.a. Jack Be Nimble)

Q: What forum poster was formerly a room mate of Rainman?
A: Cyclops

Q: Who created the first forum clone of UGT, back in 2003?
A: MTA/MontigarTheAlien

Q: What two trouble posters were permanently banned from UGT within the same week back in March of 2003?
A: Emeril Live and Burdett

Q: What poster created the UGT Big Brother game?
A: Tazz

Q: What poster was the brother of Pyro Squirrel?
A: Solymyr

Q: What was the forum handle of The Great Wakka's brother, who dated Sakura?
A: PhantomOSX/Phantom

Q: What popular forum poster trolled under the name "stins"?
A: Im From Luxembourg

Q: What was the original name used by the poster Korp?
A: Rake

Q: What was the original identity of the forum poster "Skylarking IMNWME"?
A: Nighty/Nighthawk

Q: The High Queen and this forum poster were born on the same day.
A: Ilwyn

Q: Who created the *original* UGT Magic Cards?
A: Vix. Mad Dog created a larger set a couple years later.

Q: How many total posters were inducted into the UGT Hall of Fame for each of it's 4 years? This is including supplemental winners.
A: 2004: 25, 2005: 25, 2006: 20, 2007: 10, 2008: 5

Q: What was the boardset ID of Lollypop's eesite forum?
A: Boardset=smilez

Q: In May of 2000, the Eesite server that held the data for the main forums went down and lost all of it's data. When it came back up, what significant difference was now in place?
A: All forum accounts had to be registered and now had passwords.

Q: In what year did the first UGT Survivor take place?
A: 2001

Q: What DB member had the alternative forum name "Slightly Evil Al"?
A: Dancing Bear

Q: For how long was UGT known as "The Hangout"?
A: 2 months. Mid May of 2002 - Mid July of 2002.

Q: Why did Jedingo lose his moderator status in UGT?
A: He gave his login information to Spooko, who went on a deletion spree.

Q: What forum poster used the alias of OwlRond?
A: TheGrimReaper

Q: What three posters founded SDANWMU?
A: PUTZ, FSB, and Demon.

Q: What HH member devised the HHA concept? (HHA was the HH's eqivelant of a DBP)
A: Edgecrusher

Q: Why was Mad Cat's eesite board deleted?
A: It had slanderous material on it about Drucilla, who emailed Mehul threatening legal action. At which point he deleted it.

Q: What poster under the handle "pish" would frequently post the thread "Pish's big forum comeback"?
A: Thunder/typical guy

Q: Upon being accepted into the clan IMNWME, the forum poster "platinum jago" became which IMNWME member?
A: Gouranga

Q: What was the original forum name used by the poster TequilaMockingBird?
A: Jennifer

Q: What poster created "The Breakfast Club" series of threads?
A: Brianna/Galadriel

Q: What Earth poster used to make the "EGT Embassy" threads in UGT?
A: Tassadar

Q: What forum poster was formerly a room mate of Huxley?
A: Real

Q: Who created the *original* UGT Family Tree?
A: Vix. Fyre Faerie did one a couple years later.

Q: Who made the original UGT pictures website?
A: Ortho, before Jedingo, and before Candii.

Q: Who ran the UGT Awards for each of it's 7 years?
A: 2001: Spud, 2002: Evenflow/Daemon Lord (HH would also be acceptable), 2003: UGT Academy, 2004: UGT Academy, 2005: Daemon Lord/Im From Luxembourg (if the answer is just Daemon Lord, I'd personally accept it, but that's just me) 2006: JAC, 2007: Kaylana, 2008: Evenflow/Daemon Lord (if the answer is just me, I'd personally accept that as most of DL's administrative participation was done in private, he'd be most remembered for the presentation) Also, if people include my name for years I tabulated, I wouldn't ding them for it, even though tabulation is technically not part of the "running" of the project. Those years include 2006, 2007, and 2008. But that's up to you whether or not you ding them for using my name in 2006 and 2007.

Q: Rachel dated what forum poster back in 2000?
A: Da Wang

Q: What was the boardset of SDANWMU's eesite forum?
A: Boardset=psyduck

Q: In what year did Mad Cat supposedly rescue her friend from a burning building?
A: 2003

Q: Before Fyre, who was the next most recent poster to join the DB clan? It was in 2006.
A: Twice Again

Q: What two forum posters did Candii meet while in Europe in 2005?
A: Im From Luxembourg and Dvarg

Q: In what year did Daemon Lord release the very first UGTR?
A: 2001

Q: Put these clans in chronological order from oldest to newest: HH, GROSS, ANA, DB, JAC, SDANWMU, IMNWME

Q: What was the UGT/HHUGT Integration Project?
A: The creation of a new board inside the HHUGT open to anyone from UGT who did not have Old Timer access within the HHUGT.

Q: Who organized and ran the UGT Slave Auction?
A: Ubes

Mon Mar 27 11:07:15
I'm pretty sure you don't have to sign up for imgur to upload stuff.
Mon Mar 27 11:08:03
Also, sworddicks was amazing
Tue Mar 28 02:36:10
When I was a kid we had a black and white TV that could pick up three channels on a good day, otherwise we could play pong.

The Bard
Fri Mar 31 02:44:24
Wow. I actually remember some of this stuff.
Sun Apr 09 22:33:03
What a blast from the past!

I met Dvarg and IFL in Europe too! And Shatendar! And I stayed with Nighty for a month! That should be some sort of record!

The Bard
Sun Apr 16 19:18:39
It is! did you play with her rat?
Wed Apr 19 01:44:28
What ever happened to that UGT photo album? That was my favourite website ever.
The Great Wakka
Wed Apr 19 01:47:45
All slanderous lies. We did not exist. There is no history!
Fri Apr 21 06:31:01
Ha.. I had forgotten all about her having a rat but yes I did
Wed May 03 04:08:17
Holy crap I completely forgot about SwordDicks...That shit deserved to go viral. Wish I saved em.
Wed May 03 04:35:57
I rock. Seriously. Here is what I could find on SwordDicks after scouring the internets for 30 min.















I believe this WAS the site: http://sworddicks.at-band-camp.net/
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