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Utopia Talk / General Talk / seriously?
smart dude
Sat Apr 15 03:22:02
We are on a *general chat* forum that already doesn't get much activity. Yet my legitimate thread gets *closed* twice in a row? Seriously? Are my Hot Rod threats actually detrimental to this forum? Or is there a mod who is simply using his/her power to close threads that s/he thinks are distasteful?

This whole forum has been devoid of mass spam for many years (goodbye, Poison). What the FUCK is the justification for closing down legitimate (though admittedly slightly trolly) threads here? What is accomplished exactly? Bullshit.

smart dude
Sat Apr 15 03:23:26
I mean. Let's use logic. Either people want to respond to the thread (which they did), or they don't want to respond to it and it sinks to the bottom naturally. What ON EARTH is the justification for CLOSING the thread?
smart dude
Sat Apr 15 03:27:09
I hope whatever power hungry (lol) moron who closed the thread can sleep better tonight. Really, I do. Like, I have an absolute minimum authority on a silly inactive web forum, and I'm going to display my EPIC POWERS by closing threads for absolutely no reason. What...the fuck?
smart dude
Sat Apr 15 03:29:40
For fuck's sake, it's not like I, the originator, kept bumping the thread and spamming the forum by topping an inactive thread. No. It just gets closed. Why? What the hell kind of insecure MORON would close the fucking thread?

What, was someone continuing to bump the thread and cause problems? No. "Oh, durrr, I'm going to close the thread."

FUCK you.
Sat Apr 15 03:35:49
The Butt-Hurt is strong!
smart dude
Sat Apr 15 03:38:17
Butt hurt? Yes. Wrong? No.

Good job, Mod! Well modded!
Cherub Cow
Sat Apr 15 03:42:49
Now I wish that *I* had done it :'(

Anyways that was a month ago and you just noticed? ;p
Sun Apr 16 10:10:01
lolol, I wonder who it was. I'm not around enough to troll the trolls anymore.
Thu Apr 27 11:52:21
ButtHurt Report

Smart Dude

Butthurt Level:

What caused the butthurt?
His thread was closed... Twice!

Was a tissue needed for the tears?
More like multiple highly absorbant beach towels.

Will he be able to move past this?
Not Sure

Reason for filing this report:
I feel picked on!
Life is not fair!

If you feel as though you need to speak to someone call 1-800-Cry-Baby

Note: All calls will be forwarded to voicemail. Make sure to leave your name, address, and credit card info. If you are concerned about leaving your credit card information over the phone. Send a PayPal payment of 99.99 to WeCare@TheButtHurt.com
Thu Apr 27 12:21:06
Damian DB
Tue May 02 18:12:17
I can't say if it was me or not, I'm pretty sure it wasn't, but I don't pay attention enough to know for sure.
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