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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Well, I guess I am an asshole then.
Marlboro man
Fri May 05 11:27:35
Because I can't afford to donate to your relief organisation. Yes, its true, I live on a country with high standards and even me being poor here makes me rich in many other cuntries. But I don't live in another country, I have to live here.

In fact I have never in my life ever reached the 11800 needed to be considered poor. I would in fact feel well off with that kind of money.

But I get it I'm an asshole. And to be honest I feel like one as well, because I would like to help you.
Cherub Cow
Fri May 05 11:52:53
Did someone with a clipboard and a summer purpose guilt you with a donation request? ;)
Fri May 05 12:10:23

There are some good tips for rejecting donation requests!
Fri May 05 12:11:29

More of the same!
Cherub Cow
Fri May 05 21:21:42
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