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Sat Jun 17 13:41:41
Somebody posting under the name Realm of ding dong on the Utopia forums has expressed interest in a UP/UGT kingdom.

I've got a ghetto we're building to be less ghetto and it already includes Korp, so that is 2 UP/UGT members.

I've extended an invitation to the mod of no-fun, Palem, as well.

Anybody else interested? As it stands the KD is 1/3 assholes and 2/3 retards we want to get rid of for more assholes.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 18 08:01:46
Hmm.. I might do that... for *money*!
Sun Jun 18 18:35:45
No money involved, and odds are pretty good anyone who joins will adopt that solution
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 19 04:17:13
lol :D
I'm trying to think of the Utopia equivalent to that. Would it be,
[war breaks out, kingdom doing poorly]
"There's a solution here you're not seeing!"
*disbands military* ;p
Wed Jun 21 03:19:08
What was the name of that kingdom of fecal losers you were playing with again?

Too bad BiO let so many of you losers in. It was straight to the gutter after that.
Wed Jun 21 06:18:32
BiO crowned after that.
Wed Jun 21 15:32:10
No it didn't the kingdom imploded. Flogger left and your loser friends got brought in and after that we just lost wars.
Wed Jun 21 15:32:54
Kinda sad Korp would want to play in a kingdom of racist losers.
Thu Jun 22 13:59:23
You're a retard.

BiO crowned with Di/Skieve, Nbk, Folle, magic and Xyfs. All of them Sinners.
Thu Jun 22 14:07:35
51 - bry magic ug and I rebuild Sinners(v2), Xyfs joins us.

52 - goodz joins magic bry and I quit along with rest of the original Sinners. We give the kd to donjuan & blacktar

53 - Sinners join bio, bio crowns

54 - rebuild Sinners again (v3)

55/56/57 - bry and I join OS, Folle goes to div or pyros, rest retire

57-58 - joined the ss made by javier/magic/Xyfs/nbk

58/59/60/ - Greg nubs / thundercats

61 - cr

62 - the ss

63 - cr

64 to 70 - triggered / roo

70 - cd

71 - ss/misery

72 - misery

With a few ages in the ss/roo where I didn't bother to make a prov.

But, Sinners players were there for the baka crown
Thu Jun 22 14:11:20
Have you had any piss lately Billah?
Fri Jun 23 12:29:46
<Steel> magic you were in bio the age they crowned right
<Steel> im having an argument with billah, he says you/folle/etc werent
<magic> billah joined after that age, we quit
<magic> then came back a few ages after
<Steel> lol
<magic> and called him a nigger 24/7 so he quit
<magic> and ignored us
Thu Nov 02 14:34:20
Korp & I have reformed the retirement ghetto.

Basically just us and whoever else wants to have an account or to play without actually having any obligations or requirements.
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