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Utopia Talk / General Talk / I made something..
Fri Jul 07 04:39:12
At some point you have to stop revising and say something is done. If you have Kindle Unlimited give this a read and let me know what you think.

Ubes JAC
Sat Aug 05 00:11:53
I do not own a Kindle, however, congrats on taking a pretty big step. Respect.
Tue Aug 08 13:51:56
If you want to read it I can get you a pdf or google driver version. I need feedback on how to improve so I don't waste anyone's time with future novels.:-)

email me at cannottamethewind@gmail.com and say pdf or google drive and I'll get you a link or the file.

Goes for anyone here too.. even FSB if he still hangs around here. My ego can stand a "this sucks," or "incomprehensible."
The Bard
Thu Aug 24 09:56:21
on the plus side, it probably can't be both.

How could they say "it sucks" if it was "incomprehensible"?
Thu Aug 24 10:42:04
It sucks. Literally incomprehensible.
Cherub Cow
Thu Aug 24 12:39:16
[The Bard]: "How could they say "it sucks" if it was "incomprehensible"?"

Check the UP GoT threads to find out! ;D
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