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Sat Jul 22 18:21:19
dis board shuld b renamed bak 2 itz old name da hangout

HOers r alweys gona b HOers no mater wut thay change there name 2 and bak wen it wuz called da HO it had leik 30 HOers floppin and hugglin evarie day
the wanderer
Sat Jul 22 21:21:59
don't forget the shrines
Damian DB
Wed Jul 26 17:19:05
I would respond, but I'm not sure you've grasped this English language thing, so no idea what your saying. something about whores? probably in politics, most people in politics are whores.
Fri Nov 03 14:14:57
I went to the Politics forum once. I have since come home to the great and glorious UGT for fear of contracting an incurable disease from the unwashed masses of UP. I also heard that UPers like to eat yellow snow and perform the Kylie Jenner challenge. Not my thing really...

;) ;)
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