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Ubes JAC
Sat Aug 05 00:20:14
Any of you twats or non-twats want to get together on Steam for some hot sweaty multiplayer action on a moderately priced game of equal choosing based on voting?
Sat Aug 05 09:35:39
if you guys didn't live all on the other side of the pond than I would have joined ya....
Sat Aug 05 11:01:35
Video games are for losers.

Get a life.

Learn a hobby.

Make that skrilla.
Sat Aug 05 14:17:04
Payday 2

That sums up my multi-player options, more or less.
Ubes JAC
Sat Aug 05 14:51:43
Repel: Become a vampire.

Billah: I'll look into it.

Pillz: Payday 2 got old too quickly for me. I likely have L4D2 though.
Ubes JAC
Sat Aug 05 23:06:01
I do have L4D2, never installed or played apparently.

Other possibilities:

Age of Empires
Rocket League
Borderlands 2
Torchlight 1, 2
Any of the Total War games
Civ 5

I'd consider picking up PUBG too

Not Steam ideas:
Sun Aug 06 17:01:04
I also have borderlands 2 and torchlight 2

Also civ5 have I've never played previous Civ games nor civ5 yet.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 06 19:55:55
"Video games are for losers."
— Person who still plays Utopia but thinks that it's intellectually superior because it has lots of numbers and text.. kind of like people who "don't watch TV" but spend hours watching YouTube videos
Sun Aug 06 21:57:48
Oh is billah in Simians again?
Ubes JAC
Sun Aug 06 22:26:32
Take it to UT.
Damian DB
Mon Aug 07 06:40:55
see I'm more caught up on this line...

"Learn a hobby. "

umm, video games are a hobby. If you don't count them as a hobby you don't count books, or movies, or anything you consume that someone else created.

but hey, that's just like, my opinion man.
Cherub Cow
Wed Aug 16 16:13:50
This thread inspired me to start playing the "Alien: Isolation" campaign. We should all do the same! :D
Fri Aug 18 18:43:11
Going to use this thread to rant about Steam Early access...

In 9/10 cases I've followed the progress of Early Access games, or bought them, or my friends have, they're unfinished barely playable pieces of shit.

#1 Planetary Annihilation
From (some of the) makers of Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation. It was an Early Access game for years (3 or 4) before it finally launched in 2015. It's Early Access price was an absurd $90 for a game that by all accounts didn't work at all.

I purchased it about a year before release because it was on special for $19 or something and I really (and still do) wanted a good RTS to play on Linux.

At the time, I knew my GPU couldn't handle it so I didn't bother trying to get it to work.

In 2015 though, after it's official release, I'd upgraded my GPU and gave it a shot.

Only it still didn't work - and not just on Linux, but according to other users on Steam the game was hardly playable on Windows.

The game couldn't load save files from either skirmishes or the 'campaign', froze reliably once a certain # of units were active, and it featured just one faction.

Yes, it was an RTS with emphasis on multiplayer with 5 years of development from an experienced team of professional devs and it launched with only 1 faction.

I mean it technically had 3 factions, but units/buildings were identical across all three.

The game put emphasis on your 'Commander', a unique player-controlled unit that was capable of building/repairing structures and had anti-ground and anti-air capabilities with more health & greater damage than regular units. If your Commander was destroyed, you lost.

Except that all the Commanders were also identical in their stats and abilities, differing only in appearance.... and they were charging $5 per skin.

Then, the SAME SUMMER 2015 that the game exited Early Access, they launched a 'standalone expansion pack' for $45, which simply included 20 additional units (including Titans which were first shown in the Kickstarter video 4 or 5 years prior), decreasing the price of PA to $20, and offering the TITANS expansion to PA owners for $10.

#2 Starforge

An obviously overly ambitious game intended to have weird parkour physics and a crafting system to allow for weapon/base construction, resource gathering, space exploration, etc.

Starforge never got past the bugs and limitations of the first few demo videos the devs released. In the end they just scrapped 90% of the planned features and released the game full price to make a medieval version of the same concept.

#3 Castlestory

I followed this since it was first announced IIRC. I think it was also being developed by an indie studio in Montreal.

Since I started to follow it until its release, the exact same issues have been complained about on Steam - workers become unresponsive zombies, they don't take or follow orders, fight enemies, etc. There were other issues but that was the biggest.

Only the same doesnt actually require any castle building, just some walls to funnel enemies. The bigger you build, the longer it takes to repair, thats all.

Release price $27 ($20 Early Access originally).

# Trine 3


So Trine 1 & 2 were great puzzle platformers (least 2 was I didn't play one but a friend swears by it), and Trine 3 didn't have a big hurdle to overcome for success... just copy or improve upon the successful formula of the previous games.

Except it was turned into a (poor) 3D puzzle game, I say poor because the 3D component makes controlling your character/completing puzzles more difficult.... game play is less fun as a result, and the game is crazy short, literally only half the game was ever released...

#4 ForgeQuest

I'm torn about including this one. It is a fun game but... there isn't much to it. It's just a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler and the forge component is limited to affixing stones to your weapons for stats boosts.

Its name is imo intended to work in conjunction with its voxel visuals to illicit in potential buys a connection to Minecraft, but you may as well be playing Torchlight (not exactly but much closer comparison).

I havent played it much since it was still an Early Access game just because it isn't at all engaging and having to go back to town just to upgrade your weapon (pretty much the only reason) actually detracts from the monotonous fun of flying through dungeons.

I assume it is more fun to play with friends (it is marketed as a 4-person co-op game foremost) but the super linear gameplay and lack of difficulty in dungeons or ability to do anything but upgrade weapon drops with other drops is a bummer.

I am tired of typing up my disappointment in the Early Access system...

That said, ForgeQuest at least has fast paced combat so I like that over PortalKnight, another voxel game. PortalKnight is I guess a minecraft ripoff, but it's pretty fun except for the combat system. Not sure if it was previously Early Access or not but I'd recommend it to anybody who likes to kill time in that sort of game (minecraft-like but with more RPG elements)
Fri Aug 18 19:07:04

Awesome rts concept, hopefully on steam soon
Fri Aug 18 20:03:23
Sat Aug 19 03:33:49

Just let me know you're from here if you send a friend invite.

Sat Aug 19 03:36:23
hi I'm just a guy from 2000 that sometimes comes by and marvels that this place still exists

how do you even play utopia lol
Cherub Cow
Sat Aug 19 07:49:05
Apparently it's possible! Though most of the peeps here don't anymore :p
Tentacle Rapist
Wed Sep 20 16:01:16
'I purchased it about a year before release because it was on special for $19 or something and I really (and still do) wanted a good RTS to play on Linux.

Total Annihilation is cheap on steam and infinitely better than Planetary Annihilation. Especially if you have the Core Contingency expansion and the third part 10,000 unit patch. Works great on multiplayer as well
Tentacle Rapist
Wed Sep 20 16:01:42
of course I meant Gog. The Jews stole my thoughts for a moment and made me type steam instead.
Tentacle Rapist
Wed Sep 20 16:04:05
Also, it only makes sense to have only one faction, since the Core succeeded at imploding the galaxy. They made sure life didn't evolve again so the only intelligence that exists is core consciousnesses!
Fri Nov 03 13:19:01
I am looking forward to Pantheon.

;) ;)
Ubes JAC
Wed Nov 08 17:04:33
I downloaded WoW again...
Thu Nov 09 06:09:55
I’m about to stop playing WoW for a long while. No time and no energy to do all the repetitive reputation grinding over and over again. Also the new expansion... meh....
Quiet Sound
Thu Nov 09 20:51:03
I haven't played meaningfully since early WoD. Later in the expansion playing an archer rogue in DA:I made me miss my hunter but that only lasted a few hours. Haven't touched it since and nothing about the new expansion sounds appealing.

The Nintendo Switch is pretty neat. Picked one up for Mario Odyssey and BotW after not owning a console since the PS2.
Fri Nov 10 10:04:15
I'm tentatively excited for Seven: The Days Long Gone. Isometric stealth rpg? Looks neat.

Considering getting a PS4 to play horizon: zero Dawn and a few other games.
Tue Jan 02 11:16:38
Well I got that PS4. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a great game, I got absolutely obsessed. Also got Last of Us, also a good game - although I was annoyed by all of the event cues.

Will probably pick up Planet Coaster during the steam sale.
Tue Jan 02 17:39:30
blah blah blah, nerds. SAD!
Wed Jan 03 10:06:37
Billah = Trump?
Damian DB
Sat Jan 06 08:17:18
blah blah blah, billah. SAD!
Sat Jan 06 13:58:47
Enjoying Rusted Warfare on PC.

C&C inspired RTS. I have issues with it - mostly the unit spirits or whatever. Also the stupid crazy range of the experimental tank, Jesus christ.

But it's been a lot of fun. Just played a few skirmishes so far and endless mode, will do campaign or missions or whatever once work week is over.

Also probably gonna play divinity original sin. Picked it up
Sat Jan 06 14:02:15
Also, Victor vran is a fun coop or solo hack n slash. Very simple game, imo has replay value as well.

But basic but classless gameplay is sort of fun in this case (not usually a fan)
Sun Jan 07 09:19:58
I bought Patrician 3 last week, for about a dollar. Even if the fun only lasted half an hour, it'd be a better deal than going to the movies! :D
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