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Sat Aug 05 01:45:47
I really like the beginning of the episode where Bronn asks Jaime, "Queen of thorns give ya one last prick in the balls before saying good bye"? Lol soo savage.

Bravos bank gets all the cash from High Garden. I guess Mycroft Holmes runs Bravos as well as the British Empire. Dude is waay smarter than Sherlock.

Bran seriously needs a medical doctor "Im not reall Bran anymore I'm the three eyed raven". What nonsense.

I really dont understand why Bran gets a huge welcome to Winterfell and then Arya gets treated like shite when she tries to stroll in. Her and Sanza meeting up again is nice.

Bran gave Littlefingers sweet Valyrian steel dagger to Arya. Now all the Starks know about Aryas list. Shes gonna run outta names soon. Cersei gonna get it.

Lolol finaaally Brienne say's "Thank you Podrick" she gonna get that Podridick soon dont forget he left all them high class hoes allll tired. Dude knows how to D down for sure.

And what is up with Jon and Daenarys looking at the Native American petroglyphs? Sooo romantic. But the petroglyphs are lit af and they depict the Children of the Forest fighting alongside Humans against the ice zombies. I guess humans killed them all off after that. Typical. Children of the Forest = Native Americans. Also im pretty sure in the petroglyphs I spotted a vagina a swastika and a dick. John gonna bend dat knee. I was really hoping he would kill reek when he shows up to dragon island but nooo, fricken goody two shoes. Reek needs to die already. Seeing him offends me and he is turning into reek again.

The way that Arya schools Brienne of Tarth at sword fighting is really something to see. And who'd have thought that Samwell Tarley was way more experienced at war than his brother who gets to be lord?

And seeing the Lannisters get ambushed and completely wrecked by Dothraki and Daenarys and her dragon is something I been waiting to see for years. Geez the Dothraki about to lay the smack down on all of Westeros like the Mongols rolled everyone. Jaime Lannister is a pos but he is just braver than Grey worm. Seriously? charging a dragon on a horse? Crazy af. Hopefully he cuts his armor off before the next episode.

I meant "spoilers". Lmao
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