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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Take care Texas friends
Firestorm Phoenix
Sat Aug 26 09:09:36
I hope you are all safe. Check in when you can, and hoping you ride out the deathstorm.
Sat Aug 26 12:42:00
second that!
stay safe and good luck with the recovery if needed!
Sat Aug 26 13:13:04
Make sure to have plenty of water, food, and ammo!
Sat Aug 26 18:09:46
I hope everyone in Texas is doing ok.
Cherub Cow
Sat Aug 26 19:11:09
News story for reference:
"1 dead as Harvey continues to churn over Texas, 'extremely serious' flooding unfolding"
[Aug 26, 2017]
.. Stay safe! Let us know if you need help!
Cherub Cow
Tue Aug 29 21:24:36
Someone's pix from Kingwood (NE of Houston), complete with deer rescue:
Cherub Cow
Tue Aug 29 22:05:30
"It's Not Over: Tropical Storm Harvey Rainfall Sets Preliminary All-Time Lower 48 States Record, Still Soaking Texas, Louisiana"
[Weather.com continuous update article]
— 9 dead including officer that drowned attempting a rescue
— storm starting to move to East Texas
— "Periods of torrential rain will continue over parts of Texas and Louisiana the next several days, worsening flooding in some areas."
— Flood waters expected to remain for about a week+
the wanderer
Tue Aug 29 22:47:01
Carly posted she was safe on Facebook... only Houstonian i can think of

i lived in Galveston for a bit, wish i was still there to battle floating fire ant colonies :/
Cherub Cow
Wed Aug 30 00:05:11
Weather.com showed a sample clip that made it look like flooding has now been cleared from Galveston downtown (or at least on the one spot that they showed), so that's good :)

"Carly posted she was safe on Facebook..."
Yay!! Hopefully not too much loss if she had to leave town.

"only Houstonian i can think of"
K was closer to Dallas, right? Can't find clear info, but looks like Dallas got rain but not too serious (always seems difficult to look up *previous* weather..)

I know peeps in Kingwood, but I haven't heard news from them. Looks like curfews and optional evacuations there at the moment: http://www...uation-unfolds-in-12150209.php
the wanderer
Wed Aug 30 14:04:21
yeah, Kay is Dallas/FortWorth area (if she hasn't moved)
Wed Aug 30 18:58:19
She be ok for a mangy pirate strumpet!
Cherub Cow
Thu Aug 31 02:26:21
Yarrr! Which reminds me that "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is September 19th! September is a poppin' month!

Speaking of which:
"Houston flood: 'No way to prevent' chemical plant blast"
"A chemical plant near the flooded US city of Houston is expected to explode and catch fire in the coming days.

During heavy rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, the Arkema plant at Crosby lost the ability to refrigerate chemical compounds that need to be kept cool.

There was no way to prevent an explosion, the company said.

At least 33 people have been killed in the aftermath of the storm, which the US National Weather Service has now downgraded to a tropical depression."
Thu Aug 31 12:19:37
"Make sure to have plenty of water"

Fri Sep 01 16:35:13
Yes, me and mine are all good, my family in Houston/Galveston are good also.

(Just had to swat them about a few times for being panicked over non-existent gas shortages. I *work* in oil & gas and kept trying to tell them there is no shortage).

Kyra and her family are also Houstonians (Katy TX), but I believe she lives in Florida now? But I checked her page and they seem to be okay.
Fri Sep 01 16:44:41
Do you know if Carly is ok?
Fri Sep 01 16:46:06
Have you begun mutilating your face yet?
Fri Sep 01 16:51:18
Carly is in good shape, her home was in one of the miracle sweet spots and escaped damage. They got power back too.

Face has not been professionally mutilated yet, no. Still been back and forth on that one.
Fri Sep 01 16:55:20
I haven't seen activity from The Bard though. Worried about where he is.
the wanderer
Fri Sep 01 18:23:06
stay out of the water... CNN just got some water test results: chock full of e.coli & fecal matter, plus concern over flesh-eating bacteria
the wanderer
Sat Sep 02 12:03:53
some good news for Texans:

Open-carrying swords and machetes
Blades more than 5.5 inches in length are being permitted for open-carry in public places. The law, though, prohibits swords and machetes in most bars, schools, colleges, sporting events, polling places, race parks, correctional facilities, hospitals, amusement parks and places of worship.

The Bard
Mon Dec 25 17:18:46
Everywhere around me flooded up to my chest in some areas. I was with a few of the rescue teams in the south of Houston area when the boats started coming in, though I didn't actually get into a boat as HFD took all of those spots.

However, my apartment complex was apparently on a slight rise and we lost nothing but my car engine. Just moved here a few months before Harvey too. LOL
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