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Anarchist Prime
Tue May 15 20:29:07
the wanderer
Tue May 15 21:28:39
was probably a janitor-trying-on-the-robes scenario
the wanderer
Tue May 15 21:36:06
more blue/gold dress like devilry

screwing w/ the volume knob seems to get it to switch for me
the wanderer
Tue May 15 21:45:36
kitty goes after shoe
the wanderer
Wed May 16 00:21:58
Impractical Jokers bit... sales pitches for their video games:

Superman: Just the Clark Kent Stuff
Murder Your Family
Robot Dragon Nazi Sympathizer
Suck Off The Chimp

first two

last two
the wanderer
Wed May 16 00:56:05
the episode punishment was pretty good too

i really want that Murder Your Family game... the trap setting stuff really sold it
the wanderer
Wed May 16 14:14:40
Falling Down : Canada edition
the wanderer
Wed May 16 19:04:11
female 'The Shoveler' shot by cop... i guess she was getting alarmingly close as he walked towards her
Anarchist Prime
Thu May 17 16:52:40
Anarchist Prime
Fri May 18 10:09:54
Anarchist Prime
Fri May 18 20:12:45
the wanderer
Sat May 19 10:38:11
Billy Idol @BillyIdol:
‏Looks like a lovely day in UK for Harry and Meghan’s wedding #royalwedding

Javed (some guy):
the wanderer
Sat May 19 11:28:25
nature's waterslide
Cherub Cow
Sat May 19 21:43:54
It happened in India so I'm sure he'll be fine.
..and again, LL's racism is inaccurate: "I guess he missed the "srippery ren ret " sign" — like, no.. this is India, not China or Korea.. come on, people; be better than this ;)

@swordtail link from last thread:
.. not a surprise to see the very Chinese-looking streets. Not much conscience there.

"screwing w/ the volume knob seems to get it to switch for me "
I can only hear "Laurel" :( .. messed with volume and tried with headphones and regular PC speakers.. just not hearing a "y" sound anywhere.

"kitty goes after shoe"
aww <3 :) .. looks like kitty started switching to snack searchey mode towards the end :D

"the episode punishment was pretty good too"
lol :D .. sort of different from their usual public humiliation; they didn't give him much of a chance to wiggle out of doing that wrong :D

"i guess she was getting alarmingly close as he walked towards her"
Yeah, umm.. what? .. He approaches *her*... that really is just awful awful training. Even the "Take one more step and I will shoot you" was bad — like, no.. give options for positive outcomes, don't just tempt the negative one(s). And some of the idiot comments.. the other side of the argument seems to be that the cop might have been protecting others by shooting her.. yeah fucking right. This was gross incompetence.

..Imgur keeps pretending that they don't care about some sort of royal wedding that's happening and about some kind of large amount of media coverage that it's being given.. but they keep posting lots of memes about it... like.. if you don't care.. then don't care.

But here was a cute kitty:
the wanderer
Sat May 19 22:10:41
the Yanny/Laurel thing may be more about listener age & pitch / speaker construction or something... there's a science video explaining it... perhaps was my head moving to adjust volume that caused a switch for me... as with magnets: fucking sound waves, how do they work? :p
the wanderer
Sun May 20 12:05:32
FL - Naked Gulf Breeze man tasered after walking through neighborhood, carrying cooking oil

... Musso was completely naked and had an erection, according to the report. He was reportedly standing near a red pickup truck and was holding a plastic bottle with cooking oil.

Musso attempted to run around the truck to avoid the deputy, but the deputy caught up to him and removed the bottle of cooking oil from his hand, the report states.

Amid heavy rainfall, the deputy tried to handcuff Musso but the man allegedly slipped away and started to run through the yard toward the street.

He continued to run down the middle of the street, even after the deputy drew his Taser and commanded Musso to stop.

The deputy eventually fired his Taser at Musso, forcing him to fall to the ground on his back. Musso was handcuffed and placed in a patrol vehicle.

Musso, who lives in the Woodlawn Way neighborhood, told deputies he receives sexual gratification by being naked in public, the report states.

He said he was carrying the cooking oil because he liked to rub it on his legs.

Musso allegedly told authorities that he was not aroused by the sight of any individual in the area, but was aroused by being naked in the rain.
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