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Utopia Talk / General Talk / LA or LV
Sat Jun 09 10:25:29
someone wanna meet up next week? ;)

Not sure if there are still people here from CA or rather the surroundings of LA...
the wanderer
Sat Jun 09 10:39:35
i'm back east now away from that horrible place
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 11 16:30:00
Are you going to Las Vegas for some Ocean's hustling? :D
Tue Jun 12 00:52:51
Nah, we’re going to see the weirdos on Fremont str.
Tue Jun 12 17:52:44
We are thinking though, to do the oceans walking route
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 12 19:42:36
Just make sure that you and your friends wear bikinis so that you can go to a fancy pool, get noticed by a partying celebrity's talent seeker, and get invited to the celebrity's exclusive penthouse ultra-party. Cover up your track marks, or they'll screen you out because they don't want you to O.D. in the bathroom. If you *don't* cover your track marks, they may still allow you into the party, but it's because it's a murder party — try to avoid those ones. You can usually tell it's a murder party because Dave Navarro will be there.
Tue Jun 12 23:22:05
Back in bama for now, but have fun man!
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