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Tue Jul 10 03:56:12
Cause fuck you, even HOers should read good comics.

I'll try and separate cape and none cape comics. And also try to be as specific with titles, volumes, authors, and type (mini or ongoing or whatever) as I can but it's almost 5am and this is from memory.

Silver Surfer: Requiem (non-canon mini, Straczynski) (rubic on art the entire thing could be in an art gallery)

The Authority vol. 1 (ongoing, who even knows anymore DC confuses me) (Warren Ellis)
The Authority vol. 2 (ongoing see above) (Mark Millar)

Old Man Logan (Canon mini? happened in some timeline apparently, see battle world event if you hate yourself) (Mark Millar)

Ares: God of War? I have no info on this. Canon mini but I don't recall the author....

Ares: Dark Avenger (or reverse) (Canon mini) (keiron Gillan?)

Thor: God of Thunder vol. 1? (Canon ongoing) (Jason Aaron)

Wolverine by Jason Aaron. Everything from the first wolverine run he does up until wolverine goes to hell. Weapon x is a retitle while daken was wolverine and the 'main' title was dark wolverine. Wolverine goes to hell could have been worse I guess, you don't have to read it. Don't read ANY Jason Aaron xmen other than the wolverine run. Don't. Please.
Tue Jul 10 04:02:14
Pax Romana (mini) (Jonathan Hickman)

Fatale (ongoing?) (Brubaker) (tho I stopped around #16 cause of the inconsistent release schedule)

Fables (ongoing) (Willingham) (this is at least 130 issues by now? I stopped around 120... Around the 60s the main story ends. It's mostly a controlled downward spiral from there but don't read as far as I did). The first arc is 10/10 and the first large story arc is 9/10
Tue Jul 10 04:16:51
Dungeons & Dragons (canceled ongoing) (Rogers)

Watchmen and V for Vendetta are also excellent. I assume anyone interested in comics has read them though, if you have, you should.

Thats all for now. I can get into marvel stuff pre 2014 pretty meticulously if anyone wants.

More stuff will come but I won't spam you with like, all the xmen stuff I like.... But seriously read the mainline messiah story and important stuff... Not Cable though. Less you want to. Nothing important happens and it's very subpar.

Messiah Complex
X-Force v3 v1 (Kyle & Yost)
Messiah War (shit but have to)
X-Force v3 v2 (KY gel)
X-Men Second Coming

I think the entire thing is by Kyle & Yost but Matt Fraction was writing Uncanny X-Men most of the time. There are some important tie-ins with cable and uncanny for second coming but I'll include those later.

X-23: Target X (KY gel)
X-23: Innocence Lost (KY gel)

For X-23 backstory. Also New X-Men v2 by KY gel again.

And uh, Uncanny X-Force after X-Force v3! Amazing art work and very good overall, bit obscure in its references for most people though.. Really pulls from the 70s and 80s heavily. Rick Remender.
Tue Jul 10 04:18:34
Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye (ongoing) (Roberts)
Cherub Cow
Wed Jul 11 00:22:17
For something like Requiem, do I need to be familiar with other stories beforehand or can I just read that one comic?
Wed Jul 11 01:28:12
You don't need to be familiar with anything to read any of these.

Except the xmen stuff, read all that. And know what the xmen are?

The authority is self explaining, but if you reaaaally need back story this is it:

DC bought Wildcats and between that and Storm watch with vertigo they didn't know what to do with the dozens of characters. They also bought the rights to Alien.

So they literally had Aliens invade earth and be confined to a single ship and every hero in the Authority universe died fighting them except the ones that get recruited for The Authority.

Requiem is also self contained. You know who all the characters are (or they'll be introduced fresh)

Damian DB
Fri Jul 27 06:18:41
Fables ended at around issue 144. if you already got up to 120, you might as well finish the series off.

2 series: Irredeemable and Incorruptable, by Mark Millar. Good couple of series in the same world where a "superman" type super hero goes bad and his main villian goes good to balance it out. between the 2 series there's about 60 issues but it's a very good read.

Invincible by Robert Kirkman (of walking dead fame) series is complete at around 150 issues, very good read and for a super hero series gets very dark.
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