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Utopia Talk / General Talk / UGT's 2019 Celebrity Death Thread&Pool
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 01 22:54:27
We got what you want!
And you got the lust!
If you want BLOOD!!..
If you want BLOOD!!

Blood on the streets!
Blood on the rocks!
Blood in the gutter!
Every last drop!
You want BLOOD!??

2018 finally got Stan Lee, the elder Bushes, John McCain, Stephen Hawking, Hot Rod, and the lead singer of the Cranberries... But 2019 must surely bring us an elevator of blood to the hotel lobby!!!?!?

Pick your top 10 old celebrities and top 10 young celebrities, and let. us. watch. them. DIIIIIIIIE!!!! :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/

Notables from DeathList's 2019 predictions:
1 Kirk Douglas (103 years old)
8 Jimmy Carter (95 years old)
9 Doris Day (97 years old)
11 Bob Dole (96 years old)
12 Henry Kissinger (96 years old)
13 Jerry Stiller (92 years old)
15 Bob Barker (96 years old)
18 Betty White (97 years old)
24 Alan Greenspan (92 years old)
26 Dick van Dyke (94 years old)
28 Barbara Walters (90 years old)
30 Harry Belafonte (92 years old)
45 Little Richard (87 years old)
46 Larry King (86 years old)
47 Tina Turner (80 years old)

Most of their list has moved up in rank given 2018's deaths, but Betty White has been significantly de-prioritized from spot 7 to spot 18. Is DeathList getting tired of waiting? Queen Elizabeth II has also remained off of the list despite a #24 spot in 2017. Do they know that she has been taking blood transfusions from young and virile peasants in order to extend la Terreur? Je pense, oui. And *still* no Tim Curry??? Blasphemy! With only part of his brain working, he has become another half-life war boy waiting for Valhalla. He should be a staple of the list.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 01 22:54:39
My old people top 10 for 2019:
1 Queen Elizabeth II
2 Charles, Prince of Wales
3 Mel Brooks
4 Tim Curry
5 Tom Sizemore
6 Brian Cox
7 Charles Dance
8 Sean Connery
9 Anthony Hopkins
10 Paul Giamatti

My young(er) people top 10 for 2019:
1 Taylor Swift
2 Jim Carrey
3 Famous comedian Arnold Braunschweiger
4 Daisy Ridley
5 Lindsay Lohan
6 Tye Sheridan (star of "Ready Player One")
7 Robert Downey Jr
8 Emile Hirsch
9 Joaquin Phoenix
10 Ariana Grande
the wanderer
Wed Jan 02 01:29:16
My old people for 2019:
- Kirk Douglas (a gimme)
- Bob Dole (a gimme)
- Bob Dylan
- Henry Kissinger
- Cher
- Clint Eastwood
- Carol Channing
= Angela Lansbury
- Paul Schaffer (his voice sounded odd recently)
- Ruth Bader Ginsburg :/ ... at least if she goes, i get a point

My young(er) people for 2019:
- Anne Hathaway
- Pete Davidson
- Tara Reid
- Corey Feldman
- Amanda Bynes
- Renee Zellweger
= Pauly Shore
- Michael Cohen
- a 'bird box challenge' idiot
- the Kurds

i'll predict North Carolina for biggest school shooting & Ohio for biggest mass shooting
the wanderer
Wed Jan 02 01:30:27
those equal signs were unintentional... and bad omens for those people...
the wanderer
Wed Jan 02 01:36:40
speaking of Tim Curry... Steve Carell was on Colbert not long ago, w/ anecdote of Colbert once putting a blistering review of Carell (& Curry) on his desk when they worked together or something

anyway, here's the review which you may or may not find funny :p

Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 02 01:39:43
Damn! Nice lists! :D ... Eastwood, Lansbury, Schaffer, and Reid especially... they’re on borrowed time for sure...
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 02 01:45:24
That’s a mean review... I like it :D
the wanderer
Wed Jan 02 12:52:37
maybe Charles will die & the Queen will be like 'finally!'... and drop dead
the wanderer
Wed Jan 02 13:44:05
Bob Einstein is dead
(aka Marty Funkhouser, Super Dave Osborne)

i had never seen that real name before :p i guess i never watched the Curb Your Enthusiasm credits
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 02 13:54:36
Aww :( ... Super Dave was fun
Anarchist Prime
Wed Jan 02 14:57:39
"Mean" Gene Okerlund
Thu Jan 03 06:55:23
1 Kirk Douglas
5Prince Philip
Thu Jan 03 07:04:46
1 Kirk Douglas
2 Prince Philip (not gonna put up queenie since as said I presume it too that as soon Philip goes she will follow)
3 Emperor Akihito
4 Betty White
5 Desmond Tutu
6 Larry king
7 Bob Dole
8 Doris Day
9 Bill Cosby
10 Bono (my dark horse)

Young People no idea really, I'm not following that much international showbizz that I know who's living on the edge at the moment.

Anarchist Prime
Thu Jan 03 09:30:18
My old people top 10 for 2019:
1 keith richards
2 hillary clinton
3 donald trump
4 nick nolte
5 mary berry
6 david attenborough
7 betty white
8 sheldon adelson
9 charles koch
10 george soros

My young(er) people top 10 for 2019:
1 lindsay lohan
2 mariah carey
3 pete davidson
4 justin bieber
5 some rapper
6 some other rapper
8 lena dunham
9 jk rowling
10 louise mensch
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 03 15:31:58
Lena Dunham? Nice :D
the wanderer
Sun Jan 20 16:56:50
apparently Carol Channing died Jan 15
Cherub Cow
Wed Feb 13 12:55:17
Albert Finney died February 7th of a chest infection. He was the father in "Big Fish" and the Black Briar guy in Bourne Ultimatum.
Anarchist Prime
Fri Feb 15 14:41:14
Carmen Argenziano
the wanderer
Sat Mar 02 12:45:11
Katherine Helmond (Soap, Who's The Boss)
Mon Mar 04 09:30:24
Keith Flint of the Prodigy
Anarchist Prime
Mon Mar 04 12:13:57
Luke Perry
the wanderer
Mon Mar 04 12:13:59
Luke Perry dead (after a stroke)

team Jason Priestley wins
the wanderer
Mon Mar 04 12:15:43
2 seconds!...i'd have won easy if i wasn't confirming Priestley still alive
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 04 22:03:49
Coincidentally, Hulu is pushing 90210 on their front page :p
Anarchist Prime
Tue Mar 05 06:33:23
King Kong Bundy
the wanderer
Wed Mar 06 16:34:53
This game show host announced he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer
Wed Mar 06 18:07:02
smart dude
Wed Mar 06 23:28:11
Welp. That's basically a death sentence. Isn't the survival rate for S4 pancreatic cancer like 0%? Depends on the type, I guess. But if this is the garden variety type, then RIP.

Anyway. He has a decent chance of lasting at least another several months. There's a good chance that somebody else in this thread will still die first.
Cherub Cow
Thu Mar 07 03:02:52
..this CNN info video ( http://www...playlists/atv-trending-videos/ ) mentions that the average 5-year survival rate for all stages of pancreatic cancer is 9%... so... yeah... D:
..I'd like to think that he has a better shot because of his wealth, but Patrick Swayze comes to mind. Wiki says that Swayze died about 20 months after his stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis, though Swayze's chances may have been decreased by his smoking and drinking history.
Anarchist Prime
Fri Mar 08 15:57:34
Jan-Michael Vincent
the wanderer
Fri Mar 08 16:21:43
nooooooo! Stringfellow Hawke the Hasselhoff of the sky
Anarchist Prime
Sun Mar 17 16:57:28
Dick Dale
Mon May 13 08:56:35
Doris Day 97 years young RIP!

that's one of my list...
Anarchist Prime
Tue May 14 12:54:45
Tim Conway
Tue May 14 16:46:10
Anarchist Prime
Tue Jul 09 09:25:15
Ross Perot
Anarchist Prime
Wed Jul 10 09:03:09
Rip Torn
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