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smart dude
Sat Jan 05 12:59:45
For those who didn't know, frequent UP poster Hot Rod passed away on the 23rd of December. He posted here from time to time so it's fitting that he get a RIP thread here.

RIP Hot Rod aka Clark Johnson IRL
the wanderer
Sat Jan 05 13:23:57
his intent was to be a true patriot

Sat Jan 05 14:48:22
RIP Hot Rod, even after death you make the forums rage in your name and against you.
Sat Jan 05 16:57:53
RIP old dude. His frequency will be remembered.
smart dude
Sun Jan 06 03:40:34
he and I sparred often on UP. his death changes nothing about my opinion of him (I.e. that he was a complete fuckhead). But I concede that his presence was overall a good thing and that UP will suffer for his loss. I don't believe in an afterlife (neither did he) but I hope he gets to do his motorcycle journey that he planned. no deas person ever hurt anyone and so I would want him to be happy
Thu Jan 10 05:49:57
pore rod wuz creamated http://www...hread?id=politics&thread=28528
Turtle Crawler
Sun Jan 27 19:08:28
Oh wow, I didn't know this was real! He was a great guy, was one of the people who chipped in to help pay for the (very low) hosting cost we have.
Mon Jan 28 21:56:44
This is the obituary that was linked in UP:


His presence will be missed in a variety of ways. I think he would have liked that.
Mon Jan 28 21:57:05
Wed Mar 20 05:49:19
"He was a collector and loved the USA."

Does anyone know what he collected?
large member
Wed Mar 20 08:18:16
Collector is often code for hoarder. But from the context, I would think he collected Americana and that his apartment was slightly overcrowded after he downsized. Nothing wrong with that. Fitting a lifetime into a few rooms is something we will all face eventually.

smart dude
Thu Mar 28 01:27:39
"Does anyone know what he collected?"

I heard a nasty rumor that he collected young boys. But it's just a nasty rumor. Probably more like what Jergul said, that he was just a hoarder. He was a lazy, lazy, lazy man and also in a wheelchair (where he lost his screwdriver and blamed it on ghosts) so it might have been difficult for him to keep his sad, lonely apartment organized.

Then, lacking anything positive to say about his psychotic Trump-voting uncle, his nephew probably just said "uh, he was a collector" for the purposes of the obituary.
Sun Jul 14 11:25:02
RIP Hot Rod...
New Member
Tue May 18 21:41:58
He was a bone collector. I enjoyed his presence.
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