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Thu Jan 10 15:43:54
Eating salmon crouquets at Martin's in Monkeytown.

Good stuff!
Thu Jan 10 17:46:49
Got a pork bowl (Negibuta) at a Japanese place near work today.
Thu Jan 10 18:17:02
Wishing for more variety in my area. Anything new gets shut down by the country/south-midwest palate before it even has a chance.

If it isn't southwestern, BBQ, country-fried steak or fast food, these swine won't dine there.
Thu Jan 10 23:54:32
Home cooking. Been adding a small batch of asian dishes I can just make at home with fairly little effort. Probably going to dive into mexican/hispanic next (not texmex).
Fri Jan 11 00:01:08
Make some mango rice. My Thai roommate in Berkeley showed how easy it is to make...good hot or cold!
Cherub Cow
Fri Jan 11 02:01:49
West Virginia, McKobb? :D

"Anything new gets shut down"

That's been a problem here just because rent prices have gone up so much in the last few years. I had a favorite fancy-style Mexican restaurant that I would visit weekly, but they didn't renew their lease. Some friends visited over the holiday, and I took them to a downtown brewery/restaurant that I liked, but it turned out that they had closed too. The big chains (Olive Garden, Chili's, Applebee's, etc.) were driven out years ago, though that's not such a bad thing.

On the plus side, I just found a place that makes amazing sweet potato and caramelized onion soft tacos. They're in one of the highest rent areas and have only been there since the 2016 lease purges, so hopefully they survive long enough for me to visit again ;)
Fri Jan 11 05:44:34
No, Cali. I lived in the east bay for a few years.
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