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Mad Doggie
Retired Moderator
Sun Mar 31 04:30:24
I felt nostalgic tonight and spent the past few hours googling my old internet hangouts, and this place was always my favorite HO.

I miss you guys, if I could go back in time and live one more week as a shut-in teenager posting nonsense here I would give it a strong consideration.
the wanderer
Sun Mar 31 12:09:24

here are crossword puzzle clues that some UGTer posted in 2006 (judging by file date)... i don't have the crossword board so extra difficult:


1. Something likely to be written on a snowy driveway, or tattooed above Black Lotus's coin slot

7. With 40-A, something knifeguy feels quite passionate about

11. Solid advice to any UGTer regarding anything

12. Sex act that ultimately produced Poison

13. White rice?

18. It's like a penis, except soaking the neighbor kids with it doesn't usually result in jail time

19. The not-necessarily-so-pleased relative of "Ahh"

20. A just plain horrible way to abbreviate "encephaloid"

21. A continent. With 4 letters. So basically a freebie, or ABSOLUTE WASTE OF LIFE filter

22. What you join if you like your fat people squealin' more like Pavarotti than Beatty

23. One of Europe's latest successful attempts at selling absolute crap to absolute morons worldwide

24. The thing they scan when you buy something. Sort of. Keep in mind that this clue sucks

27. In the area. Not to be confused with "Outside the area", which would not help you at all

30. What comes after going twice, aside from superheroes with genitals for emblems

31. Sucks if followed by one Rock, but gets better as more are thrown after it

32. Followed by "i c", if your eight year old mind just grasped something

33. Kaylana's black equal in matters of debate

36. The only legitimate one-letter Mr.

37. Preferred currency of the Loti

39. Who Beer Baron hates

40. See 7-A

43. They mean Yes, St. Skidmark. They always mean Yes

44. The Spielberg character that taught children to accept and hide probe-wielding strangers in their bedrooms

45. When followed by several dots, Tardinese for "get to your conclusion, assnuts"

46. They come in four packs, six packs, twelve packs, and occasionally laser-assisted twenty-four packs

47. The Greatest, who should have slept with his head in a Foreman grill to prevent sogginess

50. When torn from itself, one of the best ways to unleash total ass whoopage

51. Guaranteed comedy gold until somebody gets all real life on your ass

53. Early 1900s fad that even the president of the United States couldn't resist

54. What the best sex ends with

55. The ballest white man for all three!

58. A Greek letter made worthless by airport scheduling

59. It’s occasionally slipped in between exclamations

60. With 63-A, what happens when you let a UGTer name a nation in South America

61. The most boringest day of the week (abbr.)

62. Quite possibly the gayest-named positions in American football (abbr.)

63. See 60-A


1. Most notable JAC accomplishment to date

2. How Skidmark Skidmark's Lolita is built

3. Sanskrit mantras that can get you beaten like a hippie or put in that special search line at the airport

4. Three letters in a row that can be found in "Owl crematorium"

5. Turn UGT’s lights out and punch. Odds are you hit one

6. Something Charlie Sheen will never ever utter

7. Though it looks Hawaiian, it is actually a Bin Laden terrorist organization. Wow!

8. What a group of cheerleaders might request you to give them, if it's not a private performance in your mansion

9. Chronic whatcles? (with "of")

10. The first irrefutable truth a newcomer to UGT will inevitably notice

13. It's the first thing you think of when I say it's followed by "Na Na", if you suck

14. If you follow this with "off", then please, for both your sakes, lock the door

15. The ideal Yooper uniforms

16. The one word that'll get you caned in the jibblies if you use it to explain something to a bitter blind guy

17. With 26-D, the ugly people you occasionally refrain from snubbing

25. Worthless clan #4108

26. See 17-D

28. It was a tube meant to siphon this precious resource that led to what DL mistook as his first homoerotic adventure

29. BF connectors

34. Inappropriate suffix to add onto your lesion ooze

35. What it would have been called if it had starred Goddessofbeer instead of Macaulay Culkin

37. The guy that comes by once a week asking where the good weed is, man

38. = no reason to go

41. Bob Marley hit "No Jesus _____"

42. Kleenex with boobs

47. How speeds are posted in non-commie countries

48. A drawing of one is an acceptable 20 pt. substitution for any answer

49. Letter combination resulting from poorly constructed clues and answers

50. Pa Ingalls' brattiest brat that never even killed a bear

52. Part of a quote most likely to make Billah tumescent

56. Where beans come from, where beans go

57. The root beer that tastes like melted popsicles
Sun Mar 31 13:17:28
Hello. I remember that you have a face.
the wanderer
Sun Mar 31 16:42:48
actually i do have the board! which is probably not what it's called

found it in a completely different folder... good organizing on my part

anyway, here it is:
Cherub Cow
Sun Mar 31 18:00:45
New fone. Who dis?
the wanderer
Mon Apr 01 13:43:34
he's the guy with the face... and he walks around w/ a crowbar

as i'm sure we're all working on it, here's my solution so far (grey = less certain)
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