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the wanderer
Sat Jan 04 02:04:42
[prior thread]- the hit & run guy should've added who got charged & w/ what

i kinda forgot about Daily Dose guy, but here's a compilation for all of 2019:
12 mins long, but a pretty decent entertainment per second rate imo
the wanderer
Sat Jan 04 02:08:30
koala drinking water from bicyclist's bottle
(pretty sure different from that other time :p)
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 04 08:11:07
Neat! Definitely not the same one :D .. Word must be getting out in Koala communities that spandex people carry water ;p

"compilation for all of 2019"

Good to see that we caught a lot of that! The helicopter part was cool. So was that guy walking around pretty locations in a space suit like Interstellar :D

"the hit & run guy should've added who got charged & w/ what"

Yeah, definitely! I went on a very long Google search to track down anything at all about that accident, but I couldn't find a single thing outside of that video. A comment points out that it was at the corner of Canoga Ave. & W Oxnard St. in Los Angeles, but that's the only piece of reliable info. Another comment says, "lol at the guy in the silver truck being an off duty LA county sheriff's deputy... [/] He was preventing the driver from leaving. the lying white girl was charged with falsifying information and obstruction of justice. la county times 4 days ago..." but I can't find any L.A. Times story from 2017 that mentions the accident or has any keywords like that, which makes me think that that person was just playing the misinformation game.

Reddit picked up the crash video in several different threads, but none link to a news article, and no accident-reporting sites list anything like that in that area in 2017... the plates of the truck and SUV were reported on driver sites, but they just point back to the video. All very strange, since a multi-hit hit-and-run with video, an arrest, and an overturned semi seems like it would make the news.

But, while searching I came across a 2018 update for that 2017 story where an L.A. motorcyclist kicks a car, the car driver tries to hit him, and causes a big accident:
"Andrew Flanigan, 45, of Arleta, was booked on $110,000 bail on three felony charges: assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving and hit-and-run, officials said ... CHP investigators and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office determined he had been most responsible for the crash."

Not sure if you saw the UP thread, but I was arguing that the motorcyclist was less at fault than the Nissan driver... but it looks like they really threw charges at him. I couldn't find anything about the Nissan driver being charged, so yeah... the motorcyclist really screwed himself by fleeing the accident afterwards. Police probably believed whatever the Nissan driver told them, which left the motorcyclist at fault when they finally caught up to him. He *really* should have stuck around :p
the wanderer
Sat Jan 04 12:07:35
i don't recall the thread, but i agree swerving into a motorcyclist because of a kick seems quite dangerous... & led to other problems
the wanderer
Sat Jan 04 12:14:53
cat behaving like a human
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 04 22:20:09
aww :D

Pretty cool low altitude hang-gliding around power lines, trees, and stuff:
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 05 22:00:47
Cat too fat to fight back :D
This cat was named #FatCatHarvey on Instagram. The Instagram owner claims that Harvey was found after a flood, over-fed by temporary families, and then recovered by her and put on a diet. I'd quote that directly, but the Instagram person wrote it in first-person from the perspective of a cat, so it's pretty annoying ;D
Instagram source:
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 00:37:14
This Ricky Gervais highlight reel from the Golden Globes has been making the rounds, so.. worth knowing about :p
"Golden Globes 2020: Ricky Gervais roasts Hollywood"
I somehow doubt that Leonardo Dicaprio was at all offended by Gervais' joke :p
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 00:41:58
Some more here and surprisingly no overlap :D
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 00:54:13
Aaaaand the unedited (but swear-censored) opening monologue:
(Some overlap of jokes)
the wanderer
Mon Jan 06 01:53:44
i enjoyed Sascha Baron Cohen's bit too:


also Ellen's speech was good if you like Ellen humor, & a nice intro for Ellen from Kate McKinnon
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 02:35:52
lulz, Ellen's was good, yeah:
Kate McKinnon's.. not so much for me. McKinnon never really makes me laugh. She needs to learn more from Ellen ;)
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 02:36:27
McKinnon's intro, for posterity:
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 03:12:07
Australia update! (screen shot from just now):
Looks like not too many new fires (Red) in the South East. A BBC story from today mentions that rains moved into the NSW area, though officials think more fires could start by Thursday (BBC, Monday, January 6th, 2020, http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-51003504 ).
the wanderer
Mon Jan 06 11:47:17
Kate was good if you wanted the emotional moment :p
the wanderer
Mon Jan 06 12:27:54
Police Responding To Distress Call Just See Parrot Screaming ‘Let Me Out!’

The bird’s cries of “Let me out! Let me out! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!” were so lifelike that a neighbor called the police, concerned that a woman was actually in trouble.


the owner claims he taught the parrot that when he was a kid & the police bought it

his house should be raided

Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 17:49:09
"the owner claims he taught the parrot that when he was a kid & the police bought it [/] his house should be raided"

Definitely :D
He was probably going back in to taunt his "wife" (captive) that that was the closest the police would ever come to freeing her ;)
I did have to look up how old parrots can get... apparently *really* old. If that was a yellow-naped amazon, it can live to be 80.. :o

Street justice is harsh but fair:
([Probably in Russia], someone walks out in front of a car with an unleashed dog)
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 06 23:02:22
This was wrong for this man to do.. but it's also pretty hilarious if you're messed up like me ;D
"Bystanders spring into action after a man tried steal a woman's wheelchair from beneath her"
A little unclear, but it sounds like maybe police found him via tip on Facebook?
the wanderer
Tue Jan 07 12:52:41
the reindeer slippers make it extra weird :p

speaking of extra weird, Florida:

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – A man who broke into a Florida home on Christmas Eve said he was “there to suck toes” then tried to grab the victim’s genitals as the two fought, according to a report from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said the victim awoke to a stranger sucking on his toes so he asked the man what he was doing and the culprit said he “was there to suck toes.”

The victim punched the suspect in the mouth and forced him out of the bedroom and into the yard, at which point the burglar said he had a gun and he attempted to fondle the victim’s genitals, according to an incident report.

No weapon was displayed.

Deputies said that once the two were outside, the victim hit the suspect in the face for about 30 seconds before running inside to call 911.

The suspect then punched out a front window of the house and stomped the victim’s windshield until it broke, according to an incident report.

A search was conducted but the culprit was not located.

Deputies said they collected DNA evidence from the scene.
the wanderer
Tue Jan 07 12:57:49
2 Children Shot By Driver After Throwing Snowballs At Passing Cars

Two children, ages 12 and 13, are recovering after they were shot by the driver of a vehicle they had pelted with snowballs, police in Wisconsin said.

The kids were part of a group tossing snowballs at cars in Milwaukee on Saturday night when they became the targets of the violent road rage attack, police said in a series of tweets.

“It was like ‘boom, boom, boom, boom’ all in succession,” Pearlee Piggue, who heard the shooting just before 8 p.m., told local station WITI.

Milwaukee police described the shooter as driving a white Toyota. Both of the victims suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, police said.


Pearlee Piggue?

for some reason shooting the boy is ok w/ me, but not the girl
the wanderer
Tue Jan 07 15:35:55
old guy shooting apartment manager (as we've all wanted to do)

1st video: the tense encounter w/ some surprises

2nd video: cop camera, sorta interesting too

(don't miss 2:08 in 1st)

cops seem to always shout 'drop the gun' while starting the trigger pull

old guy appears to raise his arms right before shot which could be perceived as threatening so not blaming cop really here, just seems odd how often there's no time for a person to actually comply between order & shot... like are they taught to shout it as part of their firing sequence? if you go to a cop target practice, do they all shout 'drop the gun' as firing? :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 08 07:22:21
"Pearlee Piggue?"

That's one of those names peeps get when their parents don't read very well and just sound out words or say semi-indecipherable things to the nurse for the birth certificate ;D

Very weird road rage situation... even if the kids were lying about throwing snow and were actually throwing blocks of ice.. that's... just not good judgment. The video looks like a residential area, so I can't imagine the shooter avoiding arrest for long (if a local).

"cops seem to always shout 'drop the gun' while starting the trigger pull"

Not much time there between command and shot, yeah! He could have paused for just a fraction of a second longer and saved a round. If he couldn't see that the handgun was pointed to the side in surrender (as visible in the first video), then he probably couldn't see enough to make a good "shoot" call... He does get points for only firing one shot ;p .. and since that old man was actively shooting, I wouldn't blame the officer (much?) either — he's at least *comparatively* better, and the old man survived (one story says that the bullet went through his coat but didn't actually hit him), so can't argue much with a good outcome :D

"just seems odd how often there's no time for a person to actually comply between order & shot... like are they taught to shout it as part of their firing sequence? if you go to a cop target practice, do they all shout 'drop the gun' as firing? :p"

I hope no one trains like that, but I could see peeps doing it — almost like that "It's coming right for us!" South Park thing yet again ;D
In more competent training, distinct evaluations *should*
happen at each step.. like (for pistols):
1- interview stance when there's no threat but you have to interact with people (hands grasped in front, above duty belt)
2- hand on or near sidearm (still holstered) if something seems off or you need to be slightly more prepared
3- weapon drawn but pointed at the ground ("'alert' to the dirt") if danger exists but no target is visible/clear (also an option if trying not to further provoke)
4- weapon drawn, near/at eye-line, and pointed at target ("'Ready' to kill")

And 3 and 4 divide into further criteria.. like:
- finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire
- weapon on safe until intent on firing (though, most officers carry Glocks instead of Berettas now, and Glocks do not have external safeties.. which puts more pressure on other safety rules..)

And, most topically, with good training: *reevaluate*! After pointing a weapon at someone, reevaluate (did the person just realize things got serious, so now that person is complying?), and that requires mentally pausing. Same thing with commands: after giving a command, pause, and see if it works (reevaluate). Was the command clear? Did it just freak the person out and now they can't think? If the command freaked the person out, calm the person down in subsequent commands — help them correctly comply. And, like in this video, the difference between someone pulling a weapon to point it at someone and raising hands to surrender can be very similar, so: create space for more evaluation. Like, the officer ran past a brick corner. That would have been a good spot to pause, give commands, and have cover if the old man *had* pointed the pistol at him. Or, just take a mini-second to watch the barrel of the pistol and see where it's pointed (or will point). That second one sounds super dangerous, but with good training that extra split second can mean not making a bad shot while still being prepared to make a good one.

But, back to current reality, this officer had a lot more control than typical offices. He knew to keep pressure on because the shooting was still happening (possible victims), and after firing one shot he clearly paused to see what he needed to do next. Then he transitioned from lethal to nonlethal to make an arrest. Really wish this was more common instead of those execution videos :(

Chelsea fan stands too close to subway door:
..not sure I agree with the peeps that shoved him, but it was well-timed ;D
the wanderer
Wed Jan 08 13:12:19
you know a lot about cops, & the military, & cycling, & philosophy, & other things... i conclude you were once in some sort of Groundhog Day situation & picked up lots of extra knowledge, plus it would make sense to watch a lot of movies under those circumstances


more Florida:

Joanne Mercader, 59, was arrested and charged with battery on a person 65 or older after she threw a bucket of human feces on her landlord, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies responded to a trailer in Osteen, near Deltona in Central Florida, around 5:15 p.m. Saturday where they found a woman dripping in human waste and Mercader with caked feces on her face, the agency says.

Mercader originally claimed to be the victim, initially telling deputies that her landlord had tossed the bucket of feces onto her “as a method of eviction,” the incident report says.

“My landlord just broke into my house and assaulted me,” Mercader said, according to the body cam footage.

When asked why she had dried feces smeared across her cheeks, she attempted to explain her appearance.

“She took the poop and rubbed it all over [my face],” Mercader said.

Deputies, however, were confused, especially after she admitted that this was part of her ongoing dispute with the landlord.

“In a long time that I’ve been doing this job, I’ve never seen anything like it, okay?” the deputy replied. “I’m not disputing what you’re telling me but... she’s dripping with it, soaking wet. [Yours] is not.”

Mercader later confessed to accidentally throwing the bucket at the landlord “as soon as she entered the residence,” according to the report. The toss, however, wasn’t the accident — it was the contents.

“Joanne claimed she intended to use a bucket of water but got the two buckets confused,” the deputy wrote.


moral: always clearly label your poop bucket!

Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 09 07:28:31
"“Joanne claimed she intended to use a bucket of water but got the two buckets confused,” the deputy wrote."

I'm grossed out and laughing at Florida at the same time ;p
Sooo much wrong with that story, wow D: ... Like, that has to be a crackhead type lie at the end there, and did she get poop on her own face somehow? And being willing to throw poop at someone in the first place... D:
..In Googling, it looks like that can be charged as a felony because of the biological/disease component, but maybe only in prisons ("Gassing" wiki page only mentions prison)? This Montana page on "assault with bodily fluid" looks like it's just trying to protect police, prison guards, and first responders from poop attacks — random attacks like Florida woman's may just be a fine and jail time ( http://leg.mt.gov/bills/mca/45/5/45-5-214.htm ). Seems like a slap on the wrist ;)

"i conclude you were once in some sort of Groundhog Day situation & picked up lots of extra knowledge, plus it would make sense to watch a lot of movies under those circumstances"

lol. I would watch *so* many movies with infinite free time :D
I'd probably also learn Chinese and/or Russian. Those seem useful with the impending world wars ;)
Ever wonder what you'd do? :D :D
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 09 07:28:39
Comments say that this took place in Romania:
(Tram driver hits BMW that was parked on the tracks)
The Imgur comments ( http://imgur.com/gallery/9RudCH9 ) near-unanimously blame the BMW driver, but it still seems a bit road-ragey to hit someone just because they're in the way. Sounds like everyone's getting punished ;p
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 09 07:33:07
"and did she get poop on her own face somehow?"

Oops, I mean, she *did* get poop on her face, but I wonder if *she* got it on her face (from touching the poop and then touching her face) or if the person she attacked got it on her face.

To save the initial confusion of this video.. these dogs apparently like to chase scooters :D
the wanderer
Thu Jan 09 12:53:24
on poop woman, my guess is she put it on herself once police were called to accuse other woman

although cop noted it was dry while other woman's face was wet, so maybe she just uses it as a skin cream & really does keep a poop bucket around all the time... who knows :p

Tram guy should've kept nudging them even when they were on foot... especially if that woman wearing real fur :p
the wanderer
Thu Jan 09 18:48:20
customer firing on robber... i'll assume brazil

unclear how successful, although he definitely took out some electronics

Cherub Cow
Fri Jan 10 07:54:47
With all that stuff exploding from gunfire.. we're sure that wasn't a daily from a new John Woo movie? ;D

"so maybe she just uses it as a skin cream & really does keep a poop bucket around all the time... who knows :p"


Pretty neat augmented reality thing showing off this person's 3D Tarot card art:
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 11 03:26:47
fenga papit.. except... much cooler:
(practical effect finger extensions)
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 11 06:38:42
Mostly just a good headline:

"Hasbro Launches Line Of Trap-Building Kits To Encourage Girls To Get Into Post-Apocalyptic Survivalism"
[Onion: News in Brief]
the wanderer
Sat Jan 11 11:59:25
this was a good real headline:

New Study Shows Cuttlefish Can Watch Movies In 3D

w/ excerpt:
“It took a lot of coaxing of the cuttlefish to make them wear their glasses,” Wardill told CNN.


(maybe it was useful somehow i dunno)

Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 11 21:26:38
Seems kind of useful when they mention how cuttlefish have differently organized brains. The linked source article talks about how cuttlefish and vertebrates have similar eyes (though those lucky cuttlefish have no retinal blind spot) but different methods of vision processing ( http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/6/2/eaay6036.full ). And it ends with their next goal: "uncover the neural mechanisms underlying the computation of stereopsis in these animals." So step 1 for them was to show that cuttlefish have chameleon-like vision processing, and step 2 would be to track down the processing pathway (where the visual information gets sent, combined, and processed and "how").

Aaaaand I went on a Google rampage...:
Another paper has a good charting out of that info already.. at least at the gross level (page 83 and 84, 2005 paper, http://www.researchgate.net/publication/236005453_Behavioural_plasticity_and_neural_correlates_in_adult_cuttlefish ). I thought there were some easy human analogs, but it gets weird. The cuttlefish paper's question of stereopsis processing in cuttlefish (superior frontal and subvertical lobes?) would analog to the human lateral geniculate nucleus and striate cortex (places where information from each eye is brought together and reconciled). In humans, the thinking now is that each eye has ocular dominance columns in the striate cortex ("columns" where one eye's info gets slightly separated from the other eye's "column"/info and have shared, non-dominant, info in-between them); and binocular neurons ("far cells", "near cells", and "tuned zero") individually respond to similarities/differences between the eyes, and depending on how active one neuron is over another, differences/similarities between the eyes can be understood as distance and orientation (i.e., 3D images).

So.. if they can see how the same processing gets done in cuttlefish (same mechanism?), peeps can then either answer questions about how that info gets sorted in humans or build an android that has all the perks of cuttlefish and human vision without the weaknesses ;D
.. Or, like most scientists, they picked a research area and don't know if any of the work will ever actually pay off in any kind of relevant/helpful way — but it's interesting anyways ;D
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 11 21:26:40
"Police search for man who broke into Taco Bell, made a meal and took a nap"
I agree with the comments saying that this person probably used to work at this Taco Bell. Or he just had a little bit of kitchen experience and found an open window?
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 11 21:33:53
Driver takes a sharp hill turn too fast and hits a motorcyclist:
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 12 08:36:07
More of that sweet sweet video of koalas getting water:
the wanderer
Sun Jan 12 14:54:06
"Or, like most scientists..."

that's what i'd like to believe... they were standing around a fish tank trying to glue 3D glasses on to cuttlefish, one says 'what the hell are we doing?'... another says 'quiet! we'll figure out a rationale later'


seems that guy wants the koala to drink from the bowl & it doesn't understand... a commenter notes they get water from leaves, so perhaps they don't drink out of pools of water

maybe should attach those hamster water things to the trees
the wanderer
Sun Jan 12 15:46:11
Burger King Continues to Cross the Line

Burger King is airing a commercial that uses profanity to advertise its Impossible Whopper – a burger made from plants instead of beef.

The language in the commercial is offensive, and it’s sad that this once family restaurant has made yet another deliberate decision to produce a controversial advertisement instead of a wholesome one.

In the Burger King commercial that is currently airing on TV, customers’ responses are being videoed as they taste-test the Impossible Whopper. One man is completely shocked that the burger is not beef, so he uses the d-word to describe how he feels about himself for being deceived by the taste of the burger.

One Million Moms finds this highly inappropriate. When responding to the taste test, he didn’t have to curse. Or if, in fact, it was a real and unscripted interview in which the man was not an actor, then Burger King could have simply chosen to edit the profanity out of the commercial.

Burger King’s Impossible Whopper ad is irresponsible and tasteless. It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial. We all know children repeat what they hear.

This ad is airing during prime time, when families are likely watching. Burger King should be more responsible in its marketing decisions. Let the fast-food restaurant know that as a parent and a customer you are disgusted by its recent marketing choices.

Burger King needs to know parents do not approve!

Take Action

If you agree that this marketing effort is inappropriate, please sign our petition urging Burger King to cancel this Impossible Whopper commercial or, at the very least, edit out the cuss word immediately.


i watched the ad trying to figure out how 'dicks' would come up... it didn't...

"damn, that's good" is the destructive tasteless d-word

(One Million Moms is the group/person who went after Hallmark... which did work temporarily... enough to get Hallmark run over twice anyway)
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 12 19:02:56
This one?
Outrage over that? That's damn fucking stupid ;p
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 12 19:04:06
I remember watching TNG and ST:TOS in the early '90s and being slightly impressed that "damn"/"dammit" could be said on TV, but that's like, the most mundane of swear words. Maybe they were trying to set the bar at "damn" so that the commercial where they bleep out all the "fuck"/"fucking" would successfully be banned?
They're making the world weak!! ;D
And it's not like kids don't fucking swear. I can see the need to stop kids from swearing while in primary school, but after 3rd or 4th grade, just fucking give up on the delusion that your kid will always be a non-swearing angel ;p
the wanderer
Sun Jan 12 19:07:51
actually, i saw a different 'damn' burger king commercial (epidemic!) so unclear which one sparked off their resident angerist
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 12 19:19:43
Maybe they don't even know about the one with the partially-bleeped fucks :D
the wanderer
Sun Jan 12 21:40:38
maybe -we- don't know about a 'dicks' one :o

...the fucks one probably not on TV, & i'm assuming the person who got upset is 80+ & has no idea what YouTube is
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 13 03:34:48
The Internet has taught me in the last month or so that the youth response to such people should be, "Okay, boomer!" There's no counter — it's a perfect reply ;)

Born-again-motivation ;D
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 13 03:46:28
"80's Catholic School Sex Ed PSA"
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 13 07:54:47
kitten pulled out of dash board:
The description goes into it, but the kitten was accidentally let loose in the car by its human, and the human lost track of it — thought that it escaped.
I'm trying to think of where a kitten could squeeze into a dash board, but I guess some cars have that kind of space.. maybe above the pedals? I don't know cars :p
the wanderer
Mon Jan 13 14:49:29
i keep a roll of paper towels in my car (as i like paper towels everywhere)... and one day it was pretty well shredded into tiny pieces of paper, so i assume something figured out how to get both in & back out as i didn't find any culprit

(& i don't leave my windows open, as not a crazy person)
the wanderer
Mon Jan 13 15:31:14
Burt Ward Of ‘Batman’ Says He Took Pills To Shrink Private Parts

Burt Ward, who played sidekick Robin on TV’s “Batman” in the 1960s, said in an interview with the New York Post’s Page Six that his bulge was stealing scenes to the point where he was asked to visit a doctor for shrinking pills.

Ward told Page Six that the dynamic duo’s tight-fitting costumes drew ire from the Catholic League of Decency.

“They thought that Robin had a very large bulge for television,” Ward said.

He claimed that ABC executives asked him to reduce the protuberance by going to a doctor for medication “to shrink me up.”

Ward did as he was told but quickly had reservations.

“I took them for three days and then I decided that they can probably keep me from having children,” he said. “I stopped doing that and I just used my cape to cover it.”
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 13 19:37:05
Beauty standards hurt everyone :p

"something figured out how to get both in & back out as i didn't find any culprit"

Maybe a little field mouse died in the engine ;D

doggos out for a beer:
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 13 21:17:09
Big mall in Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine, gets into a bit of hot water:
the wanderer
Mon Jan 13 22:35:31
those hours of 'the floor is lava' finally pay off!
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 12:18:45
horse smacking into guy
i think that sequence follows some rule of comedy
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 13:47:04
A Kansas man has asked an Iowa court to grant his motion for trial by combat so he can meet his ex-wife and her attorney "on the field of battle where (he) will rend their souls from their corporal bodies."

David Ostrom, 40, of Paola, Kansas, claims in court documents that his ex-wife, Bridgette Ostrom, 38, of Harlan, has "destroyed (him) legally."

He asked the Iowa District Court in Shelby County to give him 12 weeks "lead time" in order to source or forge katana and wakizashi swords, as first reported by the Carroll Times Herald.

"To this day, trial by combat has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a right in these United States," Ostrom argues in court records, adding that it was used "as recently as 1818 in British Court."

When reached by phone Monday, Ostrom told the Des Moines Register that he got the idea after learning about a 2016 case in which New York Supreme Court Justice Philip Minardo acknowledged that duels had not been abolished.

Ostrom said the motion stemmed from his frustrations with his ex-wife's attorney, Matthew Hudson of Harlan.

"I think I've met Mr. Hudson's absurdity with my own absurdity," he said.

Ostrom, who said he plans to request the same mediation tactic for any other disputes that may arise in court, added that his ex-wife can choose her attorney as a "champion," or stand-in fighter.

Hudson filed a resistance to the trial by combat motion by first correcting Ostrom's spelling.

"Surely (Ostrom) meant 'corporeal' bodies which Merriam Webster defines as having, consisting of, or relating to, a physical material body," the attorney wrote. "Although (Ostrom) and potential combatant do have souls to be rended, they respectfully request that the court not order this done."

Hudson argued that because a duel could end in death, such ramifications likely outweigh those of property tax and custody issues.

"It should be noted that just because the U.S. and Iowa constitutions do not specifically prohibit battling another person with a deadly katana sword, it does prohibit a court sitting in equity from ordering same," Hudson wrote.

Hudson asked the court to suspend Ostrom's visitation rights and order him to undergo a court-ordered psychological evaluation.

Ostrom later admitted to the misspelling, but argued he has no history of mental issues.

Historically, he said in court records, trial by combat was not always won by way of death, but also when a party "cries craven," yielding to the other.

"Respondent and counsel have proven themselves to be cravens by refusing to answer the call to battle, thus they should lose this motion by default," Ostrom wrote, adding that if the other party decided otherwise, he wants to proceed with a "blunted practice style" of sword play.

The court has not yet ruled on either party's motions. Hudson was not immediately available for comment.

Ostrom, who said he doesn't have any experience with sword fighting, doesn't anticipate the judge will let his request go forward, but he wants an answer anyway.

When asked if he were serious about the dueling offer, Ostrom said, "If Mr. Hudson is willing to do it, I will meet him. I don't think he has the guts to do it."

the wanderer
Wed Jan 15 22:21:58
A Florida woman is facing charges after she went to a Walmart in Tampa, got items from the shelves and started making an explosive device inside the store, authorities said.

Then the woman, Emily Stallard, 37, tried to detonate it in the store Saturday, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said in a statement Tuesday.

"A security guard with Walmart noticed the woman ... roaming the aisles of the store and opening unpaid items. The items included flammable materials, projectiles and matches," the sheriff's office said.

The security guard called the sheriff's office and also notified an off-duty Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer who was in the store at the time. The officer and the security guard stopped her just before she lit a wick and detained her until deputies arrived, CNN affiliate WFLA reported.

the wanderer
Thu Jan 16 01:38:36
The Asahi Ryokan hotel in Fukuoka, Japan, offers its guests the opportunity to reserve a room for about $1 (€0.90) per night if they accept to be live-streamed on YouTube for 24 hours. The idea behind the cheap price of the room is "to make a hotel which is run by asking income from YouTube, not by the accommodation fee," said the owner Inoue Tetsuya.


presumably there are cams in the bathrooms for that venture to possibly succeed...
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 16 06:03:53
He must be hoping for attractive people to show up. Someone posted the hotel's YouTube channel, and it doesn't look like that's happened yet.

In a related LiveLeak video, this story came up.. LiveLeak comments suggested that the tenant could get away with it via self-defense, but that's super unlikely:
"Deadbeat Queens tenant charged in fatal shove of landlord down stairs"
"Garces was arrested hours after Moncayo’s death on charges of manslaughter, but public court records indicate that he was additionally charged with felony assault ... Garces ... faces up to 25 years in prison."
Liveleak source:

"A Kansas man has asked an Iowa court to grant his motion for trial by combat"

Did he overlook that his ex-wife could pick a much better fighter than her lawyer? If he wants trial by combat rules, he should check that out first ;D
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 16 06:25:15
"PodRide pitch v1,1" — From a few years ago; pretty cute prototype velomobile (encased cycling components):

He's still trying to bring it to market. Last update was in late December, 2019:
It would be pretty neat to see these zipping around :)
Cherub Cow
Fri Jan 17 05:43:01
Someone filmed a movie in progress from above:
..looks a lot like "Mile 22" (2018). Comments seem to think so. Not a lot of love for that movie in those comments, but I liked it :p ... it was a good shooter movie, even if it invited a lot of clichés.
the wanderer
Fri Jan 17 18:21:35
the person must be a recluse (which is a good idea)... presumably notices had been posted around the building for awhile
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