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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Get Well Soon FP
Mon Feb 24 11:11:06
I've been made aware by The Facebook that Firestorm Phoenix is having health issues (unless my reading comprehension is off).

We haven't been particularly close over the years but have been tangentially related (through DL & PG mostly). It's been more parallel play, much akin to two toddlers playing with each other.

That said, I've admired his clarity of thought and integrity, and I'm sure a lot of others here do, also. I know he's a friend to many that frequent (or did frequent, as it may be) the forums, so...

Get well soon, compadre.
the wanderer
Mon Feb 24 12:49:13
may death come quickly to your internal enemies
Cherub Cow
Mon Feb 24 18:13:31
Best wishes to FP! Hopefully it's not too serious and/or he conquers it but good :)
Mon Feb 24 18:38:46
Don't ded!

Didn't he write a fantasy novel? Anyway get better man.
Fri Apr 03 10:46:20
To reassure everyone, he's going to be alright. It's been a fight, and it won't be over for a few more weeks, but by summer we should be able to put this whole business behind us.
Fri Apr 03 11:14:11
Good to hear that Kyra!

You take good care of him and good luck with the recovery to the both of you
Mon Apr 06 14:53:23
Good to hear some good news these days. Ya'll got this!
Cherub Cow
Wed Apr 08 07:42:50
Yay!! Stay strong! Keep fighting!!
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