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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Halo team swat game
Tue Feb 25 20:27:10
I just played my most intense game ever.

Favorite game for team swat is reach. Favorite map is sword base.

I had a team with 3 friends on mic who didn't even know which version they were playing during our 3 matches together. 2 on halo 2 against garbage teams plus nobody really remembers halo 2 maps I think cause playing thems always a cluster fuck.

But reach wow. Just wow. My team was garbage but the opposing team had 1 very good team swat player and 3 people who clearly were good and mostly team slayer players since they started the game heaaavily playing on those chokes and spawns but thank God I managed to pull them into more typical swat chokes and rotations and won it.

But Jesus fuck me 49 to 48 and my team was total of -19
Thu Mar 05 00:11:27
A few days ago, I was playing like utter shit in a team slayer game (Reach, PC). Game came down to 49-49. Guy walks up a ramp, I no scope headshot with the sniper to win. Mind you, I'm like 8-13 this game. But that clutch kill made it a great game.
Thu Mar 05 17:32:25
This one time in band camp
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