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Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 28 07:36:24
"Encounter between orcas and a swimer in the wild."

Someone in the comments voices one of my previous concerns over orcas:
"He's safe because he's being recorded, orcas never kill humans when there are witnesses"
(i.e., maybe no orcas have been found guilty of murdering humans because they happen to be *that* intelligent) ;)
Sun Jun 28 11:14:14
"Hellblade, -70% (now $8.99); definitely getting this one, highest priority. Looks like a really solid story that doesn't get told anymore ('fighting for love' stories were popular in the '90s, but now it's considered passé)"

Ooh, I had forgotten about Hellblade.
the wanderer
Sun Jun 28 21:50:11
re: last thread cats, my cat also does the paw in the water (or milk) to drink thing... & also a black cat...


dog -really- attracted to the sound of a hose:
the wanderer
Mon Jun 29 02:13:55
preview of what's coming

Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 29 04:07:58
lulz. Now I'll have to re-watch The Purge ;D
Especially fitting because comments point out that protestors were walking down a private street for residents only (just like the closed community of The Purge).

Legally, the protestors were trespassing. I'm not sure that Castle Doctrine (Active law there in St. Louis) would allow residents to protect the private *street*/sidewalk from trespassers using lethal force, but if the residents give warnings (which they had been doing) and anyone enters their driveway or the grass area beyond the sidewalk.. that would be covered. And the woman does point her weapon at the crowd (finger on the trigger: yikes), but I think laws against brandishing *may* not apply on a private street like this, especially given the active trespassing.

Barefoot was an interesting choice. And it looks like the man was holding a proper AR-15.. the full-sized ones really can be nearly indistinguishable from an M16A2.. at least at distance. The couple appears to flag each other with their weapons a couple of times. They need to brush up on tactics and get Purge gear (masks and body armor) for the extra intimidation factor. ;)

I like the comments pretending that it's just a peaceful protest "just walking by"... like these protests haven't been shown to intimidate people, provoke confrontations, and turn violent at the drop of a hat. That's such a lame comment to make; they're "peaceful" until the second that they have an excuse not to be.
..and lots of talk about gun control but in the frame of mind of dis-empowering people from protecting their own property.. yikes

And yeah, if people want to disband the police in Minnesota cities.. home owners will pick up weapons. Without police, you get frontier justice. Not ideal.

Dolphins swimming
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 29 04:14:34
Nice little pep talk from Detroit-based martial arts instructor "Mr. Jason Wilson":
..probably something that poorly trained police need to hear too
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 29 06:06:19
This Imgurian has been doing digital art pictures of various cats (almost?) every day for about 16 days now:
the wanderer
Mon Jun 29 19:12:22
i will guess 'the Couple' as they seem to be known :p must be avid Fox News watchers / Trump twitter readers who think protesters are burning & pillaging across the country

(i'm unaware of them targeting any residential areas, even during the worst days... in fact i have relatives that live only about a block from where some of the LA store looting occurred, they noted hearing lots of screeching tires as the looters ran into the residential side streets for getaways but that was it)

the Couple's male: Mark McCloskey told KMOV, “A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear for our lives. “This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. I was terrified that we’d be murdered within seconds, our house would be burned down, our pets would be killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob.”


i sense embellishment & poorly informed mindset

the protesters were headed to the mayor's house so doubt they 'rushed' Mark & Pat's palace at all

(some more pix & videos at that link)
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 29 21:59:08
"i'm unaware of them targeting any residential areas, even during the worst days..."

True; it looks like most of the damage has been to businesses and commercial areas (not that that's good, but residences may be safe comparatively). Star Tribune (Minnesota paper) put together a map of the damages in Minneapolis and St. Paul. 37 residential properties were damaged, mostly minor, some medium-level: http://i.imgur.com/uvcGlhJ.png (via http://www.startribune.com/minneapolis-st-paul-buildings-are-damaged-looted-after-george-floyd-protests-riots/569930671/ )

So far in St. Louis no residences have been damaged (or none reported) — all businesses:

Following the 2017 not guilty verdict of St. Louis Police officer Jason Stockley, the mayor's residence was trespassed, damaged, and vandalized:
.. but other residences seem not to have reported any damage from the protestors. Yesterday's protesters trespassed the mayor's home and vandalized it and the area around it (looks like spray paint and signs attached to her door and home; street painted, stop sign vandalized, etc.) but no reports of broken/damaged property (FB stream of the protest into the night http://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=266897514577857&ref=watch_permalink )

And a St. Louis lawyer confirms that the couple was protected against brandishing charges:
""At any point that you enter the property, they can then, in Missouri, use deadly force to get you off the lawn," Walker said, calling the state's Castle Doctrine a "force field" that "indemnifies you, and you can even pull the trigger in Missouri." [/] Luckily, Walker said, no one got shot. [/] "There's no right to protest on those streets," Walker said. "The protesters thought they had a right to protest, but as a technical matter, they were not allowed to be there. ... It’s essentially a private estate. If anyone was violating the law, it was the protesters. In fact, if (the McCloskeys) have photos of the protesters, they could go after them for trespassing." ( http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/hundreds-of-protesters-march-to-st-louis-mayors-home-sunday-night/article_9edc57ed-c307-583f-9226-a44ba6ac9c03.html )

..So the couple was legally fine to protect their property, though it looks like they probably could have just managed security through obscurity (just watch and monitor the trespassing without confronting); protesters seem to avoid outright attacking residential areas, preferring to damage businesses or specifically target the homes of politicians. Now the couple has been doxxed, though the couple appears self-employed so they haven't been fired.

"i sense embellishment"

Could be some lawyerly embellishment to protect themselves legally ("fear for our lives" — true or not — has legal protections; self defense on top of Castle Doctrine).

That heavy.com link seems to point out the other things I'd say: that the protesters were videoed going through a pedestrian gate that was labeled with "Private Street". In the interview, Mr. McCloskey (the man) mentions that the protestors did in fact rip the gate off at some point (maybe in retaliation for them brandishing?). He also points out the irony of the protestors showing up at the mayor's house because she had doxxed protestors.. and then protestors turn around and dox him... though who knows if the same protestors were the ones who doxxed him.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 29 22:20:32
Someone posted a picture of damage to the gate:
the wanderer
Mon Jun 29 23:44:31
this appears to be their home (1 Portland Place)... i haven't seen any indication protesters ever got closer to the house than the sidewalk

i mean maybe they're still allowed to execute them all per Missouri law but seems odd

certainly seems unlikely the people rushed that house in any way, just happens to be first house along the path
the wanderer
Tue Jun 30 00:51:01
amazing 3-point turn

so crazy hard to believe real :p (but i see no definite signs of fakeness... & some details that prob wouldn't be there if fake)
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 30 02:10:27
That driver really knows how to use the suspension ;D

"i mean maybe they're still allowed to execute them all per Missouri law but seems odd"

Yeah, I'm still not 100% convinced that the couple could use deadly force for entering the gate. It's a private street, so the protestors weren't even allowed on the side walk and can be charged for trespassing, but I get the feeling that shooting people on the side walk would have some grey areas attached. Castle Doctrine usually begins after the sidewalk (which the above lawyer may have meant when he said, "use deadly force to get you off the lawn"), but for a private street shared by multiple home owners, there may be a question of which residents — if any — can use deadly force to enforce personally the trespassing law. Brandishing and trying to get people to leave would still be covered, but deadly force may still be limited to the individual home owner's property... Then again, maybe if every single home owner were present and verbally consented to use deadly force? ;)
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 30 08:43:45
"CEO Likes To Think Of Company As One Big Manson Family"
[Onion, News in Brief; June 30, 2020]
"“I know it’s something of a cliché, but I honestly consider my employees to be close, tightly knit, utterly devoted cadre of loyal followers who take my every word as absolute authority,” said the executive, claiming the bonds he shared with his workers weren’t unlike those of a fanatical commune of brainwashed zealots. “We’ve got all the typical Manson Family dynamics. I’m the paternal figure who keeps his subordinates in a stupor of exhaustion and confusion in order to make them particularly malleable to his twisted whims. Alice Fendelman is our parallel to Squeaky Fromme, who uses the pretense of taking care of the family members to ensure no one acts against the family interests—naturally, she’s our HR director. As for the rest, I have no doubt they’d kill for me if asked, seeing as I stripped them of their individual humanity long ago.” Vanders added that he originally started his company to punish his underlings and the world at large for his lack of artistic success."
the wanderer
Tue Jun 30 17:34:23
"Vanders added that he originally started his company to punish his underlings and the world at large for his lack of artistic success"

maybe that's why some restaurants put a pickle slice in w/ the potato chips... (just happened to me :P)

mmm soggy chips
the wanderer
Wed Jul 01 02:38:06
back when crime shows were more realistic:

apparently it was established earlier in the show that Higgins' falcon bird call scared the parrot, thus it all makes sense
Cherub Cow
Wed Jul 01 06:09:45
That's an exceptional finale moment! ;D
The immediate fake blood was a nice touch. And the shooting at a bird. And the fact that she doesn't shoot when he's distracted. And all the other stuff ;)

Restaurants do need to be careful where they arrange pickles and chips :D

"This is what a baby red squirrel eating lunch sounds like"
[BBC Earth Instagram; June 30th, 2020]
Cherub Cow
Wed Jul 01 16:22:08
"Come On: Someone Just Spray-Painted ‘Gamers Rule’ On The Taj Mahal And, While We Generally Agree, It’s Pretty Messed Up To Deface A Cultural Landmark"
[Onion News; July 1st, 2020]
"With that said, we obviously condemn the Indian government for employing a team of restorers and antiquity experts to wash away the message—a blatant erasure of gaming history in an era when more people than ever before need to see the phrase, “GAMERS RULE.” In this sense, we stand in solidarity with this graffiti’s anonymous author and aim to file a petition for the UN to make the words “GAMERS RULE” a permanent part of the Taj Mahal."
Anarchist Prime
Wed Jul 01 17:07:01

please,please i have nothing
the wanderer
Thu Jul 02 12:15:01
^yay for comeuppance


cops raid a covid speakeasy
Thu Jul 02 22:05:25
Tumbleweed has already signed the change.org petition to send them to gitmo
Cherub Cow
Fri Jul 03 08:59:49
I guess that's against liquor license rules, but otherwise it seems like a nice reprieve for alcoholics. ;)

"please,please i have nothing"

That's a 2017 classic :D
Also a good lesson in why people need to scope out a place's security before just walking in and robbing it ;p
..prison bunk mates may teach him that lesson. He'll do better next time.

Prairie dog receiving pets while imprisoned:
Cherub Cow
Fri Jul 03 09:01:59
"What it's like owning a cat"
OP posted a link to the live-action source, but I think the cartoon is better.
Cherub Cow
Fri Jul 03 09:05:26
This puppeteer looks only slightly better at petting a cat than a raccoon:
Cherub Cow
Fri Jul 03 09:08:27
Raccoon grabbing at human fingers for reference:
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