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Utopia Talk / General Talk / 2020 DayZ Shenanigans
Cherub Cow
Tue Dec 01 00:04:50
After first installing DayZ on November 28th (mentioned here http://www...hread=86950&time=1606761528979 ), I have officially become addicted, so I will spam this thread :D

I experienced some fun shenanigans in people interactions.. like,
— When I was still starving to death every time I tried playing, someone spotted me at night in an apartment building, so they started blasting the He-Man version of "What's Going On?" The threat of impending death was both scary and hilarious XD
— someone walked up to me in a coastal town (so I had no gear anyways) and asked me, "What's up?" waited a few seconds, and then put an axe in my chest, lol.. I tried to respond before the axing, but I found out later that I didn't have my microphone plugged in anyways D: (though I suspect that axe was coming regardless)
— Also before I realized my microphone wasn't working, someone saw me when I was heading into a field (he was in a house), so he was like, "We okay here?" (i.e., "You out for a fight?"), so I just kept trying to talk but was also putting my hand in the air. He kept getting more nervous but then said, "I see your hand, okay." :D

But I got much better :D
..got a handle on food and resources, so then I took a long journey to the edges of the map and armored up my character at the military bases. I have a SK 59/66, a KAS-74U, night vision + helmet, and a plate carrier; but I couldn't find any of the fancier assault weapons. It was like it had all been hoarded? I think it periodically re-spawns, but I'm not sure how it works with server age versus weapon spawns and stuff.. (e.g., how often do servers do full hive wipes — reverting people back to zero?).

Anyways, yesterday, I was alone for a long time and hadn't seen anyone, but I stayed too long at Pobeda (Победа; camping community north of the airfield), cooking food and consolidating inventory, when someone wandered along. I heard their footsteps so I ran for the cliff edge. Heard a shot at me from behind. Then, a few minutes later, another shot. Managed to survive to keep my stuff another day, but I ran for 15 minutes before stopping. I waited a while and didn't see anyone before calling it there.. so I'll have no idea where I am when I continue ;D

I'm kind of interested in expanding my stash and maybe making a little base...
Tue Dec 01 07:38:26
Worth of advice as soon as they start talking with a British accent shoot without warning! ;)
the wanderer
Tue Dec 01 17:02:12
from the 2nd sample video on store page, on the list of things to do (3:43) is
"restrain & force feed people"... creepy :p

Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 02 05:20:46
That's why I would never agree to an in-game robbery. I saw people doing that when the game was new, but it was a little too much like role-playing for my tastes ;p

..Which reminds me.. someone wrote a really long blog post about an in-game "rape" scenario (Kim Correa; May 8th, 2014; http://www...es/being-lady-and-playing-dayz ).. I won't dismiss the stuff about in-game harassment, which is real and annoying, but she actually agreed to take off her clothes before any of this happened (you have to intentionally surrender). Like.. you cannot be pick-pocketed in the game. People cannot undress you. So there's an element of playing along there or people projecting their neuroses into the game like they do their pets. Personally, even after investing like, 10 hours into my current items, I'm not about to agree to anything crazy to keep them. I'd take my chances with a quick-draw ;p

"Worth of advice as soon as they start talking with a British accent shoot without warning! ;)"

I've noticed that from the YouTube videos I've seen — that and Russian accents :D
I remember watching a video years ago where the YouTuber (a British voice that sounded a little dull; no luck Googling this just now) was caught by a group of people speaking Russian, and none of them were wearing shoes (for sneakiness). They executed him, and I think they stayed in the area for too long because he worked his way back to them with friends and got revenge..
Cherub Cow
Thu Dec 03 07:23:01
A funny DayZ social experiment:
"I Gave DayZ Players a Jammed Gun. Here's What Happened"
[Cyborg Lizard; February 8th, 2016]
Cherub Cow
Sat Dec 05 11:29:27
A funny moment in this DayZ shenanigans video:
(Set to the relevant part — a player tries to flag down the driver)
[TheRunningManZ; July 5th, 2020]
Sat Dec 05 12:38:32
How are your adventures going CC?
Cherub Cow
Sun Dec 06 19:03:20
Not bad! :D
Had a couple of notable moments..
- Saw my first server reset. They give a red text warning in advance and then reset everyone's positions back to the coast (you keep your stuff, though). I was in the middle of repairing a car in Novodmitrovsk at the time.. I got the impression that after the reset everyone made a mad dash to the weapons areas (new loot spawns). I managed to get lost on the way (I did a big circle) so I was way behind the curve on that one :p .. so I still have the same weapons. It's kind of a bummer finding the leftover parts for the fancier weapons, though my inventory grew, and I have two stashes now. I just bury crates. I watched some videos of base-making, but the videos of base-destroying were much faster. Structures seem like a folly. At best it makes sense for clans (someone always there to defend them) or just for quick barriers in a barn to park a car.
- Fun moment: After I got lost and re-found my location, I was fighting a zombie and a new-spawn snuck up behind me. He kept getting way too close with an axe, so I fired at him a few times from close range. —Don't think I hit him, but it was weird since he got on the mic and was making it sound like he was friendly and was helping.. yet he was directly pursuing me around corners and into a house. Lots of adrenaline for such a mundane moment, but I left him (alive) in a village somewhere (Mogilevka; Могилевка).

I ended up logging off north of the air field. There was a firefight going on so I figured I'd check back later and try to get loot under cover of darkness >:D
Cherub Cow
Tue Dec 08 05:17:46
lulz... DayZ gave me credit for killing that person. He clearly survived my shots (was running around afterwards), but he must have later died of blood loss or something because the server increased by kill count. Since he was newly spawned, it could just be that he ran out of food before recovering.
Cherub Cow
Tue Dec 08 08:02:57
Finally got an assault rifle! Two, in fact :p
I picked up one "worn" condition KA-M ( http://dayz.gamepedia.com/KA-M ) in the weapons area that's in the center of the airfield, and then I started looking in the watch towers north of the field and found another that was in pristine condition, so I switched them out. When I logged off I was still carrying an SK 59/66 ( http://dayz.gamepedia.com/SK_59/66 ); but if I make it to my northern stash, then I'll drop it off.

I'm on my last in-game 9V battery, so I may take a break from night vision sneaky stuff and work on getting car parts. The videos I've seen of people driving cars usually go something like,
- Spend a bunch of time fixing a car,
- Drive the car for 10–15 minutes,
- Enter a town,
- Get shot to death like Bonnie and Clyde.

I'm pretty excited to try that out ;D
Last week I did find a car that only needed a spark plug, so I got to drive that.. but I crashed within 100 feet... so.. it can only get better ;p
I'm hoping that by removing the head lamps and only driving at night with night vision that I can survive for longer..

Also, I just discovered that the sounds of materials will sometimes play if your presence forces them to render. I was under a tree sorting my things when I heard three breaks in rapid succession.. I thought maybe someone was shooting at me with a silenced weapon, but after running around in the area searching, I didn't see anyone.. Turns out it's just one of the many remaining game glitches.

Last thing! I saw an article talking about how people get especially invested in DayZ because it heightens people's awareness of just how long it takes to accumulate items: "In this paper we discuss the first person shooter game DayZ, which has configured death with an extreme level of consequentiality not found in other online first-person-shooters. We examine the affect of this consequentiality on the player experience and attitudes towards death and dying in DayZ. On the basis of our research data, we find that the increased consequentiality of death in DayZ principally affects the game experience by intensifying social interactions, raising a player's perceived level of investment and invoking moral dilemmas" ("Death and dying in DayZ", September 2013, http://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.1145/2513002.2513013 ).

That sounds legit :p
I'm hoping that all of my buried crates will ease the trauma of losing my first long-term character :D
Cherub Cow
Mon Dec 14 13:21:35
Today I managed to get all of my new stuff to my northern stash :D ..I was super nervous that I'd get randomly sniped in the last 100 meters before the crates... I was carrying a *lot* of stuff..

It turns out that the crates don't stay buried, though. Apparently they un-bury themselves after server resets. This wasn't a problem for my northern stuff, but I buried some other crates near a road (albeit under trees), so I'm wondering if they'll still be there when I return.. It's a question of foot traffic and someone seeing it from the right angle.

Also managed to find a fixable car (a "Gunter 2") in Novaya Petrovka (Новая Петровка), but I couldn't find a fourth wheel for it. That seems to be the recurring theme of DayZ: needing one particular item to complete a project. Another case in point: the entire trip to my northern stash was spent looking for nails so I could make a crate for all my extra stuff; the car and everything else I did were just tangents from that goal of finding nails. :|
Was fun, though :D

I still need to find pouches for my plate carrier, so I'll probably go for that next time..

And I've forgotten to mention before.. but the game has some nice little story notes added into it in random places. Like, some of the military bases have lots of triage centers set up (like, they were attempting to help the infected before things turned on them). There also seem to be mass graves littered around the map. I stumbled across one that was surrounded by cement in a clearing — bodies can be seen through a grate. I think it was near the air field but I haven't found it Googling. The map also has a few exit points with blockades setup. Lots of broken down cars in a line at these spots, like people were trying to flee the area but were gunned down by military posts which were eventually overrun (the Resident Evil 2 movie comes to mind). And, naturally, there were some laboratory or medical areas that indicate that the virus started in this place due to a viral weapon outbreak. All of this is cliché for cinema, but it's interesting to find this stuff organically while wandering around.
Cherub Cow
Tue Dec 15 00:27:55
Found a video that mentions the cement mass grave!
(set to correct part)
It's at the Kamensk military outpost.

The video doesn't do it justice, since standing on the grate gives a little more detail than panning away for a wide shot. As a plot detail, it speaks to the military trying to keep the outbreak contained.
Cherub Cow
Sat Dec 19 13:04:16
I had some run-ins with DayZ wolves last night (one pack of about 6 at Kamensk base and later a lone wolf near Nagornoe), and they taught me that I'm not very good at in-game combat ;D
It can be difficult to stay silent while fighting off large groups.. I'm always super careful about making too much noise.. that "RunningManZ" YouTube guy basically charges directly at any rifle fire he hears in the distance, so I try to leave the area quickly if I fire an unsuppressed shot.

And I've had so much trouble finding replacement shovels that I think I'll stop burying my loot soon. Shovels break too quickly, can't be repaired, and searching for them becomes a time waste. It's probably easier to just hide crates well... I've considered only burying the important stuff and leaving an unburied crate with a shovel nearby ;p
Cherub Cow
Tue Dec 22 09:07:20
Had a fun weekend :)

Yesterday, I was testing suppressed pistols to see how much in-game noise they make.. and I was a little disappointed with the results.

The "Deagle" (DayZ' version of the Desert Eagle) attracts zombies even when suppressed, which isn't a surprise, but I found out that (supposedly) the MK II pistol ( http://dayz.gamepedia.com/MK_II ) only made noise where the round impacted, so zombies would only be attracted to that spot — not true! :p
The MK II seems to be just as loud as the Deagle, and it does much less damage. So zombies flock to the source of fire, and one round with the Deagle seems to work against zombies, whereas the MK II requires 2. This also let me test the zombie hit boxes. I'd read this before, but it's definitely true that head shots do *not* mean anything (versus the chest). The zombies have a certain amount of hit points, and their most critical hit box extends from the heart to the head — so a chest shot works just like a head shot. This seems great for chest shots, but the bummer is that with the MK II, even head shots still require two shots. So, that means that stealth kills for zombies have been minimized entirely to melee weapons. Otherwise, you fire one suppressed shot and can expect to need another 8 or more for the zombies that run after you... which is why I wound up with a pile of about 15 outside of a shack in Novodmitrovsk when I was testing this :D

I *did* find out that firing from inside to outside can further suppress suppressed weapons, but it depends on the inside materials.. so.. that shed did nothing to suppress sound, but being inside a house works.

This may all be fine for the Arma engine's attempt at sound realism, but stealth moves you to melee and problems arise with how bad the melee gets. You basically have to walk right up to zombies and just hope the clipping doesn't get too bad. Like, the zombies will regularly teleport through you, so you have to keep looking around to find out where they ended up before delivering more hits. The weapons also tend to deliver damage that doesn't seem consistent with their value. So, a sledgehammer turns out to be a bad weapon (Slow and low damage), a baseball bat is clunky and gives low damage, but holding a can of food and punching can be very effective. A splitting axe also works well, but it takes up too much space and can be used for more important tasks (like cutting down trees), so it doesn't make sense to carry it around. I end up just using a knife since it takes up little room and only takes a few hits.

So basically they never fixed melee :p
It would be nice to get some L4D2 melee physics (like being able to push a zombie away), but oh well. I guess they can only mod the game so much; the physics engine just can't support the needed fixes.

I've also seen lots of people complaining about night time in the servers. New people especially complain about how unplayable the game becomes at night, and they mention how servers clear out at night due to this.. but that's my favorite time to play :D .. With NVGs you can wander around without worrying so much about other people. I'll usually wait until night before heading into bases..

And! I found another *almost* functional car :'(
I returned to Grozovoy Pass (where I previously crashed an Olga 24) and found a Gunter 2. Sadly, after starting it, it immediately over-heated. I filled the radiator with my canteen hoping that that would get it running, but after Googling, it turns out that it would have taken a lot more water than that — something like 6 trips back and forth from the nearest stream. I had already pre-staged a car stash for this event (for when I found a car spawn), but I don't have a water-filled jerry can yet, so I was prepared for every *other* car situation ;p

I ended the weekend at Tisy Military Base, where I finally found pouches for the plate carrier that I've had for weeks now. I had been expecting that it would add more numbers to the hotbar (hotbar for pressing 1–9 to select items), but it just acts like more inventory storage. I guess that makes it a reasonable compromise between armor (plate carrier) and speed (assault vest), but it's a little weird that magazine pouches can't be used for extra hotbar access of..... magazines..... :|

In-Game story note: I forgot this detail from the first time I visited Tisy, but one of the Tisy buildings has a secured bunker underneath it. In the world's story, I kind of wonder if that means that some peeps survived and got in there. I don't suppose it matters, since it's like asking what's beyond the edge of the game map (i.e., nothing/undeveloped) :p

For next time, I'll probably see if my secondary stash survived the server reset and look for another jerry can along the way..
Cherub Cow
Sun Dec 27 10:13:17
Today, I found the receiver and magazine for an "SG5-K" (DayZ's version of the MP5)! \:D/
It takes a regular pistol suppressor (I wonder why the DayZ devs decided not to give the MP5 a regular suppressor..), so technically I could put the Deagle suppressor on it, but the suppressed Deagle supposedly makes less noise than the suppressed MP5, so the Deagle gets priority...

And I've just read that people prefer the KAS-74U (which I already have) over the SG5-K, so I'm not sure I'll switch even if I find the rest of the parts for the SG5-K... Kind of a bummer, because normally the MP5 would make sense for games where silence matters, but 9mm rounds in this game just don't work like they should. So even though the KAS-74U measures longer than the SG5-K (so, slightly less ideal for close quarters), stopping power overrules...

Given that this game features zombies and should thus have lots of stealth options, this kind of makes me wonder if the devs had to change suppression mechanics specifically for player-vs-player balance. Like, maybe people sniping each other with near-silent sub-machine-guns was a little too game-breaking ;D .. that would explain why it takes two 9mm rounds to the head to kill zombies.

In other news! I finally found multiple shovels and lots of material for base-building. But, I still need sharpening stones and/or more saws. I found a spot where I can hide a car, so the base will just be a glorified garage ;p
I haven't decided if I'll put anything besides the car there. It still seems better to just hide stuff randomly under trees.
Mon Dec 28 11:29:34
Did you had it happen that someone raided your hidden stuff+
Cherub Cow
Mon Dec 28 12:10:46
Weirdly no. I keep expecting to go back to my primary stash and find things missing, but it could be that no one wanders to the part of the map where I put it. You'd also have to be within about 20 feet of where I put it to see it.. it's all under dense trees.

I'm sure that the second I put up a wall, this will change, since that's like an invitation to raid ;p
Cherub Cow
Tue Dec 29 07:53:34
I just made another trip to Kamensk Base for military gear! I found a KA-74, which is pretty comparable though slightly less powerful than the KA-M I was already carrying. And I found another KAS-74U and picked up a bunch of clothes... this all means that if I die, I'll have a full replacement kit ready, minus the plate carrier. I'm wondering if a trip back to the North-West Airfield will produce another plate carrier..

Sadly, still no sharpening stone or saw. I found two more axes, which will help, but that's moot without the stone and saw.. always one key item missing in this game :p

And! I only *just* remembered yesterday that Arma/DayZ is one of the games where you can free look while moving. This whole time I had been looking back and forth using the movement controls. That's fine in normal games, but the Arma engine was made so that strafing and direction changes can be clunky (part of the realistic character movements), so if you're running across an area and want to look left with the movement controls, it will stop your forward movement speed. But! With the free look control (holding alt and looking with the mouse), you can continue moving in the same direction while looking around. Super useful. I can't believe I forgot that this game had it, but I blame other games for making that function so unnecessary ;p
Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 30 10:23:20
It finally happened! Someone found my stash! :D

I wasn't even sure at first. I went to my crates and noticed that they weren't full.. which made me wonder if I had (for once) left space for future items.. but then I noticed that some netting and burlap strips were missing (ingredients I was saving for a ghillie suit), so that confirmed it. I'm not sure what else they took.. maybe ammunition and magazines. Nothing crucial. They didn't find the shovels or MP5 (I kept those in a stash farther away), so it was a fun wake-up call more than anything negative :p

Right afterwards I went looking for sharpening stones to see if I could make crates for the stuff I found at Kamensk Base, and I lucked out! \:D/ I found two sharpening stones, so I fixed my one saw, made three more crates, and then fixed the saw again. I also moved my entire crate stash to a spot far away and in a much more tree-dense area, just in case that same person returned to loot the crates again. I thought about burying everything, but I really want to save the two shovels for the base-building plan (I'll again say that not being able to fix shovels can be a real pain). I did at least make sure that a person would really have to be on top of the crates to see them this time, though it's only ever a matter of whether or not someone happens by.

I've also decided that all of my important stuff leaves the server with me when I log out — I'll only put those things in crates when I'm actually active in the server :p

Anyways.. It took forever to move everything; crates make you walk instead of jog. I intended to play for 45 minutes, but it ended up being a 3-hour session D:

On the plus side, I'm pretty sure I have all the ingredients to build the entire base in one go. The rate limiter will be the saw and sharpening stones (still), but the math has gotten close. I'll need 6 fences (I want to do double fences on three entrances of an existing building), which require 18 planks each. The saw can make about 18 planks before it needs to be repaired, and I can repair the saw about 3–4 times with the current sharpening stones. Okay, so maybe I need either one more saw or another sharpening stone to be sure it's enough :p

Once I have a place for a vehicle, next will be suicide missions to the South!! :D :D
Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 30 10:30:31
Arg! I *just* realized what else they took! I had a gas canister with gas stove attachment that I was hoping to complete with a frying pan or pot. That would have been useful to stash for when I don't want to risk cooking in a house somewhere :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 30 10:32:48
BTW, I wonder if this was justice for the time that I found someone's barrel stash and replaced my green bandana with their green camouflage bandana ;D
(Incidentally, I wonder if that was a gaslighting moment for them.. like.. they come back to their stash, everything is there, but the bandana seems to be a slightly different color) :D
Cherub Cow
Thu Dec 31 13:22:17
I got paranoid about my stuff sitting out waiting to be found again (particularly the shovels, which I left in-game), so I logged in just to put everything back in crates and bury it all — minus one empty crate :D
It was 11 crates that I buried... so it nearly ruined one of the two shovels (maybe one more use of that shovel before it breaks/disappears). But I took screen shots of all crates and marked crate locations on a map so I can find specific items when needed (no need to dig up everything all at once). I made one large picture with little lines going to the crate locations, but just in case a competitor sees this, I removed the map and rearranged things to post this safe image of my primary stash ;p

Looking at this again.. I realized just now that the person who found my stash also took all of my frag grenades and left only my smoke grenade and flash bang.. I must have had six frag grenades >:|
..I still have two on my plate carrier, but still! ;p
..I also wish that I'd organized items by type before burying, but the server was listed as full when I was doing this (60 players, including myself), so I didn't want to linger in inventory screens for too long.
..and I have seven other crates buried elsewhere that I now want to visit to take stock of things..

I've decided that that's the best strategy for now: just bury everything and have a separate, empty crate away from the stash that will have a shovel in it when I'm actively in the server and that will just be empty when I leave the server (so I'd take the shovel with me before logging out). That way, if I die, then I can return to the shovel and dig up the things I need. The big issue will/could be if the server resets again, the crates self-un-bury, and I have to rebury everything .. then the sad hunt for more shovels would commence :|

In other news, I found someone *else's* un-buried crate, and it had a jerry can in it... I might just take that and fill it with water for my separate car-repair stash — if I can't find a jerry can spawn soon, anyways :p
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 02 05:58:51
!! 2021 DayZ Shenanigans !!

Small update:
I logged in to do more crate consolidation, and I encountered an annoying bug. This has happened once before, but...: I right-clicked, and while this *should* simply make the character aim the rifle (which I was doing here only to check buttons and mentally prepare for the session), it instead caused my primary rifle to spray automatic fire :|

This sort of random bug might be fine in a normal game, but the issue in DayZ is that it alerted a horde of zombies, gave away my position to other players, and caused me to burn 20 rounds of that 30-round magazine. I moved positions for safety and logged out&in to see if that would fix the bug, and I also read that it's a good habit when first logging in to a server to un-equip one's rifle, right click to see if it auto-attacks (this way, the worst scenario would be punching the air), and then re-equip it specifically to avoid this bug. One of those things fixed it (I was able to right-click without firing when I logged back in, un-equiped, and re-equiped), but then I heard rifle fire in a very nearby town.

Not sure if the rifle was fired in my direction (it was loud (<200 meters) but sounded potentially suppressed by buildings, which could mean that the person was inside a house, and no house windows really had an angle on my position), but that person — and anyone within a few kilometers — would definitely have heard my rifle fire from 5 minutes earlier.. I logged out again for safety just because that bug put me at such a disadvantage; that player may have been looking for me just because of that bug. Rifle fire could have meant a number of things, though.. like.. they were killing zombies that I'd attracted, or other players had been brought to the sound of my rifle fire and were now fighting each other ;p

Logging out in the middle of the fight can be considered bad form ("combat-logging"), but getting into a fight because of a bug sort of throws etiquette out of the window for me. Combat-logging is also a bad idea anyways, since your character stays in the game in the seated position for 15 seconds...

Another reason for logging out the second time: I didn't realize that I had used all of my food the last time I played, so I had nothing in my inventory and my food meter was yellow when I logged out this time. Being low on food would have been a big disadvantage in any fight. The other player could just wait me out for 5–10 minutes, and I'd die of starvation.

TLDR: Stupid bug made my character fire an AK like an enthusiastic guest at a Middle Eastern wedding! ;p Now I kind of have to stay out of the server for an hour or so.. just until people leave the area or move on so I can go on a desperate food run. I'd be fine getting in a fight at that point :p
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 03 04:39:22
I seem to be encountering bugs at very inopportune times.

I logged back in to find food before I starved, but I spotted a person. This person happened to pass by a rooster without noticing/needing it, so I snuck behind their movement path (blind spot), equipped a knife, prepared the rooster for later cooking, but couldn't de-equip the knife to prepare to defend myself (if needed). So the knife was stuck in my hand — not a great option against someone with a rifle.

I've had this happen before, but usually it's when no one is around (I only ever use the knife when no one is around anyways), so it's not a big deal. This time, I had to sneak to a spot in a house that it looked like the person had already searched (where they wouldn't see me), leave the door open to not make noise, and log out. At one point, their footsteps were directly outside when I had 3 seconds left in the departure countdown, so I cancelled departure and waited to fruitlessly start slashing. But then the steps moved elsewhere and I heard them fight a zombie, so I was able to re-initiate the departure countdown and get out.

That would have been a really stupid way to die. It's one thing for someone to surprise you after hours of walking or to get shot from a distance, but potentially dying because a knife won't leave your hand? .. Yeah.. not good.

I think the bug has something to do with equipping a knife via the hotbar when the knife is located in a belt or a boot. The game doesn't seem to know how to return a knife to its last location if the knife didn't just come from regular inventory. In an old Steam DayZ forum, someone suggested that in lieu of logging out/in, it might work to combine something with the stuck knife (like, something that will initiate a cut/prepare command), and that might reset things... I'll try to re-create the bug and see if that works. As a way to *prevent* the bug from occurring again, It might also work to put the knife away by pressing the knife's same hotbar number and *then* equip a rifle, whereas I usually just press my rifle hotbar number directly (without a bug, that should un-equip the knife and then equip the rifle).

I also found out that farming plots have a limited lifespan. I thought it was 45 days, like other more persistent items, but the one I made 2–3 weeks ago as a backup food stash in the area finally de-spawned. It was there earlier this week, so maybe they have around 14 days? Some forums suggest that they get de-spawned by server resets, but that's at least not always true, since some of my crops have lasted through 2 resets now. Bad timing, since after I log in, I basically have to eat immediately or I'll die. If the crops had been there, I'd be fine on food for several hours of gameplay. :/
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 03 06:33:08
Managed not to starve! :)
Sadly, there *was* a server reset, so that's what happened with the farming plot. It must be that they survive 2–3 (major) resets.

I learned that the server reset happened because all of my crates were un-buried :|
Some things were missing, including a pistol, some combat boots (replaced by damaged jungle boots), and my extra KA-M. It's *possible* that whoever found my stuff really did go through the trouble of digging everything up, but that seems unlikely... None were missed (no holes left in the ground). So *if* someone found them all, that would be impressively thorough. Like, they weren't all in the same spot — some were 100 feet from others. Either they were watching me bury them in the first place, or someone would have had to spend a good 40 minutes just checking around the bases of trees.... possible.. but.. really? D:

This also starts to show how pointless saving anything is. Even if you hide it, the server will un-hide it. Then someone can just take things. Still, rather than re-locate, I think I'll just bury everything again. That person might return, but it took way too long to move everything last time. This time I'll at least organize things.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 03 08:32:03
This knife bug is probably going to kill me :|

I was low on food, killed a hen with a suppressed pistol, but couldn't switch to the knife to prepare the hen. I left the server, returned, so I was able to equip the knife, but the hen had de-spawned (it wasn't possible to pick it up before I left the server, so I had to leave it). I then went to where my recently planted pumpkin patch was, watered three pumpkin spots, but it wouldn't let me put the bottle away. So I left the server.. re-joined.. and it *still* wouldn't let me. I returned in 15 minutes, was able to equip a knife, prepared the pumpkins for eating, but then was not able to put the knife away. So I left the server, rejoined, and *still* couldn't un-equip the knife, so I've logged out again. :|

At this point, I'm dying of hunger (hunger-indicator apple was blinking red and health was yellow), so the question is whether or not I'll be able to log in and eat the pumpkin slices before my health runs out. On the plus side, *if* I survive this next 5 minutes, my food issues will be over for a while, because it was raining, meaning that the rest of the pumpkins will grow without me watering them.

This game has been super annoying today. I wonder if it's because the server has been medium to high full lately... maybe with more people doing things, more glitches appear..
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 03 11:57:14
I survived! \:D/
That was a rough time. Because I starved so much, my health was super low (blinking red for a while, which is near death), and my character was limping/keeling whenever I tried to move. I basically spent the last hour making risky fires next to myself so that my body heat would increase (I was cold and coughing from it, so being warm helps healing more) while eating directly from my pumpkin patch.

Once my health icon *finally* started holding the up arrow (meaning I was healing), I moved back to my crates to bury them, figuring I should hide them if this went poorly again. Then I went on short trips around the area looking for hens to cook. I basically just ate and looked for hens the entire time. My food meter was dropping much faster than usual... like.. I haven't seen it drop that fast before.. not even as a fresh spawn.

While that was happening, two or three people in the distance (maybe 1km away) were unloading automatic rifles into the air. This went on for a good 5–10 minutes... like.. an absurd amount of ammunition being spent. I wasn't worried about them.. that actually made things safer, because everyone should be heading there instead of where I was... but it was weird. I started suspecting that maybe the server was getting ready for a total wipe or something, given that weird expended ammunition behavior, that other firefights were randomly breaking out, that food items were disappearing from my inventory (some pumpkins slices and two raw chicken steaks) or from the ground (I saw pumpkin slices just disappear), food consumption was hugely accelerated, harvesting pumpkins was only yielding one slice instead of the normal two, and random equipment issues kept popping up (like, my pistol needed to be repaired after only a few shots fired, two of my crates un-buried themselves, and one crate disappeared altogether).

But! If this was *not* an impending full server wipe, this could all have been because the server was full for this entire time, which may again show that full servers glitch more often..

In related news, I learned something about food that I absolutely should have known already: baked fat represents the best source of food (Learned via this Reddit guide: http://www...de_understanding_and_managing/ ). I had been discarding fat altogether because I had previously read that it was for creating torches.. but that's only an *extra* use. It can be cooked and eaten for a huge food bonus. Like, all those pumpkin slices I was eating were only 20 kilocalories (kcal) each, whereas raw fat provides 900 kcal and baked fat provides **1575** kcal .. so that explains why eating so many pumpkin slices didn't help me much :|

Another thing is that the food/energy meter only shows the very bottom of your food capacity.. like, a full food icon represents 900 kcal of energy out of a possible 20,000 kcal... yeah... **20,0000**... :| so.. a full apple icon does *not* mean that your character is full. And DayZ apparently has no penalty for eating too much. I've read that it gives a stomach icon if you eat and/or drink too much too quickly and that that can result in vomiting if you continue eating/drinking, but if you truly max your energy at 20,000 kcal, it does not negatively affect your character at all — no weight penalty, no stamina penalty.

That'll completely change the way I've been playing. I had been burdening my inventory with lots of food for long trips when apparently I could have eaten everything and not worried about it for a while. Same thing with water. I pretty much only drank water when I had a place to refill my bottle, but the water icon only shows 750 water units of a possible 5,000... So, apparently the food/drink icons only exist to show you if you're in serious trouble, otherwise, you should always be eating and drinking everything you possibly can.

So.. next time I'm going straight to where I know there's herd of goats, and I'm going to cook every single one of them ;D
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 04 07:17:43
Yay! It worked :D
I killed three goats and got mutton and fat from them. I have my character just eating it all while traveling. My apple/energy icon has been completely full for a while, and I have plenty left, so I'm on my way to maxing it. Very cool things. I'm hoping to find a few more goats before leaving the area.

I did test the max stomach volume on the first piece of fat. I got about 3/4 through the fat before the stomach icon appeared, and then only a second later my character started vomiting. It seems best to eat the fat in quarters to let the stomach capacity catch up, since that stomach icon gives so little warning... And I was cooking it all for so long that my character started overheating :D

I also found two handgun scopes for my suppressed Deagles (one now in storage). That made sniping the goats very easy. After the issues I had with crates un-burying, I just leave the server holding my weapons crate. If I can find another field backpack, I'll start using that instead (higher storage capacity). I found one earlier in the week, but I didn't remove it from the zombie that was wearing it, so it de-spawned before I'd made my way back to it.

Server should be done re-setting now.. time to check on the crates again :/
Mon Jan 04 09:31:40
There should be a better solution to keep your stuff away instead of the crates thing
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 04 11:51:00
Definitely :(
It wouldn't be so bad if the bugs weren't a thing; pretty much none of my issues would have occurred. The crates *should* remain buried for 45 days on this server since it's a persistent item server (meaning, even server resets shouldn't affect crates)..

I did read that glitches occur more often if you've been online longer. So people usually logoff/on before doing important inventory tasks. It's also apparently a good idea to log back into the server after burying things to see if the server glitched when it consolidated your inventory.

I'll also be getting rid of a lot of duplicate items soon. I hoarded three pistols that I have no intention of using, so I think I'll go on a zombie-killing spree and then discard them. I want to put them in a house stove and see how long they'll stay there — maybe someone will find a nice surprise or accidentally destroy them while cooking :D

I used three shovels fixing the glitch issues, so I have to re-find 2 more before starting my car garage base. After that, I'll only have 2 crates, so honestly I'll probably just put everything into a bag, put it in my character's hands, and leave the server with it. That way there's never anything to lose..
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 06 07:35:25
Had a fun little game today :p
Just an hour of play, but it was fun because my plans were hijacked :D
I logged in and saw that the server was super low on people (maybe 10), and the sun was setting, so I figured I'd go straight to the North-West Airfield and use the night to see if I could find suppressors for my KA-M and KAS-74U and possibly a buttstock for the SG5-K.

I got to Zaprudnoe (Запрудное; north of the Airfield — btw, I use this online map: http://dayz.ginfo.gg/ ), went prone in a bush on the west side of the piano building there, and was looking to see if anyone was around. I didn't see anyone, so I stood up and started sprinting towards the piano building (the distance was pretty exposed, so I didn't want to be vulnerable for too long).

Pretty much immediately after I started running I heard three shots from the direction of the building. :D
I wasn't positive that they were *at* me, so I did kind of an indecisive spin move and then went back to the bushes. I looked around but couldn't see anyone, so I tried to change positions to the South, and while I was running between trees I heard another shot, so I thought they were still engaging me.

That's basically the end of that story, though. I tried to go west along a fence, but it was super exposed, so I doubled back ("the way out is through" situation). When I got an angle on the piano building from the South, I saw a bunch of zombies standing in the middle of the street, just loitering... so that was weird. Usually, after someone makes that much noise, zombies will be running to the shots and making a lot of noise themselves. So if they're just standing there... makes me wonder if that person left the server or just died.

I couldn't find the person at any rate, so I was super paranoid while trying to get out of this town that had very little cover or concealment. That ate up a lot of time, since I had to move in shorter segments and then look around very carefully before moving again. Then I started hearing firefights from the Airfield, and when I checked the server list, it had gone up to 36 players... with the sun coming out too, the Airfield thing wasn't happening this time :p

Ended up near Adamovka (Адамовка), so I'll go right into the Airfield next time..
Wed Jan 06 09:38:12
Whats next CC you gonna live stream your day Z as well? :D
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 07 05:52:58
I've thought about it! :D
Sadly, I'm still using a laptop. My frame rate barely holds up for me, so adding streaming or recording to the mix wouldn't go so well :p
I planned to get an actual computer in November, but everyone is still dealing with the computer parts shortages. I can afford the scalper prices, but I don't want to support scalpers, so it could be a minute ;)
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 11 09:53:32
Just played a little bit.

I did a little night raid of the North-West Airfield. At first, I mostly just found little knick knacks, like some grenades, gloves, a polymer KA-M magazine, replacement (pristine) assault boots, and some ammunition. I also found that someone dropped items like paper, which means that they were unboxing ammunition and left it behind, so someone may have gone on a route through the Airfield shortly before I'd started looking. That's not a good sign for loot spots.

But! When I was getting ready to head back to the spot where I'd stashed my larger pack, I went to the little guard shack on the East side of the middle of the Airfield and found a fresh plate carrier! That was the last item I was looking for so that I'd have a complete replacement of items if this character dies.

Anyways, no luck on the KA-M suppressor :(
It's supposed to be "extremely rare", so no surprise there. I'll let the loot spawns catch up and go on one more raid before bringing things back to my stash.. which hopefully still exists :|
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 12 08:50:58
Played again :p

The server was down for a couple of hours, so I thought I wouldn't play, but when it came back on there were only 5 people on.. so I immediately went on a run into the North-West Airfield again :D

Not too much luck. Just more miscellaneous stuff (pouches for the plate carrier, another assault pack for stash-storage, some backup gloves, etc.). But when I was going to head back, to the West I saw a smoke plume in the distance! It must have only been 1km away..

I've known about helicopter crash sites, but this was the first time I've actually seen a plume for one. I immediately started sprinting and jogging towards it, but I lost sight of it over the hills. That was because I was trying to use tree cover on the way, but that caused me to second guess where I was or even which crash site it might be. In hindsight, it was obvious, but this map shows how badly I navigated:
I even followed a stream in the wrong direction before realizing it and doubling back :| .. though, on the plus side, there was a house at that intersection, and I found a shovel there :)

I ended up thinking it might be the crash site way to the North.. but that was a waste of time. After that, I tried to navigate back to the Airfield to start over, but I accidentally went west instead of east :| .. so I ended up in the town of Vavilovo. At that point, my hours worth of energy reserve (that I had maxed out previously) finally started showing in the apple/energy icon, so I had to go get food before heading back. I ended up cooking a couple of poor cows, leaving one cow by herself :'(

While cooking in Vavilovo, I heard a shot in the distance, but I committed to finishing the cooking process! :D (Risky, because the smoke leaving a house during cooking can be seen from about 500 meters.) When I snuck out of town a few minutes later, I heard the last cow mooing, then a shot, then no more mooing XD ... Not alone for long ;p

So... a lesson learned: Don't leave my compass with my temporary pack-stash, even if I think I'll only be doing one thing in a location that I know well :p
And that was potentially a big loss! The server had just done a two-hour reset and only about 20 people had logged in afterwards, so that crash site probably had not been looted yet. At least now I know the crash sites actually *exist* in this server. I was beginning to think that this server had crash spawns turned off or something..
Tue Jan 12 10:47:07
I dont think you have to stream CC this works perfect. We just waiting until you first death!

Or did that already happen?
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 13 08:41:09
I died like, a *bunch* of times when I first started :D
It basically went: spawn on the beach, run for a while, find a few items, die of starvation, repeat. Eventually.. the deaths took longer to happen ;D

But yeah, this particular character has survived since at least December 1st (the start of this thread).. possibly like, 80 hours of gameplay D: (100 total now, and most of it with this character)
I've at least gotten to the point that the only way this character will die will be weird glitches or other players. #Self-FulfillingProphecy ;p
..not if I can help it, of course >:D

..Though, at the moment, because of the gear I have, I'm a target for anyone; pretty much any interaction I might have will likely be hostile.. That seems to be a common theme in the game: if you have no or little gear, people will take chances talking or interacting, but if you have lots of gear, people will try to kill you or just evade..

I do kind of wonder how it would be to *really* start from scratch again.. like.. no stash to return to or anything. The big break I had with this character was when I found a spot in Chernogorsk (big city in the South) where someone had planted four pumpkin patches, and I happened to have found a knife in that spawn (that let me actually prepare the pumpkins for food). So I filled two large bags completely with pumpkin slices, put one on my back and one in my hands, and just headed straight inland to see if I could actually get to a city where all the loot hadn't been taken. That worked out :D

But I've learned a lot since then.. in this game, it seems like a knife tends to be the only really *crucial* item (maybe matches too).. That completely opens up the food options, which buys time to look for other things.. without one, though.. lots of loot-spawn luck involved .. cans, but no way to open them.. small bits of food found, but rotten or only enough for an extra 5 minutes of survival.. no way to cook food, so you get salmonella poisoning and vomit.. D:

In other news, I almost lost some of my new stuff to a *tree* today :D
I tried to set a pack down so I could combine items and leave the server before it restarted (there had been a server warning, so I sprinted back to my pack-stash), but the pack froze, floating in the branches overhead. (When you drop an item to "vicinity", it can glitch to weird spots if near a tree.) And it wouldn't let me pick up the pack D: ... luckily, after the server reset, the pack was still there, and I found an angle where it would let me grab the pack.. I had a few nice items in there so that was good :)

Before that, I went along the North-West Airfield again so that I could get to Grishino, which was where my first crate stash was located (just two crates). I hadn't been there in real life weeks, so, not surprisingly, everything was gone. Not even necessarily *taken* but just gone. That makes me think that crates don't actually survive a full 45 days in this server. Not a big loss at all, since I started that stash before I knew anything about the items (it was mostly stuff that I wouldn't even pick up anymore). The only good item lost was a set of night vision googles. I was hoping they had survived, since I could have attached them to my backup helmet. Instead, that'll be one more thing to look out for ;)

Next time, I'll head back to my main stash again.. which hopefully hasn't been looted again. :|
So easy to get sidetracked in this game :D
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 10:17:02
I returned to my main stash!

Everything had un-buried itself again, unsurprisingly.

At first, I thought that an entire crate was missing, which was going to be a bummer because it had all of my spare batteries in it and I had not had any luck finding new batteries while out.. But I had just lost track of where things were positioned, so that was still there :D

Things missing on my return were mostly items that I was going to get rid of.. like ammunition for those pistols that I was going to get rid of. Since I don't have that ammo anymore, I just put all of the pistols in a nearby tower for someone to find (or it'll just de-spawn now). I've consolidated all of my weapons replacement stuff in one crate, and I'll leave the server with it.

Things that went missing which I wish hadn't: two spark plugs (part of my vehicle repair kit), some netting, and burlap strips. Someone *really* doesn't want me to make a ghillie suit :p
Also lost was a jacket, a first aid kit, and four things of rope... the rope kind of sucks, because those were the first items needed to start my fence/base project. I was hoping to grab the rope, make fence kits, and place the logs for the fences. That way I wouldn't need those materials anymore, but the base would be ready for building at a later time... Now I'll have to find/make rope again :/

Could have been worse! :p
Far less stuff missing than last time. This time, I'll stay in the area, start the base project, and then I'll only have two or three crates to care about.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 10:56:29
Also, I did get confirmation from an old Reddit thread that server owners can change the amount of time that crates will stay buried or will continue to exist without interaction. Without server editing, things should stay buried for 45 real-life days and then disappear. Unburied crates should survive 45 days.

In *this* server, it must be that crates stay buried for 5–7 days. Unburied crates probably last about 2 weeks. I just buried everything again (except for the now empty crates, which I moved away from everything), so this will be the experiment to find out just how long crates persist in this server. I'll only un-bury the things I need for my base and subsequent car suicide-mission ;D
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 11:05:26
lol.. after putting all of those pistols in that tower (three pistols and an MP5), I wonder if someone will find it and think this was afoot:
"I fell for the "Pile-O-Guns" trick and still survived."
[DayZ SubReddit; January 19th, 2021]
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 20 08:15:39
My crate test has already failed:
I returned to the server and found that every single crate that I buried yesterday was today unburied (so, again, it was the server that did it, not a person). Two items were taken from the most important crates: a suppressed Deagle with pistol scope (rare setup, so that sucks), a tactical helmet (and, coincidentally, yesterday I had gotten rid of the 2nd extra helmet I had, so that was the only extra), and — weirdly enough — a pair of pliers. Also weird: a plate carrier and suppressed MP5 were left behind in the same Deagle crate, although I think they were moved.. so maybe this person had a plate carrier already..

So... even if the crates *can* stay buried for 5–7 days, it looks like they'll still unbury on some random schedule or whim.. so..
- Maybe particular server resets affect them but other server resets do not?
- Maybe the timing just happened that way — with the server resetting after I buried everything? (I.e., bad luck)
- Maybe the server owner does resets like this at random or if performance slows?
- Maybe the Deagle and helmet weren't even taken at all but just de-spawned because the server was redistributing rare items?

I have no idea. This could all be specific to this server. It's super annoying, though. I'll have to decide if I even want to bother with other projects in the game (e.g., a base, a car), because without that basic item perseverance I can't really prepare things in advance. I would just need to complete everything in one go and expect that anything left behind will disappear in one day.

Blerg.. I'll have to rethink game strategy now.. maybe search for that high-capacity pack again and only ever keep what I can carry out of the server (like I keep saying) and let that be the end of it :/

On the plus side, all of these bugs/issues really make it into a wanderer's game. If you can't count on things to persist, then you really only have things that you can carry. I might just get back to that.. like.. no stash.. just an extra pack and rotate good items along the way. I've been battling bugs for weeks now, so why not just play the way the game seems to want? ;)
Wed Jan 20 09:41:36
Im trying to think what the purpose of the game was again, in general its surviving the world with what you got in pve and pvp. And indeed only allowing the things you can carry or a like a car which you hide before leaving the server such kind of things

The stream I watched were more PvP orientated so they were more focussed in fighting and such
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 21 05:56:22
I've been wondering about purpose too :D
It's super open-ended. Some people just hunt other players, some want to form impromptu teams and see where it leads them, some want to build big structures and defend bases, some stealth through the game (me).. :D

The entertaining videos definitely come from the PvP videos. TheRunningManZ (one video by him above) likes to form small groups (maybe 2 or 3 trusted players) and then kill anyone else that the group encounters. I also saw a video by a deep-voiced Eastern Bloc guy who just straight hunted people with a friend. It wasn't even about getting gear. One person he killed simply because he had a clear shot; there was no way to actually get to the person to take anything that they had.

I encounter people, but aside from the ones mentioned above, I usually just avoid them after I see/hear them. If they don't try to kill me, then I just go back to gathering and exploring. Now that I'm geared, if someone shot at me, it would be an easy decision, but I haven't really felt the urge to go hunting — it may finally be time, though ;p
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 05 17:58:58
Logged back in again after a long absence :D

The game looks *amazing* with all extreme settings enabled. I would not have thought it was such an old game engine (ArmA II came out in 2009). The textures have been super cool, and the weird polygons now make the leaves look normal. It almost feels photo-realistic, though I'll reserve that opinion until I've played a newer game on this computer. I'd kind of prefer not to burn too much time in this game because I want to see other games now :D

Didn't do too much this time! At first I thought my character items might actually have persisted (the login screen showed all items there), but I spawned on the shore with no items. That was actually kind of a relief. I think I had been too worried about my character dying, so I was being excessively cautious. Starting over let me get back to throwing open doors without caring and cutting across open fields in daylight ;D

My first attempt I wasn't able to find a knife or matches in time, so my character ended up getting sick and vomiting the uncooked food I'd had to eat out of desperation. That attempt died in front of a water well in a small town off the East Coast. But the second time I was able to find a knife and matches fairly quickly, so I headed inland to Kamensk Base. I even found a DayZ M4 for the first time! Before that I had been carrying a repeater with only three rounds; I spotted someone pretty close to me in the same town (possibly near Khelm), so I had to leave the area. I should be ready to hunt people now :D

I made it to Stary Yar, which was where my main stash was in the above plays. It's nice knowing that it's all gone – nothing to check on. :p .. I also saw that someone somehow parked a truck on top of the roof of a warehouse just east of Stary Yar, so that was funny:
I'd like to think that someone intentionally glitched it up there for safe-keeping. :D
Tue Apr 06 01:30:24
I was already wondering if you got back to the game. Nice glitch with the truck on roof. Don’t think it’s possible to park it there intentionally?

What game you wanna try out for comparing with dayZ graphics?
Cherub Cow
Tue Apr 06 09:47:47
A friend recommended "Control", so I'll probably try that next. It's supposed to be pretty graphics intensive. I've really wanted to play Hellblade too! I don't want to put too much pressure on a definite list, though, since there's so much in my Steam library ;p

"Don’t think it’s possible to park it there intentionally?"

It would take a lot of work, for sure. I've been playing a non-modded server, so they don't allow ramp-building. Someone would probably have to keep building platforms to manipulate it up there.

..Looking into it... it could be a server update issue:
If people park a vehicle inside a building, the vehicle may appear on top of the building after a server restart. There was a closed and locked base in that building (you can see the barbed-wire fence and chain lock behind the opened blue doors), so that person may be bummed out upon return. They can at least get to the roof and take the parts off the truck.. or try to drive it off and see if it survives D:
Tue Apr 06 09:55:29
that makes more sense so its a glitch of the game in the end a reset bug

the new Doom could be a good graphic test for ya, if you have the game
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 12 11:30:12
I do! I think I'll have to get started on that.

DayZ was a bit uneventful last night, though I got lots of good gear.. pretty much all I need to complete the ensemble would be a Deagle+suppressor (whereas I currently have a revolver), .357 ammunition, a belt, and a bandana. Everything else I've accumulated (e.g., NVGs, M4, KA-74, plate carrier, accessories).

I'm trying to travel much lighter than usual — no stash still. I made the decision to get rid of the usual Field Backpack (very large: http://dayz.fandom.com/wiki/Field_Backpack ) and just carry an Assault Backpack instead ( http://dayz.fandom.com/wiki/Assault_Backpack ). In my previous play-throughs, I had been carrying an assault pack in my gear while wearing a field pack so that I could switch them, hiding the field backpack while looting an area wearing the assault pack. At the end of last night's play, I dropped the field backpack. I'm thinking that will get me to be more critical of the items I carry :p

I ended up looting from Base Tisy, down to Topolniki, to the NorthWest Airfield, and finally to Base "M B V M C" (route: http://i.imgur.com/TByG1gz.jpg ). My current location has a 360° overlook which allows spotting some open fields where five different helicopter crashes sometimes spawn. With luck, one will spawn next time I start, so I can get a VSS or SVAL rifle or something ;D

I keep running after rifle fire but haven't found anyone this time! :(
Four or five times I heard shots and pursued. I know I can find people on the coast, but killing new spawns seems cheap.

This play-through I have killed so. many. wolves. D:
When I was looting Tisy, there were four different packs that attacked. I was kind of surprised that no one came looking for me after the rifle fire. I've also killed 140 zombies already, which seems high, but not too high >;D

I'll probably head to Tri Kresta, which has loot and some plot details (looks like an evacuation center with medical tents), then I'll head south to the coast. I've never been to the SouthWest coast. No spawn locations exist over there... This next time will likely be my last before going to other games. I'd prefer something a little more linear after this :D
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 19 13:27:53
lol.. so I made a couple of mistakes this time :D

When I started my game near Veresnik (big hill with good visibility but little cover), I basically just circled the hill looking out for movement and hoping to see a plume of smoke (helicopter crash site).. but when I didn't see anything/anyone I circled to the North side of the hill and started working through the trees towards the nearby base (M B V M C). But.. when I was in the prone position messing with my inventory (making sure I was ready for conflict in the base), someone shot me in the back with a shotgun XD

I didn't hear them approaching at all, which makes me wonder if they just happened to be hiding in that area when I walked by, in which case they simply had to stand up and shoot me. They may also have spotted me and crouch-walked or crawled? Either way, I still had half of my health (yellow icon), so I quickly left my inventory screen and tried to sprint in the opposite direction from where I thought the shot had come from .. but then I got the "You are dead" message, meaning that they landed a second shot (the game simulates death, so you don't get any feedback like the sound of a second shot). I didn't even see the person.

Oops :p ..
I think I had been getting a little too comfortable when finding places to hide and fix my inventory. I used to only check it when I was sure that I was very safe.. like.. I'd go into trees that were way off any path and which would force an approaching person to be in front of me. Time to get back to that.

I spawned all the way in Solnichniy (East Coast), but I still tried to rush inland to recover anything that may have been left behind. I actually made good time (maybe 2 hours before I was geared again and back to Veresnik), but the cost was that I was making a lot of noise along the way. Normally, I'd wait until I'd had silenced weapons before killing farm animals for food, but I was outright using multiple pistol shots and a shotgun just to save time. That draws people into the area..

When I got to where my body had been, I saw that the person dropped the shotgun they used.. an extremely basic type. So they got super lucky. They went from having bad gear to having the best stuff :p ..

But.. before heading out, I heard a cow in the field to the North, so I used a shotgun to kill it, then collected the beef. Sadly, I got tied up with a zombie, so that slowed my departure from the area.. then.. when I was leaving the area via the river that goes to the West, I heard a pig, so I figured I'd get more fat while I was around, so I used *another* shotgun shot, killing the pig. Right after I finished preparing it, I heard footsteps running towards me from the East. I ran across the river to flank the person, but when I pointed the shotgun at them, I realized that I had not re-cocked it after killing the pig D: ....... yeah... so they killed me with some sub-machinegun, probably a Skorpion XD

Yep! Making noise brings conflict :p
Figures that I'd become *less* cautious over time ;p

I spawned at the light house near Elektro, but it ended up taking too long to get inland (I got spun around and had trouble navigating to the Elektro police station for gear). I think I only got to Pusta before the server reset. I currently have *four* IJ-70 pistols, each with only one round each in the chamber.. because I couldn't find any magazines :D .. It'll be pretty funny if I have to keep switching pistols instead of reloading. These shenanigans have convinced me to play another time or two ;D
Cherub Cow
Mon May 03 11:31:54
I died a couple of times because I made poor food choices :D
My first spawn didn't have matches, so I was forced to take risks with uncooked food, and I couldn't find medicine before that backfired. The second spawn *did* find matches, but then I made similar mistakes and died again (that time north of Elektro). But this current spawn (still active) spawned in Cherno, and while I *almost* died of food issues, I avoided uncooked foods and had a lot of luck finding pears until I got the coveted knife+matches combination.

My destination was the exiting traffic jam on the SouthWest-most road (sight-seeing opportunity), so I zig-zagged north and south along the coast while heading west. I think I'll probably see the prison island "Storozh" before heading north to that one last spot I wanted to see (Tri Kresta).

And DayZ did another update! The zombies have become much more aggressive, there seem to be more of them, and groups seem to amass more rapidly. Several times I found myself trapped in buildings having to let one zombie in at a time in order to manage their numbers. They also attack faster, which changes melee combat. Before the update, if you got a hit in while fighting a single zombie, you could pretty much just keep attacking/stunning without worrying about being hit back, but now zombies recover faster so they'll hit a couple of times unless you evade and re-attack. But! On the plus side, it's easier to one-hit zombies with melee weapons if you sneak up behind them. It's still a little glitchy, though.. like.. a one-hit attack doesn't make sound.

I think they also either created a bug or changed how the food icon works. Before, you could fill the icon pretty quickly (900 calories made it appear "full") and just keep filling it into imagination-land for the extended calories, but now, after eating a crazy amount of food, the icon stops at half-way. If it's not a bug, maybe after exceeding 900 calories the icon shows the entire caloric picture (20,000/20,000). That would be nice, anyways..

I'll try out "Open Broadcaster Software" (OBS) to capture video next time. I'm curious if it will affect frame rate at all :D
Cherub Cow
Tue May 04 09:14:40
I think I'm getting worse ;D

When I started, I went through that military tent area in the SouthWest again, then headed towards Kamenka (nearby town to the East). On the way, I stopped at a "feed shack" to the East of an open field, and saw a wet bag (protects from water), but left it and continued towards Kamenka again... but then I realized that I could use that bag for the swim to Storozh (it would protect all my items).. so I headed back. In my great wisdom, I decided to sit in the feed shack — which faces an open field with a view to the tree lines in the distance — while transferring and organizing all of my items into the new wet bag... and... naturally.. someone shot me from a distance. :|

So that was fun. I clearly learned my lesson from the last time that I organized inventory while in the open. Funny how I knew these things when I first started, but I somehow unlearned them while playing ;p

I spawned in Solnichniy, way on the East Coast, hours from where I was, and started heading south. While getting food again, two people in a car started driving around me (they spotted me). I was already dying (low on food and already receiving starvation damage), so I didn't really care. But one of them in a thick African accent was like, "Hey! Get in! Let's go!" lol ... so.. I got in the car with them.. but they or I must have lagged out, because the driver disappeared and the passenger was non-responsive. Since I was going to die anyways, I went into a nearby house, found two shotgun shells, and killed myself :D
That was the first time I've used the suicide animation. It's pretty funny.

I managed to spawn near Solnichniy again, so I headed back into that town. The car people were gone, but I found the shotgun and was able to get enough food to survive. I found an IJ-70 pistol and lots of ammo, and decided to go on a zombie killing spree before heading out of town. Five minutes after I finished with those shenanigans, I ran into someone in a house who startled me but didn't take out the hammer on his back to attack, so I left him alone. He followed me out of the house and headed north with me, so I thought maybe a team-up was happening.. but I kept my character looking back at him, waiting to see if he'd take out the hammer or try to attack. Sure enough.. he showed his fists like he was holding the ready-attack button, then he stopped and took out the hammer. I immediately spun around and tried to shoot him, but he closed the distance and I guess I didn't land any critical shots (I definitely hit him twice in the body), so he managed to kill me.

Pretty weird. With a sledgehammer it's difficult enough to kill a zombie in three hits, so for him to kill me with a sledgehammer in one or two despite my helmet.. humph.. hopefully he died shortly afterwards :p
An annoying thing there was also that I managed to lag or get caught on something while trying to turn and make more space between us. That could just be more of the weird entanglements that happen with object collisions in the game. The game definitely favors melee attacks in those sorts of situations. With us tangled, it was probably easy for him to land those hits.

So that was a good stopping point.
I might just stay near the coast next time just to force more of these interactions :D
Tue May 04 09:22:03
if I read it like that I think your server got very laggy and unresponding.maybe time for a server hop?
Cherub Cow
Mon May 24 12:12:27
I *was* going to say that this server has been fine.. *but* :p

I finally got to Tri Kresta for a sight-seeing opportunity (pretty much the only thing on the map I hadn't seen besides Storozh Prison). It added just a little to the plot... there were abandoned buses there and some military camps, which meant that infected civilians were let out and either overran the encampment or were killed by the military peeps. Kind of interesting. It'd be neat if the game showed the content beneath Base Tisy, because the current map makes it look like the upper levels of the military escaped into bunkers.

Anyhow, when I was outside of Tri Kresta organizing my inventory, I was trying to decide if I should replace my Autumn "Hunter Jacket" with a "Combat Jacket" when the server dropped me with some weird error. When I went back into the server, the combat jacket had duplicated, so there were two jackets — both empty ... meaning, everything in my previous jacket was gone. This included my melee weapon (Axe) and my healing items (bandages and extra blood). I thought this was a funny bug at first because it had forced me to pick the combat jacket (Which definitely looks better for camouflage but just doesn't have good insulation).. but..

After passing the nearby Castle Krona, I was messing around with zombies in a small town (running into houses and locking them in the houses) when one cornered me in a shed. Without a melee weapon, I was left scrambling with firearms to get out of the corner, but nothing was working so I basically was just struggling while the zombie kept hitting me. I eventually got *just* enough distance to make a shot with a pistol, then I ran into a house bleeding.. but I didn't have anything to stop the bleeding, since those items were in my glitched/disappeared jacket... so... before I could cut strips of fabric to stop the bleeding, my character died.

I spawned in Elektro, but after two hours of rushing inland, my character died in Stary Sobor — I had had to eat raw chicken and vitamins because I couldn't find matches. Raw chicken gives 50 kilocalories, whereas cooked chicken gives 200 kcal... so despite having 6 chicken steaks, the energy was burned too quickly. At that point, I spawned on the East Coast (north of Solnichniy), so trying to recover anything was a lost cause. I just went north instead, ending up in Krasnostav.

Almost had a funny moment! ;D
I found dead zombies in the Krasnostav medical center, so I knew someone was nearby (zombies de-spawn very quickly unless someone remains in the area). I had a car battery, so I ran to the nearest PA system hoping to broadcast the Soviet National Anthem over the town's speakers, but the PA system in Krasnostav sits in a *super* exposed spot... so that would have been a death sentence ;p

I'll keep the car battery for next time.. maybe the Purge intro would be fun too :D
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 29 06:06:29
I randomly logged into my character again today. I found that someone had made a base around one of the tents at nearby Pobeda, which was a weird decision. Seems pretty high-visibility. Then I went to Base Tisy for NVGs. The area had mostly been looted, but when I was getting ready to leave, I saw a fire nearby (only 100 meters away, right on the hill between the big barracks and the prison), so I immediately injected my epinephrine (maxes stamina for one minute) and wondered if this person had seen me already or if this was a trap to get my attention.

But.. I circled the fire from a distance and saw that someone was just sitting there, crouched over the fire. He was wearing a skull mask and was fully geared, so that's usually a sign that the person will fight. So, like a crazy person, I sneak-walked maybe 20 feet away and shot him a few times (once in the head, then had to follow on when that didn't work). I think I startled him because he just started moving in all directions before dying ;p

He was carrying a weird gear-set (good knives and bad knives, two Mosins, food..), which, coupled with making a fire in such a high traffic spot, makes me think that this was a newer player, just a hoarder, or someone doing some base-building. And he had NVGs! Yay! That means that my current profile has pretty much everything — about where I was when I ran into that server issue weeks ago.

I also got a little scare. I completely forgot that DayZ allows players to wake up if they weren't completely killed.. so while I was looting him, he got up again, and I had to shoot a couple more times. Oops.

Before I left, I realized that I could at *least* give this person a chance to get his stuff back, so I took put everything on the ground in front of him. I think that bodies de-spawn pretty quickly (and thus lose everything on them), but if you take things off the body and put them on the ground, the server may support the items for up to 4 hours. So, potentially, he has 4 hours to recover his things.. minus NVGs, plate carrier pouches, and two sodas ;p

I also went to the Public Address System (PAS) and got ready to play the Soviet National Anthem, but when I installed the battery, it gave an *additional* requirement for a wire to connect the battery to the PAS. So that's a bummer. I'll have to hold onto the battery until I can find a wire.

Incidentally, I played today because Tarkov plans to do a wipe/reset, and the server had gone down for maintenance. Tomorrow night (0200 CST, June 30th, 2021), all player experience and items reset to zero, so people have to level up from scratch. Pretty neat time to play that game. It's like DayZ but without the three hours of walking around before finding someone :p

And OBS software (video recorder) works great for recording Tarkov at 1920x1080 60fps (down-scaled from 4k), but I still need to balance DayZ graphics so that it's not choppy while recording. Hopefully I can do that without compromising the graphics too much.
Tue Jun 29 06:57:16
Didnt know you were into Tarkov as well CC, made sense though kinda same game.

So when are you gonna stream? :D
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 30 05:09:30
Once I figure out how to get this computer balanced for it! ;D
My understanding was that 3090 cards pretty much have a dedicated chip for recording games (NVENC), but something seems to be throttling when I try to record DayZ. I'm fine recording Tarkov because it doesn't hurt FPS, but DayZ tends to be *just* choppy enough that I'd be in trouble in a fight. I *am* planning to get water cooling because EKWB announced active cooling for the 3090FE back plate, but that's not out until September.

"Didnt know you were into Tarkov as well CC, made sense though kinda same game."
You too?? :D
And yeah, Tarkov really seems like it took all the issues of DayZ and fixed/polished them. Like, running down hills near rocks in DayZ seems dangerous because the physics can clip and you might break your legs, but in Tarkov it feels like you're glued to the ground (better gravity interactions). And in DayZ, you really have to avoid a lot of scenarios (like melee) simply because of the bugs and bad physics, whereas things just work in Tarkov. The only things I miss in Tarkov that DayZ has would be the full 360° free look, door interactions (much easier to open and close doors), and that you can load magazines while looking at the world (in Tarkov, it's just a circle progress icon, and you have to trust the audio cues because you can only see your inventory screen).

Anyhow! The Tarkov wipe should be ready by about 0600 CST. I wish I could just skip work to speed level ;D
Wed Jun 30 06:00:23
Not playing Tarkov myself, I'm terrible with those kind of games but I do like to watch it on twitch same as dayZ
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