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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Anna Kendricks lays commercial
Tue Dec 22 19:38:27
I want to know CC's thoughts on this.
the wanderer
Wed Dec 23 01:26:19
this one? (extra long version)


is there a controversy?
Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 23 02:45:30
What the hell is even that?? ;D
I was kind of hoping that they’d make it even longer, like a “Too Many Cooks” thing where she couldn’t escape, and maybe it would turn out to be the Twilight universe so K.Stew and Rob would show up and Anna’s character would reprise but as a jealous vampire.
The only other thing to say would be that if you eat Cheetos, at least do it Oscar Isaac style (with chopsticks):
Wed Dec 23 15:54:16
I just found it amusing she got cast for a Christmas musical for chips. I recalled CC commenting about her being stuck in a musical niche some years ago or something
Cherub Cow
Thu Dec 24 01:09:08
Oh, yeah, the singing definitely fits her career choices :P
She's gotten to be like a Seth MacFarlane musical episode of Family Guy ;)
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