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Utopia Talk / General Talk / UGT's 2021 Celebrity Death Thread&Pool
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 01:00:24
!!! HERE! WE! GO! !!!
AC/DC - If You Want Blood
♫ We got what you want!
And you got the lust!
If you want blood: YOU GOT IT!
If you want blood: YOU GOT IT!
BLOOD on street!
BLOOD on the rocks!
BLOOD in the gutter!
Every last drop!
You want blood?!
You got it!! ♫

Time for another year.. of DEATH!!
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 01:02:21
In 2020, DeathList correctly predicted **twenty** of their 50-person list.
❣❣❣❣ \:D/ ❣❣❣❣

2020 General Highlights include (not just DeathList):
(2020 Thread: http://www...hread=85124&time=1610919756874 )
- Kirk Douglas (Finally!)
- Olivia de Havilland
- Jerry Stiller
- Alex Trebek
- Carl Reiner
- Terry Jones
- Yorkshire Ripper
- Neil Peart (Rush drummer)
- Ruth "The Bone Saw" Ginsburg (WWE Hall-of-Famer)
- Doris Day
- Kobe Bryant
- James Lipton
- Kenny Rogers
- Little Richard
- Fred Willard
- Ian Holm
- Regis Philbin
- Wilford Brimley
- Nobiko (Long Cat)
- Eddie Van Halen
- Sean Connery
- Ellen Page
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 01:02:50
2021 DeathList Highlights:
1. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh (100)
2. Betty White (99)
3. Dick van Dyke (96)
4. Bob Dole (98)
8. Rush Limbaugh (70)
10. Angela Lansbury (96)
11. Bob Barker (98)
12. Alan Greenspan (95)
13. Henry Kissinger (98)
15. Jimmy Carter (97)
22. Tony Bennett (95)
24. Dick Cheney (80)
25. Queen Elizabeth II (95)
26. Harry Belafonte (94)
29. Barbara Walters (92)
32. Yoko Ono (88)
26. Mel Brooks (95)
37. Willie Nelson (88)

2021 should be even more LIT!!
With political intrigue getting the proles riled up, we might see some strategic political death. AOC? Pelosi? Biden? Pundits? Might be a good year to amend the lists!! ;D

Predictions didn't go well last year (did anyone get one?), so this year, submit 10 from DeathList and 10 not from DeathList! \:D/
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 01:02:56
Mine from DeathList:
1 Queen Elizabeth II (I'll never give up on you!!)
2 Dick van Dyke
3 Angela Lansbury
4 Rush Limbaugh (too easy!)
5 Jimmy Carter
6 Dick Cheney
7 Mel Brooks
8 Tony Bennett
9 Bob Newhart
10 Shannen Doherty (..wait.. why's she on this list? .. Oh: Crohn's disease, stage IV)

Outside Deathlist:
1 Tim Curry
2 Lindsay Lohan
3 Anthony Daniels (C-3PO)
4 Christopher Plummer
5 Joe Biden
6 Kamala Harris
7 Nancy Pelosi
8 Bob Gunton
9 Jake Tapper
10 Lady Gaga
Tue Jan 19 06:32:19
Jeez cc you expect a bloodbath tomorrow?
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 19 11:02:08
Not tomorrow! :D
But Biden will probably die this year from old age, and no one likes Harris, so she could have a tough time after Biden departs, and if *she* has a tough time, then Pelosi would too. It's a little dominoes game :D
Though, keep in mind that I haven't gotten a pick correct in two years, so to get three would be insane ;D
Wed Jan 20 09:43:43
Going with my list of last year dont think anyone died of it last year:

1 Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh
2 Jimmy Carter
3 Desmond Tutu
4 Shane MacGowan
5 David Attenborough
6 Mikhail Gorbachev
7 Dick van Dyke
8 Clint Eastwood
9 Paris Hilton
10 Pele (brazilian soccerplayer)
Thu Jan 21 21:31:12
"2020 General Highlights include (not just DeathList):
- Ellen Page"

I giggled.

my anti-deathlist pick is Betty White still kickin past 100.
the wanderer
Fri Jan 22 12:00:52
Hank Aaron (baseball) dead at age 86
Sat Jan 23 08:08:52
Larry King! told you he would pass away...
the wanderer
Fri Jan 29 01:04:42
Cicely Tyson
the wanderer
Mon Feb 01 13:17:15
Dustin Diamond ("Screech") at age 44 (cancer)
the wanderer
Fri Feb 05 12:07:12
Christopher Plummer... murdered by CC
the wanderer
Fri Feb 05 15:55:22
supposedly Rapper Lil Uzi Vert got a $24 million pink diamond pierced onto his forehead... so he'll probably be dead soon
Cherub Cow
Fri Feb 05 16:34:03
I saw the Plummer news and immediately headed here :D
Got one!!! This could be the year!! ;D

The rapper thing is interesting.. because it raises questions like, “How did this person I’ve never heard of afford that diamond?” .. but I just know that looking into it will be painful ;p
the wanderer
Fri Feb 05 16:40:06
it's possibly just pink glass/plastic, i didn't look into it either :p
Sat Feb 06 03:48:13
imagine getting ganked over pink glass/plastic
Wed Feb 17 08:54:46
you know that feeling when you read in your news feed that prince Philip is back in the hospital...
Cherub Cow
Thu Feb 18 00:51:36
Oh boy! 2021 is the year!! \:D/
Cherub Cow
Thu Feb 18 00:52:05
Rush Limbaugh, btw
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