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Mon Oct 04 22:49:39
Anyone else playing this? PsYcHo GuY is. I think. Or he spent 33 hours waiting in a queue (possible depending on server).

Started playing a couple days ago. Nice relaxing game. I like to chop wood and carry water.
Mon Oct 04 22:51:34
The past day I haven't experienced a queue so maybe the novelty is wearing off? Or people are starting over on low pop servers.

Anyways, if multiple people are playing we should all use the free transfer to join the same server.

I'm level 17, but I've been mainly gathering and crafting.
Mon Oct 04 22:54:51
There's just something relaxing about going around mining, gathering, and chopping trees after a long day writing code and managing our small homestead (emphasis on *small*, we raise quail).
Tue Oct 05 06:29:58
looked at it on a couple of streams but I dont know, maybe not my MMO?
Tue Oct 05 07:22:09
Join us.
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