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Utopia Talk / General Talk / shit about Shit & his shit associates #8
the wanderer
Mon Dec 13 00:38:21
"Didn't he admit he lied? I might be mixing him up."

not that i know of


"How about the Russian bounties. Even if you by your argument that it was sincere from the beginning.It didnt pan out either."

I don't know what point you're making. That story had nothing to do w/ Trump (except how he chose to react to it) & was it was a true story (as the story was 'intel was investigating reports of bounties', true). And bounties remains neither proven or disproven for that matter.


"If anything there seems to be more evidence come to light that HRC was colluding with the Kremlin."

there's no evidence of Hillary colluding... and under no circumstance would Russia want Hillary to win... they couldn't have dreamed a more ideal person than Trump, plus Hillary was specifically disliked by Putin
Mon Dec 13 02:20:38
*looks around*

*leaves in confusion*
the wanderer
Mon Dec 13 14:27:29
sorry wrong forum :p

if we have any mods, you can delete
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