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Utopia Talk / General Talk / 2022 - 1337 Gam1ng Thr3ad
Cherub Cow
Thu Mar 31 04:18:41
Whatcha playin', ha<k0rz?? ;p

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Cherub Cow
Thu Mar 31 04:18:50
[Repel]: "a lot of new games came out this month none is streaming Tarkov anymore. I wonder if the world situation may also has its effect on this game?"

Yeah, it's a few things, kind of. Like.. Elden Ring has obviously made waves. It almost seems like it was a cultural mandate to play it ;D

But also.. Tarkov has now entered mid/late wipe, which is when even casual players have gotten to mid-level (not including me, unfortunately; I haven't played in weeks). That usually drops participation overall.

Pestily has slowed down his output a little bit, but it's more because he got new editors and has tried to improve quality. Lvndmark still releases daily videos, so he has been completely unaffected by anything :D
The views have gone down, though. If you look at Pestily and Lvndmark videos from more than a month ago, they usually sit around 3k upvotes, but their new videos sit at about 1k upvotes. Part of that is just that old videos had more time to collect upvotes, but I think it's more the late-wipe doldrums.

The 2022 Russia/Ukraine Glorious Festival of Ultraviolence has not been a super political thing for the game. Few seem to mention it in comment sections, and the official Twitter pages haven't said much. On February 22nd, Tarkov's Twitter did a discount for "Defender of the Fatherland Day"..
..and some comments took it poorly ;D .. but that's just a regional holiday that coincided with the invasion.

I would have thought that people would be super interested in playing a game that sort of foretold this sort of conflict, but maybe people haven't realized the meme potential :D
Thu Mar 31 06:48:19
true true

I've seen the Elden ring streams rising that at some point all the streamers I followed were streaming it.... it got very boring at some point.

I'm playing 2 games atm.

Satisfactory which is great fun, and I'm almost at the last stage with it. Already rebuild my main base 3 times and I foresee another rebuild coming

and the other one is vampire survivors which is a neat game for a few dollars very addicting grindfest.
Thu Mar 31 09:55:10
I'm playing Final Fantasy 10 for the first time through. Missed FF7-10 and now there's some quality remasters for PC MASTER RACE finally.

It'll probably take me a few months to get through FFX and FFX-2. Maybe longer. Don't play games very often anymore.

I tried to play the other non-remastered PC versions ~10 years ago and they were so buggy they were unplayable.

I'm loving it so far. Big JRPG guy though.

Also playing through Elden Ring, currently level 40, but honestly it seems like masochism at this point.

I have a working theory that anyone liking From Software games is engaging in cognitive dissonance.

Other games I'm play are with the kids. Fortnite and Pokemon Unite currently. Thank god they've moved on temporarily from their Roblox and Minecraft phase. >_<
the wanderer
Thu Mar 31 12:09:19
"Satisfactory" is fun, i haven't played in awhile, pretty sure some new stuff at end i haven't seen

i play through "Raft" like 2 times a year (just seems to happen based on seeing my last saves dates)... there should be a big update coming soon (no jinx)

& played through "GTA V" & "Far Cry V" fairly recently

& more obscure ones "No Place Like Home" & "Grow: Song of the Evertree"
Cherub Cow
Sun Apr 03 05:35:04
Have been meaning to play Raft... just looks silly enough to be fun :D

I finally played Tarkov again. I felt a little rusty at first, but because I no longer felt the time investment of all of my weapons, I just started taking pistols into the Factory level over and over again for the pistol quest. I killed a 2-person team on my first run, but they must have been new, since they were low-geared and bunched up on the stairs.. I didn't collect dog tags to confirm.. but after that raid I just gave my pistol collection away dying repeatedly (maybe 9 pistols) :D

I had pretty much zero success today and ran out of Rubles. lulz :D

"I've seen the Elden ring streams rising that at some point all the streamers I followed were streaming it.... it got very boring at some point."

It seems like a fun game to play, but it's not too fun to watch others play.. not sure why.. maybe just because it's open-world? Or just because it's a 3rd person slasher game?

General Sam did a fun video, but only the first few minutes were interesting:
I was hoping it would be 30 minutes of him killing villagers, but that was just an opening joke. He did give his character a Tweety-Bird face, though :)
the wanderer
Thu Apr 14 23:25:15
i've been sucked into "The Perfect Tower II" (free, early access)

has many many things going on...
Fri Jun 24 09:38:42
sumersale started!
Finally bought me Raft and been playing it for a bit. slowly progressing thru it. looks like fun and probably gonna put some hours in it this weekend when I dont feel so sick anymore. having a cold when the weather finally picks up is great fun!
Fri Jun 24 13:04:41
I'm kinda looking forward to Starfield.
Fri Jun 24 16:44:28
I've been playing Triangle Strategy on the Nintendo Switch. Wife got it for me on Father's Day. Still haven't finished FFX yet, but I'll go back to it after the shiny wears off. :p

Still making progress on Elden Ring on the PS5 (also had it on PC but I didn't like the controls so refunded it). I don't have a lot of time for gaming between coding, traveling, and raising a beautiful family. So I basically just get to the next save point each time I play and then call it a day.

Need to start grinding some levels, tho, I'm only at 44 but I've been focused on advancing the "story".
Fri Jun 24 16:46:44
Triangle Strategy is good. Pretty generic fantasy story, but there's some interesting characters and class combinations. It's made by Square and has that Final Fantasy Tactics feel. I'd say the story is better than FFT (but was never a huge selling point for that game), but the gameplay and variety is a bit lacking.

Definitely a don't miss if you're a fan of chess and strategy rpgs like me. Wouldn't suggest it unless you're a fan of the genre.
Thu Dec 28 12:19:01
winter sales were going on at Steam. Got me an old gem for a few bucks. CARRION!
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