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Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 05 05:41:51
Certified Dank.

"DUDE I just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it's so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like I'm in one of my favourite TV SHOWS..."
[RAW EGG NATIONALIST Twitter; July 4th, 2022]
(fight breaks out while in restaurant alley where birthday dessert is being delivered)

It's kind of like the modern equivalent of a Hogarth painting's chaos.
Tue Jul 05 08:09:40
Sugar is bad mkay?
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 25 21:43:13
"Singin' in the Rain (1952) but with a Velociraptor"
[@ButWithRaptors Twitter; July 25th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Thu Jul 28 05:37:38
Kyle Dunnigan just released a dank Biden meme:
Sniff Sleepy - Who’s My Name?
[July 27th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Thu Aug 04 08:19:01
I abandoned cat memes temporarily so I could make this Neuromancer visualizer:
Tue Aug 09 13:30:09
404 not found
Tue Sep 20 23:06:28
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 09 07:15:21
"Ace Ventura in Cyberpunk 2077"
[eli_handle_b․wav; October 6th, 2022]
Tue Oct 11 10:45:30
wtf is archdeco?
Cherub Cow
Sat Oct 29 05:17:18
A UGTer of the electronic mind!
I have archdeco on Discord.
Our body is light. We are immortal.

For Halloween!!
"Craig's News Halloween Spooktacular"
[October 27th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Fri Nov 18 04:46:18
Kyle Dunnigan does a pretty good Seinfeld impression:
"The Kyle Dunnigan Show Live - Guest JERRY SEINFELD"
[November 17th, 2022]
Fri Nov 18 08:04:56
Nothing But Thieves ~ Impossible
Fri Nov 18 08:16:38

even with too few posts in here I manage to screw up the threads...
Cherub Cow
Sat Dec 17 20:12:16
"Steamed Hams but it's in Nazi Germany"
Cherub Cow
Tue Jan 03 03:11:10
I added little glow effects and music to this little video of cats descending a staircase :D
Sat Jan 07 02:16:35
Pizza time!
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 18 04:38:26
"To catch a preditor - Chris Hansen turns up the heat"
[Kyle Dunnigan; January 17th, 2023]
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 26 02:58:35
This is an older meme (February 2022), but it checks out:

"Jerry Seinfeld in Pulp Fiction [DeepFake]"
Cherub Cow
Wed Apr 19 05:10:49
Sam Hyde's "Fish Tank" reality show is live as of April 18th:

Intro explanation:
[April 13th, 2023]

General concept is that Hyde found the most autistic, gullible, and/or deranged social media addicts he could find and is putting them in a house with no Internet for 6 weeks with the last remaining person being the "winner". They'll face random challenges and psy-ops, and users of the above live link can view and listen to pretty much any place in the house. Some users have referred to it as basically "Big Brother" controlled by Jigsaw.

4chan obsessing about it here:
A popular contestant is Josie, likely because she's autistic, antisocial, a terminal introvert, and an anime-addict.

An anon summarizes the contestants:
House thot, enjoys competing in IQ challenges and riding Vance dick. Horse Cock enthusiast
Improv and harmonica specialist. From China, China.
Tulsa Queen. Fat. Likes all kinds of music.
Chad who avoids pussy at all costs. Power level depends on whether he is sitting or not
Sperg after our own farts. Deep knowledge of animal husbandry. Mexican.
Most likely to fuck. Respects the Virgin Mary. Will likely eat a fellow competitor
FUCK. Sorry. Most likely to sperg out.
Watched the stweam. Awived with sam hyde. Comes equipped with a bible, yet is not a Chwistian. Simply a fowwerer of Cwist

Hyde is also posting random updates and reTweeting from here:

Should have some interesting developments ;p
Cherub Cow
Thu Apr 20 04:59:19
An extra level of chaos is that people can talk-to-text at the cast members:
[Rocky Stream; April 19th, 2023]
Cherub Cow
Fri Apr 21 07:12:35
People thought that Google cracked down on Hyde's stream, but he's claiming this:
"False alarm. Turns out the hosting cost is $30k every THREE DAYS not every month and my bank account is drained!
Will restore ASSAP but this might take til Monday.
can I hold a couple hundred thousand for a sec"

• People were apparently able to track down Damiel's socials and find connections to friends of Hyde, so they suspect that he's a plant.
• There was a section of the day where Hyde revealed that 7 of the main donors for the text-to-speak were trying to sway the outcome of the Sunday pick, so they may be clamping down on the intercom texting.
• Jon got in trouble for snitching, so they denied him his prize for having a close guess in the rice count and made him sleep on the floor for the night.
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 24 01:26:25
Hilarious moment from the show:
"Goldstriker comforts Letty (Fishtank.live - Day 6)"
[Rocky Stream; April 23rd, 2023]

Goldstriker (Sam) walks upstairs panting while putting on boxing gloves, asks Simmons to leave him alone in an upstairs bedroom with the tiny Violetta, stands between her and the door, pretends to give her a pep talk while pushing her things onto the floor, makes it even more threatening by closing the door, lies to her about how many viewers liked her comedy skit in the previous segment, finishes the pep talk, then insists that she not help him open the door while he struggles with the boxing gloves on the door knob. XD

The semi-frightening physical intimidation while being very charismatic is just an amazing thing to behold knowing that he's doing this on purpose for the cameras :D
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 24 05:54:52
Damiel as a plant seems pretty much confirmed as of day 7:
"Damiel having fun on his phone (Fishtank.live - Day 7)"
[Rocky Stream; April 24th, 2023]

Aside from obvious connections to the crew, he's done completely outlandish things previously, such as jumping on the kitchen counter to make monkey sounds and pretend to poop in people's food (very uncharacteristic compared to the general autistic gen-Z vibe), so adding this cell phone usage on top is almost obvious fan service. He was then removed by a shark (silent, masked, and padded show-runners who lurk the house), brought to the basement, and returned in the night as a shark to play a prank on Jon.

Outside-the-show autists also tracked down the Fish Tank address, so the house was SWATted (day 5?), at which point all contestants temporarily had cell access to contact their families. Jon, apparently, used the opportunity to find out that Damiel had show connections, then he told everyone once the show re-started. This caused Goldstriker to start referring to Jon as a snitch.

This might introduce another element though: whether or not Damiel was a plant, his being brought back as a shark means that it's *possible* that removed contestants simply return as sharks to troll the remaining contestants.
Mon Apr 24 13:09:24
Sin with Sebastian - Shut up (and sleep with me)
Mon Apr 24 13:12:52
This needs a delete button, all those times Im posting songs in the wrong thread because I had it open it's becoming a meme on its own...
Cherub Cow
Thu May 04 01:11:59
No more Jontent :(
Jon seems to have been eliminated:

We'll see if he'll be brought back as a shark tonight, but Goldstriker's tone seems to be that Jon will legit be going home.

Damiel's temporary shark status may have just been a trial period to demonstrate loyalty.. and when Damiel was first brought back, it was basically just Goldstriker *saying* that Damiel isn't a plant (i.e., "we investigated ourselves and found no wrong-doing"). Earlier in day 16, Jet (red shark) also made a point of producing an I.D. badge [from Damiel's bag or planted there?] that lists Damiel as an "VIP"/"actor" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WwQEr9xzAk ). This is a weird move since people already suspected it, so showing the badge has extra gaslighting attached to it (i.e., the show-runners may be doing this to the audience to get the audience to gaslight the house with text-to-audio).

Aside from Jon, only Simmons and Mauro have gone.
• Simmons left because he was implicated in a book with pedo tones ("implicated" only because it's not clear how old Simmons was when he wrote it, and the autist researchers that found it may have taken things out of context — he was definitely weird, though, and he said almost nothing in defense of himself, so I don't disbelieve the claims, I just haven't seen this "book".)
• Mauro left directly after Simmons because he was weirded out to have spent so much time with a creepy weirdo.

So, really, this would make Jon the first actual elimination (i.e., not a quit or a/an DQ/ejection) in the show's so-far 16 days, but 5 of 8 contestants remain with 4 remaining weeks planned. This elimination means that Josie is the show favorite, especially after it was revealed that she's traditional and likely a virgin, but Sylvia recently showed that she's based regarding gender roles and Vance is considered the most chad-like option in the mix.

Letty is generally disliked (people say she looks like the female serial killer type), though she has people defending her on Twitter by saying that the claims that she's an Only Fans girl were falsified and that the video(s) of her floating around are basically revenge porn. Others in the house know her real name (Nina something?) from a prescription bottle and from various information slips. I wouldn't look into that to check, but, more importantly, it's not clear if this show means to reward people for becoming less autistic or for just winning events. If it's pure strategy, then Letty seems to be the most devious of the bunch.
Cherub Cow
Sun May 07 19:40:07
Quick note:
Fishtank has been pretending that they want to get rid of Vance, so they added a character named "Lance" a couple days ago, who looks 90% like Vance but has an Australian accent. lol

This opens up a doppelgänger angle to the psy-ops. They already sort of produced Simmons' doppelgänger with this weird guy that they're calling Simon (who looks about 90% like Simmons but is even trashier).

The question is whether or not they'll keep doing it. The "become a shark" was a one-off for Damiel, so that theory fell through. Doppelgänger seems like a more likely angle of weirding out the contestants, but they did not do this for Jon or Mauro. It could be a logistics issue, like they couldn't find and hire lookalikes for everyone, or it could just be that doing it too much would give the contestants too much mental stability ;D

Another elimination is supposed to happen today/tomorrow, so this will potentially be a time for the pattern to be confirmed.

I said this in a YouTube comment, but it's a good thing they didn't have any OCD people because the house is absolutely trashed right now and it only got worse with this "camping" challenge causing all the furniture to end up in the garage and preventing anyone from showering. Ben of the production crew seems like the most affected by the filth, lol. He complained about people not cleaning up after using the cookware and instead just asked people to cook for him last night so that he wouldn't have to see how the sausage is made ;D
Cherub Cow
Mon May 08 05:41:00
Damiel freaked out and left the show, supposedly because his wife is giving birth soon or gave birth. The in-show story is that Jet told Damiel that she gave birth at the beginning of day 20, which precipitated Damiel's freakout, but since Damiel is a plant, it's probably just psy-ops.

This followed a strategy by Vance and Letty to steal personal items from everyone to find some leverage over the camp (since simply being appointed counselors had no real effect). Damiel couldn't find his shoes so he dumped a lot of Letty's possessions/makeup into their makeshift outhouse.

Sylvia also raged out because her items had been taken (just a sex doll dressed in some of her clothes), which was silly since they were apparently just downstairs. She was seen crying in her room later.

Josie's plushies were taken too, and she appeared in the bathroom cam (not what it sounds like; it's an interview room where they can talk to the audience) to express some apparently sincere sadness, since she may genuinely be appreciative that viewers seem to like her enough to gift her plushies (she has an entire pile at this point). People have pointed out that she had been pretty depressed in real life before this and volunteered because she thought it would help her get out of herself.. that fragility may be creeping in.

There was also a drinking challenge at midnight which resulted in a total trashing of the downstairs area. It looks like it happened slowly over a few hours. Rocky Stream did a montage:
Cherub Cow
Sat May 13 05:54:23
One of the joke features the producers of FishTank have added is that people can pay to have the producers yell at Letty. This allows the producers to get paid to do what they love to do already.
"Ben Screams at Letty (Fishtank.live - Day 25)"
[Rocky Stream; May 12th, 2023]
Cherub Cow
Wed May 17 05:01:30
Doppelgänger sub-plot confirmed!!

"BETTY THE LETTY CLONE (Fishtank.live - Day 30)"
[May 17th, 2023]
(that is, Letty just got her Doppelgänger)

So that means that so far..

(Original -> Doppelgänger)
Letty -> Betty
Simmons -> Simon
Vance -> Lance
Josie -> Ella

(Not yet?)
Sylvia -> [Chris?]
Mauro -> [Also Chris?]
Damiel -> [Frank Hassle?]
Jonathan -> [?]

Josie's "Ella" Doppelgänger might be a stretch, but Ella was a definite fidget-type. The spin between Original to Doppelgänger was that Ella was fidgety because she was likely a drug addict (lulz). She had to leave after a few days likely because she was going through withdrawals.

But, if Ella was *not* Josie's Doppelgänger.. which would make sense since the names aren't similar as they have been with the others.. then Josie's clone may be on standby.

Still, three makes a pattern.

There was also a surprise visit by Mauro on Day 29/30. He had just pretended on Twitter that he was leaving social media because he was getting too much negative attention, but that was a ruse to make his visit a surprise ( https://twitter.com/Maurocanoh/status/1658196944370700288 and https://twitter.com/Maurocanoh/status/1658535854196035586 ). He revealed a lot of outside information to the group, but it was straight gaslighting. E.g., he claimed that he picked up 80,000 new followers on Instagram, but he currently has 3,000 ( https://www.instagram.com/maurocanoh/ ). Another is that he claimed to have done three news interviews including one on CNN, but that's definitely not a thing.
A comment on YT points out, "Mauro is the best guy to Gaslight because no one expects it from him"

Another funny thing today was that someone sent a Shark Attack on Josie just before bed, which resulted in a shark just straight pouring a bag of sugar in her hair:
Looks like she had to take another shower and change her sheets, but there's a pile of sugar in the shag-carpet. Again: very lucky that no one involved had OCD ;D
Cherub Cow
Wed May 24 06:47:06
FishTank is narrowing down on the end.
The show was estimated at 42 days, and this is now day 37.
Three fish remain: Letty, Vance, and Josie. Sylvia was eliminated last week.

The last few days were absolutely brutal.
Biggest highlights:

• Big soiling event a few days ago where everyone was covered in food for pretty much the entire day. Letty seems to have gotten it the worst, which is visible at the end of this video:

• Letty and Chris have to stay bound to each other by the wrist for Letty to get immunity. Chris, who is obese and has extreme mobility issues, makes Letty go to the toilet with him several times during this event.

• At the same time, Josie and Lance have to keep their feet moving while bound to each other by a chair. Lance is given a handicap initially, having what looked like a 10-pound weight attached to his ankle which injured him as he tried to dislodge it in the first hour. He and Josie are covered with gross-looking food and look absolutely miserable.

Josie and Lance kept this up for about *6* hours (I think it was more, but autists claim 6). The stop was very sudden: Vance slips on a plastic bag while walking backwards and turning, and he wipes out.
Josie felt very guilty about it, and Vance was extremely disappointed in himself. Emotions were heightened here because they were visibly exhausted after doing this.

And then today's developments:
• Chris was instructed to bother Letty more, but things get switched up on him when a cup of gross food combinations that he was planning to pour onto Letty's clothes is instead used by Letty on Chris' clothes. Chris then seems to break character, since he charges Letty and spits in her face. He's not usually a good actor, so being enraged seemed legit here.
Frank Hassle was spitting a lot too, but his gimmick was generally to spit near or on peoples' feet. Goldstriker tried to put a stop to bodily fluid and human waste pranks after Hassle crossed some lines and the camping event got disgusting, but some grey areas were left in place.

• And a few hours ago, Goldstriker announced that Letty had won:
But, it seems to be more gas-lighting. The joke they were making may have been that they have to make Letty the "winner" because otherwise she'll sue them after Chris' assault and the constant mistreatment.

Less than an hour later, they combined this "winner" moment with gaslighting about how the show is broke and failing (again), which was a segue to a claim that YouTuber/Streamer Dr. Disrespect had secretly entered the house to evaluate it as an investment, had purchased a 51% stake, had insisted on a joke about the show ending and Letty being the winner, and said that whoever brings Chris to climax wins. As "evidence" of this massive new funding, they give the caste a few McDonald's items (lol):

Goldstriker even gas-lit this further on Twitter by Re-Tweeting a Dr. Disrespect Tweet which describes a "multi-million-dollar deal":

Goldstriker also gaslights Letty about winning for "real", saying that even if she "wins" he's not going to pay her:
And a funny comment by Jet and Sam from this one, while saying that Dr. Disrespect is a fan of FishTank, which is a gift to have from a CEO:
"Is the Kroger CEO a fan of the milk that he sells? No."

Some comments recently have been saying that Goldstriker would just award the contestants 35 thousand "doll hairs" instead of dollars, but Goldstriker specifically said early in the show (in a non gas-lit moment) that the "Fish bucks" and the grand prize would be real.

The FishTank fans also frequently gaslight each other, and that has brought people to Dr. Disrespect's Twitter and latest YouTube video to thank him for saving Fish Tank, lol:
"Thanks for saving fishtank doc. You're a real one."
"You saved fishtank. So glad you paid to breed Chris too."
"Thanks for saving the fishtank!!!!"

That comment-spamming on Dr. Disrespect started about 6 hours ago, and Dr. Disrespect was last online about 10–13 hours ago, so the paid spam on Dr. Disrespect's videos are still incoming for Wednesday afternoon. Probably he'll have some new members paying him to promote FishTank before he starts banning people from his chat :D

FishTank Chat also decided to hate-bomb Josie tonight, so, in a rare moment, her bed was taken away, she received a shark attack that included filling a hat with a mushy canned item and putting it on her head, Jon took her room and barricaded the door after a shark salted/sugared his hair, and chat spammed all the notifications while she plugged her ears at 2:20 AM while trying to sleep on the couch:
An hour later, Ben woke everyone up individually and told them that "JosieGang" was trending on Twitter, lol.

Letty and Vance have an elimination challenge coming up — probably today. So far, most votes are asking for a "strength" challenge (versus endurance, charisma, or intelligence), which means that they're trying to give Vance an edge.

There have been comment wars going on over whether or not Letty deserves to win.
1) Team Sympathetic thinks that she should win simply because she was the most abused person on the show. They don't necessarily like her (though there is Team Simp), but they think that her survival is admirable in itself independent of her character.
2) Team Letty-Hate thinks that she deserves everything bad that's happened to her (i.e., she was most abused because she was the worst contestant) and they don't want her to win.

Letty has definitely taken the most abuse, so that part is true. And Letty has definitely taken part in the human-waste pranks, so there's an argument for "deserves" too.

Other arguments are that Vance should win since he's least likely to earn money from his FishTank fame. People are pretty sure that Letty will have simps and that Josie will make $35k in a month just from post-FishTank streaming, but Vance may only get a few thousand followers and will have to "make it" based on his music. Kind of interesting to see where priorities are from the audience, e.g.,
• most abused,
• most in need,
• least likely to have money in other ways,
• best person..

For the audience, the prize is somewhat incidental compared to seeing what happens in a house full of people who are motivated to accept gaslighting for so long, but who the audience wants to win directly affects the gaslighting, so picking a favorite is not necessarily meaningless in the feedback loop.

That said, I think that Josie would likely have broken if she got Letty's treatment, and Vance is often close to frustration despite often surviving by going under the radar. Letty is the most mentally strong, but it could be due to her being insane.
Cherub Cow
Sun May 28 04:53:26
Just a quick update this time:

Vance was eliminated last week, and the last couple days have been Josie and Letty trapped in Bedroom 2 getting messed with constantly via mini-games in what Goldstriker and Jet called "Prison 2: Roman Numeral 2". The current score is Josie 38 – 35 Letty, with the winning score being 42, since Day 42 is the final day (currently Day 41). Josie's lead could be the result of the audience preferring her, since Goldstriker has been running polls to see who "won" mini-games.

Josie and Letty were given only two official bathroom tickets for leaving Bedroom 2, but there seems to be some bonus "bathroom" time in the form of the confessional and talk-breaks in Bedroom 4. I may have also missed additional ticket distribution or something.

It's been especially terrible for them since the mini-games just keep going, they're constantly bothered between the games, and they're absolutely filthy at this point. They were also sleep-deprived today, being still awake at almost 6am local time with Jet doing slumber-party talk to bother them.

Pretty wild!
I'm sure they just want it to be over at this point. They each probably just want to take a shower and sleep for two days ;D
Cherub Cow
Tue May 30 03:52:54
FishTank ended :')

I was pretty exhausted about two hours before the ending, so I took a break, but these were the final moments:

Goldstriker first staged a Willy Wonka bit where Chris and Josie pretend that Josie isn't going to be paid anything because of a contract violation..

And then they go downstairs and tell Josie that she did indeed (not sarcastically) win:
Josie receives $35,000, and Letty receives $20,000 for 2nd place.

Goldstriker even gets a bit legitimately emotional, which is likely because this has been a really nerve-racking experience for everyone.. kind of like how even the Abu Ghraib servicemembers were wearing themselves out with all the torture ;D

They also confirm some of the suspicions about how the show was working behind the scenes, like how they would test contestants to see how much they would play certain characters or do certain actions. The show had transparently announced secret missions, but they would also hide whether or not particular acts were secret missions or just a contestant acting autonomously.

In the case of Letty, they let the audience know that they had put her up to a lot of the shenanigans, had told her to act "evil", and that Letty was selling it with good acting. I think most people figured this given that Letty had always seemed perceptive to the gaslighting, but they were trying to calm down the psychos ;D
Some comments on different videos are trying to complain that this means that FishTank was "scripted", but I think the distinction is that they would float ideas by the contestants and see if they would accept them (i.e., the contestants ultimately did what they wanted). "Scripted" for regular reality shows would be far more artificial cuts, whereas FishTank's only "cuts" were in the form of basement conversations being hidden.

Anyways, this was a hilarious show. :)
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 08 04:57:31
Eric Andre has started posting clips for their new season (which started June 4th). This one was good :D

"Eric the Office Janitor | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim"
[Adult Swim; May 30th, 2023]
Cherub Cow
Fri Jul 14 04:59:23
"basement apartment"
[Alex Martens; July 13th, 2023]
Wed Aug 16 07:50:06

Viva la dirty League went to techtown now
Thu Oct 05 14:54:17
Seems my kid of three likes this one a lot, its an animal cover of bloody roots from Selputura. You have to watch this one CC

Cherub Cow
Tue Nov 21 00:59:08
Andrew Rousso existential crisis from being asked how he's been:
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