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Utopia Talk / Politics / Diaper-Shitting Ped0 & Totalitarians #2
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 02 04:32:24
Full title:
"Dementia/Parkinson’s Diaper-Shitting Ped0phile and Totalitarian Ass-Clowns and Sycophants" the thread series! \:D/

I think we know who we're talking about in here.

The long long long long laundry list of ped0 crimes, obscene behaviors, diaper-pooping, lies, political sabotage, and totalitarian globalism!
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 02 04:32:32
Thread #1:
Subjects covered in Thread 1:
• Commandeer of Adult Depend's inappropriate behavior with children and vulnerable people.
• Ol' Robinette McMentallyAbsent's handlers rushing him out of places and evading the press.
• Mr. War-Profiteer getting a prosecutor fired to help his son out of trouble and score cash from Ukraine.
• Ol' "Oops, I fucked up again" getting 13 troops killed in Afghanistan
• Stale Werther's-Original stumbling through his first (and last?) State of the Union speech.
• Trevor Noah admitting that Trump would have prevented war with Ukraine.
• Totalitarian Joe admitting that he wants a New World Order.
• The DNC unanimously voting for the globalist strategy via funding of Ukraine in the largest modern proxy war in history.
• The DNC strategy of getting GOP populists kicked off the ballots.
• Beto O'Rourke shitting the bed publicly.
• Coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors play-acting.
• Obama's propaganda
• Donny Deutsch laying out the DNC's fallacy of association propaganda plan.
• Hilarious "Ultra-MAGA" propaganda.
• Roe v. Wade propaganda
• World Economic Forum plans for world genocide and population control.
• Totalitarian commencement speeches.
• The lies and misinformation of the "defund" movement.
• ESG Scores and the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) movement.
• Occupy Democrats propaganda sample.
• The general low-information gullibility of the left, and so much more...
Thu Jun 02 04:37:40
This thread series has my support. I will not read it, but it is in my thoughts and prayers.
large member
Thu Jun 02 04:46:30
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 02 05:15:07
"I will not read it"
That's how the authoritarian-left respond to any story like this next one..

The Great Mines of "More-Crack-Pls" have yielded yet more results, indicating that, yes, Hunter Biden was indeed a sex- and crack-addicted immoralist who was likely abused sexually by his father — just as likely also was Ashley Biden, who spoke about inappropriate showers with Ol' Creepy-Hands himself.

"Hunter's search history reveals his obsession with porn and sex fantasies including '18yrs old,' 'lonely widow' and 'MILF crack cocaine porn,' he uploaded his OWN amateur videos and texted Pornhub link to phone listed in his contacts as 'Dad'"
[Daily Mail; June 1st, 2022]
• Hunter Biden's internet search history from March 2019 reveals his obsession with porn and penchant for filming himself having sex with prostitutes
• The president's son, who dated his late brother's wife Hallie, repeatedly searched Pornhub for titles involving 'lonely widows' as well as videos with 18- and 19-year-old girls
• Of the 281 websites found in his search history over six days, 98 were pornographic, DailyMail.com can reveal
• Hunter, 52, who had a paid Pornhub Premium account under 'RHEast', also uploaded his own amateur videos but was careful not to show his face
• He was also a regular user of sex cam sites, particularly Glasscams.com, where he made screen recordings of himself interacting live with the women on the site
• Text messages also show Hunter apparently sent a link to a Pornhub page to a phone number he had saved in his contacts book as 'Dad' on October 22, 2018
• Among his search history is a visit to an article about his sister Ashley Biden's partying and arrest history, as well as repeated Google searches of himself"

Article highlights also include:
• Hunter masturbating on the couch with his laptop in one hand and.......umm.. pixelated blur in the other.
• Hunter broadcasting himself to cam-girls.
• Yet more pictures of him having crack-smoking parties with prostitutes.
• Candid photos on the same device which include him with his father on government transport (looks like a military plane and a government plane)
• Hunter knowingly filming himself with prostitutes and then admiring the footage.
• Some strange relationship developments with Hallie Biden... although, we're already talking about someone who was sleeping with his brother's widow.. so.. how much can you vomit before it's bile?
• Hunter and Joe shared bank accounts.
• Hunter and Joe shared phone numbers.

This is, of course, all fake. Giuliani probably like... used PaintShop or something. His Geocities page has like, lots of gifs, so you can't trust your eyes. ;D

Wait a second.. or.. maybe... maybe Hunter Biden was a crack-smoking immoralist who was just another source of opportunity and income for his ped0ph1le father? Maybe.. just maybe.... *that's* why the DNC was so keen on using their "Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender" (DARVO) strategy on Giuliani? For the DNC, the bigger the threat, the greater the character assassination.

And pay no attention to the fact that the DNC so totally owned the media that — despite a credible story breaking to reveal images such as this in October 2020 — the useful idiots STILL believe that there is nothing to see here. Another reality for them to memory-hole. The left-wing authoritarians will happily vote for global-totalitarianism, even as it them in smelling distance of Ol' Urine-Stains.
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 02 06:54:14
*"even as it [puts] them in smelling distance of Ol' Urine-Stains."

Flash from the past:
Back in October 2021, White House Politburo-Chief Psaki was asked if Hunter Biden had divested from Chinese business dealings.
[White House; Press Briefing; October 4th, 2021]
• Psaki first deflects by referring the reporter to Hunter's representatives. This is part of the White House's strategy of divesting *themselves* from Hunter — despite Hunter being the president's son who, in interviews, has admitted to talking with Ol' Chomo Joe almost every day and thus admitted to strong connections with the administration. Thus, the White House should be answerable to his actions and international business dealings at least at the level of describing the administration's connections. But, they divest themselves because this forces any litigation to attack them separately — not that the DNC-affiliated DoJ would attack them much at all.
• When the reporter tries to block Psaki on this deflection, Psaki very dishonestly claims that the reporter is "yelling", which is a strategic manipulation, given that Psaki has a microphone and the reporter is across the fucking room.
• Incidentally, this reporter, Emerald Robinson, became an easy target for the DNC to purge from the White House Press room after she posted COVID misinformation on her Twitter page. While this certainly reveals Robinson's errors (particularly her confusion over the luciferase enzyme), more to the point is, firstly, that, at least prior to Ol' Musky's purchase, Twitter openly removed people for wrongthink and, secondly, that the White House strategically removed all opposition reporters. Robinson was one of only a few reporters who ever pushed Psaki when Psaki would use her dishonest rhetorical strategies.

This is part of the DNC's larger strategy of owning the White House through the Deep State and bureaucratic allegiances — in this case, via the manipulation of the White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA).

Ironically, this very organization was created after Woodrow Wilson — who was a global-totalitarian whose administration created the Federal Reserve and then stepped into WWI in his second term after campaigning against it during his first term (i.e., securing power and then justifying a pretext) — was criticized for filling the Press Room with his own sycophants and lackeys. The WHCA, in other words, was meant to assuage the public into believing that the Press Room was filled with impartial journalists seeking the truth.

In practice, the WHCA acts as the gatekeepers to the White House Press Room, deciding who has access and enforcing who can ask questions (i.e., controlling the opposition). They even decide which reporters sit or stand in which locations, which makes it less or more difficult to interact with the Press Secretary or to be covered by the media (e.g., the above example of "yelling" having to occur from the back). The WHCA classifications also result in whether or not journalists are allotted space within the White House to compose stories. Those without "importance" in the WHCA's eyes may have to find a hallway somewhere, and, by design, the WHCA prioritizes those with "global" reach, and the staff-reductions of COVID made it even easier for the WHCA to cut down the opposition.
(See also Washington Post's article from February 2022; http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/media/whca-seating-chart-2022/2022/02/01/77820ba2-807b-11ec-bf02-f9e24ccef149_story.html ).

So, while Psaki gets to pick who she calls on and may get push-back if Fox does not get enough questions, even before people go before Psaki, they must go through the WHCA, and anyone that the WHCA does not like will not last. That is, even Fox's Peter Doocy, who the left-wing dogma bots hate, does not ask particularly difficult questions and certainly has never risen to the level of vitriol that was seen regularly just two years ago. He is controlled opposition — a small pressure-relief valve for the GOP. He gets a seat up front because he was selected by the WHCA as "mostly harmless" — and besides, he's abysmally outnumbered.

The DNC has long-since infiltrated the WHCA. Every. Single. Member. of its leadership team is DNC-affiliated. Readers might even recognize the name of one of its board-members: Justin Sink.

In Chairman Jao Bai Dun's first press briefing, the Chairman of the Smelly-Diaper Problem had a list of all reporters and talking points for all of their pre-screened questions, and Justin Sink was one of the chosen ones: http://imgur.com/zJ8f8Co

In the hour-long brief, Justin Sink is allotted about 10 minutes. His questions must have been hard-hitting! Nope. They were all soft-balls phrased to allow Biden to refer to his bullet points: China, Russia, and gun control.
Not that that helped Ol' Dementia, who turned a gun control question into an infrastructure answer.

In short, the DNC-controlled WHCA has monopolized the Press Room for The Party, feeding themselves access and awarding themselves medals. When it comes time for the Press Corps to ask a question, a good Party member comes forward with, alas, not a question, but a talking point that excuses the Press Secretary's time-killing monologue. A person who asks a "problematic" question and pushes the Secretary to respond will be pressured not just with the attitudes of the Politburo Chief but also by the judgmental glances of the Party Members staged there to consolidate the Party's narratives. The aim here and the method of political control is that when a thousand fascists salute, it is difficult for many to be left disagreeing — particularly when the crowd has been pre-screened for Faith in Party.
Thu Jun 02 08:28:24
I just don't feel like I need to review the contents to press the like button and encourage it. I believe in you as the content creator.
Thu Jun 02 11:51:40
This has turned into a veritable gold mine. Thought it was just a rant thread at first, but nice work CC!
Cherub Cow
Fri Jun 03 05:36:30
That guy who launched drone strikes against American citizens in Yemen decided to congratulate the whore of England on her long tyranny:

[Obama Twitter; June 2nd, 2022]: "Today, I’m joining those around the world in celebrating Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It is with gratitude for your leadership and the kindness you’ve shown me and my family that I say, may the light of your crown continue to reign supreme."

"may the light of your crown continue to reign supreme."

It sounds like a pre-eulogy. Like, he knows that *she* cannot continue to reign, so "the light of [her] crown" gets to *symbolically* reign.. like, maybe he expects her to die (very) soon. This could be the year she finally gets knocked off my celebrity death-pool ( http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=tank&thread=89150&time=1653660787314 ).

To get conspiratorial, maybe the global totalitarians have just decided to retire her *character* from the political scene. So, maybe she'll continue to receive blood donations from young people, but she'll live in retirement on the new rape-island that the trillionaires visit now. The "light of [her] crown", meanwhile, is the work she's done to destroy Britain on behalf of the totalitarians. Perhaps that means that the Queen was the seat of the intentional destruction of the West, and it will be "supreme" amongst the totalitarians. Then again, maybe Obama's speech-writers just suck.
large member
Fri Jun 03 05:42:00
This thread is both thought provoking and inspiring. Keep up the good fight CC!
large member
Fri Jun 03 05:42:21
Also, I am sorry a cat shamed you.
large member
Fri Jun 03 05:42:44
Also, I am sorry I cat shamed you*
Cherub Cow
Fri Jun 03 06:56:02
Flash from the past:

In 2018, Hunter Biden

who admitted in a 2021 CBS interview..
• that he "[doesn't] know" if the laptop is his,
• that it *could* be his,
• that he doesn't *remember* if he dropped off a laptop for repairs,
• that he had tried to get crack cocaine out of rug fibers,
• that Joe calls him "right before bed" and that they talk "at *least* every night", and
• that his dad calls him "Honey"
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5KAfaKk0UA )

filled out a Form 4473 ("Firearms Transaction Record") so that he could purchase a pistol
( as gathered by Politico in 2021: http://www.politico.com/news/2021/03/25/sources-secret-service-inserted-itself-into-case-of-hunter-bidens-gun-477879 ; an image of the form has been floating around.. http://twitter.com/ArthurSchwartz/status/1529452731492089859/photo/1 .. but, though it is consistent with the Politico story's details, it may not be real, since it was not shown in the Politico article and seems to trace back to a random forum and a Scribd account).

On that form is the question,
"Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?"

Hunter Biden, who in 2018 was addicted to crack cocaine by his own admission ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/books/2021/03/31/hunter-biden-memoir-he-opens-up-hallie-biden-crack-addiction/4826035001/ ), responded to the question, "no".

Technically, this is illegal.
Lying on this form can carry federal penalties, including a $250,000 fine and 10 years in prison.
On the other hand, it's doubtful that even a regular person would be prosecuted for this kind of lie unless the purchaser had been particularly brazen about it. Still, the story continues..

Hunter, who, again, was dating his brother's widow, "lost" the pistol when his brother's widow threw it into a dumpster behind a supermarket that the Bidens frequent (this, according to a police report filed with Delaware State Police which documented this entire matter). She did this in a school zone, which was technically a gun-free zone, which makes her possession illegal. The pistol was then recovered by a vagrant who happens to look through the dumpster regularly. When Hunter was informed of this dumping, he asked her to retrieve the pistol, but it was gone already. She reported this to the store, which resulted in an FBI investigation, since Hunter was already under investigation by the FBI at this point.

More interesting still is that, according to the firearms store owner, the Secret Service visited his shop to acquire the form, presumably to stop the story from getting out. No evidence exists for this claim, though it is plausible given that former executives have a continuous contingent of Secret Service even after leaving office (albeit a smaller contingent than while in office). But, without more details from the owner, it may well have been FBI that he misidentified.

At any rate, I think this little misadventure just shows that Hunter is a bit quirky. This story is also super relatable. I mean, who *hasn't* been addicted to crack, purchased a pistol after getting into altercations with drug dealers, had a brother's widow find that pistol and throw it away, had that pistol recovered by a vagrant, sent the brother's widow to retrieve the pistol, had the brother's widow ask the store to find out where the pistol went, file a police report to find the pistol, and then find out that throwing away a pistol in a school zone is illegal and that it's a little weird for a crack addict to be purchasing a pistol for self-defense against drug dealers? It's the American dream, if anything.
Cherub Cow
Fri Jun 03 07:50:16
As mentioned in the former thread,
Abortion and gun-control are the go-to distractions of the DNC when they suffer from an extreme lack of popularity due to their failed policies.

That said, Ol' Dementia McPoopyPants' press brief on June 2nd, 2022 was so full of predictable phrases that this bingo game was devised before it:
[Ladowd Twitter; June 2nd, 2022]
"Biden Gun-Grab Speech Bingo"
• High Capacity ✔ 4:20
• Deer in Kevlar Vest
• I am Sick and Tired
• [Shotguns are still cool tho]
• Gun Manufacturers are Liable ✔ 4:50, 9:34
• I'm Serious Here
• The Founders Never Intended
• Weapons of War
• My Wife Jill is a Teacher
• [Incorrect statistics about mass shootings] ✔ 3:20, 5:40, 13:15
• The NRA
• Free space: [Hunter's Illegal Gun Purchase]
• AR-15 ✔ 5:50
• Republicans Don't Do Anything ✔ 12:30
• Designed to Kill
• 9 Millimeter
• Nobody NEEDS
• My Dead Son Beau ✔ 8:10
• The Gun Lobby
• You Couldn't Own Cannons
• Silencer, or Buttstocks
• I Voted for the Assault Weapons Ban ✔
• Weapons of Mass Destruction
• True Story

There's an argument for him sort of *implying* "I am sick and tired", "the founders never intended", "nobody needs", "NRA", and a few others, but they weren't explicitly said this time, so possibly no bingo win here. :'(

"President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Recent Tragic Mass Shootings"
[White House; June 2nd, 2022]
2:20 — He again repeats his line about the Second Amendment not being "absolute"
4:20 —
• The totalitarian-in-chief calls for the banning of "assault weapons and high capacity magazines". "High capacity", to these fucktards, often means *10* rounds or more.
• He then asks for raising the purchase age to 21 — but not the voting age.
• Safe-Storage laws (again at 7:20)
• *Federal* red-flag law (again at 7:50)
• Blame gun manufacturers somehow (again at 9:34)
• Mental-health crisis (again at 11:00)
• He describes these as "common-sense measures"
6:30 — He lies about DNA identification in Uvalde (making it seem like DNA was *essential* due to impact rather than being used to avoid further trauma to parents) and that 100s of rounds were fired in "minutes", unless "minutes" means "an hour", which, technically, has a lot of minutes in it.
6:40 — Expand background checks.
10:00 — Pathos argument designed to get people to give up their liberties.
11:40 — Lies (again) about there being a gun-show "loophole"
12:20 — Ghost guns mentioned. Good luck!
14:00 — Pathetic call for this to be a voter's issue in 2022. This is the sad diarrhea-works of a failed presidency. "[Yeah we fucked everything up.. but.. vote for us because of Uvalde? 'Member dead kids? 'Member? Whenever you think of voting, think of dead kids!]"
15:00 — Stupid story that probably didn't happen.

The biggest "red flag" here was his call for a *federal* red-flag law. That really is psychotic. It sounds great to the low-information voter ("[Oh, cool! If someone is suicidal or wants to do a shooting, they'll be disarmed!]"). But, in practice, this is a pretext for malicious disarmament and would enable further federal powers — likely via FBI/DoJ oversight. One could, for instance, use such federal powers to disarm one's political enemies. It's basically legalized SWATting.. but for politicians. Red flag laws get abused even in the small scale, so giving this power to the federal government would be a great win for the global totalitarians. They could disarm anyone they want, and would probably use weasel words to include things like "hate speech".

On the matter of a Red Flag Bill that went to committee before heading to the House ( http://www.businessinsider.com/red-flag-gun-laws-matt-gaetz-republican-senators-traitor-2022-6 ), after parading dead kids for election purposes, Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline was on the record as saying, "So spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights." He seems reasonable. I wonder what political party he hails from.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 05 05:41:12
Jacinda Ardern,

who is best known to the left-wing useful idiots as "[that smiling lady with the accent who we were told was really good at handling COVID]" (a reality-denying belief that evades New Zealand's geography and low-population-density benefits in a pandemic scenario while also evading Ardern's totalitarian fire-sale of New Zealand to the global elitists — this latter subject spoken of partially in the previous thread),

was finally awarded for her efforts in the global totalitarian movement with her May 31st visit to the White House, where she sat down with both the Chief Puppet and Cackling Kamala.

Since the former VP and the current VP have only a few brain cells between them, this visit was mostly symbolic — a show that the policy-writers and puppet-masters behind the scenes were putting their favorite actors in the same room. Ardern was being rewarded for her role in the New World Order, and sitting in the Oval Office while pretending to be a distinguished person (rather than a traitor to her own country) was a show of thanks by the totalitarians for the dominoes that she knocked down on their behalf.

[White House video of the Oval Office meeting; May 31st, 2022]
Better audio and slightly longer video from PBS:
• Biden thanks her for her help in the "Pacific Framework", for effecting BigTech censorship in New Zealand, and for New Zealand's support with the globalist strategy with Ukraine.
Background: New Zealand gave access to a single C-130 aircraft and $20 million in weapons aid, satellite intelligence, NATO trust fund "donation", and funding for the post-war propaganda/litigation planned against Russia ( http://www.defensenews.com/global/asia-pacific/2022/04/13/new-zealand-bolsters-support-for-ukraine/ ). New Zealand also sent a small troop contingency to the UK in May to train Ukrainians to fight Russians ( http://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/nz-provide-additional-deployment-support-ukraine ).
• Ardern reciprocates, saying that she is happy to have the globalist strategy effected through Ukraine and is happy that the "shared values" of the globalists are coming together, and she also mentions the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which is undergoing modification for U.S. agreement.
• Biden is happy that her domino fell in the Pacific plan, and he sets his sights next on Japan and Korea in particular.
• The White House staff does its usual tactic of yelling at the reporters to leave the room quickly without asking questions.
• As the video ends, Ardern seems to make a mocking comment about how she can never hear what the little people in the press are even saying when they start yelling questions over each other.

After the meeting, the White House released a statement confirming that the DIE strategy is in effect with New Zealand:
[White House; May 31st, 2022]
• "We jointly recognize the importance of a strong and unified Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to an open, inclusive, stable, and prosperous Indo-Pacific. We reaffirm our strong support for ASEAN centrality and the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific ... our transition to productive, sustainable, and inclusive low-emissions economies."
• "We intend to ensure that a free and open rules-based global trade system built on high standards and long-standing principles serves the interest of the citizens of both of our countries; to that end, we affirm our commitment to reform and strengthen the World Trade Organization (WTO), and to work together to secure outcomes that provide for meaningful disciplines at the upcoming 12th WTO Ministerial Conference.

After the meeting, Ardern answers questions outside:
[NewsHub; May 31st, 2022]
2:00 — Indo-Pacific Framework dictated by the US to New Zealand.
4:00 — Christchurch call-to-action (their plan for Internet censorship by manipulating social media algorithms and labeling things they don't like as "hate speech")
8:00 — Meeting with current VP Harris discussed; space cooperation (New Zealand has the 4th most launches in the world; referring to their spy satellite initiatives).
11:00 — Ukraine's "sovereignty" (read: "status as a globalist proxy war — a nation representing the globalists rather than itself").

She also refers to New Zealand's role as "open for business" and available for "tourism", which may reflect her knowledge that the globalists will genocide the world but will still want a good vacation destination.

Or, as New Zealand coverage spoke of the meeting..
[Radio New Zealand; June 4th, 2022]
"Ardern did what she intended to do in the States; leverage her international profile to relentlessly tout New Zealand as open for business, open doors for local business interests and foster key personal and political relationships - most importantly with the American President."

New Zealand, in other words, has been owned.

The globalist strategy is to own as many countries as possible, forcing an end to any one country's sovereignty (see also Biden's strategy of making the U.S. energy *dependent* rather than *independent*). This forced subjugation to world economies means that no one nation can stand against the totalitarian order; Marxism can only survive if it prevents people from having choice, such as the choice to escape to a free society. Thus, if any one country tries to avoid the ESG/DIE strategy, they will receive the "stick" of sanctions and economic sabotage.

The Ukraine Proxy War
This is where Russia currently finds itself: Russia realized the globalists were attempting to cut off its independence, so Russia was forced to consolidate energy and food supplies to prevent the annihilation of its sovereignty under the rising globalist order. The globalists then consolidated their own powers in Ukraine to stop Russia from being energy and food independent; the globalists know that their ESG/DIE strategy cannot function if anyone is left independent. A brain drain would occur from globalist nations, and the last free nation would benefit from that talent, undoing the entire global order.

Similarly, this is why the globalist media made such a target of Trump: his populism and sense of the U.S. as a sovereign nation was a direct contradiction to the globalist strategy, so he had to be purged to get the globalist timeline back on track — this was done with a massive propaganda campaign post-2016 which shattered the psyches of the left-wing's useful idiots. Those useful idiots will now believe anything that fits the Party's agenda, even as their beliefs are constantly contradicted by reality itself (e.g., Rittenhouse, Smollett, Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Russia hoax) — they merely want to participate in the global order, with flags in their bios and a disappearing personal wealth which pushes them into a eugenics strategy which will inevitably end them.. but, in death, they will finally be "carbon neutral" by 2050.

From the lead-up to the meeting:
"The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity"
[White House Fact Sheet; May 23rd, 2022]
• "Today in Tokyo, Japan, President Biden launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) with a dozen initial partners: Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Together, we represent 40% of world GDP."
• "With 60 percent of the world’s population, the Indo‑Pacific is projected to be the largest contributor to global growth over the next 30 years."
• "Connected Economy ... including standards on cross-border data flows and data localization."
• "Clean Economy" — read: "ESG"
• "Fair Economy" — the Marxist recognition that black-markets form under monopolies.

Explanation: "Connected Economy" / The Five Eyes / UKUSA Agreement / SSEUR
"Connected Economy" is the White House umbrella that includes globalist expansionism and further development of the "Five Eyes"/UKUSA strategy. For those unfamiliar, "Five Eyes" is a coalition between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The list has since been expanded to include..
- France
- Germany
- Japan
- South Korea
- Denmark
- the Netherlands
- Norway
- Belgium
- Italy
- Spain
- Sweden

The goal was this: the U.S. is sometimes not allowed to spy on its own citizens. But. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK *are* allowed to spy on the U.S. in some capacity. Thus, if the U.S. wants to know things about its own citizens (i.e., a more developed intelligence packet), it can gain that information from these other countries without violating its own laws directly. This policy also extends to the prosecution of "domestic terrorists" (read: problem citizens). The U.S., for instance, is not allowed to spy on the Proud Boys beyond the FBI's limited investigations (they being its own citizens — not domestic terrorists by U.S. law), but, Canada can and did declare the Proud Boys a terrorist group, thus, Canada can spy on the Proud Boys on behalf of the U.S. By this sort of logic and by including more nations, "connected economy" now expands the "Five Eyes" into a larger globalist spying apparatus.

How does New Zealand contribute?
In the VP meeting, Ardern was sure to mention NZ's satellite program.
How is it that New Zealand has the 4th most launches in the world despite being a small nation with only a recently founded space program?
Because their space program was funded by U.S. dollars as a spy platform (see ECHELON under New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau).

In other words, New Zealand's spy satellite program is an extension of U.S. Intelligence.

Explanation: "Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)"

With New Zealand, via its political position within the region, its fall to the globalists means that additional pressure can now be applied to the Far East. If Russia falls, so too will China, South Korea, and Japan; and the last sovereign society will then be the United States, which will fall (if allowed) as an "example" execution to the rest of the world. Compliance, then, will be absolute; no one will be able to escape to a free society.

China long believed that a globalist strategy within a Marxist pyramid scheme would ultimately benefit themselves asymmetrically, but the placation of China with media manipulation was temporary, with the globalists now positioning to remove China's sovereignty as well. China has been rejecting the ESG/DIE strategy, insisting on boosting its industrial capacity and not degrading the morality of its citizens with LGBTQ+NAMBLA self-destruction (e.g., by insisting that theatrical releases be scrubbed of DIE propaganda in favor of sovereign-state propaganda), but the globalists are positioning a noose around China's neck.

New Zealand's part will come from its trade apparatus, which will result in regional demands. In seemingly benevolent trade deals, they will further consolidate the demands made by other globalist-owned countries: asking that trade partners comply with the ESG/DIE strategy by allowing mass immigration and eroding national identity. This will mean that when non-ESG/DIE trading countries look for good deals, they will be met with a wall of the ESG/DIE strategy in a massive anti-competitive scheme.

Cooperation under the CPTPP is comprehensive. It does not simply include economic trade but even includes globalist education programs — i.e., Marxist education. The list of nations includes Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Peru. Their activities negotiate about $1 trillion in yearly asset movement, and their energy policy traps all regional nations into accepting energy in another protection racket wherein non-participation means destruction by globalist networks. Trump saw through this deal and stopped the CPTPP, but the globalist strategy is now back on track; Ardern expects the U.S. to adopt some form of the CPTPP in addition to the U.S. already having adopted other Pacific strategies.

In Japan, resistance to this strategy has been successful despite decades of pathos arguments (see a 2021 strategic assessment of Japan's immigration history from a globalist's framing: http://thediplomat.com/2021/03/japans-changing-immigration-and-refugee-policy/ ). Even in the cultural sphere, cultural critics have pointed out that while Japan has a strange sexual underbelly (e.g., the morphing of post-WWII sexual awakenings in the form of hentai), Japan remains one of the last holdouts for character-driven fictions which do not submit to the slave morality of Western postmodernism (see the rising popularity of Japanese manga as cultural holdouts).

But the United Nations has attempted to use soft powers by calling Japan's policies a "human rights violation" (another one of their ways of punishing countries that maintain sovereignty). The United Nations also attempted to further pressure Japan to adopt ESG/DIE during the pandemic, where propaganda over-emphasized outbreaks in immigration detention facilities. The UN wanted Japan's response to be to simply allow detainees free access to Japan to decrease "cluster infection" threats (i.e., if the immigrants were spread out over the country, cluster infections would decrease) — a foot-in-door ruse designed to keep Japan from successfully enforcing its immigration policies (immigrants would escape into the wind, put down roots, and would be more difficult to eject). If that strategy had worked, Japan would deal with a rising generation of unassimilated DIE-project immigrants changing its culture, setting the stage for further ESG/DIE vulnerability. Already, during the pandemic, labor shortages in Japan resulted in Japan being convinced to expand immigration to bring low-skill immigrant laborers on long visas into certain blue collar sectors. This was a major win for the globalists under their pandemic strategy, since long visas increase the likelihood of marriages and cultural shifts.

Back to Ardern..

In the previous week, Ardern also scheduled other U.S. trips, such as her Commencement speech at the totalitarian-owned (via DIE/ESG) Harvard on May 26th:
..where, in her great derangement and narcissism and as a proof of her own useful idiot status, she talked about personal experiences on social media way too much (she's clearly searching her own name obsessively). This showed both her totalitarian logic of wanting to silence free speech under the guise of "hate speech" as well as her own personal stupidity — the latter condition (her stupidity) showing that the totalitarian strategy seeks out and promotes these idiotic and sociopathic politicians to take part in their global plan.

Her visit also included talks with Gavin Newsom, who immoralists believe is a "potential presidential [candidate]" rather than just a character that Will Arnett plays to practice his signature "corporate sociopath" mannerisms.
[Forbes Video; May 27th, 2022]
(choppy video because the CA-governor's office uploaded the live stream instead of re-uploading a recording)
(Newsom's YouTube has the same long cut but with a static intro)
Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) between New Zealand and California:

• Newsom happily points out that San Francisco is the "birth place" of the United Nations, which seems to be a kind of homage to the globalist strategy at work here.
• They discuss the importance of their green strategy, which, again, is code for their global eugenics plan. She also says, "We have long been known as a country that is clean and green. That is not enough anymore" (i.e., they must reduce the population and participate in the globalist strategy).
10:00 — Ardern mentions her slavish obedience to DIE's "Land Acknowledgement Statements", which is the slave morality method of pretending that the land on which one stands actually still belongs to the natives who died there centuries earlier. The expectation from these statements is that eventually legal effect can be rendered such that people can be dispossessed of their own lands, since, if one "acknowledges" that it is "Native" land, then they acknowledge that it is not theirs — it's the globalists' and will be repossessed for the DIE strategy.
11:00 — She talks about forcing private businesses to comply with global strategies (i.e., fascism).
12:30 — Begging pathetically, she asks for battery supplies to create an EV market in New Zealand.
21:00 — Newsom mentions that California needs to monopolize investment space [so that no one can escape their plans].

California has similarly signed agreements with Japan and China, though, with China, it is a "Memorandum of Understanding" rather than "of Cooperation", which amounts to China knowing what the globalists want but not giving a shit.

Finally, Ardern made a trip to NYC to talk to travel-press about New Zealand tourism (e.g., Conde Nast travel, The New York Times Travel, Forbes)
[New Zealand "Stuff"; May 25th, 2022]

On her NYC strip, she decided that it was not at all transparent for her to visit the headquarters of BlackRock:
[AusVsTheAgenda via NZ's NewsHub; June 4th, 2022]

Radio New Zealand coverage:
Ardern: "Our high level meeting with BlackRock enabled our business delegation to sit face-to-face with a number of influential individuals in their investor sector from the United States. A really thoughtful, interesting discussion and dialogue which all of our business representatives had the chance to participate in."
• Ardern says that a major topic with BlackRock's Larry Fink was "sustainability", which she mentions in relation to New Zealand's fascists fostering through the combination of private businesses with government directives.

Note well that "sustainability" comes from the totalitarian's dialectic of Herbert Marcuse (himself of the Frankfurt School, which weaponized Nietzsche), who is also known for "repressive tolerance" — a concept derived from Nietzschean slave morality wherein the enemy must be fully responsible for all ills and the Marxists must be relieved of responsibility and fully supported despite all of the ills they cause society (compare this to coverage of January 6th versus coverage of BLM; BLM/Antifa terrorism was minimized while January 6th protestors were made into the worst nightmares of the useful idiots).

For Marcusean repressive tolerance, all enemies are called "the right" (see also Mao, who wielded Marcuse), simply because they refuse to participate in the Marxist revolution. This also relates to how the left has refused to see how far left they have gone (e.g., LGBTQ+NAMBLA discourse, pollution of film/culture, silencing of free speech), believing, instead, that the right has simply gone further right, when, in reality and definitionally, conservatives tend not to change that much. This is because the Marxist useful idiots believe themselves to be in the center, and no change that they make can ever move them from that center (see also Marxist rhetoric regarding "decentering" spaces, such as DIE spaces; they admit that they "decenter" hegemonies, but they take no responsibility for creating a new intolerance). This rhetoric was also used in social media spaces where the left spoke about the "paradox of tolerance". In those spaces, they justified deplatforming and a lack of good faith by saying, "[There can be no debating a Nazi]". This is straight from Marcuse, where "Nazi" now means "anyone on 'the right'" and where 'the right' then finishes the translation as "anyone not within the Marxist movement."

Sustainability, for Marcuse, functions similarly and is at the core of the ESG/DIE strategy.
• It revolves around identitarianism to energize the proletariat (hence why the Race Marxists share so many parallels with the ideology of actual white supremacists and thus draw such a clear line from the DNC's racialist strategy of repressing minority communities); their hope is to make minority classifications take part in the Marxist revolution (see the ever-expanding LGBTQ+NAMBLA flag). This is part of the strategy of..
• Energizing the weak to participate in Marxist labors.
For slave morality to function, the immoralists, the nihilists, and the weak must be pushed into participation. Pathetic people, who feel alienated and resentful (see Nietzsche's «ressentiment»), must feel an active hatred for the current order which can bring them to take action. Thus, the ESG/DIE movement seeks to propagandize these holders of slave morality; media must "represent" them (see "representation matters") and tell them what actions to take on behalf of the globalists.
• Why target those of slave morality? The Marxists know that capitalists are hard workers, but for "sustainability", there must be a limit placed on efforts. If people work hard, they may generate wealth and consume more. A good Marxist, however, will have few possessions and plenty of free time to waste on the cultural contribution of producing more Marxism ("You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy").
• Conservatives, meanwhile, are an enemy of the global totalitarian Marxists since conservatives see the value of material possessions in enriching the quality of their own lives. A conservative might want her own vehicle to prize and maintain, while the Marxist globalists would prefer that you share public transport or else just stay where you are. This extends to..
• Learned compliance through Foucault's Panopticism.
Many people know about Foucault's Panopticon (learned obedience through belief in an ever-present watchful eye), but there is more at work in "Discipline and Punish". In D&P, Foucault begins his discussion of Panoptic control by talking about the logic of the black plague. He explains how people can be kept in control by the state's appointment of henchmen who stare down the streets to make sure that people stay inside. This is the globalist Marxist strategy, why they acted so quickly on the pandemic as an "opportunity", and why Klaus Schwab of the WEF (with direct connections to BlackRock and the globalist movement) published "COVID-19: The Great Reset". That is, for "sustainability", the totalitarian state can train a population to be "docile bodies" (Foucault D&P term) who will stay within limited geographic areas (like a quarantine zone). Less travel means less carbon impact. They do not want people leaving their homes or their cities, they want to discourage international travel, they want movement to be only within shared EV vehicles, and, most importantly, they want their Marxists to believe that this limited existence is all that they should ever want from life (Again, "You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy").
• Objective of universities as indoctrination.
"Sustainability" is not just some energy policy. This policy includes an education strategy. For Marcuse, this was through active infiltration of universities (and keep in mind that this began around the '60s). This bridges into the ESG/DIE strategy of CRT, — CRT I intend to re-summarize in a later post. The short version is that universities must be made into Marxist indoctrination centers. People must be taught about this sustainability strategy and be made to not want much for their lives, since wanting things means aspiring to things, having those things, and ultimately becoming conservative. A Marxist is most useful as a nomad whose life can be ended quickly and without regard.
• Weaken super-powers from within with slave morality.
A super-power has the military might to defeat a Marxist nation, but if that super-power is degraded from within, military might is not necessary; it will defeat itself. This is again the DIE strategy.
• A belief in certain "bodies" as unnecessary for sustainability.
This is where the eugenics strategy begins. In order to go "carbon neutral by 2050" (UN Goal), it is not enough for people to simply be "docile bodies". The totalitarians feel that many bodies are but duplicates of other bodies — identical, unnecessary, and not of use to the world's transition into economies that but cater to servicing the Inner Party Marxists. This is how the Marxist makes her argument for abortion. The person of slave morality (e.g., the nihilist, the immoralist, the resentful) wants not only to consume less but to have no future — no children. The totalitarians thus push people to self-select out of the gene pool (see also AOC's line, "There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult. And it does lead young people to have a legitimate question: Is it OK to still have children?"). A population with its spirit broken will reduce its own size. But, where self-selection fails, Marcuse recognizes the need for war.
• The need to generate crises for the desired changes.
This is where COVID again enters, along with Russia/Ukraine and China. This also explains the propaganda amplification of shooting events and the left's unwillingness to see that their degradation of culture plays a part. All of these crises are opportunities for the totalitarians to degrade citizen virtue, reduce citizen powers, and thus reduce the population for still further controls. We saw this with the expansion of emergency powers, the coalitions formed to enforce "sustainable" Panopticons, the propaganda about the world "healing" from the absence of people, and the disarmament of citizens following shootings. When the world exhales, the snake contracts.

This is "sustainability", and this was the open strategy of the WEF and of BlackRock. BlackRock, unsurprisingly, manages trillions in finances around the world and prizes itself for leading the fight in ESG and DIE. It is also a leader in anti-competitive practices and the globalist strategy.

While some claim that BlackRock is merely a successful investment firm that simply manages the money of others, in practice, they actively participate in the market with such strategies as purchasing properties and re-releasing them as rentals. This is part of the globalist strategy of "you will own nothing" (as further outlined in the previous thread under World Economic Forum (WEF) comment "Mon May 30 01:21:33"). The short version is that they want a generation of subscription users and renters/sharers who do not have children. Rather than having your own home, just convert all of your life energy into paying rent to the totalitarian overlords who decide the worth of your labor and calculate how much carbon you are allowed to generate — including how far you can travel, what food you can eat, and how many resources you can consume.

In short, with Ardern, the global totalitarians have found a charismatic and narcissistic useful idiot whose willingness to play into the game of global eugenics will cost the lives of millions of her citizens. When she sees her citizens, she sees them as the last of their blood lines. They are merely to be purged by social controls and limited from excreting too much upon the globalist utopia. The totalitarians hope that with enough social degradation, mob rule will again be enabled, then populations can be managed at lower quantities, and the world will become a kind of safari-vacation from the elitists. Unfortunately for them, this DIE strategy would kill not just those pesky peasants but their own futures as well, since no Marxist can move the world forward. So they would find themselves burning the fuels of the old world, becoming nihilists themselves. Their own snake would contract around themselves.
Sun Jun 05 06:54:04
You need to consider to record this stuff in audio. Are you?
large member
Sun Jun 05 07:39:19
Or make it into an opera or musical!
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 05 08:42:00
"You need to consider to record this stuff in audio. Are you?"

Not sure that I want to be a public figure. I'm thinking about ways around it via animation narratives..
Sun Jun 05 09:04:54
You could always have others voice it.

Or, have you seen the Ricky gervaise show? It was an animated podcast, that format could work.
Sun Jun 05 09:19:32
CC that would also work, or having someone else voice it or a deep fake voice.
Sun Jun 05 09:27:55
Anyway I read the last mega posts, I think it needs a broader audience that doesn’t necessarily have the time to read. The busy commuting, raising children, wage slaving etc. the mass of slumbering people whose hamster wheel of an existence is being counted on to enforce the new order.

See I was right the first post :)
large member
Sun Jun 05 12:01:39
Lacks the outreach. Put it to music and have rock stars sing it loud and proud.
Sun Jun 05 12:27:18
The best thing is if you can summarize it in a 140 character tweet so that people will read it and share.

If that is not possible, try to make it into a script and sell it to Netflix or HBO, etc.
Sun Jun 05 15:26:14
Aliens == good, but needs more car chases. Also, no love story between a rugged, stern-jawed, Dagny Taggart captain of industry and a 90-60-90 penthouse intellectual who always picks her own lipstick because she's fiercely independent? Forget it.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 06 08:09:01
The DNC's useful idiots are about to get re-activated.

They were activated by Uvalde, which, for the DNC, was a good distraction from the DNC's failed policies (mentioned here twice now, but when the DNC needs a distraction, it pounces on gun control and abortion for their reliable polarization effects). Now, however, the DNC's propagandists are back to the main story line: touching themselves excitedly again over January 6th (Jeffrey Toobin-style), since there will be about six public committee-hearings this month, starting Thursday, June 9th.

This hilarious CNN video outlines their propaganda strategy, even admitting that this is designed to fuel their 2022 midterm strategy:

"January 6 committee member says upcoming public hearings will "blow the roof off the House""
[CNN; Chris Cillizza; June 4th, 2022]

Cillizza's central talking points, as numbered by his show:
1.) "What did Donald Trump know and when did he know it?"
Here, Cillizza again offers the manipulative edit of Trump's "fight like hell" phrase — which was in the same speech wherein Trump said, "peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard" (not shown by Cillizza). Incidentally, searching for this phrase ("peacefully and patriotically") reveals dozens of DNC-affiliated sources attempting to dominate the search by not showing the video of this part of the speech and instead "fact-checking" and giving their DNC-*opinions* on how it doesn't "really" contradict the DNC narrative (full video here, however, from Wall Street Journal, which has a high fact-reporting reliability and center-skew: http://www.wsj.com/video/trump-full-speech-at-dc-rally-on-jan-6/E4E7BBBF-23B1-4401-ADCE-7D4432D07030.html ).

The usual strategy is to evade that he said this and instead throw in a red herring where they re-direct, again, to their *belief* in what Trump "meant" based on spectral evidence (decontextualized Gish Gallop); they will play with the narrative by inserting their flawed theory of mind of Trump into the information that they do not know. For instance, if someone contacted Trump in a panic, instead of seeing that contact in good faith as one of many inputs that Trump was receiving in a barrage of input and strategy, they will restate that as, "[Trump was ignoring council! Everyone saw how crazy he was!]"

Notice, for example, how NPR never once mentions information such as this in their "timeline" of January 6th, selecting instead lines such as "We will never give up. We will never concede" — but they will freely pull in information from protests in **other states** as part of the *Capitol* narrative:
[January 5th, 2022]

2.) "What did members of Congress tell Trump about the riot as it happened?"
This plays again into the above narrative; they will draw a line between what Congress *told* Trump and whether or not Trump immediately took that person's advice (if good advice). What they will evade is just how *many* people were trying to contact Trump all at once and how the White House was rushing to do immediate damage control.

3.) Police response
This is a potential weakness in the DNC narrative, so it's surprising that it was mentioned. Perhaps even the DNC cannot avoid acknowledging that, at some point, the police decided to allow protestors access to the building. I've said this before, but the police strategy was likely as simple as, "[Okay, the chambers have been cleared, so if we simply allow the protestors entry, they will be wandering empty halls]." This was shown in part when police simply opened doors even on non-violent sides of the building ( http://twitter.com/christina_bobb/status/1347596278583197698 ). At some point, the order was given to open the building.

Again, looking at NPR, notice that in their write-up of January 6th, they never once mention the decision to open the doors:
[January 15th, 2021]
Their only note is this:
"Moving to the Senate terrace, [police] see protesters smashing the door of the Capitol to gain entry, as Capitol Police inside work to push them back."

This is how the useful idiots came to believe that the only way that protestors gained entry was through actively violent force. This is again part of the strategy elucidated by Donny Deutsch and mentioned in the previous thread: assign a fallacy of association to all of the GOP. Make the worst of its fringe represent every single person who would vote GOP.

Additional, revealed talking points:

• "a reminder of how close we came to losing our precious grip on 'democracy'"
• J. Michael Luttig's false narrative "that Trump lost fair and square"

This is from the DNC narrative of a "free and fair election" (the "most secure election in history", if you're dumb enough to believe it). Their belief is that there were zero irregularities or voting issues despite everything, which would not even be true in a non-pandemic year or without Trump's claims, but, with this false premise, they can paint the protestors as "insurrectionists", since, what else could they be doing there if it was so "secure"?

- False premise: a "free and fair election", "lost fair and square", and the "most secure election" is an accepted narrative by the useful idiots,
- Therefore: protestors want to overturn a "free and fair election",
- Therefore: they must be "insurrectionists".

This is an extension of the totalitarian groupthink of total conformity. In the left's psychosis under the media's destruction of their minds, they seek the approval of their fellow psychosis herd. These are Nietzsche's tarantulas, wondering why people stand against their great delusion of equality — which they now call "equity". It is vengeance against those not equally sick in spirit ( http://4umi.com/nietzsche/zarathustra/29 ).
The useful idiots simply believe that the election was spotless, and they thus cannot understand why anyone was protesting at the Capitol that day. Without this understanding, they can be led to any number of subsequent false beliefs.

• "blow the roof off the House"
Cillizza gives authority to this quotation by sourcing Jamie Raskin, saying, "who sits on the January 6th Committee and, in theory, would be in a position to know." He attaches an irony to it, like, "[Of *course* he's an expert and reliable — he's on the committee!]"

In reality, Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) is one of the DNC's most disingenuous hacks.

Back in September 2021, when confronted with the reality that the DNC's brown-shirt apparatus (BLM/Antifa) was committing political violence on the DNC's behalf, Raskin deflected.
[Forbes; September 29th, 2021]
The point of the testimony by Nancy Mace (R-SC) was that Antifa needs to be recognized for its violence if reporting standards are to reflect the realities of that violence.
Raskin used circular logic to counter: because Antifa is not recognized as a violent apparatus (protected as it is by the DNC's deep state), he can cite the deep state's broken reporting standards as "evidence" that Antifa is not a threat. I.e., "[the broken reporting standards do not need to be fixed because the broken reporting standards say that there's nothing wrong here]."

In a random comical moment, Raskin was at least caught off guard by pro-life advocate Catherine Glenn Foster:
[C-SPAN user clip; May 19th, 2022]
(Raskin asks if it's correct that Foster wants to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. Foster asks if Raskin would vote for a ban if those exceptions were allowed. He reclaims his time.)

Raskin was also one of the DNC propagandists who outright lied and produced edited disinformation during the post-election Trump impeachment.
Raskin opening statement:
Raskin opening argument:
Raskin closing statement:

In his opening justification for impeachment precedent, he made false claims about it being appropriate to impeach someone no longer holding office. His evidence? BRITISH law. He draws flimsy references to laws and procedures which were used **before the U.S. Constitution was even written**, when the Founders were still discussing in correspondence the aspects of law that would or would not work in the new Republic.

He then refers to the trial of William W. Belknap as precedent, citing a quotation by John Quincy Adams during the proceedings:
"I hold myself, so long as I have breath in my body, amenable to impeachment by this House for everything I did during the time I held any public office."

The problem? This was a case where the *Senate* decided that the *Senate* had the authority to impeach someone no longer in office. That is, the Senate attempted to give themselves this power for the political expedience of trying Belknap, and they received no Constitutional checks and balances on this politically motivated decision. And, the margin of yea to nea on their ability to try was 37–29 (i.e., not exactly unanimous). Unsurprisingly, the Senate in the Belknap impeachment did not have the votes to convict — with 23 believing that the impeachment was a farce not supported by the Constitution (i.e., they rejected the motion because it had no precedent and no weight of law). So, Raskin cited as precedent a circular non-precedent where political opportunism was wielded without checks and balances... as his excuse to attempt the same.
This is truly a moral figure!
And feel free to search for "is it legal to impeach someone after office?" to see just how many DNC propagandist networks tried this same exact argument (e.g., NBC, CBS, Washington Post, NPR).

And, because it was a farce impeachment, Raskin continued this strategy by disingenuously editing the video of Trump's speech and misrepresenting Tweets (even producing edited versions that were not accurate). Raskin was a major player in making the impeachment a matter of propaganda — not the good faith presentation of evidence within a legal framework. Their hope was to keep Trump from running again — part of the DNC's transparent attempt to prevent Trump from demolishing their globalist plans again — and, second to that, without the votes they simply wanted to propagandize the issue for political gain.

With Raskin on the January 6th Committee, we can expect more of the same this month — not to mention that the committee was created by Nancy Pelosi with appointments of seven DNC-tribalists (including another Crazy-Eyes DNC rep: Adam Schiff) and two RINOs (Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger). This will be more sensationalist editing, yellow journalism, and failed evidentiary chains. The idea is to make certain talking points public, present them as "truth", and dominate the 24-hour news cycle with "new details regarding January 6th!" (read: "repackaged lies designed to re-polarize the useful idiots!"). Raskin even stated that the committee divided the hearings into "chapters" "that will allow for the unfolding of the narrative" ( http://www.cbsnews.com/news/january-6-committee-hearing-june-9-primetime/ ). Yeah. "Narrative". They know that this is just a bed-time story for mid-terms.

So, anyways, where the full moon brings out the lunatics, you can likely track this month's psychosis in direct relation to planned story breaks for these public hearings.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 06 22:06:50
Lulz. I guess I should have sat on my Raskin write-up for a few hours longer. Here was Raskin this morning:

[Washington Post Live; June 6th, 2022]
• 14:10 — After Raskin talks about what could come from the Committee findings, he's given a follow-up question on the Electoral College.
Raskin: "The Electoral College is an undemocratic relic of the early Constitution, just like the state legislature selection of U.S. senators, which is something we got rid of, in 1913, with the 17th Amendment, just like the exclusion of women from voting, which we got rid of in 1920 in the 19th Amendment."
• 21:30 — Raskin names a key talking point of the Committee: John Eastman, who spoke with Pence about Pence's authority in the Electoral College processes.
• 24:00 — Raskin repeats the lie of Trump trying to "create" votes in calls with Georgia. In reality, Trump realized that different legal processes could take time, so he was asking that Georgia focus on the more egregious election irregularities to fast-track an otherwise inevitable conclusion.
• 28:00 — Sad argument against this Committee being a DNC-led witch hunt. This stupid fuck calls it a "bipartisan committee" operating in "model bipartisan fashion" — lol. That's the lie they're communicating to their useful idiots. Their useful idiots will soon be lying amongst themselves, "[Wow! Two RINOs were on the committee! Even the GOP agrees with the findings!]" Yeah, no.

Firstly, some background on the DNC's Insurrection..

I've gotten push-back on this point, but I think that useful idiots need to ask themselves a serious question:
Can the useful idiots admit that the DNC wants a uni-party?

The typical response is, again, the Celebration Parallax.

As a reminder, the Celebration Parallax is summed as, "the same fact pattern is either true and glorious or false and scurrilous depending on who states it". This is usually re-stated as, "That’s not happening, and it’s good that it is"
(AmericanMind dot org; "A quick and dirty guide to regime propaganda"; July 26th, 2021; http://americanmind.org/salvo/thats-not-happening-and-its-good-that-it-is/ ).

This rhetorical strategy has become quite persistent in the totalitarian's discourse, being, as it is, a Marcusean tactic derived from the weaponization of Nietzschean slave morality. This is again a case of making the Marxist strategy "good" by default and any non-agreement "bad" simply by its opposition to Marxism. We saw this with CRT: "[CRT isn't taught in school, and it's good that it's taught in school. It's just 'teaching history', after all.]"

With the DNC's uni-party strategy, we see it again:
• "[The DNC doesn't want a uni-party, and
• it's good that the DNC wants a uni-party because..
- the Electoral college is affirmative action for Republicans (an actual meme),
- the GOP — as well as any third party such as the Green Party — must be destroyed,
- having a second/third party competing against the DNC keeps the DNC from accomplishing progressive goals, therefore, there must be no competition,
- the Electoral College is 'tyranny of the minority' (an invented and fallacious term for this purpose),
- if the U.S. were a "democracy" (read: "ochlocracy"), the GOP would not exist,

In other words, under this Celebration Parallax, if you support the DNC as a uni-party, then the DNC does indeed desire a uni-party. But, if you do not support a uni-party, then this is not actually happening and you're crazy for suggesting that it is.

That said, Celebration Parallax aside, the DNC does indeed desire a uni-party.

I have summarized the strategy before (e.g., "shit about Shit & his shit associates #3", also previous totalitarian thread under "Sun May 29 09:04:20" comment), and here it is again, more streamlined:

• voter suppression by removing political opposition from the ballots
• Abolition of the Electoral College; DNC-states voting to implement a popular vote which could bypass the founding checks and balances of the Electoral College (See the dominoes already falling at "National Popular Vote Bills" http://www.nationalpopularvote.com/state-status ),
• votes to grant D.C. Statehood against founding principles (See "Washington, D.C. Admission Act", drafted in 2019, passed in the House in 2021, and currently awaiting the Senate),
• votes to grant Puerto Rico statehood (Puerto Rico is being owned by DNC operations)
• votes to pack the Supreme Court to bypass appointment procedures and re-secure DNC power over the Court ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/09/22/packing-supreme-court/ ),
• calls to abolish the Senate to secure Congressional power ( http://www.vox.com/2018/12/4/18125539/john-dingell-abolish-senate )
• calls to abolish the police from state cities; this empowers the federal government, expanding uni-party purview
• federal guidelines on "voting rights" (i.e., federal control of elections under the DNC — no state oversight and therefore the end of the republic).
• an end of the filibuster as well, which would consolidate the uni-party's powers; the opposition (GOP and populists) would not be able to stop any bill, no matter how much such a bill might further consolidate the powers of the uni-party totalitarians.
• prosecution of "insurrection"; anyone defying the direction of the totalitarians would be considered an "insurrectionist". The Bolshevik used this strategy as a consolidation of their Marxist dialectic; all political opposition was purged, either with death for "treason" or imprisonment in the gulags — and it was legal.
• uni-party control of social media to control all messaging/propaganda
• ochlocracy (mob rule), with the vote ultimately controlled by DNC propaganda (control of the mob's thoughts via city groupthink)

Back to Raskin:
[Raskin]: "The Electoral College is an undemocratic relic of the early Constitution, just like the state legislature selection of U.S. senators, which is something we got rid of, in 1913, with the 17th Amendment, just like the exclusion of women from voting, which we got rid of in 1920 in the 19th Amendment."

Notice the falling dominoes.

The DNC's useful idiots would believe this logic sound. I.e., "[Oh, of *course* we fixed the senate with 1913's 17th Amendment, so, getting rid of the Electoral College makes sense too!]"

In reality, the 17th Amendment should be abolished.
The Senate should *not* be elected directly by the people. The Senate was meant to represent the existing laws of the states, *not* to be a partisan application of discretionary powers. The 17th Amendment effectively dissolved a major function of checks and balances on the Republic. Incidentally, the 17th Amendment was the success of an era of yellow journalism / propaganda (as is today's further attacks on the Constitution — using the reversed language of calling people "treasonous" for *supporting* the Constitution), and, again, traces back to the presidency of totalitarian Woodrow Wilson (spoken of above under comment "Thu Jun 02 06:54:14"). In other words, Raskin is justifying the *next* totalitarian success in incrementalism by citing a *previous* totalitarian success.

And the 19th Amendment.. another measure passed under Wilson..
This was a further extension of slave morality — the granting of powers to people who did not reciprocate with responsibilities.
Should women be allowed to vote?
In general, I would argue *no*.
Should **responsible and virtuous people** be allowed to vote — including many women?
I would argue yes. This comes from a Starship Troopers recognition of the value of citizenship.

The 19th Amendment made no such distinctions.
When suffrage was being discussed, a major concern of women who *opposed* its passage was that they would be required to fulfill citizen responsibilities, such as military service and state labors. The way around this was to relieve women of those responsibilities but nevertheless recognize women's rights. In other words: all the power but none of the responsibilities. This is a voter base which can send people to war but never has to go to war itself — voters who exercise their will to power not through their own virtues but by controlling the responsibilities of *others* and suffering no consequences for being wrong. This strategy has subsequently cascaded to today's slave morality feminism, wherein many women believe that they should be awarded high-status jobs and positions without every carrying a pack as a laborer (i.e., the "equity" of the DIE strategy is to award power without responsibility, not to promote the responsible by their demonstration of virtues).

So, with Raskin's sights set on the Electoral College, the strategy comes into further focus.
The committee's purpose is again to push the propaganda of the "flaws" of the Electoral College process. Their attack on John Eastman is meant to solidify the narrative that no Vice President should be allowed to stop the process — even if irregularities are found. The totalitarians want to prevent such checks on their powers. This means that they will take any win that they can get if it means eroding the Electoral College.

January 6th is just a pretext for this totalitarian act.

As Raskin himself admitted, his *first* bill when elected in Maryland was to pass the "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact".
Was this his response to January 6th?
Raskin passed this bill in **2007**.

In short, the goal is this: use the mechanism of mob rule to overcome to Electoral College, justifying further mob rule in the dissolution of the Electoral College. Simultaneously, solidify the voting direction of that mob with propaganda such that the mob will merely be procedural votes on behalf of the totalitarians.

In other words, use the mob to empower the mob, who will only vote on behalf of the propagandists who control the mob. January 6th is merely the "Pearl Harbor" red herring the totalitarians needed to do what they already wanted to do: erode the Republic to empower the global order.
Cherub Cow
Sat Jun 11 07:02:09
The June Agenda / the June Propaganda Boost

As noted above in anticipation of this week's scheduled manipulation, "the DNC's propagandists are back to the main story line: touching themselves excitedly again over January 6th (Jeffrey Toobin-style)"

This week gave the useful idiots more of the same narrative, but because it's old information given new treatment, they pretend that it's *additional* proof... when, in reality, it's merely re-hashes of bad faith delusions from slightly different angles, all based on the same false premises and all designed to re-boost the DNC propaganda signal to continue to liquefy the already smooth brains of the useful idiots.

These useful idiots will again believe that their constant insanity over Trump is reasonable rather than it being, in reality, a proof-of-concept for just how much the Two Minutes Hate can be weaponized against a totalitarian's political enemies. These people are so far gone that they truly believe that Trump's Tweets were the worst thing that has ever happened — rather than the press coverage simply amplifying this belief to the level of a useful psychosis, with the level of that psychosis admitting just how much the global elitists needed a Clinton presidency to keep their totalitarian plans on track.

And, like any production studio that is merely cashing in on a paying demographic (and DNC propaganda functions on the same principles used in a production studio — directed as they are by the Frankfurt School's methods of subversion), these useful idiots will find themselves lost and afraid when their votes have been counted and the DNC's beneficiaries no longer need them. This is the mental place that Solzhenitsyn saw become of the discarded Bolshevik-supporting citizens: they were so overcome with Bolshevik propaganda that their lives had effectively ended decades before their deaths. Lost in the gulags and the haunts of a dying civilization, they were phantoms of a political apparatus which had used them for control, and, their minds then being broken by the usage, they could never re-assimilate with reality; they lived in the fantasy of the Bolshevik, even as the Bolshevik was replaced by a new movement. And so they always sought the next update of the Bolshevik signal, which was issued in agitated peaks which would never rise to the vigor that these lost citizens should have had for their own lives — the lives that left them in this sad vigilance for the state's next edicts.

Where had their very souls gone?
To the state.

At this point, any solution that the useful idiots are told by their totalitarian handlers will be accepted at Gospel and necessary. This is how the totalitarians reconcile the "problem" of choice: turn the "democracy" of mob rule into a formula that merely reduces the multitude of personal choices into the single direction of the totalitarians.

In effect, the only purpose of these hearings is to re-polarize this voter base, sustain this base's utility with another round of psychosis-conditioning, and then further erode Constitutional rights on the backs of these fools.

This spell could easily be broken if the useful idiot but asked in earnest, "Why is it so useful for them to have me obey? What is useful in my believing their narrative? What is their goal?" But, in circular logic, the useful idiot is willing to obey to be relieved of the burden of liberty and of choice, so these questions would rarely be raised in their consciousness. The useful idiot does not think about thinking but instead only reacts "appropriately". These sick animals never made anything of their own freedom, so they would gladly reign in the freedoms of others.

One of the DNC's most successful examples brought about by this scheduled programming is visible in this UP thread (no need to guess which user):
"Jan 6th daughtergate hearings tonight"

The thread is a sad proof that when the DNC commits to propaganda, they have an audience willing to consume that narrativized propaganda as the truth itself.

They would even listen to this Liz Cheney speech and agree!
[Imgurian ozzy890; June 10th, 2022]
(Imgur has been similarly overrun with this propaganda; this particular post received more than 4,000 upvotes and 140,000 views)

What the useful idiots would fail to see is the obvious: that Liz Cheney is a war-monger and opportunist. How quickly they forget her father! How quickly they forget even the movie "Vice" (2018), which was the DNC *showing* their useful idiots how bereft of morality she is! Did Liz Cheney decide to go against her father's career of political profiteering so that she could speak truth to the lasting virtues of the nation? No. Of fucking course not. But the useful idiots would be blinded to this simple reality because they never ask beyond the moment. They would be taken in by the foolish talking point that "[Even a Republican thinks this!]," not seeing the RINO opportunist before them, pulling the veil over their eyes for a profitable delusion.

Liz Cheney is playing the long game. She knows that the totalitarians will be good for business, so she is cashing in while she can. War with Ukraine is quite profitable, as is the government's plans to shut down the dissent of the people with the measures that they intend to effect through these propaganda hearings.

And this propaganda will not let up. Monday is the next hearing, and so the brains of the useful idiots do not stand a chance, lest they disconnect from this matrix.
Cherub Cow
Sat Jun 11 07:15:37
Flash from the Past:

Never forget the May 29th (5/29) Insurrection by the DNC's brown shirts:

"AT DON'S DOOR 50 Secret Service agents injured in White House riots as Donald Trump is taken to ‘terror attack’ bunker"
[The Sun; June 1st, 2020]
• "dozens of Secret Service officers were injured in clashes on Sunday night."
• "rioters were seen throwing bottles and Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officers."
• "Others were spotted parking cars near the 'President's Palace' filled with incendiary materials for future use"
• "The National Guard is also reportedly being drafted in to help combat rioting outside the White House and elsewhere in the nation’s capital"
• "The bunker has previously been utilized by Vice President Dick Cheney during 9/11, when authorities feared that one of the hijacked planes was headed towards the White House."

A Committee will surely be formed to investigate this heinous attack, which caused Secret Service to rush a sitting president into the presidential bunker. Gleeful rioters were heard to describe their target as a "bunker bitch" for not letting them murder him in the streets. A guillotine was placed in front of the White House with a bound effigy of Trump being mock-executed:

All of these insurrectionists will, of course, be charged aggressively by the state for their attempt to storm the White House and kill its executive staff.
Cherub Cow
Sat Jun 11 22:18:12
Oof. Andrew Yang, who is really good at saying based things and then following them up with completely retarded things, just oscillated to the retarded side, falling victim to the idiotic belief that Liz Cheney is doing anything other than political maneuvering for her own career:

Yang; June 10th, 2022: "All respect and admiration to Liz Cheney for having both courage and principles."

Yeah, the "principles" of saying whatever she has to say to get that $$$green$$$.


"mugjunk", one of Imgur's most prolific propaganda-spam accounts (left-wing useful idiot account), accidentally posted a right-wing meme:

Bloomberg opinion: "Have a Little Sympathy for the Federal Reserve"
mugjunk: "No"

mugjunk's screenshot was sourced from Twitter user "Clown World Today", who specializes in right-leaning takes on the state of left-wing doublethink:

Hilariously, an Imgurian who "correctly" states the left-wing talking point on the issue is in the dog house with -2 points:
"The Fed has done a pretty good job of keeping shit from absolutely collapsing over the past decade."

Two users who pointed out the "Clown World" source are slowly rising as mugjunk's post gets more front-page visibility:
5 points, rose to 11 in 20 min.:
drh1138: "The source (Clown World Today) is a right-wing propaganda mill. The intention here is to promote libertarian pseudoeconomics."
2 points, rose to 5 in 20 min.:
Allrighty: ""Clown world" is a neo-nazi dog whistle. You don't have to promote this twitter account if you just want to share the picture."

Lulz. Critiquing "a right-wing propaganda mill" under a left-wing propaganda mill is peak irony. I asked this user *three* times, "is "dishonest and propagandistic" specific only to the bias? That is, does one only qualify if one is of the opposing view?", but all the user can do is deflect to why the right is bad.

And "neo-nazi dog whistle" is a funny take. This left-wing doublethink comes from the same people who think that the "OK" sign "is" a dog whistle, a belief that has them see no difference between
• its obvious usage (i.e., "okay"),
• its trolling usage (i.e., "[let's make the low-IQ useful idiots believe this is a dog whistle]"), and
• its rare co-opting by actual Neo-Nazis.

This inability to see such distinctions and read context is an extension of the left's poisoned thinking in regards to "MAGA", which propagandist Donny Deutsch spelled out recently (spoken of in previous thread: the strategy of taking the fringe and making the useful idiots believe it represents an entirety in a grand fallacy of association). By calling things "dog whistles", the useful idiots can believe that entire segments of the population should be silenced. This is also their means of creating thought-terminating clichés for right-wing memes. Since right-wing memes tend to actually be funny and point out truths, the left must silence them to sustain their garbage takes.

To the actual Bloomberg article:
( http://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2022-06-09/are-interest-rates-too-high-or-too-low-it-s-not-a-simple-question#xj4y7vzkg )

The tribalists were already activated this week to defend Secretary of the Treasury and former Fed Chair Janet Yellen of the "see early life section" as she was forced to admit that.. yeah.. their "experts" were straight lying to people last year when she and the Diaper-Shitter White House claimed that inflation was just "transitory" (see October 2021 articles, e.g., http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-10-12/yellen-sticks-with-transitory-view-of-higher-u-s-inflation ).

"Janet Yellen draws flak in political battle over high inflation
US Treasury secretary under fire over Biden administration’s failure to bring prices down"
[Financial Times; June 10th, 2022]

Yet again, this is a Celebration Parallax moment for the left: inflation isn't happening, but it's a good thing that it is!

The reality: The Diaper-Shitter White House policies under ESG/DIE were designed to harm productive businesses, strip strong economic incentives, and help transition the global economy into a "clean" energy strategy of carbon reduction via eugenics/depopulation and low-growth economics.

Under this reality, the Diaper-Shitter and his totalitarian alliance realized that converting from a petrol economy to a "green"/eugenics economy meant huge economic self-destruction. That is, in order to achieve the DNC's and the global totalitarian's strategy of a "green" world, they must necessarily destroy the global economy and reformat it to the new directives. One cannot have ESG/DIE without the "die" part.

The reality-denial: for the left, this is the belief that ESG/DIE is "good", has no downsides, and, therefore, let's all post the LGBTQ+NAMBLA flags and celebrate Ukraine. Inflation *is* happening (if we're forced to admit it!), but it's not anything the totalitarians did!

This is where the left lies to themselves, saying that "[Biden doesn't have anything to do with gas prices! In fact, gas prices are going up worldwide! So it couldn't be him! Take that, cons!]" This self-generates from total ignorance of the world strategy, where the diaper-shitter played his part and solidified the economic effects through overt policy decisions. (I.e., Biden did indeed cause gas prices to increase, and much of the rest of the world took similar actions to do the same locally, causing that snowball to grow).

So, the left finds itself in a precarious position again: they must recognize that the Fed is, indeed, corrupt, but they must simultaneously ignore that the DNC in particular is actively promoting the Fed and wielding it as a tool of dismantling the Republic via the totalitarian ESG/DIE strategy (I would remind that the Fed was created under Woodrow Wilson in an act of seeding totalitarianism). The DNC/totalitarian strategy requires that the global population be reduced to the lowest common denominator so that they can be controlled and then liquidated, and the Fed is merely working on behalf of this end.

I.e., the left recognizes instinctively that "inflation is a bad thing" and thus the left can still blame the Fed, but they do not see that the Fed is acting on behalf of the DNC totalitarians to intentionally bring about this economic strain.
They do not see the connection between the Fed and the 2008 bailout.
They do not see that the ESG/DIE strategy is again bailing out businesses so that the New World/Economic Order can survive artificially during the collapse.
They do not see that they themselves voted for this.

One of the great ironies here is that the nihilists do not see that they are Nietzsche's Last Men. These leftists cry out for their own deaths, wishing that they had never been born and self-selecting out of the gene pool.. but they somehow think that these nihilistic beliefs did not translate to voting for people who actively want them to die. Inflation, gas prices, LGTBQ+NAMBLA, ESG/DIE, the participation of the Fed... all of it is the death that they wanted, but the useful idiots did not realize that this is how that death appears. The totalitarians have convinced many of them that death can be sweet, but this counts on there being no living witnesses who can remember the agonies.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 12 00:12:12
This was posted also in the January 6th psychosis thread, but.. yet more impending insurrection actions by the DNC's brown shirts:

"‘Shut Down DC’ Protest Group Plans To Blockade Supreme Court on Day of Possible Abortion Ruling
The action is planned amid rising fears about the safety of Supreme Court justices following an arrest outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home."
[June 11th, 2022]

The DNC's insurrection continues.

Where Psaki was fine with people protesting outside the homes of the Constitutionalist Justices, incidents have emerged showing that the deranged left intends to do violence to those Justices in order to have DNC-compliant justices installed. One of the DNC's useful idiots, seeing this prerogative, was apprehended this week:

"[California] Man with gun, knife arrested near Justice Kavanaugh's house"
[June 8th, 2022]
"Officials say the man, identified as Nicholas John Roske, 26, was armed with a handgun, a knife, pepper spray and burglary tools. He was stopped a block from the justice’s house. And when police detained him, he said he was there to kill Kavanaugh, the officials said."

NBC's Pete Williams points out that there has perhaps not been an attempt on a Justice's life since 1985, when Justice Harry Blackmun (Nixon appointment) had a shot fired through his apartment window (New York Times; March 5th, 1985 http://www.nytimes.com/1985/03/05/nyregion/shot-fired-through-window-of-blackmun-home.html ).

Incidentally, the left has celebrated this attempt on Justice Blackmun's life as a means of effecting political change in a society where Roe v. Wade may not be upheld.

In Kathryn Kolbert and Julie Kay's 2021 book "Controlling Women: What We Must Do Now to Save Reproductive Freedom", they call for direct action and activism under the frame of critical social justice. The work is a call to hate and resentment (more slave morality), and it celebrates extrajudicial violence. The work was prominently circulated at Powell's books in Portland (a major book-seller and popular source of left-wing propaganda pieces) and received awards in the social justice circuits.

The work details the intimidation of Justice Blackmun as a positive tactic that could be used. The idea is that the Constitutionalists will defend the Constitution, so political violence could be used to bypass Constitutional protections when needed. The goal is, of course, to keep the DNC's eugenics program alive and well in the U.S. By perpetrating violence against the justices, the left hopes to further intimidate judges into subservience, much as they did in the 2020 election both in the lead-up and in the follow-up.

The useful idiots, of course, have memory holed these tactics, believing there to be no evidence of election issues in 2020.

Nevertheless, the Celebration Parallax continues:
"There is no DNC insurrection, and it's a good thing that there is!"

In this case, the useful idiots will pretend that the DNC is not actively engaging in an insurrection, but, they would happily celebrate all of the symptoms of that insurrection — including the deaths of Constitutionalist judges (see also Raskin post above: "Mon Jun 06 22:06:50"). Unsurprisingly, the people who called January 6th protestors "insurrectionists" in a moment of total projection, are unwilling to admit that the DNC is hellbent on destroying the Constitution for the totalitarian order.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 12 03:02:53
Ol' Diarrhea-Legs' handler, Obama (who executed American citizens without trial in Yemen), went to Twitter to reveal further the totalitarian plans:

Obama, June 11th, 2022:
• "Yesterday, I spoke at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit to discuss the challenges to democracy around the world, and the work we can do right now with the next generation of leaders to chart a better course."
• "On every continent, emboldened autocrats are ramping up oppression, they’re targeting minority groups, they’re often flouting international law."
• "Just as disturbing, within democracies, populist appeals grounded in fear, bigotry, and resentment have elevated leaders who, once they’re in office, have sought to systematically undermine democratic institutions and entrench themselves in power."
• "In my own country, the forces that unleashed mob violence on our Capitol are still churning out misinformation and conspiracy theories. For those of us who fervently believe in the ideals of democracy, the question is: How do we respond?"
• "The point is, if we want democracy to flourish, we will have to fight for it. We will have to nurture it. We will have to demonstrate its value, again and again, in improving the lives of ordinary people."
• "And we will also have to be willing to look squarely at the shortcomings of our own democracies—not the ideal, but the reality. Only then will we be able to tell a better story of what democracy can be, and must be, in this rapidly changing world."
• "Read more in my speech about how we can renew democracy by promoting more inclusive markets, political participation, community building, and less polarizing technology platforms."

Notice that he not *only* talks about the lie of "democracy" but outright admits that they intend to re-define it: "Only then will we be able to tell a better story of what democracy can be, and must be, in this rapidly changing world."

As I've pointed out here before, "democracy" to the tyrants means "ochlocracy" (mob rule) — all managed under state propaganda to direct people to act in accordance with the wishes of the totalitarians. This is why this Obama thread could not help but also mention the imperative of "less polarizing technology platforms". I.e., mob rule must be co-engineered with propaganda control (a narrow Overton window that supports the Party exclusively). For the totalitarians, it is not and never was about freeing individual people but merely about dominating them and annihilating their choices.

Notice also here the cues to the globalist strategy:
"emboldened autocrats are ramping up oppression, they’re targeting minority groups, they’re often flouting international law"

"International law" and "minority groups" — ESG and DIE.
If you could not see the very apparent ESG/DIE strategy here, he says it even more explicitly:
"by promoting more inclusive markets"

As a reminder: the cornerstone of cultural destruction under ESG is Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE). This is the slave morality infiltration of all institutions with Politburo representatives who destroy businesses from within through both sheer incompetence and Faith in Party (for more on ESG/DIE, see the last thread under "Tue May 31 01:47:34").

Also notice that those "emboldened autocrats" refer to leaders who want to maintain the sovereignty of their nations rather than submit to the globalists while those globalists push for the "international law" of ESG/DIE.

"populist appeals grounded in fear, bigotry, and resentment have elevated leaders who, once they’re in office, have sought to systematically undermine democratic institutions"

Obama is even willing to throw *populists* under the bus. How fucking open can they get about this? And he even admits that populism undermines this mob rule strategy, since populism ultimately supplants the authority of the neo-tyrants — the elitists. The undertone is, of course, about Trump, who threatened this globalist strategy. Obama did not say that Trump "undermined [Republic] institutions", since the overt strategy of the DNC is to rid themselves of a Republic to install their own Caesar. That is, even if we believe the DNC's narrative of "insurrection", we would be talking about Trump "undermining" the **Electoral College** — not undermining mob rule, which the DNC believes it controls via election abuse and propaganda. I.e., the mob is whom the totalitarians want to enable, with the Electoral College standing in their way.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 12 04:12:11
On June 10th, Twitter decided to purge a series of anarchy-related accounts, and their ban-net seems to have included even Vermin Supreme, the boot-hat-wearing semi-satirical independent/anarchist presidential candidate who went legit in 2020 and tried to run under the Libertarian Party banner.

Indy journalist Ford Fischer reports:
Vermin Supreme explains, "No explanation. No warning."

So, while this seems to be a key-word purge related to "anarchism", so far, it is speculation based on the overt symptoms (lots of anarchy accounts being suspended) rather than explicit confirmation from Twitter. Not that that means the evidence is not strong. This is another case of Twitter performing purges and only being caught when someone notable "accidentally" gets implicated. The strategy is to cull the discourse by degrees so that people do not even notice that the Overton Window is closing around them.

In 2020, Supreme ultimately endorsed Jo Jorgensen when she secured the Libertarian Party candidacy. She went on to sink her own campaign by falling into a low-information trap when one of her staffers Tweeted this in July 2020:
"It is not enough to be passively not racist, we must be actively anti-racist.
#BlackLivesMatter #VoteGold"

A few hours after experiencing backlash, Jorgensen clarified,
"#BlackLivesMatter means standing in solidarity with a mourning black community as we fight together to end qualified immunity, police brutality, sentencing disparities, and the war on drugs, not support of any “organization” by that name."

But, the damage had been done, since she showed that she had walked into the Marxist trap, falling for their doublespeak like any other low-information voter (or her staffer did, in which case, why have such a low-information staffer running the Twitter account?).

To clarify why this was bad, firstly, "BlackLivesMatter" does *not* simply mean recognizing, in particular, issues faced by black communities. That is the moderate's delusion of its meaning based on the moderate's belief in the movement coming from a good place when it does not.

Second, "anti-racist" does NOT mean "actively against racism". "Anti-racism" is part of the Critical Pedagogy method of creating useful idiots of slave morality by building an ahistorical oppressor/oppressed binary which necessarily ends with the flipping of oppressor and oppressed. That is, anti-racism is NOT concerned with actualizing equality (e.g., meritocracy models) but in creating a tyranny over the perceived "oppressor" by inverting the systems of power.

This is an essential part of the DIE strategy and is why it is so important for the totalitarians. By flipping "oppressor" and "oppressed", the masses fight amongst themselves while the totalitarians merely sit back, instigate, and await the rewards of controlled market "instability". The desired result is a redistribution of wealth — but not into the hands of the people. The proletariat is, as usual, deceived into believing that they will be the beneficiaries of the strategy. Just as the great arts of the tsars and tsarinas did NOT end in the hands of the Soviet proletariat, so too will/would the wealth of current states NOT end in the hands of, say, Chicago youth.

"You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy"

With a global order of a possession-free proletariat, the totalitarians believe that they alone can direct the order of society. Beyond the initial eugenics plan (wherein billions will die for this order) is a "zero carbon" future wherein the surviving proletariat can be directed like the collectivist Borg to do the bidding of the elitists — a new caste system of selective breeding and arranged marriages in the style of India and the Jew.

A citizenry with no possessions can be plugged into the Marcusean dialectic: content with their insignificance and left to toil on behalf of the entertainment-seeking totalitarians. The totalitarian eugenics plan seeks to have people capable of running the remaining machines of society but not *too* capable, lest they see the world as it is. The DIE strategy thus empowers the mediocre — not to rise to new heights but to fall as one into the execution ditches, with their belief in a new history being but the fantasy that they were sold by their own executioners.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 12 07:14:59
Flash from the past:
In further developments of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) strategy of encouraging depopulation by culturally convincing people to remove themselves from the gene pool, the Dirty-Diaper White House put out this statement on March 31st, 2022:

"FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Advances Equality and Visibility for Transgender Americans"
[White House dot gov]

This was a further solidification of the globalist strategy that they immediately put in place after installing their puppet in the White House; in February 2021, they released their "Memorandum on Advancing the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Persons Around the World" — the essence of the ESG/DIE strategy, launched as soon as they gained power.

The new statement is honestly a ridiculously long list filled with the typical ESG/DIE elements. Here are some highlights:

• "The Department of State is announcing that beginning on April 11, 2022, all U.S. citizens will be able select an “X” as their gender marker on their U.S. passport application."

Read: this is the government's way of normalizing transgender insanities. The government now affirms the delusion in documentation. It may as well say, "Loyal Party Member", on the papers.

• "Expanding trainings to support transgender and nonbinary students in schools. The Office of Safe and Supportive Schools in the Department of Education will offer new training for schools with experts and school leaders who will discuss the challenges faced by many transgender and nonbinary students and strategies and actions for providing support."

This is part of the DIE strategy of institutional infiltration. The DIE strategy requires well-trained Party Politburo agents in every educational institution, thus, it makes perfect sense that these Politburo agents would be trained to "affirm" The Party's transgender ideology.

• "Confirming that gender-affirming care is trauma-informed care. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), which is administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is releasing new information for providers confirming that providing gender-affirming care is neither child maltreatment nor malpractice."

That's right! It's "neither child maltreatment nor malpractice" to convince teenagers to remove their ability to procreate before they have even settled into their bodies following the flood of puberty's hormones. This means that doctors effectively get a liability pass for permanently disfiguring and damaging these children.

• "Filing an employment discrimination complaint. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is announcing that it will promote greater equity and inclusion for members of the transgender community by giving individuals the option to select an “X” gender marker during the voluntary self-identification questions that are part of the intake process for filing a charge of discrimination."

Further DIE infiltration of work-places.
This is a signal that people of the DIE persuasion will have particular advantages over those of actual qualifications. Businesses are already given incentives for hiring people who cannot physically complete their tasks because those businesses receive tax credits for meeting those particular hiring quotas. Expanding this to include transgender people further subsidizes infiltration of private businesses who must comply with the Party ideology or else face charges.

• "Applying for federal student aid. The Department of Education plans to propose next month that the 2023-24 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will include an opportunity for applicants to indicate their gender identity as well as their race/ethnicity when applying for federal financial aid."

Same as above: transgender students will have a leg up on their competition via cheaper education opportunities and university quota programs. This encourages more people to identify as transgender so that they can go to college, and it further erodes the university's function as education, prioritizing instead its Party-sponsored indoctrination role.

• "The White House announced that the President’s proposed Fiscal Year 23 budget includes $10 million in funding for additional critical research on how to best add questions about sexual orientation and gender identity to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey"

This $10 million in research will further enable the government to justify additional infiltration. If, for instance, they find out an obvious truth, such as that transgender people are lacking in upper-level executive leadership roles in private companies, the government can then refer to this study to say that every business of x-size must now include y-amount of transgender executives (i.e., more quotas). This is something that California attempted by requiring that women be on the boards of private companies. That was found to be unconstitutional by a California judge in May 2022 ( http://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/california-judge-rules-law-include-women-boards-directors-unconstituti-rcna29071 ).

The DNC attempting to defy the Constitution? I can't believe it! D:
They wouldn't *possibly* try to pack the Supreme Court and dissolve the Senate to *change* those Constitutional protections.. would they?? D: D: D:

And what was the would-be cost of non-compliance in that scenario?
"The Women on Boards law, also known by its bill number, SB826, called for penalties ranging from $100,000 fines for failing to report board compositions to the California secretary of state’s office to $300,000 for multiple failures to have the required number of women board members."

Do we yet see how the DNC and the globalists push for DIE infiltration?
The stick: fines and the destruction of your business.
The carrot: Accept the political ideology of the Party and receive party protections from the inevitable failures of Party mismanagement. No Party business with a sufficient ESG score is allowed to fail anymore.


• "Condemning anti-transgender bills."

The White House's goal is to continue to pass legislation which will criminalize businesses that do not *affirm* eugenics via transgender psychosis.

• "Reaffirming that transgender children have the right to access gender-affirming health care."

Yep. Remember when Ol' Dementia Joe said that 8-year-olds should be allowed to transition?

The AP "fact-checked" that, essentially making a semantic argument to pretend.. well.. he never explicitly said, "transition":
"Biden did not say transgender children should be able to ‘transition’"
[October 21st, 2022]

..and yet... here we are in 2022, with the White House re-affirming their 2020 statements by saying that, yes, children should be allowed to transition. Because, after all, what is "gender-affirming health care"? Is it just having a nice safe school environment where no one bullies the weirdos? Lol, no. It's **health care** for transgender children, meaning puberty blockers, cancer-causing estrogen supplements, and medical procedures — a.k.a., *transitioning* services.

• "Department of Justice statements of interest and amicus briefs. The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has filed Statements of Interest and amicus briefs in several matters to protect the constitutional rights of transgender individuals, including in Brandt v. Rutledge, a lawsuit challenging legislation restricting access to gender-affirming care for transgender youth; B.P.J. v. West Virginia State Board of Education, a lawsuit challenging legislation restricting participation of transgender students in school sports; Corbitt v. Taylor, a lawsuit challenging legislation restricting the ability to change gender markers on state driver’s licenses; and Adams v. School Board of St. John’s County, which involves the right of a transgender boy to use the boys’ restroom at his school."

And there's the legal mechanism.
It's not just "be nice to transgender people" — that was enough in the '90s, and it's [current year, people!] No. This is the White House now attempting to set legal precedent to *require* that people simply be okay with children transitioning — often with those children being enabled outside of the consent of the parents. It also *requires* that schools be "inclusive" (i.e., another legal *requirement* for the DIE strategy). And the Party's propaganda arrives through this DIE Trojan Horse.

• "President Biden believes that an inclusive military strengthens our national security"

Lol. No. National security is strengthened by promoting sheer competence, not "affirming" weakness. A bullet does not care about the lived experiences of someone who turned their genitalia inside-out.

• "As a result of his Executive Order, the Department of Defense issued new policies which prohibit discrimination against transgender servicemembers, provide a path for transgender servicemembers to access gender-affirming medical care, and require that all transgender servicemembers are treated with dignity and respect."

There it is again. The military will be paying for the transitions of its service members. Somehow, I doubt that this increases deployment readiness anymore than allowing Islamic service members to not have to shave despite the need to don a gas mask.

• "highlighting over 45 key, early actions the Biden-Harris Administration is taking to address the root causes of anti-transgender violence, discrimination, and denial of economic opportunity."

Further infiltration. Slave morality demands that people be given "opportunity" that they did not earn.

• "Strengthening protections for transgender individuals who are incarcerated. In January 2022 the Bureau of Prisons revised its manual on serving transgender offenders, improving access to gender-affirming care and access to facility placements that align with an inmate’s gender identity."

Yep. More transwoman-on-woman rapes to take place in prisons, and the prisons will fund the transitions on tax-payer funds. But! A person who ended up in prison would surely respect the female inmates and would not *dare* rape female inmates!!
"Transgender Rikers inmate sentenced to 7 years for raping female prisoner"
[New York Post; April 25th, 2022]

Okay, sure, sure. But like.. he got in trouble for it though.
"What if he rapes me?"
"What if SHE rapes you!!"
(Gervais: http://twitter.com/quenerapu/status/1535468076841455618 )

• "Advancing gender-affirming care as an essential health benefit. In 2021, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved the first ever application from a state to add additional gender-affirming care benefits to a state’s essential health benefit benchmark plan."

That's right: "essential".
From the ESG/DIE strategy, this is perfectly rational. It is *essential* that every means of depopulation is explored, including but not limited to convincing people to remove their reproductive organs. It is *essential* that people reduce their carbon impact by not having a future.

• "Advancing health equity research on gender-affirming care."

So many buzz words.
"Equity" here would mean that the public will be paying taxes to ensure that this depopulation strategy is funded and culturally encouraged.

• "Ensuring transgender patients can access birth control. In 2021 HHS issued a final rule to strengthen the Title X family planning program, fulfilling the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to restore access to equitable, affordable, client-centered, quality family planning services."

Even *more* birth control suggested by the Malthusians on *top* of the transgender depopulation strategy? And you have to love the Newspeak of "family planning", when, as many have pointed out, the "plan" is to stop people from having families.

• "Advancing transgender equality in U.S. foreign policy and foreign assistance. In line with the Presidential Memorandum on Advancing the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons Around the World, the United States is making significant investments to uphold dignity, equality and respect for transgender persons globally. For example, USAID supports the Global Barometer for Transgender Rights and the LGBT Global Acceptance Index which track progress and setbacks to protecting transgender lives around the world."

There it is again. This is a global strategy. ESG even has a sub-division via the "LGBT Global Acceptance Index", which is another means of determining how much the global Marxist strategy has infiltrated target nations and cities. They can, for instance, see that a particular city has a lower-than.. erm.. "ideal" presence of transpersons, which would necessitate further subversion to make sure that a higher percentage is present via cultural erosion. There exists a UCLA tracker for the States with this purpose in mind:
Particularly telling is the difference between transgender adults versus transgender youth. Their target it to increase the amount of transgender youth (already much larger than the percentage of adults), since that would slow the growth of the next generation. Interestingly, transgender identity correlates strongly with poverty and non-white status ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5227939/ ), which further paints a picture of the DNC's racialist strategy, similar to their placing Planned Parenthood locations within these communities in particular.

• "Appointing historic transgender leaders."

Yeah. "Historic" I think was their typo; they probably meant histrionic, like the personality disorder.

In short, the White House further codified its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores and its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DIE) strategy by further promoting the carbon reduction of a comprehension eugenics program, with this March press release codifying their intent to infiltrate legislation, schools, and global institutions with the strategy. The goal is always the same: reduce the cultural efficacy of the world while reducing its population. This introduction of strategic weakness enables the petty mob in its awakening, which is to coincide with the destruction of Republic protections against mob rule.
Sun Jun 12 08:20:32
Re: 17th/19th Amendments and duty/privilege

Unfathomable based
Sun Jun 12 08:20:53
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 12 19:06:32
That's how we roll in this thread (⌐▨_▨)

A quick lol:

Part of the random propaganda of Imgur is that they'll sometimes rehash old stories for absolutely no reason. Kyle Rittenhouse, for instance, is not in the news and has had almost no relevance for weeks. The most recent item in Rittenhouse's history is a random podcast interview where he downplayed QAnon theories about him ( https://www.newsweek.com/kyle-rittenhouse-rebukes-conspiracy-claims-during-qanon-john-interview-1713128 ).

Was that the subject of this Imgur meme? No. Not at all.

"Hey Bro ... I just got away with ...."
(Image of Rittenhouse crying in court in November 2021 juxtaposed with an image of him at a bar in January 2021)

The propaganda meme is, of course, misleading, to say the least.

The meme originated from user "blank666man", whom I have called out for misleading propaganda in the past (he has been doing this for years). blank666man has responded directly, effectively claiming that it doesn't matter that it's propaganda because the end justifies the means. Many of these people think that propaganda is necessary in order to bring DNC voters to the polls. I.e., this is yet another leftist who lacks any sense of morality.

To the meme:
"Just got away with" makes it appear that Rittenhouse got out of court and then went to a bar to celebrate. In reality, the court picture is from November 2021 and Rittenhouse's appearance in a bar occurred in January 2021 (see http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/kyle-rittenhouse-out-bail-flashed-white-power-signs-bar-prosecutors-n1254250 ). In other words, the narrative is outright false.

In reality, even after Rittenhouse's not guilty verdict, he avoided public appearances in favor of news appearances (i.e., not physically present in uncontrolled public spaces). His appearance at a bar followed his initial plea, when Rittenhouse was out on bail for a limited time before having to stay in jail during his trial. The left would never ask how they might spend their time in such a scenario (i.e., only days of freedom before being back in jail for an indeterminate amount of time), and if they did, they would likely express their fearful avoidance of the left-wing Panopticon like the caged citizens of "Fahrenheit 451".

More than that, forgiving the faulty timeline for the moment, the propaganda meme's narrative is that Rittenhouse was a "murderer" and thus has no reason to celebrate a not guilty verdict. In reality, Rittenhouse was found not to be a murderer and mountains of evidence supported his self-defense claims.

This is, of course, another source of the left-wing psychosis. It is very important for them to make Rittenhouse into a villain because The Party demands that it be so. All law-abiding persons who do right in the morally grey world of slave morality are enemies of that slave morality psychosis.

The left's constant denial of evidence became particularly hilarious with the Rittenhouse case because there was *so* *much* evidence of Rittenhouse's innocence. Where the delusional left would normally find its peak psychosis in inferring the mind of Trump beyond evidence (i.e., in the spaces where the direct record is missing, the psychosis-left infers their beliefs), in this case, direct video evidence and witness testimony paints an inescapable reality — yet they escaped it with their delusional narratives. If anything could wake them of their delusions, would it not be this? No. Rittenhouse was a proof-of-concept that those in the psychosis do not have the mental fortitude necessary to escape it — perhaps they never will (see again Solzhenitsyn's talk of the discarded Bolshevik citizen).

The comments are thus further escapism:

• covideokilledtheradiostar: "You know what's REALLY fucking crazy? There are going to be comments here from people defending this racist motherfucking piece of shit."
• HulksBigGreenDick: "Rittenhouse is a murder."
• CraftyGiant: "Selfies mid trial with the defendant are totes the mark of an honest judge."
• Giantmutantcrab: "Kyle Rittenhouse is a domestic terrorist."

Not having evidence to support their claims, many of the useful idiots pivot to saying that Rittenhouse was "racist" or "terrorist". These are the people who think it appropriate for rioter to show up in a city but not people trying to *prevent* rioting. That is their moral decay.

The CraftyGiant user even shares an obviously PhotoShopped image which midwits believe shows the judge posing for a picture with Rittenhouse and one of his lawyers. These are not perceptive people, which explains their inability to correctly rationalize evidence. The users who are shown that it is indeed PhotoShopped fall back to other positions, like that the judge showed that he was partisan by turning his back on a "murderer" — ignoring that the judge is afforded protections in a court room and that Rittenhouse was not on trial for attacking people whose backs are turned.

These delusions are quite concerning, but one would have to hope that this is a massive case of astroturfing. That is, perhaps these useful idiots are simply sock puppets. It is a fine fantasy, but the thing about midwits is that they end up sharing the opinions of the astroturfing sock puppets.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 13 04:54:39
As a good example of this statement (said above):
"This is where the left lies to themselves, saying that "[Biden doesn't have anything to do with gas prices! In fact, gas prices are going up worldwide! So it couldn't be him! Take that, cons!]" This self-generates from total ignorance of the world strategy, where the diaper-shitter played his part and solidified the economic effects through overt policy decisions. (I.e., Biden did indeed cause gas prices to increase, and much of the rest of the world took similar actions to do the same locally, causing that snowball to grow)."

..right-wing troll account Defiant L's, who compares the previous statements of the left with their current statements to point out their inevitable ideological inconsistencies, posted this on June 12th:
The image quotes user @TeaPainUSA, who has 780k followers:

• May 21st, 2018: "The price of gas has risen 26% in the past year, thanks to Trump's bumblin' foreign policies and allegiance to Putin. Trumpers are unfazed, chalkin' it up as the "cost of bein' racists."

• June 12th, 2022: "Presidents don't control gas prices, but you know who does? The Republican-smoochin' Fossil Fuel industry"

The useful idiots will inevitably say, "[Oh! But the consistency is that Republicans are at fault!]", but.. no.. Tea Pain specifically blames "Trump's bumblin' foreign policies and allegiance to Putin" for *rising* prices. If the second statement were consistent with the first, then Tea Pain might have better made this statement when gas prices were *falling* under Trump, blaming that success on Republicans "smoochin' [the] Fossil Fuel industry". He does not do that, because there is no ideological consistency here — just an asymmetric blaming of Trump or the GOP under the Party's talking points.

This is again a case of the left simply adopting the Party's talking points with no memory of the past. This is how easily they can be misled. They are willing to blame a president if it is the opposition president, but they cannot blame a president if it's their own. This is the Marcusean strategy (again, an evolution of slave morality that was also reflected in Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals"): assign total accountability to the opposition, but blame "uncontrollable" external factors on anything that can make The Party (Marxists) look bad.

While on the subject of gas prices.. I wrote a longer explanation of this false belief on another site on April 25th, 2022 (a reply to a user). Sadly, it did not appear because left-wing trolls were reporting counter-arguments to have them removed. Here it is:

Keep in mind that the DNC-media is more likely to downplay the economy right now to protect their diaper-pooper, so try running searches from before Biden took office (i.e., a time period when the media would gladly point out a president's effect on the economy if it could make a Republican look bad).
• From FiveThirtyEight in July 2016: "In crises, presidential action can have an immediate and measurable effect. Most economists believe the stimulus package that Obama signed early in his administration helped dampen the effects of the recession; critics on the left argue that a larger or better-designed stimulus could have done more"
( http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/a-presidents-economic-decisions-matter-eventually/ )
Compare this to Trump, who released two stimulus packages before leaving office. Biden finalized the third stimulus package early in 2021, then claimed that he would release another stimulus package, but then he did not deliver. This promise without delivery itself caused major ripples. Meanwhile..
• Biden's pandemic policies kept people out of work for longer.
• Biden's pandemic policies resulted in the firing and forced termination-vacations of large sectors of the workforce. His vaccine mandates affected millions of workers (Federal worker mandate which affected all government employees (e.g., DoD, DoS), Federal contractor/sub-contractor mandate, CMS for health-care workers, OSHA for workers at companies of 100 or more) and caused uncertainty in the markets as employers did not know if they would have to invest in the training of new employees, caused airlines (large holders of government contracts) to change policies which negatively affected the airline industry, workers left their jobs en masse to avoid forced vaccination, and worker/employer litigation took funds away from the practice of running businesses as those businesses were forced to expend capital on suing the government and bolstering their HR departments.
• Presidents affect the economy by affecting global trade deals. Biden's policies and ineffectiveness resulted in the shut down of trade networks in the United States, including trucker issues, California's shipping crisis, and oil distribution networks.
• Biden's "green" energy policy forced markets to take money away from the "sure thing" of petroleum trade, placing those funds in speculative markets and money holes which were less profitable and which caused immediate market instability.
• Biden passed an executive order to increase the federal-worker minimum wage which caused the elimination of federal worker jobs as federal departments were forced to cut budgets.
• A president can effect interest rates by coordinating with the Federal Reserve. To this effect, Biden caused market insecurity by promoting dangerous plans such as the money-tracking of common citizens (which would bring instability to the tip economy and thus to millions of wage-based jobs) and threats of reaching the debt ceiling and triggering a government shutdown.
• A president can affect the economy through job creation. Biden's failure to create NEW jobs through his failed policies (e.g., pandemic, energy, education) has stifled job growth.
• A president can pass immediate changes which promote new business creation. Biden's policies are not good for small businesses, which means that would-be entrepreneurs have stayed out of the market.

As for "WHY would a president do that to the citizens of his country? Where's the benefit? Do you think he profits somehow?"
A president would do these things for many reasons. One reason is that ideology is more important to them than the well being of their actual citizens. This is why they forgive their own bad energy policies: it hurts people, but they feel that it will bring about their vision. And yes, he does profit. The corporatists always profit. The people who arrange these deals — no matter how destructive for the people — can make plenty of money with their executive-level pump-and-dump schemes. These politicians and their families will be rich for the rest of their lives.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 13 08:35:58
As discussed above, Ol' Dementia Robinette's energy policy is causing economic turmoil **by design**. They knew very well that these decisions would be bad for the economy, but they made these decisions anyways.

Here's Diarrhea-Legs Robinette on December 19th, 2019, at the PBS NewsHour Democratic Candidate debate:

At 34:40, this exchange occurs:

[Moderator Tim Alberta (Politico, The Atlantic)]:
"Three consecutive American presidents have enjoyed stints of explosive economic growth due to a boom in oil and natural gas production. As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth — even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of blue-collar workers — in the interests of transitioning to that greener economy?"

[Ol' Parkinson's Shuffle (Totalitarian)]:
"The answer is yes. The answer is yes. Because the opportunity. The opportunity for those workers to transition to high-paying jobs, as Tom said, is real. We're the only country in the [worble/world] that's ever taken great, great crises and turned them into enormous opportunities."

The first case of COVID in the U.S. was a month later, btw. And, it's interesting to refer to a "great [crisis]" in relation to one that he would *cause* — an admission of the protection racket scheme (mentioned multiple times in this thread series).

He goes on to talk about passing laws that make it more difficult for people to build structures — unless they conform to new government-led "green" regulations. He also talks about government owning industries.

Sanders of the "see early life section" reiterates Dementia Joe's statement:
"In all due respect, your question misses the mark. It is not an issue of relocating people in towns. The issue now is whether we save the planet for our children and grandchildren."

In other words, Sanders agrees that the little people do not matter. Totalitarian eugenics is more important than any human lives. The only question is to whom he is referring with "our".

At 43:00, after Tom Steyer talks about how the DNC can sell their reformatting of the economy by calling it "environmental justice" (i.e., the DIE strategy), Robin-Shit admits that his administration would be a continuation of the Obama administration. He admits that Trump got the totalitarian order off track and that they now want to get back on track:
"I didn't say, 'return to normal.' Normal's not enough ... we have to build on what we had started in our [the Obama] administration, and that's been interrupted very badly."

I've pointed this out before.
The DNC and world totalitarians had a timeline in place for their "green" eugenics strategy, and Trump pushed it off course — stopping the totalitarians. The totalitarians thus used every weapon in their propaganda arsenal to manipulate the useful idiots against Trump, important as it was for the totalitarians to regain power and put their "green" eugenics plan back on track.

A few months later, in March 2020, Biden and Sanders faced off in the CNN Democratic debate:

At 15:00, and as a side-note on regulatory capture (enclosed in "-=-=-" section), Sanders, although himself owned by the totalitarians, points out that the drug industry was a major donor of Biden's campaign. Sanders explains that an important part of a pandemic strategy would be to make sure that drug companies do not own the U.S. via regulatory capture — installing the candidate that is most likely to give BigPharma good deals and simultaneously allowing further infiltration of U.S. health care:
"The trick is, do we have the guts to take on the health care industry, some of which is funding the Vice President's campaign. Do we have the courage to take on the executives at the prescription drug industry, some of which, some of whom are funding his campaign."

I pointed out the issue of regulatory capture in a June 2021 thread detailing BigPharma's capture of public health — demanding vaccine mandates to ensure vaccine sales — (can't locate that) as well as in November 2021 within my vaccine litigation thread:

Here we see yet another connection between this administration and unethical public health policy, wherein they willingly participated in regulatory capture as a pre-election promise to BigPharma. Further details are pointed out here:

"Guess who the pharma industry is supporting for president"
[Drug Discovery Trends; October 21st, 2020]
"The pharma industry has put its weight behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, reversing a longstanding fundraising trend that has favored the GOP ... If Biden wins the election, drug companies will likely use their donation history as leverage if the new president seeks to negotiate lower drug costs, Billet said ... [Trump] formerly angered the industry with executive orders targeting drug pricing."

I have pointed this out hundreds of times at this point, but the totalitarians/fascists all put their weight behind the DNC going into 2020 (e.g., BigPharma, BigTech, the UN, the banking system, the Deep State), and we have seen this shift over the years.

The old model (2000–2008) was a belief in the GOP as the main villain of the global order. We saw this via Dick Cheney's back dealings within the war industry, where he used the crisis of 9/11 to propel his war profiteering via the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners. We saw this also with UN agreements on the ESG/DIE strategy in 2004.

But, when Obama took office, it was solidified that the global order was backing Obama (not that anyone should have been fooled by voting for him in the first place). Even Elizabeth Warren, who has now been totally captured by the totalitarians, was at that time willing to admit that Obama was a continuation of this globalist movement — a continuation of the designs enacted in the 2008 financial crisis.

Here Warren is in Michael Moore's 2009 anti-capitalism movie, pointing out that the ESG/DIE scheme (which she did not yet (openly) support) had already owned the government through the banking apparatus, with Obama appointing the very same executives of the banking industry who had caused the financial collapse:
(the movie has another interview with Warren wherein she lists the executives, but I cannot locate it on the open web for an easy link, possibly due to copyright issues). The docu-movie "Inside Job" (2010) lists them also:

These same banking institutions signed the 2004 UN agreement on ESG/DIE. I.e., the institutions that caused the 2008 financial collapse are the same ones that promote the ESG/DIE strategy (listed in previous thread under "Tue May 31 01:47:34").

What's funny about this is that Warren was later captured.

At the time of the Moore propaganda piece, she did not yet know the global strategy and simply wanted to understand it — or was playing dumb. Once she got her cut, she adopted their policies and, by 2020, willingly crushed populist counter-movements (e.g., see her attempt to smear Sanders in 2020, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5CUfvoRCx4 ). Warren's net worth in 2008 was around $2 million (Working backwards with this data: http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/08/news/economy/elizabeth-warren-wealth/ ), and Forbes now lists her 2022 net worth at $67 million ( http://caknowledge.com/elizabeth-warren-net-worth-forbes/ ). So strange that someone on the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which investigated the 2008 financial crisis, would find herself insanely wealthy after "regulating" those institutions.

Warren went from seeing the corruption of this "CIA operation" (not literally, perhaps, but this was their joke in the "Capitalism" movie) to, "[ESG/DIE businesses are all 'too big to fail' — the government must protect this strategy at all costs.]" After 2008, it was the Dodd-Frank act (at least in part) which solidified government control of ESG/DIE within a legal framework in the U.S. (See the Dodd-Frank pdf, which, despite its "main" goal of addressing regulatory oversight of financial institutions, finds plenty of reason to talk about diversity, inclusion, and non-financial equity (i.e., DIE): http://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/PLAW-111publ203/pdf/PLAW-111publ203.pdf ), and whenever a business is designated "systemically important" to ESG/DIE (e.g., being over $50 billion in assets), that business then falls under the "too big to fail" umbrella, receiving state protections.

This was part of why Warren was calling for the "regulation" of BlackRock — the government must have control of any large business that supports ESG/DIE (see also Warren arguing with Yellen http://www.cnn.com/2021/03/24/investing/elizabeth-warren-janet-yellen-blackrock/index.html ). This was not because Warren simply wants to protect the American people from the "evil" BlackRock and the consequences of its possible collapse (though she certainly pretended to share the concerns of populists for this political effect). No. This "too big to fail" strategy is to ensure that the government can protect its ESG/DIE successes. That is, BlackRock's success was via its complicity with the ESG/DIE strategy, and Warren was arguing for "regulation" as a means of further protecting a business that had complied with this strategy. With this "regulation", BlackRock becomes an institution that fulfills the DNC–totalitarian mission and is now protected by government insurance protocols (i.e., it *becomes* "too big to fail" via a legal recognition which rewards its role in the global ESG/DIE movement).

I spoke about this also in the last thread ("Tue May 31 01:47:34").

Back to Dementia Joe, who further specified his green eugenics plan:
(part 5, http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/03/16/part-5-entire-cnn-univision-debate-washington-dc-sot-vpx.cnn/ )
5:50 — "Number 1: No more subsidies for [fwaswil/fossil] fuel industries.
No more drilling on federal lands.
No more drilling, including off shore.
No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period. Ends."

He also talks about the Paris Climate Accord and globalist pressures for compliance (3:50), forcing Brazil to regrow the Amazon (4:40 ; this is part of the strategy of depopulating sectors of the Earth into nature preserves — part of New Zealand's role as well and India's. India will again see major eugenics strategies, as they did during COVID. They currently rate low on environment, though social infiltration is successful http://www.livemint.com/companies/news/indian-firms-improving-on-esg-scores-many-still-below-average-crisil-11652950701136.html ), and putting pressure on the rest of the world to comply by threatening the movement of their debt and sanctioning them (6:30, 8:30).

7:50 — "My plan takes on the fossil fuel industry, and it unites the world."
9:40 — "No more — no new fracking."

In short, it's a pretty simple strategy:
They knew very well that their policies would cause inflation, increases in gas prices, a recession, a gutting of the middle class, economic turmoil, unchecked immigration, and mass death. Their plan was simply to enact these policies and deflect away from the obvious consequences.

Their deflections are their usual distractions:
• January 6th, or
• Trump, or
• Putin ("Russia's Invasion of Ukraine"), or
• January 6th (yes, again), or
• needed gun control, or
• abortion bans.... or
• "corporations increasing prices" (an Elizabeth Warren propaganda strategy), or
• COVID-19 pandemic residuals, or...
• Whatever bread and circuses they can conjure.

The DNC even repeatedly tests how much people believe particular narratives:
"Who or what do you blame the MOST for the rising cost of goods and services, or inflation?"
President Biden and his policies: 38%
The COVID-19 pandemic: 28%
Corporations increasing prices: 23%
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: 6%"
( http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/bidens-job-approval-falls-lowest-level-presidency-war-inflation-fears-rcna21679 )

Particularly funny about the 6% there is that that did not stop the White House from sticking with the "Putin's Price Hike" narrative. But, the propaganda must have worked. Since that poll, they have found more people believe the "Russia" narrative, which improves the White House's manipulative position.

This is why they continuously repeat their refrain of "[insert issue] is on the ballots in 2022!".

They need these distractions. The low-information voter that constitutes the DNC's base did not realize that ESG/DIE was the only real issue on the ballot. They did not know that they were deciding between the Malthusian–totalitarians and the Constitutionalists. Now that the consequences of their decision have so plainly arrived, these useful idiots, unable to face this, have been provided with the comfort food of DNC propaganda.

"[Look at the shiny keys of a January 6th rehash!
Look at more spectral evidence of that bullet you dodged!
Enjoy these professionally produced and edited propaganda videos!
(Based on your viewing history, you might appreciate "Olympia" (1938) and "Triumph of the Will" (1935))]"

This again makes sense, because who would have the bravery to vote for their own annihilation?
Is not an execution more dignified if one wears a blindfold?
Mon Jun 13 09:00:34
I actually do read these, Usually one post at a time due to size and my *ooh something shiny* attention span....
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 13 09:48:00
"I actually do read these, Usually one post at a time due to size and my *ooh something shiny* attention span...."

Fair! I'd been writing this stuff for years but figured that UP may as well have a bunch of consolidated references that can be used at leisure.

In a good lol, Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist who points out the many hoaxes that the left falls for) has been making fun of the left-wing delusion of their certainty regarding the sanctity of the 2020 election. This was a poll that he put out yesterday:

"If you KNOW the 2020 election was fair -- meaning you believe you know the unknowable -- what is the root cause of your problem?
I'm under-informed 29%
I'm lying 19.1%
I have mental illness 22.7%
I am not smart 29.2%"

Adams has been pointing out a simple fact of elections: without election transparency, it is not possible to know as a certainty that elections were conducted without fraud. This is the basic principle that the DNC was evading in 2020/2021 (but which they took part in for 2016). The counter-meme is that one cannot know that they were fraudulent, but this counter-meme ignores that requests for investigations have been largely suppressed.

That is, if thorough investigations are not conducted into election integrity, and if, further, election audits are designed to not even verify integrity, then claiming certainty over the fairness of an election without investigations is an absurdity in deductive reasoning.

In a doublethink moment, the left wants to have and eat their cake. They want to believe that the 2020 election was blessedly pure, but they simultaneously want no audits. We saw this with the wall-to-wall propaganda psychosis wherein the left was induced to believe that even *asking* about election integrity was part of "The Big Lie". Their propaganda hugely narrowed the Overton Window on this issue, and this narrowing of the Overton Window was enforced by the BigTech apparatus, which banned any mentions of fraud or fowl play, removing any videos, articles, or Tweets which crossed the narrow limits of acceptable speech.

My favorite video on this issue was George Stephanopoulos' Party-Line meltdown, where he could not even *think* beyond The Party script, thus attacking Paul's reasonable calls for election law audits (i.e., not even talking about overturning the previous election — just looking at where laws could be improved and revealing obvious law-breaking):

Stephanopoulos goes down the list of the Party-Line talking points:
• All of the many challenges were dismissed
• All states certified after "investigations" and recounts
• DNC-infiltrated DoJ found "no evidence of fraud"
• There are not two sides to the story — there is only The Party

The pure level of assertion rather than argument is quite telling. Someone *not* within a propaganda psychosis might take the moment to say, "Do you think that [this particular investigation] had errors which prevented it from uncovering issues?" or, "What potential weaknesses exist which could be remedied in [this particular case]?"

Instead, there was only the Party's script: "Was the election stolen or not?"

The useful idiots do not even see the Kafka trap of this question.

The good Party Member immediately screams, "No! It was blessedly pure!"

A person of conscience, meanwhile, cannot answer, because it is a question that can only be answered through investigations, and The Party denies those investigations. This is "The Trial" by which The Party forces compliance. It is so much easier to say, "The Party is pure!" than to begin a process of critical examination.

It is telling, further, that where one tracks the court documents where examinations were attempted, that these Kafka traps are continually placed to prevent further inquiry — in the way is a thought-terminating judge, an unwilling legislature, or another Party figure devoid of reason. Josef K. is not meant to know the truth — he is only meant to comply with The Party. Seeking out the truth is met with The Party's disdain.

It is telling, still further, that more robust audits that took place against The Party's wishes revealed irregularities, such as in Arizona. But, one would not know it when searching with The Party's search apparatus and being fed The Party's coverage of these events. The good Party Member is thus assured by assertion of his unassailable beliefs. The more quickly he asserts Party lines and the less readily he questions Party narratives, the more useful he becomes to the Party.
Mon Jun 13 22:32:04
"These are the people who think it appropriate for rioter to show up in a city but not people trying to *prevent* rioting."

The same folks who are currently circlejerking about a van of dudes preemptively arrested in Idaho.
Mon Jun 13 22:53:52
See, I'm not the only one to think its pretty gay to have 31 guys in a Uhaul....at ampride parade.

I still think it's a fake group. They may have picked up 1 or 2 suckers and detained them, but primarily its a fed group made to be a target and agitate.

Atleast that's my opinion.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 13 23:13:27
[Forwyn]: "The same folks who are currently circlejerking about a van of dudes preemptively arrested in Idaho."

It's ironic that charges of Minority Report pre-crime is now lauded by the useful idiots.

[Habebe]: "I still think it's a fake group. They may have picked up 1 or 2 suckers and detained them, but primarily its a fed group made to be a target and agitate."

It's definitely questionable.

Some early conspiracy theories included that the Patriot Front people remained masked while being processed, whereas police would normally remove masks for processing, but this seems to be contradicted by arrest photos:
[Belfast Telegraph; June 13th, 2022]

See also images of their faces while being processed at the event:
[June 11th]

Others pointed out that it was strange that they were all "posed" for this kind of propaganda optics, but I think this was pre-staging for physical removal in police transports, which did occur. That is, police cannot simply put people in a wagon and immediately drive them away; they have to individually check and re-check them, identify them, assign charges, and then move them. A paper trail has to exist before they get to the station.

Where it gets weird for me is that any one of them was willing to get into the back of a U-Haul. That seems like an obvious setup moment. Any group member told to assemble in a singular place with no route of escape should be immediately suspicious of a setup. A U-Haul box should have made at least a few of them say, "[Umm.. I'll walk]", since an FBI strategy is exactly this sort of grouped-charge moment — i.e., get everyone together so that the DoJ can argue a shared conspiracy (They can argue, "[Why else would you get in the truck?]")

So, while I do not necessarily thing that these were all Feds, it screams that this group was built by a federal operation that snared useful idiots and groomed them to justify federal funding of further investigations. I.e., the FBI once again creating a group and then prosecuting them — when the group would not have even existed without the FBI's funding and guidance. This is visible via the group's clear physical standards and uniformed approach as well as the admissions that their chats had been infiltrated. This speaks of top-down leadership from someone who has actively worked in federal agencies. It stinks of Quantico.
Mon Jun 13 23:50:19
The leader also conveniently had a seven-page operations plan on his person lol
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 14 05:05:10
lol :D
That's hilarious. That's a straight operational SOP — a totally "normal" thing for a civilian to want to write before committing to an action.. as opposed to being something that bored officers and FBI bureaucrats would want created as a statement of intent and scope. I'd bet that it even uses FBI page formatting. lulz. I hope they have to go to discovery for those documents, but I'll look for leaks.

Police report that they Patriot Front was not even particularly equipped for harm. They had shields and defensive batons. No firearms. The KREM 2 press even keeps trying to up-sell the single smoke grenade by decoupling "grenade" — trying to make it sound like they had a smoke grenade *and* a separate *real* grenade.. which is just bait for low-IQ people to misinterpret. Smoke grenades do not even explode; they simply sit there kicking out smoke.

They also up-sell "*tactical* medical kits".. which sounds terrifying to low-information useful idiots but it's just an emergency medical kit in a durable pouch that contains more comprehensive treatment options. That is, instead of just band-aids and Neosporin, it would contain extra items such as quick-clot, sutures, and iodine. If anything, it makes them better suited to help people in an incident.. since.. we're talking about *aid* — not a fucking weapon.

Another funny fact comes from Andy Ngo, who points out that the Pride event that they were going to protest, "Pride in the Park 2022", included a report to police that "a dancer's genitals may have been exposed" (Ngo; June 13th, 2022 http://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1536562583154589697 ). This was done in a public park in an event that marketed itself as a "family-friendly, community event celebrating diversity and building a stronger and more unified community for ALL" ( http://www.nipridealliance.com/prideinthepark2022 ).

Spokane, Washington's KREM 2 News discusses:

They downplay it as extremely preliminary information. Current speculation includes this below video, but it may be a troll false flag since the video is "heavily edited" (blurred) — meaning that even though this drag queen flash-opened thighs, nothing may have actually popped out:

But, the video does seem to have taken place at the Coeur d'Alène City Park's "Bandshell", seen here:
And here:

These Bandshell performances by at least 5 different cross-dressers was geared towards children. Videos on the ground show maybe 30 children from ages 4 to 12.

Another angle of the performance (unedited but does not reveal anything extra of that key "blur" moment):

Other performances in front of the children there:

Police had a press conference in regards to the Patriot Front arrests:
[Spokane's KREM 2 News; June 13th, 2022]

At around 5:00, the mayor claims that civilians saw the Patriot Front entering the vehicles (three vehicles) — this may have precipitated the 911 call. At 8:00, the Chief says that the police did not have any advanced warning until they were called by a civilian on Saturday, June 11th.

As a comment points out, at 9:01, Police Chief Lee White begrudgingly answers a question from a non-journalist, who asks about a Coeur d'Alène police officer who explained that Patriot Front was infiltrated. The police chief tries to dismiss this as Internet conspiracy, but then admits that he has not seen the video.

This is the video of Coeur d'Alène Police Captain D. Hagar on the scene of the arrest:
This video comes from a longer video that was taken down from YouTube:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SlrREP6f5 (gone video; no source trail I can see)

[Woman off camera]: "But how did you know?"
[Hagar]: "We have informants that call us."

This seems consistent with the Chief's statement that they received a 911 call but different from narratives that were arising around this video. Some people misquoted the officer as saying "we have three informants". I do not hear that. I think they simply received a 911 call and Hagar is trying to play up his cool-factor. The Chief says at 17:40 that he does not know the identity of the caller. The police will have to review that information and make it public.

The KREM 2 report says that they were charged with misdemeanor conspiracy charges. Because that's not a big deal, this means that they schedule their own hearings. Those who have scheduled their hearings so far have scheduled for July 18th. They'll fall under the purview of Kootenai County Courts:

MuckRock News requested all court documents, which can be found here:
(so far, just mug shots and names)

Another KREM 2 video talks about the "plan":
..but the image they show is fake; it's one of those generic lorem ipsum texts (not the actual document).

While the Chief said that they had "“paperwork” that appeared similar to a police or military operations plan" ( http://www.bnd.com/news/local/crime/article262440747.html#storylink=cpy ) — that's a bit glowie — but I don't think that that information has been made available yet.

Based on KREM 2's reporting (their reporter seems to have seen the document), it seems like it was just a way to keep everyone together if anything happened. KREM 2 tried to play it up like it was a plan to riot, but it seems like they just had a plan to escape if they were attacked. Based on other protestor presence there, their real "plan" was to stand there with signs calling the LGBTQ+NAMBLA people "Groomers", then walk down the street to their vehicles to leave.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 14 10:06:39
Ah, the useful idiots are quite comical; the depths of their ignorance never interrupts their Faith in Party.

Here is a useful idiot doing its part in propagating the Party signal:

["Mon Jun 13 14:32:57"]:
" Fox host & guest: 'Dems have been intentionally trying to destroy the country originating from a 1930's KGB operation'
"where is this desire to hurt the country coming from?"
great question Fox host!
it's like they took every attack on Trump & decided to apply it to Biden & ramp it up 1000% "

There are layers to these errors.

Acyn is a left-wing propaganda account on Twitter that has been in my list of propaganda repeaters since at least the 2020 election cycle.

Acyn has 247.8k followers and a large quantity of cross-platform propaganda repeaters. For instance, nearly all of the propaganda accounts on Imgur repeat the propaganda signal of Acyn. Here is a selection of Imgur's useful idiots who repost Acyn. All of these users have a high frequency of front-page propaganda posts, and these were some of their successes via Acyn usage:
• SisterMidnight: https://imgur.com/gallery/PQCZZQI
• Mech0T1: http://imgur.com/gallery/JvH1Q3g
• Wadatahmydamie: https://imgur.com/gallery/DUoq2aT

Acyn is also regularly featured on propaganda-repeater site Reddit.
Acyn is even cited as a source by *Newsweek*:

While an easy counter-argument to this would be, "[Okay, so he's popular. Does popularity discredit the arguments?]", the key detail in response would be that Acyn traffics in low-information propaganda.

A note on propaganda:
Propaganda is not just designed for all levels of intellect and engagement. For instance, the propaganda that would target, say, a TikTok-using teenager is going to be different than the propaganda that would affect, say, a Fox-watching 80-year-old boomer. This is because propaganda is an entertainment apparatus; propaganda functions on the same principles of demographic-targeting as do movies and TV shows. In other words, particular movies are released with particular target audiences, and so too is propaganda released for particular target audiences. This is why political parties constantly check to see how well their propaganda is penetrating certain groups.

Acyn has a particular target audience: low-information left-wing useful idiots.

The key to Acyn's strategy is a particular formula:
• Show clips, but remove context.
This strategy impresses the midwit. The midwit believes, "[He's just showing something that literally happened!]" or, "[How could context improve this!?]" This means that the useful idiot believes that he is seeing the raw evidence, but, getting it from polluted sources that narrativize the accounts for him, he sees only the narrative, so, in effect, it becomes a strategy of evidence-denial. Acyn rarely — if ever — posts the raw sources in their full context. The idea is to get people to believe that establishing a fact pattern no longer requires context or understanding — that a clip is enough. This strategy is ideal for targeting the low-information viewer. This effectively distorts the useful idiot's understanding of the issues.
• Do not offer clarification or offer clarification in bad faith.
When posting clips, Acyn's propaganda tries to frame opposition claims as absurdities and falsely portrays a "[this speaks for itself]" air so that he can distort with immunity. He is effectively playing to an audience that already believes the DNC propaganda vocabulary and is hence in agreement with signal updates. Thus, his model of posting clips acts as a protective Rorschach Test: he can claim that he's simply "[saying what happened]" and "[people will reach their own conclusions]".
But, the formula is consistent: when a video is of the opposition, the "[just saying what happened]" moment is supposed to espouse anger in the useful idiot, who is controlled into taking the opposite position from the "enemy". When a video is of the establishment Politburo, the useful idiot is supposed to take it as his next accepted talking point — something he must desire and act towards. This is the seeding of "artificial values" (See Edward Bernays' "Propaganda"); the useful idiot is being fed the butchered narrative from a simulation of "raw" information but is in reality being fed values that command their obedience.
Unsurprisingly, Acyn samples heavily from MSNBC, Media Matters (a DNC-funded propaganda think tank), CNN, and The New York Times, with a bias that is 85% left, 9% center, and 6% right.
In effect, Acyn subscribers are directly receiving the propaganda of the DNC — but through an intermediary who makes these useful idiots believe that they're not actually being fed the corpo-fascist DNC talking points.
• Amplify negative emotions.
The underbelly of a good propagandist is to access the doomscroller mentality. The viewer must grow progressively more angry while simultaneously being fed Party solutions. Thus, the useful idiots will enter the psychosis, where delusional and Party Fervor will guide their actions. After spending time in the Tweets of Acyn, the useful idiot will believe himself to be quite informed when in reality his sense of the opposition has been heavily distorted by the bad faith Marxist rhetoric of the DNC machine.

But Acyn is one dimension of the equation. There is a high degree of overlap with followers of Acyn and followers of other Twitter propagandists and hate-mongers. That is, if a person is a follower of Acyn, they are likely also following these propagandists:
- Jeff Tiedrich @itsJeffTiedrich — 891k followers
- Hasan @HasanTheHun — 1.1 million (BreadTuber)
- Vaush @VaushV — 211.2k (BreadTuber)
- Brian Tyler Cohen @briantylercohen — 538.6k
- Robert Reich @RBReich — 1.5 million
- TheDailyShow / Samantha Bee / John Oliver / Jon Stewart
- George Takei @GeorgeTakei — 3.3 million
- David Pakman @dpakman — 230.6k
- AOC @AOC — 13 million
- David Weissman @davidmweissman — 340.8k
- Joshua Holland @JoshuaHol — 34.2k
- Dan Price @DanPriceSeattle — 737k
- Occupy Democrats @OccupyDemocrats — 373k
- Lindy Li @lindyli — 210.6k
- Patton Oswalt @pattonoswalt — 4.7 million
- David Hogg @davidhogg111 — 1.2 million
- Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1 — 1.3 million
- Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff — 3.1 million
- Alex Cole @acnewsitics — 109.9k
- Qasim Rashid, Esq. @QasimRashid — 338.3k

Nearly every single propaganda account on Imgur and Reddit reposts content from the above accounts. There are, of course, other favorites, so this is not the full list, but these are the most cross-pollinated propaganda accounts (most likely to be seen on most or all of the propaganda accounts).

These accounts even seed particular vocabularies which are trackable in their useful idiots. E.g., their followers are more likely to use low-information and volatile terms such as "GQP", "Nazi", "MAGAt", "Russian asset", "Trumpism", "Trumptard", "Trumper", "insurrection", etc. They are more likely to blame "Fox News", "OANN", and "NewsMax" for opposition arguments. These blame-assignments come directly from DNC research, DNC researchers still being in the old habit of blaming other establishment press, since its primary focus is on older more visible media (e.g., television news) and its talking points are still trying not to highlight the independent press. Hence, its useful idiots are directed towards a predictable series of targets.

It is due to that that these useful idiots are likely to subscribe to specific right-wing accounts for the purposes of hate-watching. They typically select right-wing sources that are easy to straw-man or misrepresent, right-wing sources that counter left-wing propaganda, or candidates who must be Astro-Turfed by both sock puppets and useful idiots for the purposes of the DNC's political expedience (i.e., by dog-piling these Twitter accounts, the DNC signal can drown out competing signals by employing messages of hate).

This includes my former list (last thread):
• Boebert
• Marjorie Taylor Greene
• Rand Paul
• Ted Cruz
• Matt Gaetz
• Madison Cawthorn
• Paul Gosar
• Ron DeSantis

But it also includes..
• Tucker Carlson
• Charlie Kirk (Turning Point)
• Ben Shapiro
• Elon Musk
• Mitch McConnell
• Lindsey Graham
• Josh Hawley

The DNC also directs their useful idiots and sock puppets to seasonal accounts as needed. For instance, Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, who recently released his movie "What Is A Woman?" is currently being Astro-Turfed heavily for that effort. Event-specific Astro-Turfing typically lasts a few weeks, since the main DNC narratives require the bulk of the useful idiot's attention.

To the Acyn video in question.

Firstly, ask yourself.. what is the context?
Acyn posted the video on June 13th, but when was the video filmed?
Who is in the video?
As an experiment, see how difficult it is to find the entire episode rather than a short clip of it without knowing these details.

If you pay attention, you can see that Acyn does not even know. He simply says, "Guest on Fox". He himself got this context-free clip from the propaganda-mills like a good propagandist. He is just another repeater.

The context:
This was an interview of long-time Fox contributor and GOP public affairs advisor Monica Crowley on Steve Hilton's program "The Next Revolution" on Fox News, Sunday, June 12th, 2022. This is the full episode:

Background on Crowley:
Crowley was an early Trump appointment.. but guess what happened? In 2017, while the DNC was strategically dismantling Trump's entire support structure to disable his ability to govern, Crowley was targeted by CNN for plagiarism ( http://money.cnn.com/interactive/news/kfile-trump-monica-crowley-plagiarized-multiple-sources-2012-book/index.html ). This targeting was published in early 2017, and the source of plagiarism? 2012. Very timely and not at all politically motivated.

The Cardinal Richelieu strategy of finding any crime is a DNC fixture of targeted political suppression. This, incidentally, is why Trump ended up appointing his own family members: the DNC was infiltrating his White House, sabotaging it, and destroying the reputations of anyone who was not a DNC plant. To demonstrate, the CNN hit-piece on Crowley was published January 7th, 2017. And when did Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump become official advisors? Kushner was appointed January 20, 2017 and Ivanka on March 29, 2017. Almost like... the DNC forced him to find the last few people that he could trust? No, no.. it must be nepotism. He must have been enriching his family for funsies. He must be everything that the establishment media says that he is.

Back to the video:
Hilton begins by pointing out Biden's massive economic failures, listing the many errors and the "corrections" which were yet more errors.
5:00 — Hilton points out the Biden energy strategy. He notes that Biden's strategy to fix inflation and energy issues.. is to boost green energy strategies. Yeah. This is hilarious because this will further spiral the economy. They know how to fix the situation, that's just not their goal.
8:30 — Hilton brings on Crowley.

Crowley correctly points out,
"For those who are still wondering why President Biden doesn't have a 'plan' to fix all of these catastrophes he created, I have a news flash for you: this *is* the plan."

I've pointed this out extensively above (see Mon Jun 13 08:35:58).

9:40 — "This is a controlled demolition of the U.S. economy. It is a controlled demolition of the United States. Period. This has been a long-term project by the left: to take down the United States. All of this is intentional."


10:50 — "It began in the 1930s and it came out of the KGB."

I'll stop here for a moment because comments under Acyn make these sorts of claims:
[Michael E. @MnMike55408]: "KGB wasn't started until 1954. Nice try though."

This is a weak play — trying to sink the argument with a surface semantic game.
The KGB was *formalized* *publicly* in 1954, but it was a continuation of the Soviet intelligence apparatus, with its predecessors having slightly different names for the same state functions.

The changes in the Soviet intelligence apparatus were mainly to reformat its leadership. E.g., when OGPU leader Vyacheslav Menzhinsky died in 1934, OGPU became NKVD. When Lavrentiy Beria stepped out of the NKVD to become deputy chairman of the Sovnarkom, NKVD became NKGB. When Beria returned, NKGB again became NKVD.. until Beria stepped down in 1943, making it NKGB again.. — still the same apparatus. For instance, Ivan Serov, the "official" first director of the KGB, was part of Beria's leadership team in the NKVD, having been within the Soviet apparatus since 1939, and also was rumored to have executed one of his predecessors, Yezhov.

That said, each director managed their particular operations. In the 1930s, we are talking about Soviet intelligence leadership under these Bolsheviks:
• Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda — presided over Bolshevik show trials, not unlike the January 6th Committee, which precipitated The Great Purge, which solidified uni-party control — another DNC goal.
• Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov — oversaw more of the Great Purge; responsible for many more deaths.
• Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria — purges and massacres.

We are also talking about espionage under the GRU.
In the 1930s, the Soviets successfully infiltrated American politics during FDR's presidency. This was a significant time for the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) and its espionage Ware Group under John Abt. A major objective of the Ware Group was to spread Marxist doctrine and further infiltrate government. Abt was later contacted by Lee Harvey Oswald, who had been corrupted with Marxism and wanted to be defended by a Marxist. Following from strategies used in Hungary, the Ware Group infiltrated universities to try to convince students that the problems of the Great Depression were due to capitalism and that Marxism could solve these issues.

This was also the time of the Perlo group, which infiltrated the Senate and the Department of the Treasury. The Perlo group was able to extract secret documents on U.S. energy strategy and attempted to subvert U.S. energy strategy with Marxist dialectic. Their infiltration change U.S. policy, expanding social programs and resulting in the creation of the Social Security Administration.

Under Stalin, the '30s also saw the use of active measures under the Soviet «désinformation» program. Their goal was subversion, infiltration, foreign policy propaganda, and destabilization. Yuri Bezmenov would describe his experience with this in the '70s in a 1984 interview:
"The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion"
1) Demoralization. This was infiltration of universities and education to demoralize the population with Marxist rhetoric — to induce resentment of the U.S.
2) Destabilization. With a demoralized economy, further changes could be effected to destablize foreign policy, national defense, and the economy.
3) Crisis. By inducing crisis moments, awaiting policies could be implemented. This could be Pearl Harbor events, national tragedies, assassinat10ns, etc.
4) Normalization. Following post-crisis changes, people get used to a "new normal". This phase allows further infiltration and effectively allows the cycle to repeat for even more societal takeover.

This strategy is elucidated in CRT.

So, back to Crowley:
"It was originally a KGB operation to destroy the country, and then after WWII, the Soviets actually changed their tactics. And what they decided to do — and it's been very effective for many decades — is infiltrate and grab control of the major pillars of U.S. life. So they grabbed control of the culture. So, entertainment, movies, television, music. They grabbed control of academia at the university level, and now it's all the way shot down through Kindergarten and even younger. And they grabbed control of the news media. So with those pillars, they've been able to inflict tremendous damage over many decades,"

Crowley, whether she knows it or not, is describing the Marcusean/Gramscian/Dutschke strategy: "The long march through the institutions". This strategy was used by Mao, Stalin, and Lenin, among others.

The goals of the long march were these:

Capture the pillars of..
• Religion
• Family
• Education
• Media
• Law

Compare this to Crowley's list:
• Culture / entertainment media
• Academia (education)
• News Media

She has clearly seen this list, though she missed religion and law.

Crowley was correctly defining the Marxist goal of capturing the pillars of Western society. For more on this, refer to my post "Sun Jun 05 05:41:12" on Marcusean "sustainability" — a Marxist strategy adopted by Biden and the global elitists.

The short version for this post is that these pillars are captured through infiltration of all institutions and then a forcing of a new hegemony. This applies to all institutions/pillars. So, for instance, if one were to want to capture the sailing industry, one would infiltrate that industry with Marxist workers (see my references to HR departments and ESG/DIE), understand that system, change its language to fit Marxist dialectic, and simultaneously build parallel structures within that industry — creating the Marxist counter-hegemony.

In practice, this occurs through making the infiltrated system serve the Marxist dialectic — the rhetorical devices that support Marxism (its grammar, its idea relations). The goal of a sailing company, for instance, is to make boats and sailing equipment. But, in Marxist infiltration, this business is now interested in Marcusean "sustainability". I.e., the business now serves Marxist Theory — not its existence as a business. All business resources must serve to alleviate "systems of oppression", and the business must constantly recognize its "privilege" by giving resources to DIE. The sailing industry might thus develop a discourse of Critical Sailing Studies. These studies will invent a history wherein sailing created systems of oppression which must now be alleviated in the present; the sailing industry must face its complicity in racism. This is the Marxist reduction to slave morality: oppressor and oppressed, where the oppressor must be made into the oppressed, rather than stopping oppression via the Western/Enlightenment values of equality.

See also James Lindsay's explanation: "The Woke Goal: Everything Serves Theory" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At7lg5Kt6N0 ).

This is, of course, a totalizing idea. Every institution is infiltrated, and everyone serves the same Marxist theme. This is why this is an attractive strategy to the totalitarians. We have heard people describe the DIE strategy as not Diversity of *opinion* — and they are correct. Under the totalitarian DIE strategy, all must serve Marxist Theory.

Back to Crowley:
"and now, Steve, we are actually at a tipping point where the useful idiots on the left, that, you know, the Soviet Union collapsed, the CCP then stepped in to take over this grand project to destroy the country from within. That's exactly what's happening. And now, when you've got useful idiots in the highest levels of power, including in the White House, including in Congress, you're seeing an acceleration of the tipping point to the point where we're almost at the point of no return."

She is again correct.
We have seen Biden and his White House openly wielding the ESG/DIE strategy of the global Marxists. This is not just some university concept left for some philosophical exercise (Celebration Parallax again: "CRT isn't taught in schools, and it's a good thing that it's taught in schools!"). ESG/DIE has infiltrated nearly every major business in the world and every major country. And she is right to say that it is no longer Russia — that is why Russia must be dismantled by the global elitists. Russia attempted sovereignty and food/energy independence in a time when the ESG/DIE strategy demands that every nation be subservient to the global Marxist ideal.

In the lead up to this move by Russia, China was placed to subvert U.S. leaders, particularly in the DNC but not exclusively, and so we saw Marxist enterprises infiltrated the U.S. But, even China is now awakening: this global Marxism will not serve them. They believed that they would own the world, but the pieces are moving against them (See "Sun Jun 05 05:41:12" for more talk on that.)

Video wrap-up; mostly unrelated:
12:30 — Hilton talks about the Disinformation board (interesting — a Soviet department for the U.S. government)
15:30 — Tulsi Gabbard guest spot. Gabbard talks about DNC censorship via BigTech partnerships and the anti-Constitutional DNC practices.
18:00 — They talk voting.
19:00 — DNC voters in California. SF votes to recall progressive DA. L.A. recall of progressive DA in process.
Guests Kathy Cady and Jason Chaffetz
24:00 — Biden clip on "crime and gun violence". Jason Chaffetz responds.
26:00 — Senator Feinstein mental decay. DNC okay with calling Feinstein senile but still protecting Biden.
Monica Crowley responds.
30:00 — Video ends; back to random person gaming, lol.

Anyways, the left has yet again referred to an ongoing issue as just a loony concept, or, here, a "ramped up" attack, which is fucking hilarious. Imagine thinking that the right is saying things "1000%" worse than the DNC. Even Biden admitted on Kimmel that the DNC has controlled the press, with people being artificially civil — because he fucking owns them. The DNC made the White House press room into a psychotic circus of vitriol during Trump in order to boost the psychosis over the useful idiots, and now, under Biden, the room is suddenly silent.. but.. oh... "1000%" worse. Fucking delusional.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 14 10:15:10
This sort of autistic research is thematically consistent with this thread series:

This video details the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, known for their video chorus "We're coming for your children/kids" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArOQF4kadHA ). Apparently... a few of their members have charges for pedophilia. This is consistent with research showing that people of the LGBTQ+NAMBLA community are statistically more likely to abuse children.
Wed Jun 15 00:29:18
This is the worst thing he has done yet!


More ethanol in the gas, honestly Im thinking Hillary would have been a better choice at this point, and that's saying something.
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 15 08:20:47
I'm getting a write-up ready for that but ran out of time to finish this morning.

Had to post this though:

Left-wing useful-idiot psychosis alert!

As I've listed before, these are (or "were", in Cawthorn's case) the DNC's primary 2022 enemies:
• Boebert
• Marjorie Taylor Greene
• Rand Paul
• Ted Cruz
• Matt Gaetz
• Madison Cawthorn
• Paul Gosar
• Ron DeSantis

The American Muckrakers PAC, a DNC propaganda project that has been tasked with taking down these 2022 enemies, was responsible for leaking an out-of-context video of Cawthorn in a consolidated effort to end his primary chances. That video was, in effect, a bro-dude doing bro-dude stuff with his bro-dude friends in obvious bro-dude fashion, but the DNC propaganda machine released it with blurs, sensational-looking images designed to make it look like gay sex-acts, and false narratives to paint Cawthorn as some kind of LGBTQ+NAMBLA pervert (Hey! That's the left's thing!).

Now, this same propaganda apparatus has set its sights on Lauren Boebert:
[MEA WorldWide; Jun 15, 2022]

The article points out that the propaganda PAC established this propaganda site from which the propaganda-repeaters can sample narrative bites:

They post a "press release" which has already been adopted by the usual propaganda repeaters:

..including a fake Liam Neeson account that has been gaining steam among the useful idiots and the propaganda account repeaters but which is still somewhat small (54.3k followers):
"It's not so much that Lauren Boebert was a paid prostitute, it's that she wants to outlaw abortions after having them."

The narrative seems to be focusing on Boebert's "moral hypocrisy", which is a classic DNC strategy of finding any immorality they can in conservatives so that they can demonize "family values" (a Gramscian pillar and thus a Marxist target). The same narrative was used in this video:

"BREAKING: Report Alleges Rep. Lauren Boebert Was Paid Escort"
[Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey; June 14th, 2022]

The video is not worth watching, given its copy&paste talking points, but I'm posting it specifically because it's such an obvious clone, and they will eat their words if this next claim is true:

Lauren Boebert responded on Twitter last night:
"Fact Check: Not true.
Fake News. Four Pinocchios. [/] Also…
Y’all need Jesus!"

That's a strong claim, and I hope she's being truthful, because this PAC didn't just post a yellow journalism video this time like they did with Cawthorn. This time, they relied on the word of a random person in a text message chat (on their site at the link above) and used that random person's claims (with no apparent evidence besides a couple of pictures with no context) to outright say, "Lauren Boebert Was a Paid Escort and Had Two Abortions".

That is not a hedged statement.
That is a direct and specific claim.

They can now be sued for defamation (hinging on Boebert, of course). In being sued, they would expose themselves to discovery, which would reveal their sources. This "PAC" may well just be an informal amateur research group with no direct ties to the DNC — like a crowd-sourced 4chan operation of the left-wing. But, they did not use 4chan's anonymous protections — they made a unique website, which means a registration trail. If they are sued, they will have to surrender documents, phones, computers/hard-drives, and contacts.

On the other hand, if Boebert is lying, she just handed them an even bigger win, since conservatives would forgive Boebert for past actions because of a belief in genuine repentance; but *new* lies to cover up one's misdeeds? That would lose her her own voters. Hopefully, she did not make that error.

In short, if Boebert is telling the truth, this propaganda campaign will likely implode on these activists. That would be a hilarious development for the DNC, since this would elevate the story even into the domain of the low-information checked-out DNC voters who are *not* in the social media psychosis.
Thu Jun 16 06:08:53
Whoever broke CC needs to apologize and say they were just joking before this dissolves into another Loughner incident. That really wouldn't be a good look for a forum consisting of 10 members.
Cherub Cow
Fri Jun 17 07:08:47
I explained in the last thread my purpose in this thread series, and I'll further clarify that I am completely and ideologically opposed to the actions of crazed, indiscriminate murderers and would never consider doing anything at all like that in my entire life. That's a fine meme-joke to make at my expense, but it is not at all based on any demonstration of reality or of my real beliefs, which have always seen that any amount of good in any person should be realized.

Even if the totalitarian order were ten times worse than anything I've ever indicated here, "Loughner" measures would only further empower those totalitarians at the expense of my good works. My goal is entirely cultural: healing psychologies through writing, film, and animation. I do not want people to be in this social psychosis, since those sorts of people make bad company and hurt the world.

So, if in earnest you think those things about *me*, then you may want to take a hard look at the mirror to this thread-series — the one now up to its *17th* iteration. If you're seriously worried about anyone, start there.

Thought I'd cross-post this here:

On Imgur, a top comment mentions, "It really fucking sucks how much we're not living up to the ideals of the Enlightenment."

This is ironic, firstly because this was under a Thomas Paine quotation submitted by a left-wing propagandist, and, secondly, because Imgur is quite left-wing, and, in their support of Critical Theory, they have rejected Enlightenment thought.

I responded, "Postmodernism often requires the destruction of the foundations of Enlightenment thought."

Weirdly, this was upvoted, again showing that many left-wing people do not realize that Critical Theory rejects the Enlightenment sense of evidence and reality — or they upvoted because they thought this destruction was a good thing.

Someone responded, "So does fascism"

So, I explained how postmodernism takes on the forms of fascism. This started with a semantic clarification where I tried to get him to define "fascism" in a way that was not merely the useful idiot's vocabulary of "only the right-wing; anything the GOP or Trump does".

His reply: "Fascism necessitates that truth be whatever the state dictates, in matters both subjective and objective. Post-modernism states that we can’t create a comprehensive philosophy that explains the all of the subjectivities of history and the human experience"

My reply (the rest of this post):
I’ll accept your functional definition of an aspect of fascism: “that truth be whatever the state dictates”. However, you are not quite correct about postmodernism and rejecting “a comprehensive philosophy”.

Postmodernism adapted Nietzsche’s sense of the “perspectival”. For Nietzsche, this was that individuals should accept their own perspective as being a powerful factor in their rationalizing of reality. But, for Nietzsche, this did not mean that the world could not be known but rather that knowing requires deep and plodding insights (e.g., extensive study, powerful intuition). Postmodernism, meanwhile, decoupled the cerebral efforts of the perspectival and gave stronger claims to unique experience—i.e., it did not require study or intuition, only that one *has* a perspective. This results in the admission of reality-denying perspectives into its discourse.

But one might say that it at least permits a vast ideological array of histories—it does not. Where postmodernism touches, say, Marcusean repressive tolerance, postmodernism becomes an activity in repressing robust histories and magnifying the most *ahistorical* histories. This is where postmodernism adapts another of Nietzsche’s developments: slave morality — the inversion of virtues as a means to reverse oppressor and oppressed. For postmodernism, slave morality becomes a utility for power.

In the development of a postmodern state (something that duplicitous postmodernists would disregard as a contradiction in terms while nevertheless building one), postmodernists value slave morality as a collective goal which totalizes all former attempts at robust histories. That is, it is not just that everyone has a perspective, it’s that those of a slave morality perspective have a perspective which is of particular interest to postmodernism. Postmodernism thus figures an enemy: it rejects those with a cohesive history (this as its practice of denying foundations and unities; e.g., denying Enlightenment reason) and it unifies those with dysfunctional ahistories (those peoples that may deny realities and share a belief in an oppressor). This creates a unified state over an atomized mob that has dictated an enemy by designating an “oppressor” and believing in the oppression of reason itself.

The Vanguard of such a postmodern state would see “that truth be whatever the state dictates”. And, because the “truth” for the postmodernists is composed of ahistorical perspectives united in solidarity, the state has no need to engage in truth-telling bound by reality, thus, “truth” may change based on which people of slave morality the postmodern state has decided to appeal to in order to expand the state’s powers in specific directions. This state destroys the unified histories and foundations of the former “oppressor” while selling to its ideological adherents a belief in the anti-values of slave morality.

This is where postmodernism aligns with fascism and shares a similar goal. A postmodern state becomes cynical, appeasing its rising class of slaves only to unite them under a singular uni-party banner. The Party ingratiates these slaves while denying their individualism for the totalitarian collective. Those of slave morality see the value of these reality-denying ahistories because in them they believe they taste power in the destruction of their “oppressors”, so they accept the state’s commands, which the people then allow to become absolute.

In short, where postmodernism denies political individualism, opposes realism and reason, raises the ahistories of those of slave morality, and hopes to level the world with the useful and narcissistic solipsism of the ignorant, it replicates the fascist model of unifying the mob in the shared goal of overturning the old order — while all the while only enabling the totalitarians who reside over this psychologically inept collective.
Cherub Cow
Fri Jun 17 07:23:28
A nice article that would perhaps help someone in the left-wing psychosis understand how they are behaving in relation to "democracy":

"The Defenders of Democracy"
[Compact; June 15th, 2022]
"The hearings of the Jan. 6 committee are the most prominent expression yet of the far-reaching effort to “defend democracy.” The people committed to this undertaking believe, with perfect sincerity, that their political opponents seek to overturn the Constitution of the United States. They are convinced that the nation’s democratic traditions may soon be irrevocably lost. They are prepared to wield force on behalf of their cause, seeking criminal penalties against those they oppose.

"In all this, the democracy-defenders are exactly like the protesters who descended on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The protesters believed they were defending the Constitution against those who sought its overthrow. They saw themselves as fighting for a democracy that was about to be stolen. They were, in at least some cases, prepared to treat their opponents as criminals."
Cherub Cow
Sat Jun 18 17:36:31
A good example of Resident Poopy's fragile status:

"POTATUS went on a bike ride today"
[UP Thread; June 18th, 2022]
Wed Jun 22 00:10:46
Oh Joe....he said today he needed more money to plan the next pandemic, there is going to be another pandemic.

Now I get what he probably meant. But to those who take the phrase "find some votes" this doesn't seem any different.
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 22 23:20:19
Yeah, and he didn’t just say, “Another pandemic”; he specifically said, “The second pandemic”:

Like you infer, there are at least two ways to interpret this:

1) The good faith way —
This is the good faith that the DNC psychopaths and their sycophants never offered Trump. Under this good faith, Biden was referring to the simple and pragmatic understanding that in a world with international travel and biolabs that people need to have good pandemic preparedness. This could be another COVID outbreak or something more novel — things happen, so be prepared. Under this understanding, a good faith person would similarly understand that Trump meant “find” in the Georgia phone call as meaning that there were many sources of election error, so, in the interests of a time crunch, Georgia simply needed to focus on one category of litigation to meet the deadlines.

2) The cynical way —
This is how the DNC interpreted Trump.
We may not be wrong to interpret the DNC in this way.
For Ol’ Butt-Puppet, this means that the “Second Pandemic” is the planned next stage in the totalitarian strategy. The Bill Gates / WEF strategy of pandemic response requires a forever-emergency to continually erode the rights of humankind, infiltrate with the globalist strategy of ESG/DIE, apply eugenics and genocide to bring down the global population, and establish a Marxist order of disempowered global citizens whose carbon is micromanaged from the top down via bio-tracking, output management (e.g., restricted work hours, manufacturing caps, waste production), and travel restrictions. “You’ll Own Nothing, And You’ll Be Happy”.

The pandemic strategy of the totalitarians is this:
• A pandemic builds compliance with the totalitarian order because people will be brought into the groupthink of Foucault’s pandemic Panopticon — enforcing top-down control at the level of social pressure; Bolshevik citizens reporting on each other for thoughtcrime and keeping people from liberty by imposing a chilling effect on discourse and narrowing the Overton Window (see Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish”, particularly the sections on the Black Plague’s management)
• World governments reacting to controlled pandemics and other managed crises will have pretext to adjust their laws to reflect the totalitarian controls. This means additional government mandates for vaccines, lockdowns, and the legislated erosion of liberty.
• Via the regulatory capture of public health, the very bodies of citizens will ultimately belong to the state; people will have no liberty to oppose government mandates (see my vaccine litigation thread; this has already been set up via the CMS mandate’s Supreme Court success).
• With pandemic response necessitating an incredibly fast-paced delivery of “vaccines” by government-controlled companies (publicly: an effort to beat nature’s own timing on natural immunity developments by reducing short-term deaths via bench methods), the controls of regulatory bodies such as the FDA will be diminished. In other words, those “vaccines” will go through even *fewer* controls and an even *less* robust emergency approval process in order to accelerate BigPharma production time lines. The goal here is eventually to release a pre-planned product to market. This product will be a kind of “miracle” cure that is rapidly “developed” (the public language) for the new pandemic. In reality, this product will sterilize and/or kill large segments of the population. “Survivor” populations will be allowed to live either by totalitarians managing where certain batches of product are distributed (i.e., some batches sterilize/kill while others do not) and/or by developing mRNA “vaccines” that target specific genetic markers, eliminating particular genetic populations in specific regions.

Multiple pandemics allow these strategies to unfold. The totalitarians likely know the exact number they need. With the “second” coming, it may be that the fourth is the killing blow. Most useful idiots will accept changes after an initial pattern of three.
smart dude
Thu Jun 23 04:40:56
do you think...anyone is going read all that?
Thu Jun 23 05:07:12
The onslaught of ADD emergent comments towards CCs researched and sourced texts are hilariously on the nose for this time and age.

I appreciate the rebuke of post modernism. Well maybe, deconstruction is a better word. I said I wouldn’t, but then I read one post. I have been reading it. I will read the last post.
Thu Jun 23 07:06:36
Ok that last post was really nice and at the same time demolishes all the gaslighting attempts lobbed at CC. She soberly gives a good faith version and then uses the same tools to give us a cynical post modern version.

There is another phenoma which I want to say is related to what she illustrates, the russell conjugation or emotive conjugation e.g:

"I am firm, you are obstinate, he is a pig-headed fool."

It has all the same elements, the TLDR is "It's different when I do it".

But sure, keep bragging about not reading what she is writting and use gas lightinging and master suppression techniques to attack her as a person.
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 23 09:29:40
Yeah, and he didn’t just say, “Another pandemic”; he specifically said, “The second pandemic”:

Like you infer, there are at least two ways to interpret this:

1) The good faith way —
This is the good faith that the DNC psychopaths and their sycophants never offered Trump. Under this good faith, Biden was referring to the simple and pragmatic understanding that in a world with international travel and biolabs that people need to have good pandemic preparedness. This could be another COVID outbreak or something more novel — things happen, so be prepared. Under this understanding, a good faith person would similarly understand that Trump meant “find” in the Georgia phone call as meaning that there were many sources of election error, so, in the interests of a time crunch, Georgia simply needed to focus on one category of litigation to meet the deadlines.

2) The cynical way —
This is how the DNC interpreted Trump.
We may not be wrong to interpret the DNC in this way.
For Ol’ Butt-Puppet, this means that the “Second Pandemic” is the planned next stage in the totalitarian strategy. The Bill Gates / WEF strategy of pandemic response requires a forever-emergency to continually erode the rights of humankind, infiltrate with the globalist strategy of ESG/DIE, apply eugenics and genocide to bring down the global population, and establish a Marxist order of disempowered global citizens whose carbon is micromanaged from the top down via bio-tracking, output management (e.g., restricted work hours, manufacturing caps, waste production), and travel restrictions. “You’ll Own Nothing, And You’ll Be Happy”.

The pandemic strategy of the totalitarians is this:
• A pandemic builds compliance with the totalitarian order because people will be brought into the groupthink of Foucault’s pandemic Panopticon — enforcing top-down control at the level of social pressure; Bolshevik citizens reporting on each other for thoughtcrime and keeping people from liberty by imposing a chilling effect on discourse and narrowing the Overton Window (see Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish”, particularly the sections on the Black Plague’s management)
• World governments reacting to controlled pandemics and other managed crises will have pretext to adjust their laws to reflect the totalitarian controls. This means additional government mandates for vaccines, lockdowns, and the legislated erosion of liberty.
• Via the regulatory capture of public health, the very bodies of citizens will ultimately belong to the state; people will have no liberty to oppose government mandates (see my vaccine litigation thread; this has already been set up via the CMS mandate’s Supreme Court success).
• With pandemic response necessitating an incredibly fast-paced delivery of “vaccines” by government-controlled companies (publicly: an effort to beat nature’s own timing on natural immunity developments by reducing short-term deaths via bench methods), the controls of regulatory bodies such as the FDA will be diminished. In other words, those “vaccines” will go through even *fewer* controls and an even *less* robust emergency approval process in order to accelerate BigPharma production time lines. The goal here is eventually to release a pre-planned product to market. This product will be a kind of “miracle” cure that is rapidly “developed” (the public language) for the new pandemic. In reality, this product will sterilize and/or kill large segments of the population. “Survivor” populations will be allowed to live either by totalitarians managing where certain batches of product are distributed (i.e., some batches sterilize/kill while others do not) and/or by developing mRNA “vaccines” that target specific genetic markers, eliminating particular genetic populations in specific regions.

Multiple pandemics allow these strategies to unfold. The totalitarians likely know the exact number they need. With the “second” coming, it may be that the fourth is the killing blow. Most useful idiots will accept changes after an initial pattern of three.
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 23 16:19:50
Was there some kind of server error? I wasn't even online at "Thu Jun 23 09:29:40", much less was I able to repost that comment.

But "russell conjugation" definitely fits. That's a nice way to put it.

Following the Supreme Court's ultra-glorious decision today..
Keith Olbermann being a totalitarian lolcow again:

"It has become necessary to dissolve the Supreme Court of the United States.
The first step is for a state the "court" has now forced guns upon, to ignore this ruling.
Great. You're a court? Why and how do think you can enforce your rulings?
This would be a good moment to remind new readers that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with gun ownership, private or otherwise.
The constitution and the amendments teem with property references. Yet, the word "own" is not in the 2A - nor is any synonym."

I especially love that a grown man can make such a glaringly obvious misreading of the Second Amendment. That's got to be either brain damage or just a willingness to commit obvious propaganda on behalf of the totalitarian uni-party.
Thu Jun 23 20:38:49
CC said I what meant much more eloquently.

Mine was part the ADHD rattled responses that she clarified well.
Thu Jun 23 22:25:50
Gaslighting is generally used for abusive relationships where the abuser tells the abused that the way they feel is wrong and who they are as a person is wrong even though in a normal social setting by the standards of most people, the abused would be in the right.

In terms of logical arguments, gaslighting is more used as a term when the other side, in bad faith, creates false equivalencies, overreaches logically, distracts from the actual main problem, and engages in other logical fallacies.

CherubCow does this constantly and some of her logical fallacies include ad hominems and bringing up things that have nothign to do with her thesis and are designed to provoke an emotional response.

When she scales back a little bit (I guess kudos to her), she's still very off because the quality of her sources are so bad. But that's to be expected of people who buy into conpsiracy theories and believe reliable sources of information are "fake news." But the confirmation bias can be a bit much.

Her response will be to say, that the people who believe traditional sources are sheep. To that I say, none of my family members or friends died to Covid because they listened to reliable sources of information and they also have positive stock portfolios and didn't lose millions in crypto.

It's cute Nim is enabling her, but she's so far base after consuming way too much internet over years that a path to redemption seems impossible to me.
Fri Jun 24 05:00:28
”Whoever broke CC”

Is classical gaslighting.

”Cat lady”

Gas lighting.

Etc and so on, the term has a broader meaning, than a movie from a 100 years ago.

All the ”lulz Nobody is reading that” are master supression techniques, aimed at supressing opponents. Specifically ”making invisible” and ”ridicule”.

Cherub Cow
Fri Jun 24 05:58:35
[Dukhat]: "gaslighting is more used as a term when the other side, in bad faith, creates false equivalencies, overreaches logically, distracts from the actual main problem, and engages in other logical fallacies."

Umm, no.
Gaslighting does not just magically change definitions when you apply it to debates. If you've seen it used in this way, you're seeing it used incorrectly or you're misinterpreting its usage under the non-thinking heuristic of trending but misunderstood speech (i.e., you see low-IQ people using it poorly and have adapted your definitions to that poor use case).

It's seen a lot of usage lately in particular because people have noticed that media is gaslighting the public, e.g., telling the public that the public is wrong to think a certain thing and that the public is trafficking in "conspiracy theories" if they disagree with the media (particularly ironic when the media "turns out to be" outright and knowingly incorrect after that same media was aggressively shutting down the correct stories from the beginning). That definition of gaslighting is consistent with the original meaning of gaslighting and does not need some new "logical arguments" variation where you make it an umbrella for all the things you do not like or understand.

[Dukhat]: "logical fallacies include ad hominems and bringing up things that have nothign to do with her thesis and are designed to provoke an emotional response."

You see why I call you the projection bot, right? This is pure projection.

Your M.O. in these forums is typically to enter a thread, name-call and dismiss anyone who disagrees with the DNC (i.e., ad hominem attacks), avoid the substance of the arguments, never use specific examples, and essentially drop a lot of Twitter rage-hate at the expense of anyone with whom you disagree. Here are some examples of Dukhat's *first* comments in threads:

• "We'll know about it when Sam and Rugian and all the other faux conservatives act like the good little cucks they are and post these anecdotes in sync whenever the conversation comes up." ( http://uto...hread=90072&time=1655485407978 )
• "Pillz is doing what he always does. Trying to find "facts" that fit his pre-arrived conclusion. Quoting Russian news ... lol. [/] Fucking cucks are brain-dead." (misplaced the link)
• "Obaminated is so reactionary and short-sighted, he rarely has a cogent argument in any of his posts. It's all mostly ad hominems at supposed groups that wronged him. [/] Sad, pathetic, lonely reactionary." ( http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=90075&time=1655573802141 )
• "All the cuckservatives rubbing each other's dicks completely raw with blood and semen covering their calloused hands." ( http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=90076&time=1655664141003 )
• "Surprised Cherub isn't here crying about the deviousness of democrats." ( http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=90107&time=1655880732469 )
• "Obaminated is no psychiatrist or doctor. He's just a bigot, so we kindly ignore what you say about many things. Dude is still mourning fucking Rush Limbaugh's death. What a douche." ( http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=90101&time=1655966269829 )

These comments from someone who claims that *others* use ad hominems. Do you think, Dukhat, that maybe people are responding to your bad faith in kind? Do you think that *beginning* a conversation by calling someone a "cuck", a "cuckservative", a "douche", "sad", or "pathetic" makes you somehow worth addressing with *good* faith?

Hint: it doesn't.

When you begin this way, you deserve every bad treatment you receive. When people respond to you with sound arguments *despite* your endless hate, it's because they have more character than you will ever yourself possess.

[Dukhat]: "that the people who believe traditional sources are sheep. To that I say, none of my family members or friends died to Covid because they listened to reliable sources of information and they also have positive stock portfolios and didn't lose millions in crypto."

Nice straw man arguments. Point-by-point:
• "people who believe traditional sources are sheep"
I'll allow some leeway here since I've said something *like* that that's at *least* in the ballpark. But, the closest I have *actually* said is that DNC propaganda is quite obvious and comes from sources such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, WaPo, The Atlantic, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Colbert and the talk show circuits, Hollywood, Imgur/Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia, BigTech, and a bunch of other party-owned apparatuses (e.g., down-stream DNC propaganda repeaters listed under post "Tue Jun 14 10:06:39"). I've said that people who *believe* their propaganda are "useful idiots", but I don't think I've used the word "sheep". I'll give you that one as a metaphor or close-enough synonym, though, since anyone who thinks that any of those media sources are "reliable" is living in the corpse of the old world at this point.. but "sheep" just does not sit right with me.
Check your own sources here:
• "none of my family members or friends died to Covid because they listened to reliable sources of information"
Neither have any of mine.
Here you're making it sound like I've told people that the shots have mind-control radios in them or something left-field crazy. That's ultra-straw-man. All of my COVID talk has focused on how COVID was used to break down litigation barriers in health care, OSHA, and federal worker/contractor/sub-contractor jobs (i.e., demonstrably true arguments that I talked about in depth in the vaccine mandate litigation thread) and how these broken barriers **could be** used to further manipulate populations. I've never said that COVID doesn't exist or whatever, so be specific.
• "and they also have positive stock portfolios and didn't lose millions in crypto."
How much crypto do you think I own, Dukhat? It would be an ad hominem to push me on that, but I'll allow your ad hominem and answer you point blank: zero dollars and zero cents worth. My entire posting history in relation to crypto is me asking nhill how one even *buys* crypto (that in one of the underdog threads from last season; maybe week 3, though I'm going off memory; I can't find the link). I've converted all of my savings into gamer-girl bathwater, because I understand *true* commodity money.

[Dukhat]: "the quality of her sources are so bad"

Get specific, you coward.

The ones in the May 2020 DNC Insurrection thread? ( http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=90076 )? That's where you first floated this new and vacuous "sources" talking point.

And in that thread it was *only* because I was posting videos of the May 2020 DNC Insurrection and most of those videos only exist on Twitter with heavy editorializing since they were posted from the cell phones of random people as opposed to being from establishment press. I.e., I think you were reacting to the editorializing on those Tweets and pretending that I myself used those words, when I was simply showing the video to show the on-the-ground realities. If you had simply asked, "Do you agree with [this] caption?" you'd have a good faith argument on your hands. And, even there, I was sure to add more legitimate sources of riot footage on top of those rather than relying totally on insane Twitter randos.

As for *this* thread, these were the sources I used here, starting at the top:
• Daily Mail - for a sleazy story on Hunter Biden, where better than Daily Mail? I don't think CNN wants to post dozens of pictures of Hunter Biden fucking prostitutes while smoking crack. lulz
• White House Official YouTube
• Washington Post article (DNC-affiliated news)
• CNN Video; uncut/unedited video of Biden's entire first press conference with no commentary
• Obama, official Twitter account
• CBS News video; their full interview with Hunter Biden
• Politico story on Hunter Biden; this was the primary source on Hunter's firearms issue since they made the calls and got the exclusives from local police and vendors.
• USA Today article on Hunter Biden ("skews left" and "reliable" per AdFontes)
• A Joke link/meme to a rando Twitter-user which I introduced as a joke (@LADowd)
• White House Official YouTube video of Biden's full remarks on shootings
• Business Insider article critiquing Matt Gaetz ("skews left" and "reliable" per AdFontes)
• White House Official YouTube, Ardern's full appearance
• PBS video of the same (full) Ardern appearance
• "Defense News" article on military spending
• New Zealand official government website on New Zealand's aid to Ukraine
• White House dot gov official fact sheet on ASEAN, WTO, and DEI/DIE in the Pacific
• NewsHub, full, unedited video of Ardern on the White House lawn
• Radio New Zealand coverage of Ardern's above listed meetings
• White House dot gov official Fact Sheet on Indo-Pacific Economic Framework
• Australia's Official Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website
• "The Diplomat" (D.C. international relations news) write-up of Japanese immigration policy.
• New Zealand Herald Official YouTube — video of Ardern's complete remarks at Harvard
• California Governor's Office Official YouTube — video of full governor's remarks with Ardern
• California dot gov official website; write-up of the Ardern visit
• New Zealand state media reporting on Ardern's visit
• NewsHub video of Ardern leaving BlackRock and a Radio New Zealand interview with Ardern moments later — the full unedited interview
• Radio New Zealand's off-video interview with Ardern.

That's the first fourth of the thread.
Do you see a fucking pattern here, Dukhat?

This thread is making *fun* of people like tw who use shit sources and interpret that as their being well-informed political participants. This thread *actually* uses high-information sources:
• the primary sources,
• the primary interviews,
• the full unedited interviews,
• the state write-ups that show their talking points,
• the government sites that formalize their talking points,
• the government documents that say in their own language what their plans are.

So, if you're going to say that "the quality of [my] sources [is] so bad", get fucking specific, you fucking coward.
Cherub Cow
Fri Jun 24 06:17:20
[Nimatzo] "All the ”lulz Nobody is reading that” are master supression techniques, aimed at supressing opponents. Specifically ”making invisible” and ”ridicule”."

My 2020 election litigation thread comes to mind.

I started a thread in November 2020 where I was posting the primary sources of the legal arguments around the election, going into detail about which lawsuits were in the water and whether or not they had merit.

I think it was Hrothgar who spammed the thread to get me to stop.

His rationale was pure Kafka: "[You shouldn't ask how The Trial works or question its validity; simply accept The Trial's outcomes and The Trial will conclude without incident.]" He basically argued for remaining low-information on the subject, regurgitating the DNC talking points on how not investigating the election builds confidence in the election. Yeah. :|
I continued to keep track of the cases, but not in UP. I should have kept going, given how under-informed people like tw have become on that subject.

This thread series can at least consolidate lots of information so that people see that these things come directly from on high («c'est écrit là-haut» — Diderot).

So, if, for instance, people believe that Biden has nothing to do with inflation and gas prices.. this thread already has all of the sources showing that that's just a DNC lie — that they knowingly did this and have simply been managing the bad optics. And the DNC has no shortage of such lies.
Fri Jun 24 12:02:46
Nobody reads Cherub because she takes like 3 paragraphs to express one idea. And it's not like her paragraphs follow the logical convention of providing actual evidence. It's basically copied and pasted Twitter nonsense.

It's cute Nim wants to enable her delusion about what gaslighing is. If she was posting left-wing bullshit with the same kind of sentence structure, she'd be equally ignored.
Fri Jun 24 13:55:36
>people believe that Biden has nothing to do with inflation

Biden had little to do with inflation other than being the president presiding when the debt cycle (usually last 8-12 years) started deleveraging, and being dumb enough to make it a little worse.

As long as we use credit (which gets fueled by the Fed's manipulation of interest rates and asset purchases, e.g. when they lower rates they incentivize more credit in the markets) we'll have cycles. President Potato could have done a better job managing the cycle (tariffs & foreign policy), but printing a ton of stimulus money while simultaneously having to deal with a hamstrung economy is how you cause inflation without economic growth. Aka stagflation. That one was under the Trump admin watch.

This whole Biden this, Trump that is how I know someone doesn't possess free thought and is an NPC. As if it matters who is in power, since President Potato and Trump are perpetuating the same policies outside of social issues, and CC, the "useful idiot" plays right into the party politics amplifying the marketing of division.

Boy, do they love how useful she is trolling the internet for years helping increase the divide they use to cover up how it's all the same thing. The "Deep State" isn't a hidden conspiracy, it is a word for coordination between the alphabet organizations (J Powell, for example, worked for both Trump and Potato). Presidents come and go, but the alphabet orgs remain. And CC loves playing into their hands.
Fri Jun 24 14:08:18
The Fed definitely played the primary role.

I know alot of attention is given to $2k checks. People seem to forget the Fed buying 9 trillion dollars in assets/bonds.
Fri Jun 24 14:59:26
The checks is what stimulated retail demand for products, that's why it's focused upon. Fed buying asset purchases makes stocks/bonds more expensive but it doesn't make people go out and buy a bunch of stuff.
Fri Jun 24 15:54:55
People were going to buy a bunch of stuff anyways. So much pent-up demand from being inside all the time for 2 years. Now its slowing down again.

The big untold story is how many people said fuck it and quit. This is the first good labor market many people have seen who weren't workers during the Clinton years (which extended into the early Bush years). You can quit and find another job easily and many older workers said fuck it and took less pay or retired early for a better lifestyle.

Inflation is like 1% Biden 3rd Covid Stimulus, 2% Oil prices, 2% Supply Chain Disruption, and 3% normal demand. Adds up to about 8%. The Covid Stimulus will dissipate. It remains to be seen if the other big factors will disappear since raising interests rates won't do jack shit about Russian oil not getting to market or China being dumbasses with their Covid policy 3 years into this thing.
Fri Jun 24 16:37:25
No, they weren't going to have a bunch of magical discretionary income anyways.


The $PSAVERT shows this clearly. The first stimulus increased the personal savings rate from 13% to 33%, and then people spent that money.

The second one boosted the savings rate from 13% AGAIN to 26.6%.

Please think for a moment why those savings rates increased and decreased as a direct result of stimulus spending.

The "pent up demand" theory isn't correlated, only the checks.
Fri Jun 24 16:40:13

Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 26 05:18:19
[Left-Wing Projection Bot]: "Nobody reads Cherub because she takes like 3 paragraphs to express one idea. And it's not like her paragraphs follow the logical convention of providing actual evidence. It's basically copied and pasted Twitter nonsense."

lol. Dukhat writes a tiny little comment where he says nothing with any substantiated presentation of evidence (not addressing a single thing I said) but then calls *my* comment — which was pure source-work — "copied and pasted Twitter nonsense." That's rich :D
But it's consistent with Projection Bot's function as a projection bot, since he is accusing others of what he himself does and repeating the words of others to make "his" arguments (i.e., not even his own arguments — just *our* own words repeated right back at us, like a child playing the mirror game) :D

This further establishes that Dukhat is not worth comment, much like nhill, who probably still has not figured out that I have not said anything directly to him in weeks after explicitly telling him that he had run out of chances to operate in good faith.

These sorts of bad-faith bots are not worth addressing, since they make their comments after completely ignoring the person to whom they reply. That renders them impotent, and it shows that interacting with them will degrade further evidentiary examination.

As I said in the first thread, "People who operate in bad faith have become dime-a-dozen NPCs. They should be ridiculed and then treated as phantoms — as copy and paste ideas with no dimension behind them. If anyone wishes to speak in good faith, as you often do, ep, I am here. Tw, nhill, murder, Dukhat, jergul, and Seb are not "here". We lost them somewhere in the media's psychosis experiment."

This thread series will continue.

[Habebe]: "The Fed definitely played the primary role."

Yup. This was an intentional effort by this particular president who took direct and specific actions including coordination with the Fed as a means of artificially propping up ESG/DIE programs. There is indeed a Deep State coordinating these efforts across party, but the DNC is heavily infiltrated — more so than the GOP. Trump was a bulwark against much of the globalist strategy, which is why he was such an enemy to them. I do not know if Trump would be reliable in 2024, since he may have been captured by now (the globalists pay well), but, while he could have done more to stop the globalists while president, he did far more than the globalists wanted and so earned glories in that respect.

I have demonstrated this coordinated DNC-effort with dozens of examples above. For this comment, the most telling (recent) example is how the parties voted with regards to Ukraine aid, since Ukraine is the globalist proxy war between the last remaining sovereign nations and the global hegemony:
[Senate dot gov; Official Senate results "On Passage of the Bill (H.R. 7691 )"; May 19th, 2022]

Unsurprisingly, the DNC voted unanimously to fund the war.
Every single DNC member is compromised.

Only 11 Senators voted, "Nay" — all of them were of the GOP:
Blackburn (R-TN)
Boozman (R-AR)
Braun (R-IN)
Crapo (R-ID)
Hagerty (R-TN)
Hawley (R-MO)
Lee (R-UT)
Lummis (R-WY)
Marshall (R-KS)
Paul (R-KY)
Tuberville (R-AL)

(Rand Paul is not a surprise — one of the last statesmen)

It was similar in the House:
[U.S. House of Representatives; Official Clerk's vote count; May 10th, 2022]

Every single DNC House Rep voted in support of the bill.

Only 57 Reps voted, "Nay" — all of them were of the GOP.
If you scan through the list of the 57, it includes those in the DNC's list of designated enemies (i.e., those listed above in post "Tue Jun 14 10:06:39"):
• Boebert
• Marjorie Taylor Greene
• Matt Gaetz
• Madison Cawthorn
• Paul Gosar

Anyone who stands against the globalist order is an "enemy", and the voting records more often than not show this. Any who stand against them are hit with massive propaganda campaigns.

This is part of the ESG/DIE strategy.

• Which party is most invested in the ESG/DIE strategy?
The DNC.
This is easily demonstrated: Who is most interested in "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" (DIE)? Who has been talking the most about "sustainability"? Who has been pushing to eliminate oil and gas? Whose message is rewarded by the ESG score via companies marketing on behalf of the LGTBQ+NAMBLA Marxist proletariat? All the same party: the DNC. Meanwhile, when a GOP member contributes to the ESG/DIE strategy, it is typically admonished by the GOP base. The GOP can typically only get away with ESG/DIE when it is indirect, such as via Ukraine funding or intentional inaction against the strategy.

• How does this strategy manifest?
By controlling markets via "global cooperation" (their phrase — used by the UN, ESG/DIE companies, and most prominently by the DNC).

Ensuring a globalist strategy requires multi-level infiltration. They have had great success in global electioneering, but not all dominoes fell predictably. Trump, for instance, prevented their judicial agenda via the good fortune of RBG's death. We now reap the rewards of that benevolent moment in history. If Hillary Clinton had been president, the Supreme Court would have been totally infiltrated, allowing the pandemic plan of the Supreme Court's solidification of federal powers under OSHA, CMS, *and* federal workers and sub-contractors.

I spoke about this in my vaccine-mandate litigation thread, but people really need to comprehend how massive that infiltration would have been (i.e., how massive the judicial reach of the DNC passing those mandates): this would have meant federal control of nearly every single private business, with any businesses *not* covered still being subject to the controls of state governors who could eliminate those "problem"/Kulak businesses. This was a huge moment against the global order, and it was almost completely ignored in the news. I didn't even seen indy media covering it, or they didn't know enough to say much.

In short:
I've said it before, but it is asinine to pretend that a false equivalency disbands a fallacy of relative privation; one thing being worse does not mean that the "better" thing cannot also be addressed.

The DNC is indeed worse right now — far worse. That said, this does not ignore where the GOP has been infiltrated in other, less transparent or less overtly malicious ways. Still, the GOP is recoverable whereas the DNC is completely owned. To avoid being black-pilled, people who do not support the global agenda of ESG/DIE eugenics should pay attention to their GOP politicians and attempt to warn them where possible.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 26 07:34:08
The insanity of the left over Roe v. Wade has been predictable.

UP Thread here: "Roe vs Wade overturned"

Also here: "RIOT TIME!!!!!!"

The DNC, which hides its political violence by claiming that *its* violence is justified since it's in the name of Bolshevik "progressivism"/"progress", is again trying to disguise its eugenics plan by claiming that this was a victory for "white supremacy" and that this is otherwise an apocalyptic event deserving of violent extremism in response.

Here's one example:

David Atkins..
(a California DNC Member with 35.5k Twitter followers who lists himself as a "writer and activist" on Prospect.org and who contributes to and/or runs L.A.-based DNC propaganda think-tank "Pollux Research Group")
..posted this on his Twitter, where it was liked more than 25,000 times and repeated on Imgur and Reddit (e.g., 70k+ views and 1300+ likes: http://imgur.com/gallery/61cNBv7 )
(I'll be repeating these points below but with commentary)
•(1) "Next up: this illegitmate, stolen court will dismantle the federal regulatory apparatus on Monday. [/] This will push each state to have to implement its own wildly different environmental and regulatory regimes. [/] They're going to literally destroy the country."
•(2) "In a country this polarized, leaving each state to do whatever it wants while keeping Congress broken and undemocratic by filibusters, gerrymandering and big money in elections, means the country will inevitably balkanize. Originalism is a path to national destruction."
•(3) "Blue states will be providing corridors and safe havens for women, LGBT people and others, in shadows of the 1860s. Companies won't be able to have offices in some states. People won't send their kids to college in certain states. States will be constantly suing each other."
•(4) "It all comes down to the fact that the compromises the Framers made to get slave states on board with a union were bad ones and led to a civil war. Reconstruction didn't last long enough. Jim Crow should have been demolished by force. This is the same shit, different day."
•(5) "You can't have normal folks coexisting legally with states run by vicious, cruel white christian nationalists, without federal regulations and rights guarantees, while the former are disenfranchised and their votes count for less. The country won't hold together."
•(6) "The "states should do whatever they want and the federal govt should have no power except what literally passes filibuster-proof through our broken, rigged, apartheid, and dark-money-drenched Congress & White House" crowd, if they win, will literally destroy the country."
•(7) "Once again, California is not going to follow Idaho's rules. We're just not. We don't have to and our people deserve better. And if we have to Constitutionally protect basic social rights and set up our independent EPA because the GOP destroyed the federal govt, we will."
•(8) "And because we're the 5th largest economy in the world, California's decisions will have a lot of sway. People from Idaho will come here to get abortions & we *will* protect them. Automakers will follow CA standards. [/] Originalists have no clue the Pandora's Box they are opening."
•(9) "Letting every state functionally be a country unto itself while leaving Congress rigged and broken is a horrifically bad idea. Republicans are literally destroying this country's ability to function as a unified whole."

Atkins goes through the DNC's usual (insane) talking points.

• (1) Firstly, he spreads the disinformation that the current Supreme Court is an "illegitmate, stolen court".
This is false, of course.
But, in the perspective of the DNC propagandists and their useful idiots, the court was "stolen" and is "illegitimate" because..
- Trump was elected, and the DNC does not believe in the Electoral College since it is a founding principle and reflects the Constitution and is a provision against the uni-party tyranny of high-population states forming a coalition against the rest of the country (e.g., see Gunning Bedford Jr., "I do not, gentlemen, trust you.")
- Kavanaugh was allowed to replace retiring Reagan appointment Justice Anthony Kennedy even after the DNC spread propaganda and disinformation about Kavanaugh potentially maybe once being at a party somewhere in some state at some time where an unreliable witness (maybe) was there and maybe was (maybe) potentially touched or something but has no clue and no evidence and no record and no corroborating testimony and is simultaneously contradicted by actual facts that show that no such event actually occurred. This is the precedent of "[Didn't you buy our character assassination?]"
- RBG died, and she was supposed to die when Hillary was in office. This is the precedent of "[Ah shit. Guess I should have died when I had the chance instead of trying to stay alive just so I could die after being at the inauguration of and serving under a woman. #IdPolFail]."
- DNC propagandists floated that RBG said, "[my] most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed". This is the precedent of "[RBG totes wants this and totes said it, trust us, and thus the DNC should totes haves this, and also pay no attention to how weird "installed" sounds in the context of questionable elections]."
- RBG was correctly and Constitutionally replaced during Trump's tenure rather than Trump saying that the DNC can just have this one because of the precedent of "[the DNC totes wants that shit, fam]".

Thus, by the DNC's extralegal insanity wherein anything that they do not like is "stolen" and "illegitimate" but anything they *do* like is "the most secure" and "blessedly free of rats" (yet "a strange plague nonetheless struck its passengers"), propagandist David Atkins can start his post with this utterly insane law-denying false premise without any push-back from his useful idiots.

• Second,
"This will push each state to have to implement its own wildly different environmental and regulatory regimes."
This is the DNC again pushing ESG/DIE. They *know* that the totalitarian order cannot survive if ESG/DIE is interrupted by those pesky "rights" (e.g., individual rights, states' rights). Thus, the Supreme Court potentially ruling that the federal government does not have the power to mandate state compliance with ESG/DIE is a frightening prospect to the DNC propagandists. This would allow individual states such as Texas and Alaska to have their own independent energy programs. This would stop the totalitarians from having total control over the U.S.

• (2) Here, Atkins mixes truth and falsehood:
"In a country this polarized, leaving each state to do whatever it wants while keeping Congress broken and undemocratic by filibusters, gerrymandering and big money in elections, means the country will inevitably balkanize. Originalism is a path to national destruction."

Notice "undemocratic". Again, "democracy" for the DNC means "[mob rule under the protectorate of elitist uni-party propaganda which guides the mob's decisions under a narrowed Overton Window]". This is not and has never been about empowering people — they want to remove the power from the people.
- As for "filibusters", this is again the DNC trying to knock down that domino because it would re-enable their strategy of trampling constitutional processes. They have been claiming (only recently) that it is a "racist" process despite the fact that they themselves used it and have continued to use it before, during, and after this "racist!" propaganda.
- Additionally, the DNC similarly takes part in "gerrymandering" to its own benefit. The problem with simply saying that gerrymandering is "good" or "bad" is that gerrymandering is sometimes the only way that people can find representation. The DNC does not want representation, however, since this prevents cities from overrunning the rights of those outside of cities. The DNC simply wants to *control* gerrymandering *further* by ensuring that any blue city can control an entire area — even beyond its district lines.
- "big money in elections" — Always comical to see a DNC stooge complaining about "big money", given that all the "big money" rallied behind the DNC mega-complex in a Neuromancer corporate hell.
- "the country will inevitably balkanize"
This is the only semi-true thing here, but it is not true due to Atkins' stated variables.
Balkanization would be the result of globalist powers pushing a wedge into the United States' sovereignty and independence. These global powers are wielding the ESG/DIE strategy to topple the U.S. Constitution and its status as a Constitutional Republic in order to bring about a legal framework which puts the U.S. in compliance with the global agenda. This is a divide and conquer strategy. It is, in fact, by *pushing* the ESG/DIE strategy that Atkins has here *supported* Balkanization. Atkins *supports* the Marxist infiltration, and he blames those who oppose it as causing the very hurt that the Marxists are causing (the corrupt logic of a protection racket). The polarization he describes is due to the propaganda strategy of these globalists as they seek to narrow the Overton Window.
- "Originalism is a path to national destruction."
False. Originalism keeps the sovereignty of the United States in *tact*. Originalism *prevents* the globalist takeover of the United States. Atkins is arguing for the destruction of the Constitution as a "good thing", since he is a globalist committed to the United States becoming a service economy in the reduced-population future.

•(3) "Blue states will be providing corridors and safe havens for women, LGBT people and others, in shadows of the 1860s. Companies won't be able to have offices in some states. People won't send their kids to college in certain states. States will be constantly suing each other."

He's making reference to the 1860s as an apparent "Underground railroad" now adapted to the LGBTQ+NAMBLA population during a Civil War. That's pretty hilarious, since you'd have to think that LGBTQ+NAMBLA people would be so unwilling to not wear glitter and hair dye that they'd be rounded up.. rather than.. just letting their roots grow out and removing their piercings. If only those Civil War slaves would have stopped dying their hair purple and posting TikTok videos on their gender updates! They could have lived free!
- "Companies won't be able to have offices in some states. People won't send their kids to college in certain states. States will be constantly suing each other"
Neither of the first two items is different than current reality, and neither is bad.
Many companies change states because of better laws and regulations for businesses. Many colleges are better than other colleges, and people with means will prefer those better colleges.
So, what Atkins is *really* talking about is that the globalists will not be able to *stop* these things without ESG/DIE. The globalists *want* there to be no choices. They want that every single university teaches the same Marxist dogma, and they want no business to be able to "escape" to free markets.

I've pointed it out before, but in order for the ESG/DIE takeover to succeed, **there can be no free markets**. This is the Marxist point of the ESG/DIE order. Businesses cannot make absurd demands of their employees if those employees can merely go to another business. If businesses can escape ESG/DIE by going to a free country, the brain-drained ESG/DIE country fails because ESG/DIE is not productive — it is anti-productive and therefore counter to life itself (the living will flee it; the nihilists will stay). But, under a Marxist order, businesses can make *any* absurd demand of employees because the state controls *everything*. No business can leave to another country because *every* country has been owned. That is the globalist takeover's imperative: no escape to a free society. No private society will exist — only the state.

•(4) "It all comes down to the fact that the compromises the Framers made to get slave states on board with a union were bad ones and led to a civil war. Reconstruction didn't last long enough. Jim Crow should have been demolished by force. This is the same shit, different day."

Wrong again. The compromises that the framers made were done to secure a United States which was positioned to survive the tyranny of a global empire: at that time, Britain. Should Jefferson have left the freeing of the slaves in the Declaration? Morally: of course. But, strategically, would the United States have survived that decision? That's a tough call. I'd suspect "yes" since freed men could help fight Britain. But, alternatively, that may have been the globalist takeover right there. Britain was already doing its best to make the "colonies" economically subservient on a permanent basis. Slavery was even a means of Britain effecting this goal (Jefferson pointed this out in his notes for the Declaration, saying that Britain was intentionally flooding the U.S. with slave trade logic as a means of control).

And the Civil War was *not* the result of these compromises. The Civil War was caused by the avarice of Lincoln — his totalitarian motive to remove the rights of states and support the vote of the city mob (sound familiar?). "[Oh! But the memes tell me that it was about "states' rights.. to own slaves! Checkmate, GQP!]"
Except that states were already moving to an industrial economy that would have eliminated slave labor (too big a topic to attempt under one bullet point, of course). Essentially, Lincoln caused massive death because he wanted to consolidate federal powers.

•(5) "You can't have normal folks coexisting legally with states run by vicious, cruel white christian nationalists, without federal regulations and rights guarantees, while the former are disenfranchised and their votes count for less. The country won't hold together."

And there it is. Those "cruel white christian nationalists" — the "white supremacy" bullshit that the useful idiots love. I like how he slightly rewords it, though, because he shows his anti-white racism. He also presumes a "Christian [Nation]" as the end state while coding his language such that simply wanting a Christian community is itself evil. He cannot help but hate them.
- "without federal regulations and rights guarantees"
Yep. More calls for an empowered federal government. "Rights guarantees" being not *individual* rights but the *mob's* rights as facilitated through a federal doctrine. People have pointed it out, but for the DNC, "pro-choice" does *not* overlap with libertarianism. Libertarians often appreciate pro-choice because it means an individual can make that decision with their own reason and values, but the DNC does not support pro-choice for that same reason. For them, it is pure eugenics. They *want* people making that choice because they simultaneously direct people into abortion mills in their Malthusian strategy.
- "the former are disenfranchised and their votes count for less"
Yup. There's yet more hatred for the Electoral College. This is the "one person, one vote" logic of mob rule facilitated by totalitarians.

•(6) "The "states should do whatever they want and the federal govt should have no power except what literally passes filibuster-proof through our broken, rigged, apartheid, and dark-money-drenched Congress & White House" crowd, if they win, will literally destroy the country."

It's interesting reading this language since "broken, rigged, apartheid, and dark-money-drenched Congress & White House" for him means further pushes for absolute mob rule. It's *not* that he's against dark money, or rigging, or even apartheid (the DNC loves racialist strategies, after all). It's that he wants the DNC to have a monopoly on rigging.

•(7) "Once again, California is not going to follow Idaho's rules. We're just not. We don't have to and our people deserve better. And if we have to Constitutionally protect basic social rights and set up our independent EPA because the GOP destroyed the federal govt, we will."

This one is particularly hilarious because California *does* have its own EPA. CalEPA:
He's also admitting that he wants everyone else to follow *their* rules. No *wonder* he wants an empowered federal government: he wants to *force* people to live how *he* thinks they should live. That's "Essence of Globalism" by CK.

•(8) "And because we're the 5th largest economy in the world, California's decisions will have a lot of sway. People from Idaho will come here to get abortions & we *will* protect them. Automakers will follow CA standards. [/] Originalists have no clue the Pandora's Box they are opening."

He's correct about people leaving states for abortions (all things being equal, e.g., not presuming that states will somehow monitor pregnant people attempting to leave), but it's pretty hilarious that he thinks that "Automakers will follow CA standards", given that automakers (and businesses in general) flee California due to California's shitty regulations. That's the point, though: as said above, California's shitty policies will become the country's under a DNC uni-party. The globalists *need* federal powers to enact these policies.

•(9) "Letting every state functionally be a country unto itself while leaving Congress rigged and broken is a horrifically bad idea. Republicans are literally destroying this country's ability to function as a unified whole."

Lulz. This is a further admission disguised as a benevolent complaint. "Rigged and broken" again means "denies totalitarians their vector of attack", and "function as a unified whole" means totalitarian logic. These psychopaths want no one to be free.
Sun Jun 26 07:36:37

"The insanity of the left over Roe v. Wade has been predictable."

No one has to listen to you anymore. Go make some sandwiches. Men are talking.

Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 26 10:35:42
The DNC, which pushes the racialist strategy of planting Planned Parenthood buildings in particular within black communities in order to prioritize the genocide of black babies (a way of controlling black populations while still using them as an effective voting bloc), has again been exposed for their racialist politics, confirming, as Clifton Duncan here points out, that Malcolm X was correct to point out that the white liberal is the true racist and enemy of black people:
[June 25th, 2022]

The above Tweet shows a Tweet from the now-suspended account of Canadian pollster John Corbett (2,390 followers), who in 2021 self-reported as having over 35 years of polling before retiring in 2021 ( http://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2021/09/14/former-pollster-things-ive-learned-so-far-in-this-federal-election.html ).

Corbett wrote this on June 25th, 2022:
"Clarence Thomas: Just another dumb field nigger."

The Post Millennial did a write-up here, pointing out that other left-wing racists/identitarians have similarly launched the epithet due to their belief in race essentialism and their Marxist dogma that teaches that the Party does not permit one to possess one's intersectional identity unless one first pledges Faith in Party:

"Left-wing pollster John Corbett calls Justice Thomas the N-word on Twitter"
[June 25th, 2022]

This connects to the left-wing racialist belief that anyone who counters the Marxist–DNC is a "white supremacist" — regardless of the race of the contradicting person. This was most popularly done by the L.A. Times in Larry Elder's unsuccessful bid:

"Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy."
[August 20th, 2021]

And this was spoken of also by Ol' Diarrhea-Legs Biden, who said, "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.":
[The Guardian; May 22nd, 2020]

This is again part of the Marcusean strategy of "repressive tolerance" (spoken of in greater detail under post "Sun Jun 05 05:41:12"). The idea here is that no one can be an old-school racist if they join the DNC (or international equivalents of the globalist—Marxist parties). If one *does* join the DNC, then they can be racist but be freed from the negative implications of the word — so long as they recommit to Faith in Party by declaring themselves to be "anti-racist" (itself a Marxist doublethink word which commits one to racist actions under the Party banner; the useful idiot believes that the word simply means what it says, but the word is loaded, specifically asking for the racism of Marxist praxis). This is the religion of the Woke, wherein all are guilty of the "sin" of "racism" but can pay off the "debt" of their original sin by doing "anti-racist" work — i.e., participation in Marxism relieves one of the debts of sinful privilege. That debt is eternal, however, as any one life can never do enough anti-racist work.

Compare also the consequences of "Anti-Racist" in Angela Davis' and Ibram Henry Rogers' combined quotation which repurposes the phrase for Anti-Fascism:
"It is not enough to simply not be [fascist]; we must be actively [anti-fascist]. The only remedy to past [fascism] is present [fascism]. The only remedy to present [fascism] is future [fascism]."

This strategy began decades ago as a tool to claim that black people could not be racist due to oppressor/oppressed status (slave morality weaponized by Marcuse, Alinsky, and Marxists in general; most overtly in the '60s and '70s), but the global order has expanded it to the entire umbrella of slave morality, under which they place minorities, LGBTQ+NAMBLA, immigrants, and the intersectional — a dictatorship of the proletariat, where the proletariat is all of those of slave morality (a dictatorship of slaves). This is the strategy of open borders, of anti-capitalism, and share-holder Marxism — the design is to dissatisfy enough people with capitalism that they turn to Marxism, hoping that people ignore that it was Marxism which demolished the securities of capitalism. The globalist thinking is that the weak are more likely to adopt the absurdities of Marxist dialectic since the weak see in Marxism a pathway to power which requires only "solidarity" with other weak people rather than individualistic efforts such as courage or moral virtue.

This "solidarity" itself comes from Marcuse as well, from his "Essay on Liberation" (Marxists dot org, http://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/marcuse/works/1969/essay-liberation.htm ; talked about by Lindsay of New Discourses also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Hw7sEQWzOU ). Marcuse essentially considers "solidarity" the good clean Marxist version of fascism — a solidarity of violence, where the slaves are willing to act on behalf of the Marxist oligarchs who maneuver them.

Most people will recognize this Marxist mantra without realizing that it has been so pervasive. The mantra usually goes,
"[We stand in solidarity with ...]
• the black community
• the Asian community
• protestors and community members
• Buffalo
• the people of Ukraine."

"We stand in solidarity" is often absent from events where a Marxist objective is absent or the event is less useful to Marxist strategies. A Marxist would not, for instance, stand in solidarity with Republicans.

This is often seen in Marxist memes such as the small fish who group like (or "unlike," they would say) fascists together to defeat the strong/big fish. This meme is popular on Imgur, Reddit, and Twitter and is promoted on Marxist sites which directly name Alinsky's strategies:
[Caitlin Breedlove; Unitarian Universalist Association]
(UUA was infiltrated by Marxists via the DIE strategy)
"In the 1960’s Saul Alinsky offered a model of community organizing designed to disrupt the power of the “establishment” by connecting different interest groups to win campaigns that were of mutual benefit. In retrospect, Alinsky only had part of the answer, and his part was not easily resonant for People of Color, Trans people, LGB, or most women."

Unsurprisingly, the Marxists used this meme for the "big fish" of Russia as well, since, as I've mentioned before, Russia represents a sovereign nation opposing the global-Marxist order by attempting energy and food independence:

So, while the globalist-Marxists are racists and eugenicists, one aspect of their propaganda is that in order to consolidate a collective of useful idiots, it must standardize its vocabulary to reach those useful idiots via repetition and familiarity bias. That vocabulary often reveals their presence and narrative around an event to perceptive outsiders since the Marxists must communicate with their own insiders. Doublethink is used to shield this ostentatious maneuvering, but those rhetorical traps only work within key demographics (e.g., midwits in particular will fall for the false definitions of "antifa" and "anti-racist"). With the rhetorical traps laid bare, their coded language is little more than the in-group dialogue of children at play, albeit its intended ends are far more malevolent.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 26 10:35:47
While the Zeitgeist insists on the distraction of the Supreme Court's non-event, the totalitarians are potentially maneuvering to remove the sex trafficker who can implicate them:

"Ghislaine Maxwell is on suicide watch but isn't suicidal, may need to postpone sentencing, lawyer says"
[CNN; June 25th, 2022]
Sun Jun 26 12:16:24
“much like nhill, who probably still has not figured out that I have not said anything directly to him in weeks after explicitly telling him that he had run out of chances to operate in good faith.”

Yes, I’ve noticed you took the easy way out when make comments out of your league. ;) What I find funny is that you attacked me multiple times long before I made a comment about a long-winded post that only repeated what others said. You been butt hurt since. Kinda sad to see you so sensitive and triggered easily. Hope things look up for you soon.

Btw I still expanding word count is a talent (and a marketable one at that), but you can’t get get pass your delicate feelings being hurt. :(

Which is hilarious because you started all of attacking me in various threads where you were going through one of your depressive phase (this thread shows you’re online persona is back in a manic state) and lashing out at everyone in sight. But, of course, you don’t see it. Hope you find the help you need. <3
Sun Jun 26 13:11:28

The breeder doesn't need help. She needs to learn obedience. She needs to learn make sandwiches when she's told, and to keep quiet until told to speak.

Sun Jun 26 13:13:42
And, to be perfectly clear, before I'm labeled a gas-lighter-- I need help too. ;) This place has a way of baiting out the worst type of mental vomit from the denizens.
Sun Jun 26 13:16:28
>The breeder doesn't need help. She needs to learn obedience. She needs to learn make sandwiches when she's told, and to keep quiet until told to speak.

Who, CC? Yeah CC, make me a sammich! (but on a serious note, I don't even know his/her gender, but usually go with female because they tend to me overly sensitive and a lack of other contextual clues)
Sun Jun 26 13:18:22
Got I hate typing on phone, so many typos I start speaking Habebeish (as coined by himself, so I'll give CC the "gas-lighting" disclaimer and clarify I don't mean any offense).
Sun Jun 26 13:31:06
Also, in order to combat the next ridiculous gas-lighting assertion, I'm once again reminding you, CC, that you are mostly irrelevant in my world. When attacked I'll defend myself, but we don't have a lot of common interests outside of the UGT stuff.

My specialties are coding, finance, and raising a family. As a result of experience, and way too much effort, I've managed to gain skills exceeding the majority of the world. The first one I have international credentials, patents, saved lives with cutting edge technology and know that I'm world-class (based on the amount of hours spent over the past 25 years programming and being a mathematics prodigy as a kid). The second one I've cut my teeth and generated risk-managed financial freedom. The third, well, like the other two before I had about multiple decades spent refining the craft, it's still always a lot work and daily refinement.

You can either listen and benefit from the decades of experience or not, just like I can listen to your long-winded diatribes and benefit from all the time you spent writing essays for school, commenting on imgur & reddit, and your blog (as those are the specialties of which I'm aware, I'm sure you have more than me because my autism makes me obsessed until I'm the best I know).
Sun Jun 26 13:43:30
And (wow this is exhausting), to front-run the next gas-lighting assertion, I don't find being one of the best in the world to be impressive, not something to brag about. It's a simple fact that we develop expertise over time. It's a correlation with the number of hours spent, is all.

Even being considered a "mathematics prodigy" by our education system, that was a result of me being so interested in math I was trying to stump myself with arithmetic and algebra equations in Kindergarten. It was no special ability or something to brag about. FYI I left it out of my specialties as I lost interest in pure math at age 19 once I had worked through Masters coursework, and became more interested in the practical applications of logic through software.

My God, I'll have to write an entire biography to front-run these gas-lighting assertions. If anyone's curious when CC interprets my post one way and I share later that I meant something else, she/he considers it "gas-lighting". So I decided to be upfront about intent to prevent further confusion.
Sun Jun 26 14:00:08
Oh, and before the next gas-lighting assertion, I don't mean to imply I got my master's degree at age 19 or that obtaining it was trivial (it is very difficult for me to do "busy work"). I was slow to come around to college as it's a poor usage of time for someone versed in the autodidactic style (which, consequently, is why, in my opinion, college is a waste of time for most people, but that requires more elaboration to understand and isn't the point here, so please don't make me write another disclaimer and ignore this).

To understand how bad I am at college, you may be pleased to know I got my B.S. in Software Engineering in 2014, and M.S. in Artificial Intelligence in 2020. I put off school at the collegiate level for 10 years after high school.

The fact that I am slower than everyone else at making my way through college is publicly verifiable (my resume and patents are public, UGT people can see them through Facebook or LinkedIn as I have a few UGTers on both networks).
Sun Jun 26 14:14:13

As it's probably important to share a bit of evidence (considering people like Dukhat claim to be a billionaire but can't remember the brand of "their yacht"), here you go. You'll find my UGT username contained.

Between all the legalese, the tl;dr is we invented a novel storage method for sharing flights over the network to the cockpit that reduced data and storage costs for Boeing software significantly (to the point where the three of us won inventor of the year in 2019, I can take a picture of the award if you want *shrug*). Which, consequently, increased safety in aviation as bandwidth was expensive enough to avoid and flight updates in the cockpit are important for the dispatcher to navigate around weather (for example, the Coast Guard uses it in hurricanes and regularly sent letter appreciating how we saved lives with overloaded aircrafts that wouldn't have otherwise been able to safely navigate to the rescue area).

The patent doesn't explain it well, as they try to make patents as general as possible in order to combat against patent trolls.
Sun Jun 26 14:16:58
And, of course, as usual it's "patent pending". Probably be about 5 more years before the final one is accepted, due to the revisions that are required to make it more specific (again, this is because of the company strategy to defeat patent trolls is to make it as widely applicable as possible when it's specific technology, the downside of that is it takes the patent office about a year for each revision).
Sun Jun 26 14:19:14
^just another gas-lighting front-run before the accusation of it being a completed patent when it's actually "patent pending". Not sure if people understand the intricacies of the process, but "patent pending" is a temporary state (at least at the company I worked for) while the lawyers fight w/ the patent office to obtain a more valuable patent legal terminology.
Sun Jun 26 14:23:18
Oh, and before another gas-lighting assertion (of my taking credit for the patent), the reason I'm listed 2nd on the patent is because the other guy had more tenure. We both designed the protocol, and then we each implemented half (I did the client and he did the server). But a simple way to decide the order without controversy was amount of tenure, as per my suggestion.
Sun Jun 26 14:27:43
Now, on a personal note, rather than a gas-lighting front-run, the whole patent process is weird. They make you describe "how" it works in the least specific way possible. They don't explain "why" it works or the benefits.

It's like the exact opposite of the academic shiz I had to write. The point is to make the patent incomprehensible to the point where it can apply abstractly to many things. But they avoid sharing the real secret sauce that could give a competitive advantage.

Pretty annoying, as nobody could implement the system correctly based on the wording. And my original writing of the patent was butchered into this incomprehensible over-explained abstract legalese. Pretty frustrating. :(
Sun Jun 26 16:39:27
Btw murder, stop implying that I'm sexist. It doesn't end well for you, ever.

All you know about me is that my wife has decided to take on the majority of household duties as a break from her very successful career. I didn't ask or expect it, but honored her request. It's not "unpaid work" as she has access to all the money, which is pretty much unlimited within reason.

You are the most sexist person on these forums, as you don't think women are strong enough to make decisions. You are saying men are more powerful than women. That's sexist. I will once again remind you that they are able to think for themselves and make decisions for their future.
Sun Jun 26 20:20:32

"Btw murder, stop implying that I'm sexist. It doesn't end well for you, ever."

Read further up the thread. It had nothing to do with you.

Sun Jun 26 20:29:58
Oh sorry about that then.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 00:40:52
Ol' Coffee-Poops Robinette, who some think has Alzheimer's but more likely has Parkinson's and/or dementia, was yet again seen with comically simplified directions on cards that his handlers printed out for him.

New York Post seems to have the best hi-res images:
"‘YOU take YOUR seat’: Very specific cheat sheet reminds Biden how to act "
[June 23rd, 2022]

Here's a direct link to the card:

The instructions read,
"Offshore Wind Drop-By Sequence of Events
"• YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.
"• YOU take YOUR seat.
"• Press enters.
"• YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).
"• Press departs (t).
"• YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question.
"Note: Liz is joining virtually.
"• YOU thank participants
"• YOU depart."

This reads like stage directions. On the one hand, that's good practice for getting people on their stage marks.. but on the other hand.. a president should probably not be a puppet.
DNC headline: "No, Biden is not a puppet, and it's good that he is!"

As the title card says, this "Offshore Wind" meeting included:
• Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm (cackling psycho)
• Interior Secretary Deb Haaland
• AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler
• Govs. Phil Murphy (D-NJ)
• John Carney (D-Del.).
• Liz Burdock of the Business Network for Offshore Wind
• Robert Blue of Dominion Energy
• Jeffrey Grybowski of US Wind
• Lars Pedersen of Vineyard Offshore
• Ørsted/Offshore North America CEO David Hardy

Ørsted North America has heavy investment in the ESG strategy. On the surface, that's unsurprising: it's a wind energy manufacturer, after all. But, do remember that a good ESG score is not just about energy: it's about Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) under the Marxist strategy. Ørsted's ESG strategy was elucidated in their 2020 performance overview:
It includes, for instance, these details:
Women in leadership, 2018: 10%
Women in leadership, 2019: 13%
Women in leadership, 2020: 20%
Women in leadership, 2023 (projected goal): 22%

Does this mean they're simply hiring more women? No.
Total Workforce, 2019: 6526
Total Workforce, 2020: 6179

In other words, they increased the percentage of female employees while cutting the amount of total employees.

Their G-Score (governance) strategy is also typical of an infiltrated business (page 32):
Their executives must answer to a "Sustainability Committee" and a "Compliance Committee". See my post at "Sun Jun 05 05:41:12" for details on "Sustainability" as a Marcusean strategy of infiltration for Malthusian population control. Also note that Compliance departments have become not just a legal means of making sure that companies comply with local laws but, in the new dogma, they have become the enforcement apparatus of the global order. That is, company executives must answer to the global sustainability and ESG/DIE strategy as part of their compliance agreements. This is how the massive anti-competitive strategy is enacted. These are all heads of the same hydra.

Your own company likely has the same structure.
At a glance, it's always the same: it's just corporations claiming to be "green" for good optics, right? No. It's just people being environmentally responsible, right? No. We are talking about a legal framework which is shared globally in the management strategy of nearly every large company. In its anti-competitive practices, this means that companies *must* comply or face destruction. ESG/DIE is the back-door strategy of Marxist infiltration.

Everyone in that meeting was a particularly enthusiastic Marxist. Liz Shuler, for instance, whom the White House gave the only question from Biden, is a DNC activist from Oregon who was promoted in "The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations" (AFL–CIO) via the Marxist insistence on DIE. She is a success story of Marxist infiltration.

Incidentally, her infiltrated union is the exact type of "union" that Ol' Pooper-In-Briefs is claiming to support. Biden is not concerned with worker's unions within manufacturing sectors — unless those sectors have been infiltrated with ESG/DIE. This is why blue collar workers have no reason to support Biden. ESG/DIE does not help productive people, only Marxists.

"The Business Network for Offshore Wind" is more of the same, and they're on the same eugenics timeline of 2050. This is another Marxist business that could not survive without the anti-competitive schemes of the globalist–Marxists, being as it is a non-profit that only exists due to billions of dollars in government subsidies (Their press release on secured investment; June 2022 http://www.offshorewindus.org/2022/06/08/network-partners-with-korean-based-companies-to-promote-offshore-wind-development-in-the-united-states/ ).

Dominion Energy even still more: they are an energy supplier in the Virginia area, and their political donations reflect the swinging of the globalist pendulum from GOP to DNC candidates. Their political contributions slightly favored the GOP in 2008, but they now contribute most of their investments in DNC candidates ( https://web.archive.org/web/20090806131759/http://www.vpap.org/committees/profile/money_out_recipients/526 and http://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00108209/?tab=summary&cycle=2016#total-spent).

This is because Dominion Energy is trying to improve its G-score to recover its "Medium Risk" E-Score:
As mentioned above, when a company is a large polluter, they can recover their overall ESG score by paying off Marxists and promoting the DIE strategy (e.g., by appealing to and hiring LGBTQ+NAMBLA workers — making it a less productive and less effective company).

US Wind and Vineyard Offshore were also in the room because of ESG. US Wind and Vineyard Offshore announced this week that they had secured a partnership with the White House and AFL-CIO for yet more funding of a massive $100 billion wind project:
[US Wind Official Website; Media Statement; June 23rd, 2022]

The same was reflected in the White House Fact Sheet on the same day:
[White House dot gov; June 23rd, 2022]

The White House links to the labor–USWind contract for ESG/DIE:
"The LEP is based on a shared commitment of the AFL-CIO and the EFI to promote federal, regional and state energy policies that address the climate crisis while recognizing the imperatives of economic, racial and gender justice through quality jobs and the preservation of workers’ rights."

**Gender justice** and climate crisis? Yes. To the Marxists, this is not a non sequitur.
This is yet more of the show of the ESG strategy having a firm link with DIE. In order for Marxist environmental strategies to be implemented, businesses must be infiltrated by DIE Marxists.

The AFL-CIO and US Wind contract lists $100 billion in economic activity leading into 2030, and it possesses the same 2050 intentional-cataclysm deadline that was mandated by the UN's and the WEF's consolidation of this global effort. The 2050 deadline is the balance moment wherein the global population must be reduced into a "sustainable" equilibrium population. That is, the population must be reduced by several billion, and population control mechanisms must be in place to keep the population from rising in a subsequent wave of natural prosperity (e.g., such as what happened with the Baby Boomers following WWII). This connects also to the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" concerns over population growth in Africa leading into 2050 ( http://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/09/africas-rapid-population-growth-puts-poverty-progress-at-risk-says-gates/ ). The Foundation is using the same strategy in Africa as the DNC uses in the U.S.: reducing black populations in a racialist eugenics campaign. If the eugenics strategies cannot continue to operate without the disguise of ESG/DIE, then the fall back position of the totalitarians is outright war as a mechanism of removing bodies.

This is once again not because this is at all a profit-driven business — Marxism would not permit such a thing as profit-motive. This investment of $100 billion is induced through Marxist–government subsidies and government deals that artificially prop up these inefficient businesses. Any "private" investors are merely ESG/DIE businesses that are being forced to contribute to the Marxist strategy at a cost to themselves.

It is the prioritization of these deals which shows Biden's energy strategy in clear effect: rising gas prices and inflation are most largely due to the DNC's ESG/DIE infiltration, and the DNC–globalists have no intention of undoing the economic turmoil of these policies. They twist this knife with eyes open, knowing that economic catastrophe is "necessary" for the 2030 and 2050 deadlines. They will not stop investing trillions of dollars into ESG/DIE while taking their appease-the-media non-actions of getting some oil companies to further cut profits to reduce pump prices (i.e., more ESG on top of ESG). This is why the useful idiots must be assuaged with propaganda that blames these economic ruins on external factors or on "natural" oscillations in pricing. The DNC and the Marxist globalists must continue their plans in the face of public outcry, thus the propaganda signal must be boosted to interrupt the public's ability to see the straight line of causality running from ESG/DIE to the economic turmoil that average citizens see plain-as-day around them.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 02:17:07
Of the Malthusian Strategy — Global Eugenics in a Modern Age

This clip was recently making the rounds.
Lecture by Trent Maxey of Amherst College:
"Cultural History of Late Tokugawa Japan"
[Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; April 8, 2015]
http://youtu.be/E5KMdvS9l64?t=4470 (set to relevant time point)

Audience question:
"Some Japanese environmentalists look back on Edo as this period of self-sufficiency and a sustainable culture, and I'm curious about the plateau that one sees in your population statistics on the slide that you showed and wonder how they maintained a stable population once they reached that plateau in rice-growing and population."


Notice the "environmentalist" vocabulary drop of a "sustainable culture". This is again the Marcusean dialectic. This is a desire for a population which never grows or changes. Implementing this goal requires a eugenics strategy. For the Japanese of the Edo Period, eugenics was implemented through infanticide. For the WWII era (and beyond) eugenicists, this was done with mass slaughters and the industrial genocides. For example..
• The Armenian genocide, 1915–1916 (664,000 – 1.2 million dead)
• The Soviet Famine (e.g., the Holodomor), 1932–1933 (3.5 to 10 million dead)
• The Shoah, 1941–1945 ("some people did something")
• The Great Leap Forward, 1958–1962 (15 to 55 million dead).
• The Cambodian genocide under the Khmer Rouge, 1975–1979 (1–2 million dead)

For the modern globalists, war is too overt as a starting point (with the exception of proxy wars), and infanticide too is visible, so the strategy moves to the covert: abortion as the "safety net" — Planned Parenthood abortion mills. But, after decades of eugenics under this strategy, the population has not yet pleased the Malthusians. The priority now is an amplification of the social engineering strategies of the Marxist–Communists, which were also used in tandem by the Marxists during their genocides.

To the issue of Malthusian social-engineering:
Malthusian social-engineering is just a part of the pie-chart on population reduction. This strategy requires convincing people not to have children — convincing them to self-select out of the gene pool and end their own histories by "choice" (read: by propaganda's influence — the Sartre choice of "bad faith" wherein people sacrifice their innate free will to satisfy the social imperatives of the engineers who design strong social structures).

As an umbrella, such social-engineering includes anything that removes people from the gene pool, keeping this and subsequent generations from having children:
• Fat acceptance movements (unhealthy bodies more prone to death and removal of one's ability to attract mates).
• Trans-acceptance (removal of reproductive ability).
• LGBTQ+NAMBLA acceptance (these relationships most often do not produce new children)
• Keeping women in the workforce beyond their sexual viability (creating a genetic dead-end).
• Feminism, the "women's empowerment" movement, and family planning (e.g., Planned Parenthood eugenics).
• Encouraging abortion as a birth control strategy.
• Encouragement of early hysterectomies under the guise of improved period and cancer outcomes.
• Pornography to prevent people from having healthy relationships with people in the real world; a replacement for procreation; aimed at comfortable situations most possible at home and requiring little independent action (e.g., incest porn).
• Anti-family movements (the breakdown of the family structure; removing the incentive for people to see families as valuable).
• Reducing tax incentives for children and increasing the cost of parenting.
• Increase in simulated experiences (e.g., VR, gaming).
• Marxist cultural theory (e.g., Marcusean sustainability, ESG/DIE)

There are many examples of this in propaganda apparatuses.

"Would you give up having children to save the planet? Meet the couples who have"
[The Guardian; June 20th, 2018]
"The environmental toll of having even one child is enormous-58.6 tonnes of carbon each year. So is going child-free the answer to our climate crisis?”

See also from The Guardian,
"Tamagotchi kids: could the future of parenthood be having virtual children in the metaverse?"
[May 31st, 2022]

This connects to the Malthusian meme that "[YOU are the carbon that they are trying to reduce]."

The first Guardian article above links to "Population Matters", a propaganda think-tank designed to convince people to not have children — they use strategies in the above list and share the same ESG/DIE Marcusean "sustainability" mantra:
[Population Matters dot org]

Their front page currently has the Attenborough quotation, "All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder - and ultimately impossible - to solve with ever more people."

"Population Matters" also has patrons Paul Ehrlich (author of 1974's "The Population Bomb") and Jane Goodall, who, in 2020, spoke at the World Economic Forum (WEF) about the need to reduce the world population by upwards of 90%. Video of that:
"All these [environmental] things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago."
Jane Goodall has financial connections to Disney, by the way. She was named Disneynature ambassador in 2014.

The Marxist useful idiots seem to forget that the Marxist society is not meant to be highly functional, hence why Marcusean "sustainability" requires a massive reduction in population — a massive genocide. One would wonder, for instance, why nuclear energy is not of interest to green energy strategies. The answer is that alternative energy sources are being planned for the eventual and lesser population's consumption habits — not the consumption habits of the greater current population. The few exceptions to this are those nations attempting to remain sovereign against the globalist order. I.e., the nations still intent on building nuclear power plants are China, India, and Russia ( http://world-nuclear.org/information-library/current-and-future-generation/plans-for-new-reactors-worldwide.aspx ). And these plants will likely be stopped in their tracks if the global order has its way. China and Russia, in particular, are aware that the global order is pushing them to disband their energy independence, which would mean stopping their investments in nuclear energy.

"Population Matters" also has a counter which constantly ticks upwards with the current estimate of world population. This counter is timed to move slightly faster than one second per person, which, as a web-design device, is intended to get readers to feel psychologically distressed by the need to slow that number down.

But what is the cost of an artificially culled population?
The result is stagnation.

A period of population plateau is usually paralleled with a period of cultural discontent and a lack of technological progress. Something breaks in the psyche of a doomed population, and no amount of "economic rationality" by elitists can overcome this intuitive will to live. A people in a stagnant population lose the ability to specialize, which is necessary for technological advancement. This can breed a culture of Neo-Luddites who freeze the world in time; as The Last Men (Nietzsche), they build machines that a subsequent generation may be unable to improve or even repair.

The Marxist solution to this problem is targeted: to cull excess labor, removing duplicate professions while hoping that specialization can be maintained in the new order (it likely cannot be — technology may be peaking before the singularity). This is why their eugenics strategies typically target economic zones where excess population has not produced specialization or advancement (e.g., the minority ghettos).

A people living in an economic zone that has been targeted by the Malthusians will inevitably flee the region (see the many migrant crises), and while this is ideal for corrupting free societies via the intrusion of immigrant slave-morality, this admits in itself that migrants *can* still escape the eugenics programs and it admits that migrants will increase the birth rate within the infiltrated population (see, for instance, migrant talking points by Fareed Zakaria of the globalist Malthusians, who is part of the eugenicist Bilderberg Group, here promoting the migrant-flooding strategy in 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qplmBnv7UAI ).

This means that the concepts of liberty and individualism must be erased from the minds of the population so that fleeing migrants escape still to their deaths (they introduce a higher birth rate to the target country, but they reduce the overall birth rate by decreasing their own offspring numbers). The result of such an erasure of liberty allows the building of a Marxist population which can be acted upon freely by the oligarchs. These populations are composed of people with no history who can be united by a "new" ahistorical history: a belief in the dictatorship of the proletariat wherein the useless are made "useful" by being given "purpose" under The Party.

This connects to people such a Trudeau, who admitted to admiring the Chinese:
[The Daily Caller Shorts; February 16th, 2022]
"There's a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, 'We need to go green as fast as [possible]. We need to start investing in solar.' There is a flexibility — that I know Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he could do everything that he wanted — that I find quite interesting."

Totalitarians such as Trudeau know that Marxist structures would allow them to cull populations without interference from moral persons. This is why the Canadian government called the Freedom Convoy "Nazis", and this is why an interruption in the Roe v. Wade eugenics strategy was seen as a massive injustice to the globalist Marxists. They need their body count, and if they cannot have it through Planned Parenthood, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other eugenics organizations, then they may incite it through civil strife.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 05:06:27
For the above post, I forgot to include eugenicist AOC's 2019 admission that she thinks people need to ask whether or not it's okay to have children given "climate change" and how difficult ESG/DIE is going to make it for people:
[From Daily Mail archive, since AOC removed the original video from her Instagram]

AOC calls for an accelerated timeline, which would mean even more aggressive genocide. This echos Greta Thunberg's genocidal mania (Thunberg, incidentally, was given a platform at the United Nations, who used her to push their Malthusian goals). This is consistent with progressive movements of the past (e.g., Mao, Stalin), since progressives demand mass death on a compressed timeline, typically through outright genocidal killings.

This ESG/DIE perspective was legitimized further by The View:
[The View official YouTube; February 26th, 2019]
Mon Jun 27 05:17:00


Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 05:37:28
As part of the civil strife "divide and conquer" strategy of population reduction, the globalists have already flooded the propaganda sectors with violent rhetoric following Roe v. Wade.

Firstly, in a recent study by the SPL Center, it was found that young male Democrats are most likely to commit political violence. This was buried in a report on the Great Replacement, which is a Celebration Parallax moment for the DNC (i.e., they deny its existence but think that it's a good thing):
"SPLC Poll Finds Substantial Support for ‘Great Replacement’ Theory and Other Hard-Right Ideas"
[June 1st, 2022]

"Total approval for 'threatening a politician who is harming the country or our democracy'":
Younger Democratic Men: 40% Approve
Younger Republican Men: 46% Approve

"Total approval for 'assassinating a politician who is harming the country or our democracy'":
Younger Democratic Men: 44% Approve
Younger Republican Men: 34% Approve

In other words, younger Republican men are more likely to be okay with *threats* of violence, but younger Democratic men are more likely to be okay with *killing* or *acting* on that violence.

This is backed by the execution of a Trump supporter by Antifa terrorist Michael Reinoehl in 2020, the political violence and murder by the left in the DNC-sanctioned riots of 2020, as well as the attempted execution of a Supreme Court Justice by a left-wing psychopath early this month (see "Sun Jun 12 00:12:12" above).

Additional threats of violence have now permeated the propaganda circuits, such as here:
"It's high time for another civil war"
[MysterGonad; 2k+ upvotes, 109k+ views; June 26th, 2022]
• "People say non-violence is the only answer .. *I* was one of those until very recently"
• "this situation must be resolved, and soon.. before they seize total control."
• "the leaders and instigators must be removed from any form of power or influence."
• "my anger is aimed squarely at the influential, the instigators, the MTGs and McConnells at the top seeking to undermine all the "progress" we've made"

I bookmarked another poster who incited direct calls for violence, but his post was taken down before I could screenshot. Here he mentions what he did:
[WolfWoodPress; 1.4k+ upvotes, 49k+ views; June 26th, 2022]
• "Back after a 24 hour ban for posting SCOTUS home addresses. Good thing that info is easily searchable!"
• "We pick them, we can unpick them.. violently if necessary"
• "Nix the MTGs, McConnells, Trampets, Murdocks, Fox News n the like, hopefully folks come around"

Unsurprisingly, this OP has a corrupt sensibility regarding abortion: "I know a gelatinous parasite (by definition) is not a "person"".

This "parasite" talking point is most typically floated by pro-eugenics people as a method of dehumanization, thus it is consistent with this OP trying to make a distinction between being okay with the "choice" of abortion but not the "choice" not to vaccinate. The usual logic is that "[not vaccinating affects others]", but this logic, of course, ignores the one-size-fits-all insanity of vaccination regardless of variables such as contact circumstances or transmission risks, and it ignores that abortion does indeed affect another.

Comments make similarly violent calls, such as one that links to an event scheduler for violent actions, including a map of cities that have scheduled events:
"Summer of Rage" (probably a mostly peaceful "rage")
Image Permalink: http://imgur.com/a/FgluwF1

Another says, "Burn it to the ground" and posts a picture of the AI generator's rendering of the Supreme Court building on fire. Fire is likely "mostly peaceful", however.

Other comments:
• "if anyone is crazy enough to do anything crazy, make it fucking count!"
• "The Left have tried diplomacy for too long and frankly I'm fucking [sick] of it."
• "The only elephants worth killing are all GOP."
• "We live in a time where pacifism is hailed as a great virtue. But look at what it has wrought. Nazis, back in power."
• "History has a way of correcting for shit like this. I intend to help do some... correcting."

Andy Ngo has done his usual work of chronicling violent left-wing action, such as this attempted maiming and/or murder of an L.A. police officer at a Roe protest by Antifa criminal Michael Ortiz:

Slightly less volatile users are simply calling for the resignation of the Constitutionalist Justices:
• http://imgur.com/pRl07lm
• http://imgur.com/CM60hYd

And a popular talking point right now is that the Constitutionalist Justices "lied" by "[saying that they wouldn't do this]".

Unsurprisingly, AOC is one of the many psychopaths pushing this false narrative. Imgur agreed with her propagandist rhetoric here:
http://imgur.com/gallery/RjvjDbT (1,236 likes, 54k+ views) and here:
http://imgur.com/gallery/cYmR6fZ (2,328 likes, 99k+ views)

And here is AOC on her Twitter making the claim:
[June 25th, 2022]
"Here’s how Dems can + must do more than wait for an election.
Let’s start w/ why:
- 7 of the 9 justices were appointed by a party that hasn’t won a popular vote more than once in 30 years
- 1 of those seats was stolen
- Several lied to Congress to secure their appointment…"

• The "hasn’t won a popular vote more than once in 30 years" line is part of the totalitarian's strategy of attempting to destroy the Electoral College, which would establish the DNC uni-party, ending the Republic.
• The "1 of those seats was stolen" line goes to the false reality of the DNC wherein the DNC used not legal principle but a will to power to justify the unreality of a "stolen" seat — i.e., the seat was *not* stolen, but DNC psychopaths believe that it was (see my writeup under "Sun Jun 26 07:34:08", section "Firstly, he spreads the disinformation")
• AOC: "Several lied to Congress to secure their appointment"
This is, of course, not at all supported by the facts of the matter. The video clips going around of the justices "[saying they wouldn't do this]" from weeks ago do not support that narrative at all. The useful idiots, of course, do not understand legalistic language, so they do not realize that the justices did not make any compromising statements on this whatsoever, and, even if they *had* (they did not), they cannot be bound to promises any more than can a politician. They are bound by the law, and they did not break it.
(See also the UP thread "Monday: Supreme Court impeachments" http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=90130&time=1656314974448 )

AOC went on to endorse other totalitarian strategies here:
"- Restrain judicial review
- Expand the court
- Clinics on federal lands
- Expand education and access to Plan C
- Repeal Hyde
- Hold floor votes codifying Griswold, Obergefell, Lawrence, Loving, etc
- Vote on Escobar’s bill protecting clinics
We can do it!
We can at least TRY""

Unsurprisingly, AOC supports one of the totalitarian's top priorities: expanding the Supreme Court. I have listed this many times as the totalitarian's wish list for the DNC uni-party (see "Mon Jun 06 22:06:50").

The DNC totalitarians are often consistent with this regard: anything that keeps the uni-party from effecting its will must be destroyed. This is how the DNC is ideologically an ultra-authoritarian tyranny-in-waiting. Other totalitarians suggest that the mere *threat* of packing the Supreme Court can cause political change:
[Moshik Temkin Twitter; 10.4k followers; June 25th, 2022]
"I will repeat this as long as I have to, when the Supreme Court said in 1937 that the Social Security Act was “unconstitutional”, FDR didn’t ask people to vote harder in the next election, he told the Court he’d add more justices until they backed off, which they did."

AOC also shows a video of some of the DNC's useful idiots, who are already repeating one of the DNC's own propaganda lines as though it is their own:
[Woman-on-the-street]: "They have had multiple opportunities to codify Roe into law over the past 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and they haven't done it."

This is particularly hilarious because these are not even this woman's words — they are the words of the propagandists being repeated almost verbatim, showing the ideological possession of the useful idiots. This article was written in May 2022:
"Democrats Had 50 Years to Save and Protect “Roe.” They Failed."
[TruthOut dot org]

And here:
"Failures of Democratic Party Evident In Wake Of Roe v. Wade Decision Leak"
[Oberlin Review dot org; May 6th, 2022]
"Roe v. Wade has been in place for almost 50 years. Of those 50 years, Democrats have had the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate for 22. In that time, Democrats have had multiple opportunities to codify Roe v. Wade and further protect pregnant people’s right to abortion."

In short, the useful idiots are again being led to do violence on behalf of the totalitarian state.

I have said before that the DNC and the globalist totalitarians are ramping up the psychosis of propaganda, waiting for someone to commit a violent act against a political figure that can be used to cement further totalitarian strategies. This was done under totalitarian Woodrow Wilson, who was president during the coordinated assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (see also my Wilson write-up under "Thu Jun 02 06:54:14"). The global totalitarians coordinated their power structures so that the assassination of a politician could justify world actions that the totalitarians already wanted to take in order to re-order society in the next phase of their world vision. Now we see the psychosis being boosted again, with the propagandists trying to push the befuddled tribalists closer to the cliff, where only one needs to jump off before the next industrial genocide can commence.
Mon Jun 27 05:56:03
"Firstly, in a recent study by the SPL Center, it was found that young male Democrats are most likely to commit political violence. This was buried in a report on the Great Replacement, which is a Celebration Parallax moment for the DNC (i.e., they deny its existence but think that it's a good thing):
"SPLC Poll Finds Substantial Support for ‘Great Replacement’ Theory and Other Hard-Right Ideas"
[June 1st, 2022]

I cant believe I read a tiny portion of one of your posts, but Im insanely bored waiting for lacquer to dry on a guitar and re-apply every hour.

I checked your source. The only thing I could find that resembled your claim is the exact opposite: "Those on the right appear more likely to approve of political violence. "

Please post the quote from that source you are referring to.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 05:57:28
I already posted it, you halfwit:
"Total approval for 'threatening a politician who is harming the country or our democracy'":
Younger Democratic Men: 40% Approve
Younger Republican Men: 46% Approve

"Total approval for 'assassinating a politician who is harming the country or our democracy'":
Younger Democratic Men: 44% Approve
Younger Republican Men: 34% Approve
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