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Utopia Talk / Politics / Diaper-Shitting Ped0 & Totalitarians #3
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 06:54:16
Full title:
"Dementia/Parkinson’s Diaper-Shitting Ped0phile and Totalitarian Ass-Clowns and Sycophants" the thread series! :D/

Even the useful idiots know who this thread is about.

Contained herein is the ongoing totalitarian-globalist strategy of ESG/DIE Malthusian eugenics, Republic-ending machinations, back-door owning of global legislative bodies, and the signals of the impending industrial genocide at their hands.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 06:54:26
Thread #2:

Thread #2 topics covered:
• Hunter Biden's latest nudes and crack-smoking parties (hot!)
• White House Politburo-Chief Psaki covering for Hunter Biden's China connections while separating the White House's own DoJ cases from Hunter Biden's DoJ cases to avoid conspiracy charges.
• DNC/Totalitarian infiltration of the White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) to control the Overton Window of the White House Press Room.
• More Woodrow Wilson totalitarianism echos in our awaiting New World Order.
• Chairman Jao Bai Dun's first press briefing, controlled by the WHCA.
• Obama indicating the Queen's inevitable death and the continuity of totalitarian strategies in the UK.
• Hunter Biden's weapons charge.
• Ol' Dementia McPoopyPants' press brief on planned gun rights erosion.
• New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's role in the totalitarian strategy within the Pacific theater of operations.
• Herbert Marcuse, ESG/DIE, and Malthusian "sustainability".
• The June Agenda — January 6th Committee: Another Bolshevik show trial; Jamie Raskin write-up.
• The May 29th (5/29) DNC Insurrection.
• Celebration Parallax of inflation: "inflation isn't happening, but it's a good thing that it is!" (ESG/DIE causing inflation and gas prices and the DNC using propaganda to hide this simple truth)
• DNC Insurrection: Supreme Court intimidation.
• Obama promulgating the claim of "democracy" while revealing that it is a "mob rule" strategy controlled by the propaganda of totalitarian oligarchs.
• Vermin Supreme suspended and reinstated on Twitter with no explanation; Twitter likely purging anarchist accounts.
• May 2022 White House Fact Sheet on open endorsement of ESG/DIE.
• Kyle Rittenhouse re-hashed propaganda; hyper-immediacy propaganda.
• Further exposing that the White House's role in inflation and gas prices was done intentionally.
• The doublethink evidence-denial of the left's belief in a blessed 2020 election.
• Patriot Front and the FBI's seeding of a white supremacist phantom.
• Propagandist "Acyn" write-up; propaganda repeaters of the left; clarifying and confirming DNC infiltration under Marxist strategies (confirming Monica Crowley); the Gramscian strategy of Marxism's "long march through the institutions"
• DNC propaganda priority targeting of Lauren Boebert.
• The Postmodern State; postmodernists hijacking left-wing thought to produce Marxist dogma under ESG/DIE.
• Biden and the "Second Pandemic".
• Keith Olbermann's comically bad reading of the Second Amendment.
• Dukhat implosion.
• ESG/DIE and its infiltration of the DNC in particular; the GOP owned largely but not totally.
• David Atkins and false left-wing talking points.
• The DNC's racialist strategy, the Marxist rhetoric of "solidarity".
• Ghislaine Maxwell's impending assassination by the totalitarian ped0phi1es.
• Ol' Coffee-Poops Robinette being fed more puppeteer instructions.
• The White House further cementing ESG/DIE plans despite their lip service to inflation and gas prices.
• The Malthusian Strategy — Global Eugenics in a Modern Age; the Marxist plan to reduce world population through social engineering and divide and conquer hot-conflicts.
• Totalitarian AOC's propaganda, left-wing violence, and Roe v. Wade; the Marxist strategy of assassination to realize their global order.
Mon Jun 27 07:01:27

Make a baby or make a sandwich!


You have nothing else to contribute.

Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 09:53:56
As a reminder, Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) functions on a Marxist infiltration strategy of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE).

The ESG/DIE strategy is being delivered directly to the Federal Reserve's governance via H.R.2543, which was
• introduced by Maxine Waters in April 2021,
• opposed by every GOP member and by 3 DNC members, and
• passed in the House June 15th, 2022.

[Congress dot gov official site; Text of H.R. 2543]
• "AN ACT [/] To amend the Federal Reserve Act to add additional demographic reporting requirements, to modify the goals of the Federal Reserve System, and for other purposes."
• "subtitle B—Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Banking ... in assigning a rating to a depository institution under the Uniform Financial Institutions Rating System (or an equivalent rating by any such agency under a comparable rating system) shall include a diversity and inclusion component"

That is, similar to any ESG/DIE business (like those discussed in the last thread under comment "Mon Jun 27 00:40:52"), if H.R.2543 passes in the Senate, the Fed itself will be subject to a legal compliance rating which demands under legal penalty that it comply with Marxist governance strategies.

It includes a sub-section designating that small banks (under one billion in assets, since those greater than a billion are already covered under other ESG/DIE policies — see Elizabeth Warren write-up under thread 2 comment "Mon Jun 13 08:35:58") have "designated an individual to serve as a Diversity and Inclusion Officer who reports to the Chief Executive Officer of the institution on all diversity and inclusion matters". This is the Bolshevik placement of Politburo operatives in every financial institution, including Credit Unions.

Additionally, compliant businesses will be rewarded with "the most favorable rating with respect to the diversity and inclusion component", meaning that the more that an institution supports the Marxist dogma, the more the government will reward them. Again, these businesses do not have to be profitable — they simply have to comply with Marxism. This means massive economic stagnation.

• "subtitle C—Improving Corporate Governance Through Diversity"
See how they keep the ESG language the same? "Corporate Governance" is straight from ESG, and "Diversity" is straight from ESG's DIE. This codifying of ESG/DIE language is to standardize globalist control of these institutions. This is intentionally putting the Fed on the same legal frameworks as those used by the globalist order (ESG/DIE being a "global cooperation" agenda of the UN, WEF, and Bilderberg Group).

This entire bill is a carbon copy of every Marcusean dialectic we have seen so far. This will artificially give value to Marxist businesses observing repressive tolerance; that is, this new Fed structure will specifically reward minority and LGBTQ+NAMBLA-compliant businesses while removing the ability of private businesses and capitalist enterprises to exist. This is ESG/DIE Ice-Nine for every banking institution in the United States. This is wealth redistribution. This is a total financial takeover by the Marxists.

With the DNC currently having 48 senators to the GOP's 50, this bill sits in a precarious position going into 2022 mid-terms. This is the wealth re-structuring of the United States on the line, which means that the possibility of the uni-party attempting to bribe, threaten, or remove GOP senators is immense.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 27 22:57:41
(Just a quick one)

Oof. DNC propagandist Robert Reich, who I pointed out in the last thread under "Tue Jun 14 10:06:39" as being one of the primary propaganda repeater signals for the low-information left-wing useful idiots, has once again owned himself, as pointed out by right-wing Twitter user Defiant Ls via his use of hypocrisy memes:
[June 27th, 2022]
(Reich; July 31st, 2021): "Let's get one thing straight: Freedom doesn't mean you have the right to recklessly endanger others by refusing to get vaccinated"
(Reich; June 26th, 2022): "I don't know who needs to hear this but every person should have control over their own body"

I discussed this left-wing logic in the last thread under "Mon Jun 27 05:37:28", but here again:
"trying to make a distinction between being okay with the "choice" of abortion but not the "choice" not to vaccinate. The usual logic is that "[not vaccinating affects others]", but this logic, of course, ignores the one-size-fits-all insanity of vaccination [mandates] regardless of variables such as contact circumstances or transmission risks, and it ignores that abortion does indeed affect another."

Meanwhile, moral libertarianism allows that people should be free to choose *both* vaccination *and* abortion in the sense that the state should not be *forcing* people to make decisions that should be shielded under liberty. I should note, however, that moral libertarianism does not morally *approve* of abortion; it uses morality to prevent abortion where possible (most cases) while simultaneously recognizing that for individuals to be virtuous they must still possess an ability to choose without coercion or state violence.

The authoritarian-left, unsurprisingly, does not share this view — because they are *not* concerned with *choice* with any ideological consistency. If they *were* ideologically consistent, then their ability to recognize that "[abortion can be justified for all kinds of reasons — none of which people need to justify to the state for approval (i.e., no-questions-asked abortion)]," then they would similarly recognize that "not being vaccinated" can be substituted into that argument just as easily. That is, individuals need to be left with the ability to choose to vaccinate based on their individual decision-making considerations (e.g., having health concerns, having rare or incredibly infrequent contact with others, working from home, opposing the regulatory capture of public health).

The left does not allow this kind of consistency because the not-so-hidden left-wing motive is an authoritarian push for state control. Both vaccination and pro-abortion fit this design. In both cases, the state is granted control over bodies. For vaccination, this is overt through anti-competitive practices which demand compliance with federal mandates on public health. For pro-abortion, this takes place through the propaganda of Marxist eugenics (i.e., getting people to reduce their own carbon by aborting their own children, among other things).

In other words, the left's motivation for "pro-choice" is *not* actual choice — it is pro-abortion; it is obedience to the Party, which is infiltrated by Marxist Malthusians who use abortion to reduce the population. This is the consistency for the left with vaccination: mandatory vaccination *also* grants the state power over bodies, further empowering the state's eugenics plan.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 28 09:41:07
Many times I have listed the DNC–totalitarian strategy's list of dominoes. Here it is again with minimal description (see last thread under "Mon Jun 06 22:06:50" for explanations of the bullet points):

• voter suppression via opposition purges
• Abolition of the Electoral College
• D.C./P.R. Statehood
• Pack the Supreme Court
• Abolish the Senate
• Abolish local police; replace with federal police
• federal "voting rights"
• end the filibuster
• prosecution of political enemies
• uni-party control of propaganda
• "democracy" via propagandized ochlocracy (mob rule)

Typically, you'll see one or *maybe* two of these together, since these measures are so extreme that they typically have to be fed to the useful idiots in pieces. Sadly, Elizabeth Warren, one of the most overt of the totalitarians (see thread 2 "Mon Jun 13 08:35:58"), posted this on June 27th, 2022:

"We must restore our democracy so that a radical minority can no longer drown out the will of the people.
✅ Expand the Supreme Court to rebalance it.
✅ End the filibuster to codify Roe.
✅ Fix the Electoral College so popular-vote losers like Trump can’t stack the courts again."

That's four of the totalitarian bullet-points in one Tweet.
Tue Jun 28 10:36:15

You're just jealous of Elizabeth Warren because she knows how to make a sandwich and fulfilled her only true purpose by producing two babies on demand.

Cherub Cow
Sat Jul 02 23:57:19
To depart from the "seriousness" of the thread (because being selected for extermination by Malthusian totalitarians is only "serious" if they knock down a few more dominoes), on July 1st, a Queen of the Simps, The Red-Headed Libertarian, posted the thread-starter,
"Drop your favorite leftist double think / double speak."

A few of my favorites in the responses:

• "“My body my choice” and “COVID vaccines must be mandated on everyone.”"
• "When they tell me they wish I'd been aborted while simultaneously arguing abortion is not killing a human life"
• "Diversity means no white people"
• "Words are violent -- riots are peaceful."
• Screenshot of AOC, who said, "Members of Congress have sworn an oath to the Constitution. It is our duty to check the Court's gross overreach of power in violating people's inalienable rights and seizing for itself the powers of Congress and the President."
• "Ask where in the constitution it mentions abortions, then post the [Second Amendment]."
• "Trust the science."
• "Putin Price Hike"
• The dog whistle "threatening our democracy"
• "Abortion is healthcare"
• "Silence is violence"
• "Saving the world" via oligarchs taking private jets to climate conferences where they talk about killing billions of people.
• "We must eliminate the SCOTUS to save Democracy."
• "True Communism Hasn’t Been Tried Yet"
• "End the filibuster.. Unless we need to use it."
• "Free speech is a threat to democracy."
• "We have to act like dictators to save our democracy..."
• Democrats in 1861 and 2021: "You can't say they're humans who have rights"
• "The government is racist and corrupt. They're in bed with billionaires and corporations. So, we should tax billionaires and corporations. And give that money to the government.""
• "Attempting to maintain any remote level of election security is a “threat to democracy”."
• "[Your AR-15s can't win against a government that has F-15s and nukes. Protestors with bats and bear spray almost overthrew the government]"
• "America was built on hate, inequality, and white supremacy. 1/6 was an attempt to upend the democratic process that America was built on."
• "Private citizens do not need firearms [/] We should continue arming, funding, and supplying Ukrainian civilians"

Lots of the comments point out the doublethink of "democracy" used by the left-wing totalitarians. I have pointed out this meaning before, but it's simple: "democracy" means "mob rule", and this is not to empower the people — it's to empower the oligarchs, who control the propaganda and thus control the people into doing whatever the oligarchs want.

This is why it's so unfortunate to see the left-wing useful idiots pleading for their governments to end the protections of checks and balances by instituting the mob rule of a popular vote and otherwise solidifying uni-party powers. These actions would *not* be done on behalf of the people — these actions would merely empower the oligarchs, who deceive the people in order to annihilate the people.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 03 00:39:19
This is redundant given that these positions are wide-spread in the DNC, but, further evidence of the DNC's wish list of ending the republic via their insurrectionist bullet points:

Ayanna Pressley (Bolshevik, Massachusetts' 7th District), July 1st, 2022:
"It’s still
- Codify Roe v. Wade
- Abolish the filibuster
- Expand the Court"

This was re-Tweeted by Crazy-Eyes McHorseFace (AOC), who has oft-expressed open complicity with this totalitarian strategy.

AOC, incidentally, is a sad example of how misguided the useful idiots have become. They seem oblivious or all-too-forgiving of her narcissism and really think that she wants to *help* people, when, in reality, her adoption of the Green New Deal (she co-sponsored the American version, likely being fed this by her handlers) is like ESG/DIE on steroids and would kill billions of people even faster than Greta Thunberg's insane plans (not actually Thunberg's plans, since Thunberg is also a puppet; also, AOC actually united with Thunberg in 2019 for pay-walled Guardian propaganda piece "The Climate Issue" — they drink from the same poison http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jun/29/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-met-greta-thunberg-hope-contagious-climate ).

AOC simply wants to make it into the Bolshevik Inner Circle before the first wave of the DNC's political killings. She is mistaken, of course, because she is part of the Bolshevik *outer* Vanguard — the propagandists and those not worthy of deeper trust who tend to be purged during the first proletariat genocides. If she survives the DNC's genocides, it will be as a scared pauper, since AOC likely does not have the mental fortitude to rationalize her role in mass death and will thus not be useful for further propaganda once the uni-party consolidates itself.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 03 00:39:22
AOC recently posted this video of herself on the street:
[Washington Examiner; links to Twitter user John Gage; July 2nd, 2022]
(I cannot locate the direct link to this AOC Instagram story. I don't know where Instagram hides that info on AOC's user page)

In a related YouTube video, someone asked people how her above Instagram story was "political". The rest of this UP comment is my response:

"AOC mentioned self-emancipation, resistance, reclamation, and engagement. All of these are loaded political terms derived from the "woke" discourse of the Marxist university. In other words, it is not enough for AOC to simply be present as a person experiencing "joy" in the open air — she has to revise that experience to fit into the Marxist paradigm by using these loaded political terms. She has to go out of her way to explain in Marxist word-salad why people should be allowed to experience "joy" when there is still Marxist praxis/practice to be done.

"This is a direct reference to the Marxist Frankfurt School's logic of shaming people into political hyper-vigilance. That is, a person ideologically possessed by Marxist logic is typically not allowed joy unless the ideologically possessed person experiences that joy as second-order effect where the primary action is Marxist praxis; all actions, even the trivial, have to be for the Marxist goal, so simply be happy is not enough, lest one accidentally contribute to capitalism. One has to be perpetually aware (hyper-vigilant) of all actions in order to be a "good Marxist".

"AOC knows this. Marxist discourse on sites such as Imgur, Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit prohibits people from politically disengaging because "[The capitalist wins while we rest]." (The hidden objective here is to create a Marxist psychosis, where deeper thinking is suspended due to cognitive depletion.) So, she is signaling to other Marxists in very political terms that she is "[treating herself]" but, in her belief, it's not a capitalist betrayal because "[she needs this to feel well enough to do future Marxist work]." She is also doing Marxist work by releasing this video, which, again, is teeming with Marxist rhetoric (i.e., she is spreading more Marxist propaganda to make amends for contributing to capitalism).

"In short, if you recognize Marxist vocabulary and understand the school of thought that drives these Marxists, you can see very clearly that this was a highly political video — even while it may fool the low-information viewer into believing that it was merely inconsequential candid vlogging. We are viewing an ideologically possessed Marxist trying to ask her constituents for approval to take part in a capitalist system by getting her nails done. It's quite sad, though not deserving of sympathy."
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 03 05:42:48
A "white colonizer" gets in a traffic altercation and attempts to deescalate a situation by *also* playing woke politics, but because the white colonizer is not intersectional enough, all she can do is agree that an indigenous person (Ultra-Intersectional Identity x9000) is oppressed while insisting that he take responsibility while not making it about race, which is not how woke politics works, as he points out to her, since her colonizer tears don't matter as much as does his getting to live without any accountability.
Those are the rules.

[Andy Ngo; July 2nd, 2022]
Sun Jul 03 07:09:03


Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 03 07:55:21
When DNC machinations begin to be too overt and face exposition in the Zeitgeist, the DNC begins its projection operations. This is the Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender (DARVO) strategy.

In this case, DNC propagandists have begun floating the lie that it is the *GOP* that is attempting to consolidate uni-party powers:

[Jason Stanley, 131.1k followers, July 1st, 2022]
"SCOTUS has laid on the table that it’s going to transform the US into a permanent one party state next year, and pass every far right GOP wishlist item forever. They are literally daring the other branches to do something about it."

Stanley is, of course, lying, and his purpose is to instigate.

It is not the GOP that has been eroding Constitutional checks and balances, and it is not the GOP that has a uni-party checklist that would enable total power. That is the DNC. The GOP's insistence on small government, diminishing the power of the federal government, and states' rights is entirely antithetical to the idea of uni-party rule. Thus, Stanley's lie is pure projection for the low-information left-wing useful idiots. And yet, this will likely become a mainstream DNC talking point in the next months (and particularly for 2024) as the DNC begins to re-float the phantom of Trump. The DNC already floated this claim in the left-wing psychosis in 2020/2021 with their sock-puppet meme, "[Hitler *also* returned after losing an election]", and now that narrative will be fleshed out, drawing on the false narratives already built within the minds of the useful idiots.

Stanley is not new to this malicious lying.
He is the author of "How Fascism Works" (2018), a hit-piece which was largely sourced from Wikipedia's post-2016 definition re-writing of the word "fascism" into meaning "[Anything that opposes the DNC uni-party]." His work completely revised robust definitions of "fascism" in order to tailor a narrative that Trump was the archetypal fascist. This was Stanley's ahistorical device which took sensational claims about Trump and then re-fitted the traits of fascism in chronological reversal (i.e., he cynically described Trump and then said that those descriptions were "fascism"). Stanley then repeatedly went on the DNC media circuit (e.g., CNN, NPR, Amanpour) to spread this "fascism" propaganda leading into the 2020 election, hoping to stoke the psychosis by getting people to fear the "fascist" Trump. This unhinged work came from a Yale professor, no less.

People will recognize the consolidation of this lie by simply Googling, "fascism" and seeing that Google not only prioritizes Wikipedia but gives Wikipedia's opening sentence in the top bar: "Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism" (a lie).

I have pointed out many times over the last 6 years that this definition revisionism was occurring on Wikipedia as part of the propaganda effort to induce a mass psychosis in the DNC's useful idiots. This was more "repressive tolerance" ("[The opposition is guilty, but The Party is blameless]"). That is, because the DNC was becoming fascistic as part of its uni-party consolidation of powers, its control of the media, and its purging of opposition dissent, it had to make itself immune to critique in the psyches of the weak-minded by changing the definitions of words. For "fascism", this was done by changing its definition from pre-2016 — where it contained the entire political spectrum (i.e., left, right, center) — to post-2016, where it only said, "far-right", and omitted or buried other descriptors of fascism, such as fascism's opposition to conservatism and individualism.

The effect of this manipulation on the weak-minded is the same as that of "Antifa" and "Anti-racist": it is designed to keep people from seeing that they are the thing that they are claiming to be against. For "fascism", the DNC was thus able to have all of the symptoms of fascism while having the deniability of saying, "[But *we* can't be fascist! *We* are not 'far-right'!]"

Ironically, this fallacy has been bypassed accidentally by *other* DNC propaganda memes. For instance, another of the DNC's propaganda memes is that "[The U.S. has drifted to the right. The DNC is actually right-wing!]" This is not true, given the left-wing decadence that has overtaken the U.S., but, *if* we accept the left-wing premise here, then that means that the DNC is indeed far-right and can indeed be fascist. So, the useful idiots, if they possessed an ideological consistency (they do not), would have to either admit that it is a lie that the DNC is right-wing or admit that it is a lie that fascism can only be right-wing.

That reasoning is not necessary, however. One need only look at definitions of fascism in Google searches dated prior to 2016, decouple those definitions from any mention of political spectrum, and simply recognize the symptoms that the DNC is effecting.

It is the DNC that has these uni-party totalitarian aspirations.

That said, there is still a danger here.

I have previously mentioned that the war-mongers recognized that the GOP war machine of 2000–2008 was quite profitable, but those same war-mongers permeated the DNC going into 2008. If the Deep State apparatus is not checked, this same permeation can afflict the GOP should the pendulum grant the GOP too many powers. The war-mongers may well be counting on this as a means of further destabilizing the U.S.

For voters, this would mean not making the same mistake as the left-wing useful idiots: do not, my friends, become addicted to tribalism. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence.

There are many examples of grifters attempting to capitalize on this divide and conquer strategy of manipulating and capitalizing on the left/right pendulum swing. People who act as accelerationists for Civil War or "peaceful divorce" typically cannot be trusted as this is a serious tactical blunder given the existence of China and Russia. Moral authoritarians have also attempted to seed discourse by demanding absolute laws to gain back ground lost to the left (e.g., people calling for total nation-wide bans on abortion — even the very moment after conception). The common symptom in the global enemy may be authoritarianism regardless of party or left/right pendulum. Individualists who love liberty would not make slaves of their opposition.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 03 07:57:38
Oops, this is the direct Tweet link:
[Jason Stanley, 131.1k followers, July 1st, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 04 07:42:58
Here's an interesting little Zero Hedge article that further explains something that I've said here (which I'll re-state after the article bullet points):

"Is Saudi Arabia In Discussion To Join BRICS?"
[Zero Hedge / Tyler Durden; July 4th, 2022]
Relevant parts:
• "BRICS ... is a grouping of emerging economic powers originally consisting of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) upon its inception 2006, and including South Africa in 2010."
• Saudi Arabia joining BRICS "would essentially be the end of the petrodollar, and -in even more consequential terms- the end of the United States ability to use the weight of the international trade currency to manipulate foreign government."
• "The western alliance (yellow) would be chasing climate change energy policy to power their economies. The rest of the world (grey) would be using traditional and more efficient energy development. The global cleaving around energy use would be complete."
• "In the bigger picture, the BRICS assembly are essentially leaders who do not want corporations and multinational banks running their government."
• "if you really boil it down to the common denominator, what you find is the BRICS group are the opposing element to the World Economic Forum assembly."
• "The objective of the BRICS group is simply to present an alternative trade mechanism that permits them to conduct business regardless of the opinion of the multinational corporations in the ‘western alliance.’"

When I talk about ESG/DIE, people need to understand that this is not conspiracy: this is stated policy. I have posted at length about this in the previous threads (for the long version, see thread 1 comment "Tue May 31 01:47:34"), but the short version in three paragraphs:
• Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) was a United Nations project dating back to at least 2004 (this is when it was formalized, but it has roots in other energy policies). The goal was *explicitly* to make an anti-competitive energy strategy that would manage climate change by forcing "global cooperation". This was born, in a kinder light (not the full motive), of a recognition that it does not matter if one country goes "green" if a dozen other countries simply continue polluting.
• In practice, this ESG strategy required that massive corporations unite around the world in order to force governments to comply with its policies. ESG infiltration occurred most readily via Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE). Again, this connection is not conspiratorial — this was ESG's *stated* delivery mechanism. With DIE, they could infiltrate other corporations and force compliance from within, since DIE policies directly affect the way that corporations *function* — they turn them from businesses driven by profit to businesses driven by the ESG ideology, which, incidentally, is Marcusean Marxism.
• This was done at first via world banks and global corporations. People will recognize these in particular: JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of American, and Morgan Stanley. These banks were "too big to fail" in 2008 — and every one of them was part of the launch of ESG.
• In other words, ESG/DIE's intent is to cause financial collapse, reduce energy consumption, convert to "sustainable" energy, reorder the world economy, and reduce the world population. I go into this in much more detail in previous comments.

To the Zero Hedge article,

I spoke about this in thread 2 under comment "Sun Jun 05 05:41:12" regarding New Zealand's PM Ardern and her part in the global ESG/DIE strategy. Ardern's role in the Pacific strategy was to further Pacific interests via Korea, Japan, and the island economies as a springboard to corner China. This is because the ESG/DIE global strategy does **not yet** own the entire world. ESG/DIE likewise does not yet own Russia, and Russia, recognizing the corporate totalitarian takeover, is invading Ukraine to protect its energy and trade independence.

Or, as the Zero Hedge article points out, there are two factions emerging which can be re-stated under my previous points on ESG/DIE:

1) The ESG/DIE corporate totalitarians (the Marcusean Marxists)
2) The last sovereign nations

The last sovereign nations of consequence are represented in the BRICS group: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and, (potentially) Saudi Arabia.

Notice, that these countries are far less likely to care about not just ESG but ESG's DIE. Does China, for instance, make movies that over-emphasize gay kissing, or does China remove those elements for its releases?

I have said before, but India, China, and Russia are the only nations with large plans to expand nuclear energy. This is because they are not part of the ESG/DIE strategy. ESG/DIE is *not* about planning for a growing population which would likewise have higher energy consumption; the ESG/DIE countries are projecting a *decreased* population, so nuclear energy is not important to them. That is, ESG/DIE countries are planning genocides while BRICS nations are wagering that they can take advantage of Thucydides' Trap, staying strong or growing stronger while the rest of the world kills itself off.

This ESG/DIE genocide is also why the Marcusean Marxists of the DNC are so rabid right now. Marxists such as Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Biden, Sanders, and a whole host of others are paying into the ESG/DIE genocide. Their *goal* for the U.S. is a failed economy and an energy policy that is "green" by virtue of the decreased population and the phasing out of the capitalist systems that "[produce carbon]." For this genocide to take place, they must dismantle the republic, enable a dictatorship of the proletariat (which, as I have said before, is a deception, since the proletariat will not see power), and implement a series of civil genocides.

And where would we be if Constitutionalist judges had not just thrown a wrench in the ESG/DIE infiltration of the U.S. via the Court's EPA ruling (this ruling prevents ESG/DIE from one layer of its anti-competitive infiltration)? Or if those judges had not just made the DNC's genocide more difficult with their Roe ruling? The totalitarian plans would be accelerated still further.

This is particularly obvious if we see where their plan would have been had Trump's election in 2016 not interrupted these Marxists.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would have enabled a Syrian genocide, created an activist majority in the Supreme Court, provoked Russia, and set the stage for this list which I've presented ad nauseam:
• voter suppression via opposition purges (control of the mob's "choices")
• Abolition of the Electoral College (end of checks and balances)
• D.C./P.R. Statehood (consolidation of uni-party powers)
• Pack the Supreme Court (uni-party revision of all laws)
• Abolish the Senate (further enabling mob rule)
• Abolish local police; replace with federal police (totalitarian brown shirts)
• federal "voting rights" (i.e., rigged elections)
• end the filibuster (totalitarian legislation cannot be stopped by the conscientious)
• prosecution of political enemies (chilling effect on anyone not of ESG/DIE)
• uni-party control of propaganda (ownership of BigTech, control of corporate censorship)
• "democracy" via propagandized ochlocracy (mob rule)

All of the dominoes that they have attempted to knock down have spoken of this motive.
For instance,
Would not a free people advocate for platforms of unrestricted speech?
Yes, but the totalitarians do not want a free people, since a free people can stop their own genocide.

One would have to wonder how many people would have voted for Biden had they known that Biden was merely getting this world genocide back on track. Would the propaganda psychosis that made these people hate Trump as their entire identity have become more manageable? Would they not have seen something far more important was at stake than whether or not a mean man were president?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn again comes to mind:
"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?
"The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!
If... if...
"[But] we didn't love freedom enough.
And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation ... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward."
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 04 07:53:52
And two quick ones:

Michael Shellenberger has been doing some good break-downs of why Biden's ESG/DIE plan is transparently *not* concerned with helping Americans. It's basically more source-work for things I've said here:
[Shellenberger Twitter thread; July 3rd, 2022]
"Many people are confused as to why high oil & gasoline prices aren't resulting in significantly more oil production & refining. But the reason is simple: President Biden has actively prevented it since taking office in the name of climate change."
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 04 07:53:57
"NY Governor To Require 3 Years Of Social Media History To Obtain Concealed Carry Permit"
[Zero Hedge; July 3rd, 2022]

People might remember Governor Kathy Hochul (Bolshevik, NY) from high-class masked Satanic blood-orgies or perhaps from her creepy manipulative talks during COVID, where a Great Serpent appeared behind her in the dark while she openly used religious phrases to convince people to comply. While physiognomy should not be over-emphasized in general life, with her it is appropriate that a person with the face of a cave goblin has a character of malevolent politics to match.
Mon Jul 04 11:28:59
To spend one's waking hours bathing in the epicentrical glare of Youtubes billions of unsleeping, unblinking, judging eyes is to choose to live in a panopticon.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 04 19:46:56
Nice non sequitur! One in wtb's comment and a second if one considers how wtb's comment has zero bearing on this thread. He is so desperate to believe that postmodernism and his professors did not deceive him. Quite sad.

The Marxist propagandists are doing their best today to shame people into not appreciating Independence Day, but, as usual, they are preaching near exclusively to those already caught in the Marxist psychosis.

Imgur is a great example. Nearly 100% anti-Independence propaganda (screenshot of part of the current front page: http://imgur.com/a/u9S1X9n ). The idea is to get people to never have respite from the Marxist signal. To do this, all values of United States must constantly be attacked — especially on days that celebrate those values.

We see this when Marxists similarly decry holidays which give virtue to the old "oppressors" — even the father figure. Here, for example, is Marxist Emily Gould of the "see early life section" back in March 2022:
"I love my dad and I love my kids’ dad but I gotta ask … are we … as a culture … Father’s Day … are we really doing that, this year??"

Yes, yes we are.

People who pay attention to the Marxists *and* liberty-loving individuals can see how small the worldview of the Marxists really is. They totally believe in the Marxist shadows that are projected in front of them while people who experience even a small contradiction outside of that signal can see a much brighter world full of hope for the future and a gladness for the many wonders of this world.

Happy Independence Day!
Mon Jul 04 23:24:55
>The Marxist propagandists are doing their best today to shame people

I don't give them any energy at all. Because, while I know they exist, they aren't worth my time. Don't think they're worth yours, either.

Happy Independence Day!
Tue Jul 05 01:24:51
Fact: After having spent years, 1000s of hours studying all the political and cultural -isms from presocrates to Zizek under the supervision of certified experts in the field, writing 2,000 words by Monday to show how well I'd understood each argument, completing increasingly difficult exams every few months, and being officially certified to give you freshman lectures on all your hallucinations, I would be having a meeting with you and saying that since I'm going to have to fail you, I would suggest changing class to a topic that might suit you better, because you're not going to qualify for the next term.
Tue Jul 05 01:31:21
And then I might have a little chat with university security.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 05 03:31:54
"After having spent years"

This is what's quite sad about wtb: again like Dostoevsky's underground man, he accidentally admits terrible truths about himself while believing that he's proving himself to be much more than he really is (see also thread, "met a real right-wing conspiracist" http://uto...hread=83840&time=1656767395373 )

As I've pointed out before, wtb has presumably completed at least a solitary degree in a field of study (not impressive, but it at least shows some level of bland participation), yet he comes to UP with zero ability to cite sources, present arguments, refute claims, conduct research, finish sentences without grammatical laziness, or otherwise engage in any kind of genuine scholarship. All he has here is fallacies of authority.

In good faith, I'd have to *hope* that this means that wtb writes presentable academic writings *offline* and merely posts his least intelligent efforts *online*. That is, perhaps wtb is so good at compartmentalizing his efforts that he *does* actually try in his academic work but decompresses online with lazy shit-posting.

But, realistically, if one practices so thoroughly at being incompetent — as indeed he has shown himself to be thoroughly incompetent on UP — that habit will inevitably bleed over. And this works both ways. If wtb does indeed have the competence that he claims to have in real life, then we would see dazzling arguments from him on UP at *least* occasionally.. but have we ever? No. Not really. So, it is far more likely that wtb's incompetence on UP translates to incompetence in his academic career.

In that case, we're talking about a middling student who didn't really impress anyone but at least completed one major. His description of essay-writing, exam-taking, and "certified experts" is typical of an average student in a single major with a minimum full-time credit-load receiving instruction from common university professors, but he presents it as a monumental task against which he persevered while under the tutelage of the great minds of the age. Even "2,000 words" is telling, given that many summaries are around 500 words — even my comment here will exceed 500. In other words, wtb seems to think that a bachelor's degree is impressive.

He also seems to admit in his grammatical switches above that he stagnated after a graduate degree. He says, "and being officially certified to give you freshman lectures" — again, believing this to be impressive. In reality, he admits that he wasn't much more than a learning assistant or a teaching assistant — both unimpressive, given that graduate program managers typically do not put much responsibility onto their grad students.

For instance, a professor may lecture a specific undergrad class three times a week, and a grad student will have about 40 minutes in a fourth sitting to talk to undergrad students about whether or not they understood what the professor said. Or, that grad student may teach a class on subjects so basic that they could be taught without lectures at all — things that no one, even an incompetent, could mess up. This small responsibility is what wtb believes to be impressive.

It's very sad to see that someone who was in a highly supported system is now left listless without it — and did not even learn that system's true lessons so much as repeat those system's decrees. That would likely make one's world shrink perilously close to an irrelevance so complete that the rest of one's life appears not unlike a chasm for rusting, forgotten things.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 05 04:53:30
Shellenberger points out on July 4th that more of the Marxist totalitarian propaganda about Trump has fallen apart.

This time, the Marxist-propaganda claim in 2018 was that Germany was *not* beholden to Russian energy, as Trump claimed. Meanwhile, in 2022, Germany has had to admit that entire energy and manufacturing industries are close to collapse due to interruptions in energy supply from Russia:

Shellenberger links to this Bloomberg article for the energy update:
"Germany's Union Head Warns of Collapse of Entire Industries"
[Bloomberg; July 3rd, 2022]
"Top German industries could face collapse because of cuts in the supplies of Russian natural gas, the country’s top union official warned before crisis talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz starting Monday.
"“Because of the gas bottlenecks, entire industries are in danger of permanently collapsing: aluminum, glass, the chemical industry,” said Yasmin Fahimi, the head of the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB), in an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag. “Such a collapse would have massive consequences for the entire economy and jobs in Germany.”"
Tue Jul 05 06:22:48
"and being officially certified to give you freshman lectures"

So much talk about meaningless credentials, so little substance. All we are getting are youtube comments about the youtube comments he projects on everyone and everything. And the moment somebody pushes back, his brittle ego shatters like safety glass, he storms out, just to return later, just to storm out again and so on.

How did this guy become an alt-right meme?
Tue Jul 05 06:23:57
“Dawkins is not an evolutionary biologist, he is an atheist.” lol
Tue Jul 05 06:24:53
See, lil fellah, if you want to actually gain knowledge, you have to put in the effort. You cant just sit on the loo watching Milo Yiannopoulos videos and think you’ve put in a serious effort to understand humanity’s political, legal and cultural history and background.

If you want to understand Locke, Rousseau, Marx or whoever, you have to actually read what they wrote and against what background, know about the theories they refer to, etc. For example, if you want to read Marx, you’ll also have to have an understanding of Hegel, and so on. To dismiss the entire history of human intellectualism the way you do without having spent an hour studying these world reknown architects of our legal, political, commercial, social etc. systems and get it so full of juvenile, conspiratorial twittery, unfortunately, puts you in a situation where you are worthy of derision, as a direct result of your intellectual laziness and presumptuous and blundering arrogance.

Now, when I try to pompously lecture you in your field that I haven’t spent years studying, like you, I’ll certainly be worthy of your derision, because that’s what embarrassing, know-it-all-know-nothing, Youtubian armchair referees do
Tue Jul 05 06:30:40
Ah I see, you actually did have trouble reading in the other thread, I said "Dawkins is one of the world most famous atheist, not evolutionst". His popularity in the popscience circles you have come into contact with is due to his atheist and activism against religion, not his work in the 70's on insects.

The argument you made falls by default as a fallacious argument from authority. We do not need to concearn oursleves with the fact that Dawkins and I would agree 100% that human behavior and cognitive abilities are in part genetic and heritable.
Tue Jul 05 06:39:53
"Milo Yiannopoulos"

Is he still a thing? I will take you word for it.

"when I try to pompously lecture you in your field that I haven’t spent years studying, like you"

Classic "stay in your lane" attitude found in academia. I don't give a shit about whose field it is. You can have all the fields. Your "field" is not very difficult to grasp, once you get past the obtuse language made up by people envious of the professors in the physics department, the intellectual abyss presents itself rather quickly.

But this isn't what you brought up, you brought up medidation, Jordan Peterson and protein bars. Have you abandoned all of them?

Are you just being a spineless troll? Because you keep telling us there is more than gravy, that there are meatballs in there in all the brown goo you are serving.
Tue Jul 05 06:45:42
Hmm I was certain he was in entemology, but his work was broadly on animal behavior, so me and Dawkins are totally on the same level. Point stands.
Fri Jul 08 09:32:38
Jesus christ, the marxists are taking over everything! Look at how seductively they lure you in

Fri Jul 08 09:38:11
One minute youre sucking on one of those, the next minute, Bam! Foucault is strapping you down in his panopticon and plugging your spine into an electrical grid
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 10 02:59:02
[Resentful, Nihilistic, Depressing, and Impotent Fallacy of Authority Bot]: "If you want to understand Locke, Rousseau, Marx or whoever, you have to actually read what they wrote"

Who is wtb even talking to here? That was barely directed to Nim (given that it was separated by a new comment) and barely directed at me (given that it once again failed to quote anyone to avoid admitting another non sequitur). I'm far more extensively educated in universities than wtb is, so if it's to me, then he's putting himself down by comparison. If it's to Nim, that was just lazy troll bait.

[Nimatzo]: "Classic "stay in your lane" attitude found in academia."

Basically, yes.
I'm again unsure if this (wtb) is another troll multi-account, per Poe's Law's. Like.. is wtb really this stupid or just pretending to be so for fun? He's even feeding right into our critique of him (i.e., that wtb is just a walking fallacy of authority). If he were at all intellectually capable, he would counter this by producing an argument rather than just attempting to post his pathetic C.V., but he just.. can't. It's just not within him. It's like someone with dementia flailing without efficacy at an old portrait on a graduation stage.. it just doesn't hold weight anymore — it may as well be another person.

He's starting to remind me too much of those people who had to medicate through college. Taking illegally procured prescription-uppers during the week or before a paper's due date and then taking downers on the weekends. These people thought that they were high-functioning paper-writers, but, to anyone not in their psychosis observing from the outside, these were just desperate, low-IQ students trying to get to the Lowest Common Denominator baseline — losing their mind in a rat's nest of ideas that they could never pull together into a coherent thought.

That's another thing that's so ingeniously pedestrian about academia's "false consciousness" (not the one they claim in an "oppressor" but the one they put onto their own students): these students think they can just drop the loaded academic buzz-words and the arguments are just "made" behind the scenes for them. In reality, they cannot explain the concepts because they never understood them, so they just wield a fallacious appeal to self-evident "truth". "[Hur, hur. You just don't like postmodernism 'cuz yer nawt smrt like me, who cant arg-yoo a point! Hur-hurr!]"

That's the problem with kids who think that 2,000 words is a lot — they never had to explain or limit the scope of their initial terms and just went right into the rat's nest of obfuscated terminology to avoid accountability for their bad arguments. These students weren't designed for doing much more than holding Molotov cocktails in a black bloc crowd, and they'll likely never exceed that role.

Wtb really is just.. sad.

Oh well. If he hasn't put together an argument by now, it's best to not let him derail further.

So, anyways..
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 10 02:59:25
This has been making the rounds.

Biden on Meet the Press from decades ago, who didn't have the "stutter" (the "stutter" being an obvious media lie by the DNC to placate the useful idiots who cannot face Biden's mental decline, given that it would mean facing that Trump, of all people, is intellectually superior to the Chief Diaper-Filler), contradicts his current self by recognizing that certain red herrings are floated to distract people from more pressing issues:
[Rando account "@jnyboy" has the edited portion; July 9th, 2022]

NBC picked up a comparison video of Trump (October 1999) to this above recycled Biden clip (April 2007):
[June 17th, 2022]

NBC also did a write-up for the same video in June 2022:

Biden (2007): "I still am opposed to public funding for abortion, and the reason I am is, again, it goes to the question of whether or not you’re going to impose a view to support something that is not a guaranteed right but an affirmative action to promote."

Trump (1999): "I'm very pro-choice. I hate the concept of abortion — I hate it. I hate everything it stands for. I cringe when I listen to people debating the subject. But you still — I just believe in choice ... I'm strongly for choice, and yet I hate the concept of abortion ... No [I would not ban abortion]."

This is NBC's full transcript of Biden's 2007 appearance:

NBC's full video of Trump's 1999 appearance:
(could not locate just the transcript)
["Common Sense" YouTube account; October 2016]

Trump starts by talking about how he's running under the Reform Party because the GOP and DNC is respectively "too right" and "too liberal". He also uses his "big league" phrase (around 11:00), which the psychotic left made into a "bigly" meme that even DNC media had to correct (e.g., NYT in October 2016, http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/25/us/politics/trump-bigly-big-league-linguists.html ).. though.. such "gracious" corrections ended after the 2016 election when DNC media became pure psychosis propaganda.

Of the abortion section, it's not surprising that Trump had a reasonable position (not liking abortion but thinking that choice is important). This, I think, is a reasonable position (very close to my own) because completely removing the choice empowers the moral authoritarians. No authoritarians should be so empowered — whether of the left or the right. But, simultaneously, abortion should not be wielded by the DNC eugenicists since it is immoral and ugly.

In contradiction, what's funny is that Biden admitted that abortion "is not a guaranteed right", which goes against DNC talking points of the last few months that make the insane claim, "Access to abortion is a human right" (part of the attempt to own health care so that the state literally owns the bodies of its citizens — as discussed in my vaccine litigation thread). He also responds as such:

Russert: "Let me talk—turn to abortion. The ban on partial-birth abortions or late-term abortions, you supported that ban."
Biden: "I did and I do."
Russert: "And the Supreme Court came and basically upheld that ban—"
Biden: "That’s right."
Russert: "—and you criticized the Supreme Court."
Biden: "...So the bottom line here is, what they did is not so much the decision, the actual outcome of the decision, it’s what attended the decision that portends for a real hard move on the court to undo the right of privacy."

Biden also has some semi-reasonable points, though, e.g., "I’ve come to conclude, the only means by which, in this heterogeneous society of ours, we can read some general accommodation on what is a religiously charged and a publicly-charged debate."

and "I still am opposed to public funding for abortion"

So, Biden formerly held some pretty center positions. It's pretty reasonable, for instance, to recognize that there's a wide spectrum on abortion beliefs/thoughts in the U.S., so there has to be some willingness to give citizens room to self-regulate — which is, ironically, reflected by the Supreme Court's recent decision to give this back to the states.

Still, Biden's Trojan Horse — even in 2007 — was "privacy", which the DNC has used as their vehicle to sweep abortion statistics under the rug when possible. That is, Biden knew to hide the DNC's eugenics program. Where abortion falls under "privacy" rights, abortions are part of individual medical histories; and some of the reporting features disappear from public view, hiding the full paper trail on the DNC eugenics program. Many people note, for instance, that any one abortion statistics report is going to be "unreliable" since so much data is hidden. The Roe v. Wade ruling of 2022 threw a wrench into the gears of this eugenics program, since it's not *just* that women must now "[travel long distances to abortion-friendly states/cities]" (a DNC talking point that's not too dissimilar to the convenience-store model of abortion where the lack of convenience will reduce the efficacy of the eugenics program) but that that travel may make abortion statistics more *visible* to the public — like Georgian Era women disappearing into the countryside for a year and not fooling anyone upon their return — and that a lack of "privacy" protection will make those statistics more available in states not controlled by the DNC.

That is, GOP states may be better able to expose the DNC eugenics program now.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 10 02:59:30
4chan, meanwhile, is seizing on claims that they have successfully "hacked" into Hunter Biden's iPhone backup which was on Hunter's laptop, exposing an additional 450GB of data:
[4chan; July 9th, 2022]
http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/386047184#p386051614 and
http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/386024638#p386024638 (person claiming success)

They link to Twitter key-word results, but these may disappear, given Twitter's handling of information:

Included is a link to Daily Veracity, which pooled some of 4chan's preliminary info for people who do not like 4chan's format:
[July 9th, 2022]

Some 4chan people are worried that they're being set up for young pr0n entrapment, but that's because Hunter searched for pr0n of 12-year-olds on xvideos... so... there's that information. Other autists wonder if that's just chilling effect logic to keep people from downloading the now readily available decrypted iPhone files.

Also included so far are ..
• more videos of Hunter with still more prostitutes,
• Hunter face-timing with prostitutes,
• picks of Hunter in bed with Natalie Biden (who is *currently* 17), and,

As a 4chan-autist summarizes:
">Bunch of dick pics and hookers
>proof of joint accounts for hunter and joe
>medical records of hunter
>weird family photos
>bunch of receipts for shopping and bills
>tax records for hunter"

Since this is still early, the autists will likely focus on video and image first, but the more interesting things will be the call logs and file scans, since the normies don't care very much about Hunter Biden being a crack-smoking immoralist who was given access to multi-million dollar deals in Ukraine and China.

Plus, Biden's impeachment will likely require additional connections made between him and Hunter's business dealings in order to overcome DNC media's dogmatic support. Karine Jean-Pierre, even this week, was sticking with the Psaki-used talking point of "[contact Hunter's representatives]", even after a direct connection was made via Biden leaving Hunter a voice mail about a DNC-media story reporting in their favor:
[White House Official YouTube; full Press Briefing; July 5th, 2022]
8:00 — (The exchange starts)
8:40 — "I refer you to his son's representatives."

White House dot gov official transcript of the same:

It's pretty amateurish of Jean-Pierre to say, "his son's representatives", because the whole point of Psaki saying, "I’d point you to his representatives on that" (e.g., White House Press Briefing, October 4th, 2021) was to *disrupt* the connection between Joe and Hunter, but Jean-Pierre accidentally made the connection "his son's" while deflecting to "representatives". This legal/rhetorical maneuver only works on the useful idiots if the White House rep pretends that Hunter and Joe have no connection. This strategy is, of course, fucking absurd, since downplaying the connection of a father and a son denies basic reality; and, as I've pointed out, Hunter himself has admitted to talking to Joe "at least every night" (see previous thread under comment "Fri Jun 03 06:56:02"). But, it's funny to see Jean-Pierre not even knowing how to wield the administration's rhetorical manipulations correctly.

At any rate, Biden's impending impeachments will be interesting.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 10 03:56:25
Quick update: apparently the iPhone cracking included iCloud access, so it's not just limited to the laptop now.
Sun Jul 10 06:30:17
It's funny how Marx is about as classic a symbol of modernism that ever existed, always recognized as the 3rd theorist in the direct line of modernist thought consisting of famed modernists Hegel, Kant and Marx & Engels. Y'know, the period that the postmodernists were rejecting and counter-reacting against, because they rejected every essential core Marxist doctrine, from history and materialism to progress. Its actually hard to find another perspective that so rejects core Marxist principles lol. I'll have to have a think later about whether there are ideologies that are even less compatible
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 10 07:03:09
James Lindsay posted a nice Twitter thread on ESG/DIE on July 9th:
• "The vast majority of the issues you think are cultural issues are only cultural issues because ESG has enabled them to be extremely well-funded and locked into institutions which are held hostage by the ESG cartel."
• "You can't change the culture to change the institutions, say universities, schools, etc., because "the culture" isn't the problem. Every institution of significance in the Western world is held hostage by ESG, which forces the institution to play along with and promote its values"
• "Your average university president, board of trustees, etc., is under tremendous pressure, financial and otherwise, to implement ESG standards, including a full DEI-based thought-reform program posing as education. They can't change course until ESG stops controlling them."
• "All of this can be fixed by treating the ESG cartel exactly like it is: as a racket that needs to be busted up. This cartel does what it does by leveraging trillions of dollars of other people's money (mostly, our collective retirements) to have ownership-level control of all."
• "Maybe preventing them from leveraging other people's money as though it's their own to do "values investing" with is a great way to start busting it up. Going full RICO on them and breaking open the deliberate conspiracy would be great too."
• "These demons have realized that the introjection of values, top down, bottom up, and inside out (cultural revolution) is the way to do a complete systems-level change of everything at once. It's the only way. ESG is the tool and the target, for "sustainable development" (Marxism)"
• "They've identified education, particularly through "Transformative SEL" as the way to create the bottom-up pressure to... demand ESG, like Greta. So TransSEL is Maoist-style thought-reform to groom people to be little Gretas who demand ESG like it's life and death."
• "You get a cultural revolution both by radicalizing the youth to think differently, as above, and also by forcing the culture industry (sports, entertainment, etc.) all to reflect and reflect and reflect and reflect those same values until they're everywhere, then hegemonic."
• "They have the top down through ESG. They're pushing the cultural revolution, which is starting to backfire. They're forcing the bottom up through literal brainwashing in the schools. These are the targets. These are what must be hit repeatedly and hard until it stops."
• "Listen and learn more if you're interested:"
"Leninism, Maoism, and Stakeholder Capitalism"
[June 24th, 2022]
The three-pronged totalitarian strategy:
1. "ESG works like Leninism"
2. "Social-Emotional Learning is the tool to facilitate Maoism"
3. "A cultural-revolution"

Lindsay references "COVID-19: The Great Reset" by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has been largely responsible for climate change propaganda and the Marcusean–Marxist eugenics strategy.

Schwab is also associated with the Bilderberg Group, which is a strategy group for global eugenics policy (under the guise of climate change policy, which is under the hood of ESG/DIE) which met this year in private within the Mandarin Oriental hotel in D.C. The Bilderberg Group has unsurprisingly warranted special "ThoughtCrime" warning labels on establishment social media sites to provide The Party's "context". The hotel was made totally closed access except for participants — which is typically an intelligence community tactic used for VIP visits (i.e., entire hotels are closed to all but security and designated guests). Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange did a long video of the exterior and caught some reticent people for interviews, including a former Goldman Sachs (June 5th, 2022 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siFnLix1WFw and June 6th interview attempts with Belgium's Thomas Leysen and Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8jx783eQ1I ).

Very little news circulated about this beyond a Guardian article which merely listed the year's agenda:
"Bilderberg reconvenes in person after two-year pandemic gap The Washington conference, a high-level council of war, will be headlined by Jens Stoltenberg, Nato’s secretary general"

Bilderberg put out a 2022 press release:
Items on the agenda:
1. Geopolitical Realignments
2. NATO Challenges
3. China
4. Indo-Pacific Realignment
5. Sino-US Tech Competition
6. Russia
7. Continuity of Government and the Economy
8. Disruption of the Global Financial System
9. Disinformation
10. Energy Security and Sustainability
11. Post Pandemic Health
12. Fragmentation of Democratic Societies
13. Trade and Deglobalisation
14. Ukraine

And a 2022 participants list:
Included were, among others,
• Goldman Sachs representatives,
• the White House Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific,
• Canada's Deputy Prime Minister,
• Palantir Technologies CEO Alex Carp,
• CEO of BP,
• Ambassador of Ukraine to the US,
• Microsoft CTO,
• NATO Secretary General,
• Peter Thiel
• Pfizer CEO

Notable is that many at the meeting were agents of the press (e.g., Atlantic, Mediahuis, YetkinReport).

I mentioned in the previous thread that Fareed Zakaria, an overt Malthusian, is also associated with the Bilderberg Group and is on the board of the Trilateral Commission, which was founded by internationalist-banker David Rockefeller in 1973 (see 2012 Politico story which lists Zakaria as a journalist for the Group http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2012/05/the-bilderberg-groups-media-men-124074 ). Zakaria claimed in a blog, "In my experience, they say the same fairly banal platitudes inside as they say outside," but, Zakaria has previously said when questioned directly that the meetings offer a "freer and franker discussion" given that no one reports on what is said ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTn5RYVIDyI ), and the people of the Group have clearly demonstrated intelligence community duplicity in this regard, knowing which talking points are "safe" and which are classified.

Zakaria himself has never actually *reported* on the Bilderberg Group meetings, which, to some, might be strange, given that he is a "journalist" who has attended at least three of these events. This is because he is a propagandist for the Malthusian strategy. His task has been to sing the praises of unchecked immigration (also covered in the last thread) while consoling Westerners for their declining birth rates. Zakaria has been one of the propagandists trying to give Russia an "out" to comply with ESG/DIE:
"A good summation, in here, of the argument that Putin would become much more dangerous if cornered"
[May 25th, 2022]
Zakaria’s embedded link:
"Dealing with Horrible Leaders Is Part of the History of International Relations"
[Spiegel International; May 20th, 2022]

Schwab's idea of a Fourth Industrial Revolution is one of A.I. and automation. This would replace large segments of the work force, which is another motivator for the ESG/DIE eugenics strategy (i.e., fewer people are needed in an automated world). His hope is a small population of disposable bodies that service the immortality and recreation of the World Elitists.

As Lindsay points out, for ESG/DIE to function, the useful idiots must be deceived: they must believe that they will have a stake in the Marxist endeavors. These are the Little Stalins — given a dose of power over their fellow humans as hall monitors and Party Fingermen. These are the Greta Thunbergs, the AOCs, the abortionists, the "Woke". Their job is to use left-wing authoritarianism from the bottom up to demand cultural compliance with the top-down ESG/DIE directives so that the snake can eat its own tail.

This is the Marxist psychosis — the Mass Formation Psychosis (previously covered here in January 2022, http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=89148&time=1641900657968 ). These are weaponized collectivists — the weak-minded groupthinkers given a purpose for their useless lives: the latest Marxist Genocide is meant to be their role in the new history. They are placing themselves in the Wicker Man on behalf of the totalitarians who will watch the fires and inherit the ruins.
Sun Jul 10 07:16:22
Its also funny that Peterson, and thus the voluntary panopticon dwellers here, think that postmodernists were fleeing from communisms untenable bad reputation exactly during that period when communism was enjoying greater mainstream acceptance than ever before or since, when they were gaining 1/3 of the popular vote in major western countries lol...
Sun Jul 10 07:34:42
I see Petersons latest how-to-get-girls-in-5-minutes product is about how men need to learn to be dangerous and aggressive. That seems like a responsible thing to be teaching the incels on those forums in these times.
Sun Jul 10 07:37:43
You know I always thought US university system could pull through because schools would divide along values, because they are not centrally guided and ultimately owned, as they are in Sweden. Obviously I was not aware of ESG as a thing until a year ago because of my dive into crypto and macro economics. But yea ESG will bring about the same effect to "free market" school systems, as the centralized education system of Sweden et al.

Everyone left or right, should be against ESG, against the idea that some cabal in finance should be allowed to regulate society.

Sad to say, on some level I have given up on the big institutions (to make it easier to cope with the future) and view their assimilation as inevitable. They will collapse under the weight of their own stupidity. It will be a disaster, since they are fundamental to civilization. I know you like to bring up Lysenko, an example I have myself brought up in the past. There is a real risk of some disaster like he precipitated as western institutions succumb to the ESG contagion. The very real risk inherent to the acronym DIE isn't lost on me.

There is a lot of overlap in thinking, clearly. Maybe you even came to this, like me, as a supporter of the idea and ideals that globalization represented and then grew increasingly skeptical as things transpired and ultimately started to view it as the proverbial hell that one reaches on a road paved with good intentions.
Sun Jul 10 08:55:15
In fact, Foucault is probably best described, within a political context, as a leftish libertarian. And I see, in fact, that libertarian intellectuals respect him.


Sun Jul 10 09:11:45
In fact, Im a bit blown away that the Cato run Libertarianism.org site wrote such a glowing review of him. I'd actually have to say its pretty fair. I suppose its just a reminder of how far the right of today has veered into Just-Believe-In-Whatever-Fantasy-You-Want Looney Lalaland compared to just a few years ago

Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 10 09:30:56
[Resentful, Nihilistic, Depressing, and Impotent Fallacy of Authority Bot]: "It's funny how Marx is about as classic a symbol of modernism that ever existed ... Y'know, the period that the postmodernists were rejecting ... Its also funny that Peterson, and thus the voluntary panopticon dwellers here,"

Sad, pathetic, impotent little boy tries to hijack with straw man arguments that distort how ideological transmission can occur — presuming that no postmodernist can also appreciate Marxism (and indeed, many postmodernists were overt Marxists, if this sad little man had bothered reading their bios) and not seeing that postmodernism was a great viral vector for Marxism, ignoring the entire Critical Tradition that folded its discourse for just that purpose in a straight line that I pointed out in the CRT thread. Lyotard himself even had to take great pains to *attempt* to distance postmodernism from Marxism, but it was a cork thrown at a burst dam.

Sad little boy then hopes that an attack on Peterson will get him some traction (his belief in a sacred cow); then misuses Panopticon again, not establishing context, hoping the word will do the work for him; then tries to salvage Foucault, who was a pederast and was groomed by his Marxist instructor for the French Communist Party. While wtb wrote his desperate words, I'm sure he went into the corner and peed the floor — terror and shame in his eyes. He is a coward like his father.


[Nimatzo]: "There is a real risk of some disaster like he precipitated as western institutions succumb to the ESG contagion. The very real risk inherent to the acronym DIE isn't lost on me."

Definitely. Reordering that acronym from their "DEI" is a must.

These are overt Malthusians. They are eugenicists. They want to kill a *majority* of the world population — for "sustainability". And they are indeed guided by Lysenkoism. It's a default to a fallacy of authority rather than searching for a robust method — "trust the 'science'" (the Lysenkoism). It's everywhere now, from COVID policy to transitioning affirmation. The Lysenkoism just happens to be any policy which reduces population.

The inevitability of any totalitarian top-down strategy is that the need for nuance is violated so harshly that people will indeed suffer and die when the distant ruler's directives force square pegs into round holes. It's the Chernobyl mini-series narrative of Party protocol out-weighing scientific reason. It is a social formation that disempowers the individual's decision-making to serve the collective death.

[Nimatzo]: "Maybe you even came to this, like me, as a supporter of the idea and ideals that globalization represented and then grew increasingly skeptical as things transpired and ultimately started to view it as the proverbial hell that one reaches on a road paved with good intentions."

A little bit, yes. Star Trek TNG makes one wonder about the intermediate period to that kind of future, and even TOS admits to a "Eugenics War". Starship Troopers also recognizes that there has to be some value to a life for it to be given access to the next generation via breeding rights. People should definitely spend time imagining a good future if it is to be built, and even I've entertained some thoughts of "good" eugenics.

But, the reality is that some cultures do not merge, and this ESG/DIE is not a virtue-based reordering of society where eugenics is built around meritocracy or citizen value — not that that would justify millions dead as a start-up cost. This is an overt enabling of the Lowest Common Denominator under Marxism. They are selling to the masses the incoming mass death and collapse by giving them this blanket of an intersectional LGBTQ+NAMBLA revolution. It's all a simulation joke to distract the LGBTQ+NAMBLA people while the food runs out. Then it's back to brutal truth: food, water, energy. The totalitarians mean to take those away with ESG/DIE.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 10 09:31:00
A small UP thread exists for Sri Lanka ( http://uto...hread=90216&time=1657453221933 ), which has been in the news due to videos of massive protests storming the Presidential compound (e.g., http://twitter.com/Jennifer_Arcuri/status/1545750577312825344 ).

A July 9th article by Michael Shellenberger points out the connection between Sri Lanka's failed state and ESG/DIE:
"Green Dogma Behind Fall Of Sri Lanka
"Organic farm advocates said they wanted what's best for the 22 million people of the island nation off the coast of India. What went wrong?"

Shellenberger notes via a Daily Caller article, "Sri Lanka has a near-perfect ESG score (98) which is higher than Sweden (96) or the United States (51)."

This is the ESG Index site for world countries:
(it IP-limits your visits, so be VPN-ready or use script-blockers)

He and Daily Caller are not quite right, since those numbers refer specifically to the E-Score of ESG. This is the corrected list (format: E, S, G):
• Sri Lanka (98.1, 69.7, 40.3)
• Sweden (96.1, 76.1, 98.0)
• United States (58.7, 77.7, 77.3)

The associated Daily Caller article expands:
"‘Complete Collapse’: Here’s How ESG Destroyed One Nation’s Economy"
[July 6th, 2022]

This is part of the ESG/DIE strategy of mass death, this being an initial phase. Famine will be a feature of the new society. This is similar to Mao's Cultural Revolution and the Four Pests Campaign wherein top-down economic and farming strategies resulted in millions dead.

And millions will indeed die should this Malthusian strategy continue, with food shortages adjusting the world to a new vegetarian diet and mass death making the Marcusean "sustainability" possible. I mentioned this dietary shift in the first thread while discussing Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum (comment "Mon May 30 01:21:33": http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=89915&time=1654088485335 ). But a vegetarian diet is a band-aid, all other things left equal. The ESG/DIE strategy is after bigger initial carbon numbers than a vegetarian diet can give them. The population has to be reduced to satisfy them, with vegetarianism being a bonus.

People might notice that some of the countries in Africa which were a major focus for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (listed by BaMG here: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/our-work/places/africa ) happen also to have high E-Scores for ESG (i.e., they conducted conditioning experiments here):
• Burkina Faso (97.9, 51.5, 48.1)
• Ethiopia (95.7, 60.2, 30.9)
• Kenya (97.3, 67.7, 38.2)
• Nigeria (95.3, 57.0, 29.9)
• South Africa (90.8, 63.1, 59.4)

This is true of most African nations (high E-scores, middling or low S- and G-scores).

South Africa is probably lower on this E-list because it has resisted, being part of the BRICS group of nations attempting to retain energy independence against the rising totalitarian order (see comment "Mon Jul 04 07:42:58" above). Their non-compliance with Corporate Governance and Social puts them in a stronger position than the U.S., but China, Russia, and (potentially) Saudi Arabia of BRICS are much more clear-cut enemies to ESG:
• China (43.2, 65.1, 19.5)
• Russia (53.9, 71.2, 18.8)
• Saudi Arabia (83.4, 69.2, 30.6)

Notice that they have not been infiltrated by Corporate Governance (G-score). This, again, reflects that they have not accepted the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) infiltration into their business hierarchies. They have rising S-Scores, showing some LGBTQ+NAMBLA conditioning in their cultural centers (as discussed in comment "Mon Jul 04 07:42:58"), but without the G-score to back this, they have not been forced to make global governance their top-down praxis and can reject those measures in their businesses. The higher the G-score, the more a country's businesses have been infiltrated by "global cooperation".

We are seeing similar results in the Dutch farmers protests wherein the Netherlands' move to reduce emissions will require insane logistical decisions by farmers ( http://www.politico.eu/article/police-fire-dutch-farmer-protest-nitrogen-emission-cut/ ).
• Netherlands (90.7, 74.9, 93.1)

Netherlands is *highly* infiltrated at Corporate Governance (93.1), but this has not matched its Environment score (90.7), which may be driving their decision to improve that attribute.

One would also have to wonder about the additional driving factor here: how much does a country have to reduce its emissions to not be subjected to the genocides? The first timeline goal is 2030 followed 2050, per the UN and WEF. Could it be that countries that fail to achieve certain scores by these thresholds will have to suffer greater genocides to compensate? (Or, to "offset their carbon emissions", as our new masters would say.)
Mon Jul 11 03:23:32
Of course, if you want research fields that reject basically all notions of humans being able to judge reality, you have to go to the harder sciences, beyond Darwins notion of us being semi-automatic receivers, replicators and senders of group norms.

Ask a quantum physicist or someone like that and they’ll often dismiss even human consciousness and intelligence as nothing more than an incidental by-product of various particular events at an atomic level, like a plant emitting CO2 during photosynthesis. According to the same way of viewing the universe, we’re not even coherent objects – at a molecular level we’re clouds of somewhat more densely packed, individual particles than the space around us, with loads of space in between each particle. Etc. This is the objective perspective, the opposite of the phenomenological perspective
Mon Jul 11 03:26:17
*beyond Darwins notion=beyond Dawkins notion
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 07:25:16
[Resentful, Nihilistic, Depressing, and Impotent Fallacy of Authority Bot]: "Ask a quantum physicist"

Thanks, fallacy of authority bot, for your latest fallacy of authority! I *will* ask someone else — and not you, since you understand nothing and thus are incapable of making your own argument.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 07:25:21
Ol' Poopy-Pants, who likely has dementia or Parkinson's, gave another gaff-filled speech on July 8th, 2022:
"President Biden Delivers Remarks on Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Services"
[White House Official YouTube; July 8th, 2022]

The Chief Diaper-Filler starts with more lies about how his economy is doing well (it's not). He also calls the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade "extreme". He also uses the DNC's pathetic call to the polls rhetoric by saying that abortion is on the ballot so '[pls gives us moar senators so we can codify Roe like we failed to do for 50 years!]' (4:40). With their policies absolutely failing the public (though the public *did* vote for these ESG/DIE policies, despite their ignorance), the DNC must turn to red herring issues: gun control, abortion, January 6th.

A clip of this video has been making the rounds not just because the Glassy-Eyed Dead-Brain-in-Chief was staring blankly at the teleprompter for his entire speech but most particularly because of a moment at 5:35:

"One of the most extraordinary parts of th' decision, in my view, is the majority writes — and I quote — "womic"— I'm—and this is a quote now, from the guh— da— majority — "women are not without electoral or political power. It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so."
End of quote.
Repeat the line.
"Women are not without electoral and/or political our or", mmrrmmbe precise, not and/or, "*or* political power". That's another same. You, the women of America, can determine the outcome.
Of this issue."

So yeah, this guy is mentally gone, in case it hasn't been obvious.

But that's not all! The White House, realizing that Donkey Brains Robinette — whom the DNC has decreed "to not have 'Donkey Brains'" — read, "Repeat the line", instead of repeating the line, decided to cover for him in the transcript of the event.

"Remarks by President Biden on Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Services"
[White House dot gov; July 8th, 2022]
Their transcript reads as follows:
"One of the most extraordinary parts of the decision, in my view, is the majority writes, and I quote, “Women…” — it’s a quote now, from the majority — “Women are not without electoral or political power. It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so.” End of quote.

Let me repeat the line: “Women are not without electoral…” and/or political — “or” — let me be precise; not “and/or” — “…or political power.”

That’s another way of saying that you, the women of America, can determine the outcome of this issue."

Yeah. Quite a few corrections there.
Of course, the most fun part is that they're pretending that he said, "Let me repeat the line," because not only did he *not* say that, but it likely was not even in his teleprompter since he would have done his patented "stutter" (Copyright DNC—Politburo) if "Let me" had been there. Also, teleprompter instructions typically have a clear delineation, such as white bordering, reversed color effects, brackets, or other cues that people with functional brains can discern. Ol' Joey does not have one of those.

This was not the first time Mr. Gold Bond Powder has made such an error, and it will not be the last.
Mon Jul 11 08:09:05
Apart from the constant argument from authority fallacy, nothing he actually claims about these individual people, or entire fields as he is doing now, is true. It is very very similar to how religious apologetic debate. Oh but so and so ATHEIST philosopher says this, he is widely respect et cetera and so on.

And in almost all cases they are quote mining or blatantly misunderstanding the way a child would. "Einstein/Hawkings believed in god" are classic examples.
Mon Jul 11 08:12:42
*Sniff sniff*
Theres something distinctly 50 shades of grey about this thread, cant quite put my finger on it
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 08:20:49
[Nimatzo]: "And in almost all cases they are quote mining or blatantly misunderstanding the way a child would."

That makes it difficult to justify responding to him. He's just floating these syphilitic non sequiturs in comments that barely break the Twitter character-limit, making errors, justifying the errors with fallacies of authority, and then.. people are supposed to give him the time of day?

E.g., this quotation is hilariously misguided:
"often dismiss even human consciousness and intelligence as nothing more than an incidental by-product of various particular events at an atomic level"

But, yeah, he's not interested in a reasoned debate about materialism and chaos theory in response to that. He just wants to say,
"[X] person said it's true.. so... I win!"

With how bad he is at this, I'd wonder if he's just a multi that someone uses as a way to satire clueless left-wing grad students. He's even adding this weird sexual perversion sub-plot to the account, which is in-character for left-wing grad students being groomed for sexual deviance and porn addictions since that smooths their brains even further.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 08:20:54
(After writing this below comment, I saw that UP already covered this in a good Seb-meltdown thread; Seb hilariously says that people should not even be skeptical — welcome to the left-wing psychosis: "Seb: I told you so" http://uto...hread=90218&time=1657544254591 )

An additional note from the same speech:

8:05 — Biden cites a claim that a 10-year-old girl was raped and had to travel out-of-state to Indiana for an abortion. The Washington Post does a write-up of this claim:

"A one-source story about a 10-year-old and an abortion goes viral"
[Washington Post; July 9th, 2022]

The article points out some crucial details:
• The claim is entirely from one person, a Dr. Caitlin Bernard of Indiana, who claims to have received a call from an Ohio doctor.
• "Bernard declined to identify to the Fact Checker her colleague or the city where the child was located."
• Before re-writing the story for their own reports, "news organizations did not follow up to confirm her account"
• "Under Ohio law, a physician, as a mandated reporter under Ohio Revised Code 2151.421, would be required to report any case of known or suspected physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect of a child to their local child welfare or law enforcement agency. So Bernard’s colleague would have had to make such a report to law enforcement at the same time he or she contacted Bernard. Presumably then a criminal case would have been opened."

In other words, a potentially falsified story from one Indiana doctor who would not name her own source made it into the White House talking points and was repeated as fact, even though no rape report currently exists for this supposed event.

This plays into the DNC's perpetual claim that "[abortion should be allowed across-the-board because of rape and incest!]" This, of course, is a fake argument that they make, given that even most conservatives would allow those exceptions, and those exceptions are extremely rare.

The reality is that "Safe, legal, and rare" is an old talking point for them. The new mantra is "No questions asked [and no paper trail]." This is because abortion is part of the DNC Eugenics Program and the DNC's racialist strategy. As I've said before, the idea is for the DNC to breed itself a popular vote in a district and then put caps on the population via abortion centers. This way they can get their mob rule but still be "green".

This one will likely be memory-holed, much like The Atlantic's unnamed-source story of Trump saying, "suckers", and, "losers", that fell apart when the Trump White House put up on-the-record witnesses to contradict the claim. The DNC loves its hearsay. All they need to do is make the 24-hour news cycle, hit a good amount of low-information people, and the corrections won't matter. If Seb is any indicator, information doesn't help anyways — only The Party matters.

"Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right."
Mon Jul 11 08:33:36
"That makes it difficult to justify responding to him."

It really does, I gave him the benefit of doubt, having not seen him around for a while, but as you witnessed he had a meltdown about high heels. Trying to figure out what WTB is talking about always leads to him having a meltdown, calling people stupid, sexist, fascist or some derivative (depending on the topic), at the final stages he starts ignoring you. Rinse and repeat.

"I'd wonder if he's just a multi that someone uses as a way to satire clueless left-wing grad students"

Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 09:05:31
"Rinse and repeat."

Can't wait for the next reset! ;D

Oof. Hunter Biden, who in 2018 called Jill Biden a "selfish silly entitled cunt" and referred to his own father as "Pedo Peter" / a pedophile (see thread title), is shown here using a scale to weigh his crack cocaine to compare results with those of his prostitute.. and he can't even read the scale correctly D:
..unless he's mentally converting into decigrams? Finally! That deci- conversion is getting some usage! Most people just skip to milli-. ;D
(To be fair, there might well be some kind of crack-addict or drug dealer "reason" for moving the decimal — like poor STEM education.)

The left-wing psychosis people will be unaffected by this since Hunter's crack-smoking has already been accepted, but the sheer amount of videos of him smoking crack and having sex with prostitutes is just incredible. You'd think, "Okay, there's one or two, but that was that!" But no, this was like a sport to him. It probably still *is*, and once he's out of the limelight he'll O.D. and his memoir chronically Ol' Joe's pedophilia will be lost to time like tears in rain.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 09:07:43
*"his memoir [chronicling]"
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 09:12:04
Lulz, another mistake:
"..unless he's mentally converting into dec[a]grams? Finally! That dec[a]- conversion is getting some usage!"
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 09:59:29
Random lol:
"this was the moment Bill Gates decided to kill everyone on earth"
[User "Echo" (@TheEcho13); July 10th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 11 10:34:32
A Dutch farmer interviewed by Rebel News (an often right-wing news agency which nevertheless has high fact-based and "center" reporting from AdFontesMedia's bias chart) claims that a major incentive for the Dutch government to attack farmers is that they want to seize their land for development:
[Henrik Palmgren Twitter; July 9th, 2022]

Comments chime in with possible motives behind this desire for government to own and convert farmlands, which is more of the same information we have seen with ESG/DIE:
• Converting the lands into "sustainable" farms that produce "sustainable" foods (i.e., the globalist vegetarian diet)
• Creating immigration centers for migrants.
• Making the Netherlands into a hub for Europe's food strategy.

One comment gives some evidence for the migrant claim, but stronger evidence is given with a link to an article that describes World Economic Forum plans for the Netherlands:
[Amsterdam-Oost News; January 29th, 2021]
• "The Netherlands will be the center for global food innovation with the Global Coordinating Secretariat (GCS). Prime Minister Rutte announced this during a digital meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The GCS is part of the WEF's food system initiative to drive innovations and new technologies in the food chain that contribute to global food security. The GCS is directing from the Netherlands the further development of global regional food innovation hubs including the leading European hub Foodvalley NL."
• "Changing the way we produce and consume food requires globally scalable innovations that fit regional conditions. Regional Food hubs play a crucial role in this by bringing together farmers, businesses, scientists and (other) parties in the food chain to develop innovations and business and revenue models that contribute to a sustainable and future-proof food system. Hubs have been set up in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Foodvalley NL has been appointed as the European Food Hub since November."
• "The East Netherlands Development Agency Oost NL (commissioned by the province of Gelderland and province of Overijssel) supports the GCS financially and by contributing to a small core team. The GCS will help the regional hubs with scaling up, drive new regional hubs and work on global partnerships for innovation. In this way, together they will ensure that knowledge and innovation for a healthy and sustainable food system will be better distributed around the world."

Notice, yet again, the call for "sustainability" and the "sustainable" from the Marcusean dialectic. This connects back also to more of the WEF's strategy of making meat a delicacy, with most people living on a vegetarian diet.

This connects also to Bill Gates' interest in U.S. farmlands, including his most recent aquisition of 2100 acres in North Dakota in June 2022:
"Bill Gates’ purchase of North Dakota farmland has locals ‘livid’: official"
[New York Post; June 23rd, 2022]

I've mentioned Gates here before, but Bill Gates
• is a frequent speaker at the World Economic Forum, including an appearance at this year's event.
• He is also a self-stated advocate of population control, as reported in articles dating all the way back to the '90s.
• He is an advocate of the world vegetarian diet.
• He is also the largest private owner of farmland in the United States, owning more than 300,000 acres in more than 19 states.

The Guardian wrote on these subjects in a 2021 article:
"Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?"

Ironically, the author of this article, Nick Estes, talks about Marcusean sustainability as a positive while complaining about white men like Gates owning land. Estes does not seem to realize that he and Gates are actually on the same exact page. Estes is defending the "indigenous" "owners" of this land, and Gates is using those indigenous people as useful idiots / weapons under the ESG/DIE strategy.
Mon Jul 11 13:11:25
I had totally forgotten about this part of The Anchorman :,)


Tue Jul 12 01:07:16
Don't want a popular, well-read thread falling off. Saved for posterior
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 01:47:21
So weird that the scared little bed-wetter doesn't post in tw's thread.

Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 01:47:25
Hunter Biden, who likely had sex with his niece who is currently only 17, kept track of receipts, checks, and payments to Internet escorts who traveled with him across state lines via Amtrak for orgies in 2018 — a federal offense:

"EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden could face prostitution charges for transporting hookers across state lines and disguising checks to them as payments for 'medical services.' First Son spent $30k in five months on 'the girlfriend experience'"
[Daily Mail; July 11th, 2022]

• Receipts show travel costs and payments made to the prostitutes.
• Text messages show Hunter coordinating with the prostitutes to make payments that attempt to bypass legal visibility.
• Video shows the prostitutes on a train crossing into NYC.
• Video shows the orgy that they had in NYC.
• "Texts from January 2019 revealed by the Washington Examiner last month show Joe Biden sent Hunter $5,000 just hours before he got into a dispute with a prostitute he claimed he paid $10,000."
• The prostitutes have been uncovered by name and will be roped into the FBI and DHS investigations that have been ongoing in Hunter's sex trafficking.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 04:35:40
DNC-Politburo propagandist Robert Reich, hero to many useful idiots and midwits, again said something abysmally retarded:

[Robert Reich Twitter; July 11th, 2022]
"When you factor in the length of their respective seasons, the average NBA player makes 44 times what the average WNBA player makes – all while playing the same game.

Hence why Griner and other WNBA superstars play overseas in countries like Russia to supplement their income."

This hearkens back to another idiocy of the DIE strategy: a belief that people should be paid the same regardless of their contribution to society or their worth in a meritocracy or capitalist structure. Thus, this is a Marxist belief.

To a DIE Marxist, everyone should share in the fruits of another's labor — a perfect system for parasites. The problem is this results in Ayn Rand's "Anthem" dystopia where motivation and thereby innovation are killed, where any Kulak with a two-story house is an enemy of the state. That means that this belief in equal pay is a Neo-Luddite ideology as well, since in order for the world to be equalized by equity it must be subjected to a "Harrison Bergeron" dystopia as well, where sameness cripples everyone to the same lowly "success" and necessitates only those pieces of technology that everyone can possess — not allowing technology that cannot be adopted by every single person. For Rand's "Anthem", candles were the pinnacle of society.

This is reflected in ESG businesses improving their Social and Governance scores by trying to "close the gender pay gap". The gender pay gap is a myth, of course, since, to bring it back to Robert Reich, the players are definitionally NOT "playing the same game". Women tend to be "[paid less than men]" not because they're doing the same amount of work and "muh sexism" but because they are doing LESS work, logging fewer hours, making work less of a priority, and using more vacation time — among the many other variables.

But the reality of the "pay gap" does not stop this from being a Corporate Governance policy. Under the ESG model, it does not matter who is doing more work — the "gap" must nevertheless be closed. I pointed this out in thread 2 with a close examination of Ørsted North America's Corporate Governance framework (comment "Mon Jun 27 00:40:52").

From Ørsted's ESG Performance Report:
• "We are committed to equal pay and have a constant focus on ensuring equal pay for equal positions and competences in relation to all aspects of the salary-relevant processes from hiring to promotion."
• "The differences in pay between men and women are caused by differences in gender mix across levels in the organisation"
• "There is a trend towards women comprising a smaller part of the population in higher salary pay quartiles, which relates to the lower percentage of women in higher management positions."

See the slight of hand there?
The partial claim is that this is "for equal positions and competences", but, they say simultaneously that the pay gap is because of a "lower percentage of women in higher management positions".

Thus, they evade admitting that fewer women "naturally" made it into higher management because, again, women tend not to kill themselves with ambitious career paths the way that men often do.

Thus, their solution is to promote more women into positions of power — regardless of competence in standing next to men. By promoting women into these managerial roles, they can justify the increased pay scale that women will receive. Once women are locked into that managerial pay scale, the ESG business can claim that these women are receiving pay based on "equal positions and competences", since the pay scale within the position represents "competence" (i.e., whether or not a worker is at the upper or lower end of that scale) but is nevertheless inflated by the position itself.

This artificial promotion "corrects" the "pay gap" by having more male laborers in low-level jobs and more female managers in high-level jobs. This is the meme of "my clipboard says you're doing it wrong". The result is women receiving salaries that they did not and do not earn — to artificially close a gap which is there due to meritocracy.

One can see, then, why "meritocracy" has itself been called "racist" or "sexist" by the DIE-Woke — they are Marxists who believe that their lack of effort should not keep them from access to resources. People incapable of meritocracy principles such as ambition or initiative will feel their entitled beliefs empowered under the ESG/DIE strategy. This is how ESG/DIE builds cooperation with the useful idiots at the bottom: it empowers the weak despite their normal proclivities of irrelevance and idleness. This installs DIE advocates and activists in positions of power who will thus serve the top-down totalitarians.

DNC-Politburo propagandists such as Robert Reich thus love this model and want it to be applied everywhere. So, even though nearly no one — even most women — give a shit about the WNBA, the Marxist believes that they should nevertheless be showered with resources and power.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 05:44:28
4chan autists have begun re-posting a 4chan theory from May 2022 that has been gaining more credibility given the latest data dumps:

-Hunter started grooming natalie at around 10 or 11
-Hunter started sexting her and her friends around 12
-Hunter started touching her not long after
-Hunter ended up getting Natalie preggers
-Hallie found out Nat was preggers and confronted Hunter
-Massive fight after Hallie finds texts and vids and pix of Natalie on Hunters laptop
-Hallie throws the laptop in the pool
-Hunter fishes the laptop out of the pool and takes it to a repair place to try to save it, his life is on the laptop
-The whole Biden crime family sorts things out, they all agree, Hunter needs to be put in a long term rehab facility.
-Hunter doesnt wanna go but he goes anyway to "save the family"
-Joe agrees to run for president in hopes to cover everything up
-Hunter is in long term rehab at least 6 months from early fall 2019 thru early summer 2020 and forgets about the laptop
>oh chit the laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Laptop repair man finds kiddie porn and calls the FBI
-FBI sees whats on it and insta'memoryholes it cause they are running cover for the Biden Crime Family
-Hunter gets out of rehab early summer 2020 and is seen in paparazzi photos with a new wife and a newborn baby. (Nats baby)
-Hunter and new wife are hidden in a condo in cali, its believed to be in Malibu.
-Pretty much every media, social media, 3 letter agency, all run cover for Biden and Co and then rig the election six ways to sunday to get him in power.
>laptop repair man calls Rudy and turns over the copy of the laptop

>OH SHIT THE LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 4chan link additionally has a picture of a pregnant Natalie Biden reading "Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite", posted to the Instagram of private account claudinabuccini ( http://www.instagram.com/claudinabuccini/?hl=en ), which appears to belong to Caroline Biden (another Joe Biden niece who has had sexual contact with Hunter Biden and who has previously been in the press for setting up Hunter Biden with her "model" friends).

4chan also puts pieces together for the story with a semi-conspiracy theory:
On January 21st, 2021, the Official White House YouTube channel published this video and then made it unlisted (available only via direct link):
"President Biden Delivers Remarks and Signs Executive Orders"
At the pre-set time point, audio glitches over Joe's speech, saying, "So just so you know my life, uh, after waiting to do this, I just agreed to, uh, a plea sentence for—"

4chan's autistic theory is that this was Hunter Biden accepting a plea deal for his criminal actions in order to tie off his issues under the new White House administration. Such a deal would not be unusual to insulate a new president during his term, though this would not explain the audio glitch. The autistic reason is that 4chan was meant to hear this only for their Cassandra Complex, whereby the intelligence community tests to see what level of perception still exists within the population and manipulates susceptible people for its new MKUltra program (yes, very conspiratorial).

The *realistic* reason is that the producer's room handling the Joe briefing cut to local audio and picked up the voice of someone gossiping to another worker. The video was likely unlisted because it is also sandwiched by more than an hour of the White House logo. The White House may have decided that an 18 minute clip with audio interference within a video surpassing an hour and a half was simply not worth leaving on YouTube. This was also during a time when comments were allowed on White House videos, and the White House was doing a lot of damage control to funnel the narrative.

However, it is strange that the White House made no mention of this error and buried the event in all news (mainly only hits for conspiracy sites exist).

In short, Hunter Biden likely impregnated his own niece and had his pedophilia charges sealed for the purpose of Joe's presidency.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 08:17:48
Lol. A heckler asks the Chief Ped0 what he thinks about Hunter Biden "arguing with a hooker about how much crack he has":
["Jovi Pardon Me" Twitter; July 12th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 08:20:20
Apparently that was a satirical video made from yesterday's speech on gun control:
The heckler was a father of a slain Parkland child.
Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 09:16:06
In something that The Party Script Bot (Seb) would erroneously call "utterly parochial" due to his ignorance-based belief that I'm merely talking about local U.S. politics (per the Seb-meltdown thread, noted above)..

"Russia and China are brewing up a challenge to dollar dominance by creating a new reserve currency"
[June 24th, 2022]
• "Russia and China are developing a new reserve currency with other BRICS countries, President Vladimir Putin said."
• "The basket currency would rival a US-dominated IMF alternative and let Russia widen its influence, an analyst said."

Again, BRICS nations include "Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa," with Saudi Arabia potentially to be added to the list. These are energy-independent countries attempting to evade the ESG/DIE global infiltration.

With the global reserve currency converted to that of an energy-independent coalition, the ESG/DIE Marxism coalition (including but not limited to U.S., Canada, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea) would be forced into more aggressive anti-competitive strategies and potentially further hot conflicts.

Traditional energy would have the edge (being able to accomplish goals with results-focused initiatives rather than equity-based Marxism), but the timing of Thucydides Trap would be at play here, since the ESG/DIE coalition could use years of soft powers to further infiltrate the BRICS nations and could maintain a hybrid energy profile while settling the conflict. But, by adopting its own reserve currency, the BRICS nations could stifle the effects of these soft powers.

• "Those sanctions have likely encouraged Moscow and Beijing to work on an alternative to the IMF's international reserve asset, the special drawing rights, [Head of FX Strategy at ING Chris] Turner suggested."

But this is where the Pacific theater comes into play via Ardern's island-hopping and the fall of Pacific nations to ESG/DIE:

• "One possibility is that the BRICS basket currency could attract the reserves not just of the group's members, but also countries already in their range of influence, he suggested. These include nations in South Asia and the Middle East."

In other words, while ESG/DIE is working through global partnerships such as ASEAN, the WTO, and the CPTPP to effect its Pacific strategy, the nations that are accepting these pacts are doing so because they were submitting to the globalist protection racket under the belief that it was that or annihilation. If the BRICS group can offer them an out, then these nations may just take it.

The fall of Sri Lanka due to the executive mismanagement of ESG/DIE policies may be a big win for the BRICS group, who no longer have to worry about that staging point. The BRICS group may have even incited that mini-revolution, though I haven't looked for evidence of that. Certainly, though, they would benefit from Sri Lanka's fall, because Sri Lanka's new management will have to accommodate the public want for energy independence, which would align them with BRICS. It seems unlikely that the ESG/DIE coalition will be able to convince Sri Lankan management to accept another totalitarian puppet after the failures of their last one, but while Sri Lanka's government has not been totally reformatted with the global Corporate Governance legalese, their government is nevertheless quite corrupt in a general sense, so infiltration may be a bidding war between ESG/DIE and BRICS.

The Epoch Times also released an article yesterday (July 11th) elucidating some of the perils of a BRICS reserve currency:
The short version is that if the BRICS group maintains their own communal reserve "basket" based in their current currencies (e.g., the Rouble, the Yuan), then trade and debt repayments with the central bank will be a kind of bureaucratic leap frog where countries can only make certain types of trades with certain currencies.

However, with the ESG/DIE coalition cutting Russia from SWIFT in a drastic move, the BRICS group may itself make a drastic move. The individual nations will likely not want to sacrifice sovereign controls to each other, but they may be forced to adopt the ESG/DIE strategy's own method of currency manipulation by making a single-system merger of SFMS (India), SPFS (Russia), and CIPS (China). While this would create huge concessions amongst the BRICS nations, it could ultimately solidify their trade and attract surrounding nations into the anti-totalitarian coalition.
Tue Jul 12 09:28:55
Tue Jul 12 11:27:43

"Saved for posterior"

lol :o)

Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 12 16:02:12
The next blast of January 6th propaganda hit today, so I’m sure we’ll see similar trolling from the trolls murder and wtb in the tw psychosis threads. :)
Cherub Cow
Wed Jul 13 08:29:23
I re-wrote an above comment on Sri Lanka for a different website. This is a lot of repeat information for this thread, but the ending portion's list of G-Scores is mostly new for the thread:

It's not just "the" ESG Score. ESG gives percentile grades/scores for each of the three categories. For Sri Lanka:
Corporate Governance—40.3

Notice that Sri Lanka's E-Score is high, but their G-Score is low.

"Corporate Governance" (G-Score) refers to the legal frameworks that countries and their businesses must follow to implement the ESG/DIE strategy. This is a standardized framework that is being adopted by nearly every major business in the world (WEF partners: http://www.weforum.org/partners#S ), and it is being pushed into the trade and economic policies of every country as well. It is a legal Ice-Nine that binds all countries and businesses to the ESG/DIE strategy in a totalizing anti-competitive racket. It accounts for regional trade pacts, price-fixing, energy investment, media control, and even small issues such as who gets promoted in a business.

So, while the "social" S-score represents cultural infiltration (things such as how many "Woke" commercials companies make or how much they support Woke politics), the G-Score represents legal infiltration.

In the case of Sri Lanka, the ESG/DIE strategy was not going well for their G-Score. They had excellent infiltration for their E-Score (e.g., low per-capita pollution, good green policies), but, without a good G-Score, they were not in a position to force total population compliance with the global strategy.

If a country cannot comply with the strategy at all levels (E, S, and G), it is selected for punishment by the anti-competitive scheme. Sri Lanka would face additional economic sanctions and a much harsher depopulation timeline. Countries that comply, meanwhile, are rewarded with greater stability through artificial aid (e.g., economic relief). That is, it is not enough to have a high E-Score, because liberty must be eroded as well, otherwise, the ESG/DIE totalitarians cannot guarantee control of that country. If a country cannot be controlled, the anti-competitive strategy has a leak — a free society to which people can escape. Free societies always erode Marxism, since Marxism can only be successful if it traps people under a total Panopticon.

This meant that Sri Lanka's ESG/DIE-allegiant president Rajapaksa was cornered. With global ESG/DIE pressures pushing on Sri Lanka's economy, Rajapaksa could not wait to infiltrate Corporate Governance — he took executive action. Thus, last year he passed his fertilizer policy to convert Sri Lanka into a "green"/organic fertilizer country. The idea here was that he could decrease Sri Lanka's overall carbon impact and try to sell Sri Lanka as a green food "hub" in the arising world order (as well as a strategic location against India), which would make Sri Lanka less of a target and garner it more globalist support. But, without control of Social and Corporate Governance, this meant that the people pushed back and were able to call him out on the disaster.

In short, the Sri Lankan president was attempting to boost Sri Lanka's E-Score using executive measures to make up for a failure to infiltrate governance. Without governance infiltration, the scheme failed. Countries with the highest governance infiltration (high G-scores) are the best positioned to take totalitarian measures that increase their E- and S-scores.

And ask yourself, which countries have the most overt totalitarians?
Really think about some world leaders that come to mind.
Who was pushing the hardest for vaccine compliance?
Who was making camps?
Who was calling COVID an "opportunity"?

Now, compare those names to the list of the top 20 Governance-compliant countries:
1 - Norway (100.0),
2- Denmark (100.0),
3 - Finland (99.8),
4 - New Zealand (98.0),
5 - Sweden (98.0),
6 - Switzerland (95.5),
7 - Luxembourg (93.7),
8 - Netherlands (93.1),
9 - Canada (91.5),
10 - Germany (91.4),
11 - Iceland (91.2),
12 - Ireland (89.8),
13 - Estonia (89.7),
14 - Australia (89.0),
15 - United Kingdom (88.8),
16 - Austria (88.7),
17 - Taiwan (88.2),
18 - Belgium (87.6),
19 - Japan (84.1),
20 - France (83.7)
28 - The United States (77.3)

And who is at the bottom of the G-Score list?
Who do you suppose is an enemy to the totalitarian order?
Might it be a few members of the BRICS group?
144 - Russia (18.8),
143 - China (19.5),
120 - Saudi Arabia (30.6),
73 - India (48.5)
70 - Brazil (49.0)
58 - South Africa (59.4)

Russia and China are the greatest enemies to the totalitarian order.
This is especially ironic given that China wanted very much to be the victor of Thucydides Trap — it was they who imagined themselves being the world totalitarians. In practice, however, we are seeing the formation of the great split of World War III: the ESG/DIE compliant, and the last energy-independent nations. Those nations that do not depopulate via the initial soft powers of ESG/DIE will see famine, genocide, and hot conflicts.
Wed Jul 13 08:46:13

So I consumed a does of Utopia strength magic shrooms an hour ago. Since I havent done that in 25 years, Im doing a test run in the safety of my home. Time to actually read one of these posts for the 1st.
Wed Jul 13 08:51:08
Oh god, its starting to make sense. And China as our saviour against totalitarianism? Amazing. That would just seem the ravings of a lunatic normally, but now it feels profound. Gonna eat and read a bit more and see what happens as I approach intellectual equilibrium with CC.
Wed Jul 13 14:06:19
The Hunter Biden thing is fishy. Too many threads being forced that repeat the exact same things. There is a reason theres not much engagement in them.

Same with the stupid Lauren Southern threads. Just keeps getting spammed 2-3 at a time.

India, like Iran, is a lost cause btw CC. New generations are hyper-liberal. It hasnt fully begun to show yet but it will as the current political caste dies and fades away.
Cherub Cow
Wed Jul 13 16:20:22
[Resentful, Nihilistic, Depressing, and Impotent Fallacy of Authority Bot]: "And China as our saviour against totalitarianism?"

Although my paragraph on China was only 82 words, it is not at all surprising that this bot misunderstood or misrepresented it. One again must play the game, is he stupid or a troll?

[pillz]: "The Hunter Biden thing is fishy.

The story is definitely real in that Hunter is a ped0 crack-addict, so let's get the tw delusion out of the way.
Some of the theories are that the GOP is capitalizing on the trend by pushing it or that even the DNC is trying to start removing Biden, but 4chan autists have also been separately spamming the content while losing their seeded Twitter accounts. 4chan too may be infiltrated, of course. Still, Hunter Biden is nevertheless a likely ped0 like his father.

India could be interesting. They have *not* been socially infiltrated even to the level of the U.S., sitting at an S-score of 57.6 ( https://worldeconomics.com/Country-Data/India.aspx ), and they have the most to lose in the genocides. Still, they're not exactly fighters either.
Wed Jul 13 16:45:37
>India could be interesting. They have *not* been socially infiltrated even to the level of the U.S., sitting at an S-score of 57.6

What is the significance of the social factor score? Lower is better? Just curious as I'm not familiar with it.

Seems that the components are:
* Life expectancy
* Population in Tertiary Education
* Government spend on Education as a proportion of GDP
* Employment to population ratio
Thu Jul 14 07:03:59

"Government spend on Education as a proportion of GDP"

Centralization of education systems make it a lot easier to get whatever message you want to the kids and catch them when they are young and their most malleable.

Non of this shit will work however, because of genetics. You can see this in any sufficiently representative classroom, not talking about grades, but values and political leanings. That is where the eugenics stuff comes in, just get rid of the people who are not on board :)

Of course that will not work either, because of the inherent "volatility" in the way genes "shuffle" from one generation to another. All of this is doomed to fail and largely the works of people who do not understand the human specie and how we turn out the way we do.
Fri Jul 15 17:14:44
Cherub Cow and Nhill

I don't know if you have caught Peter Zeihan making noise and his predictions for Russian invasion of Ukraine based on demography, but I bought his new book "The end of the world is just the beginning", making it my vacation reading.

Not finished yet, but I think I can recommend you both to read it, as it touches upon a lot things of common interest, (global)economy, geopolitics and (de)globalization.
Fri Jul 15 18:25:45
I do remember reading about Peter Zeihan making that prediction, but just in passing. Thanks for the rec, would love to learn more about his process (primarily) and theories (secondarily). I find the process on how someone got to a theory more useful than the theory itself. Teach a man to fish, first principles, etc.
Fri Jul 15 19:00:15
That is fair, but I would say the prediction is perhaps equally important to color whatever model we have of any supposed future. Things will never be the same, as global trade unravels and the past 70 years of global economic growth (that was largely driven by demographic boom and globalization) is not happening again. In part due to Bretton Woods evaporating, political mismanagement and collapsing demography.

That is the gist of the gloomy prediction, I hope the book has a happy ending :,(

I think the addition of demography (destiny) to a long term economic outlook, say the next 10-15 (crypto time line) years is valuable. Hence why I am interesting in your take on it :)

But you know then I get deep into the rabbit hole of creative theories and think, maybe decivilization (as Zeihan calls it) and collapse of order is the last leg of the cycle of human ages. And then start over again from the stone age. Well, that will get the birth rates up, I thought to myself...
Fri Jul 15 19:02:10
I forgot to add somewhere, *color our models to the extent that the predictions are sound*, but I am simultaneously listening to some interview he has done, with more critically informed questions. Bit saying this is gospel! :)
Fri Jul 15 19:02:45
Agreed! I'm versed in the Fourth Turning by Neil Howe, but, other than that, don't have enough awareness of plausible demographic effects on the economy. Good idea to add this to the skillset.
Fri Jul 15 19:04:23
The thing I like about process over theory is if you can reverse engineer how one came to theory, you can replicate it yourself and possibly apply to other disciplines. We definitely agree the theory is more practical understanding, it's more of my personal taste to focus on process. :)
Fri Jul 15 19:06:53
It also helps prevent falling into the regurgitation trap where you read something convincing but don't remember all the details. And then when you go to posit that something in a discussion, suddenly you have a hard time defending it. Whereas if you can apply the process itself, that's mainly all you need to remember and you can apply it dynamically.
Fri Jul 15 19:07:50
Certainly easier said than done, though. I'm not going to read Heidegger and reverse engineer an entire apparatus of understanding. ;)
Sat Jul 16 05:51:29
I have not read The fourth turning, but know what it is about. You are right and I didn’t see the connection
Your approach to learning is solid :) with this book I think the process is more about seeing certain types of data that we may or may not have paid attention to. Some of the conclusions in the book based on the data are obvious, some are so far into the future that a linear assumption is inappropriate.

Peter Turchin, is another interesting person. There is a process to his cliodynamics:
Cliodynamics (/ˌkliːoʊdaɪˈnæmɪks/) is a transdisciplinary area of research that integrates cultural evolution, economic history/cliometrics, macrosociology, the mathematical modeling of historical processes during the longue durée, and the construction and analysis of historical databases.

He predicted (study published in Nature magazine) the 2020’s political violence and unrest of the USA.

Here is the thing, and maybe this is a bias and these prophecies of doom are common in any age, by I have this confluence of 3 different people (Zeihan, Turchin and 4th turning guys) from different fields, telling us we are at the doorsteps of social and political volatility and material correction. And the main thrust is backed with math and data. And the prediction of Turchin and Zeihan have come true, exactly when they said it would.

Been feeling something has been off the last 10-12 years, but intuiting ”the end of the world” makes you look like any other doomsayer in the streets of any era.

Sat Jul 16 07:48:15
I should add that I (nor the people I have read, Turchin and Zeihan) are fatalistic about these things (apart from demography that is largely written in stone tablets for 1-2 generations). I think at every point there are worse and better decisions to be made by policy makers and rulers, we could do better.

The reason I think we wont is the dysfunction and break down of our systems. Turchin raises an interesting issue, which fuels the dysfunction: Elite over production. It is the growing imbalance between the static number of CEO positions in fortune 500 companies, seats in the legislative branch and government versus a growing population and number of people with MBAs and law degrees. This increase in competition for relatively diminishing seats of power leads to more creative tactics to get to them, let's say ;) tactics that are largely corrosive to democracy and society. This even applies to being wealthy, every year there are more millionaires and billionaires. Look at Elon going crazy, not saying what he is doing is necessarily corrosive to democracy, but it is obvious these impossibly wealthy people are trying to outdo each other in ambition and legacy.

Broadly I think we could also talk about an academic overproduction. Especially in some heavily politicized and homogeneous sections of the social sciences. They produce activists and activists fight problems, and if there are not enough real problems, they will "find" them.

It seems this elite over production phenomena is common in history as one of the signs of social and political volatility. Historically you could solve this with conquest and outsource your problem to a degree, for a while...
Sat Jul 16 12:08:59
"I'm not going to read Heidegger and reverse engineer an entire apparatus of understanding. ;)"

Believe me, reading him forward rather than in reverse is hard enough. Spent 6 months on him in school, still only barely understand him.
Sat Jul 16 12:10:45
My professor said I was the most Heideggerian non-Heideggarian he'd ever met heh
Sun Jul 17 23:23:38
On a serious note, its interesting that the loony left concept of the 60s, the new age mental health garbage, being lured toward Russia and China, etc., has been completely adopted and occupied by the loony right of our era
Mon Jul 18 06:16:05
I have read up a little on the implosion of Sri Lanka and basically if it wasn’t clear, Sri Lanka has done what the Netherlands is doing to their cow farmers. In essence what Germany and to an extent Sweden has done to their energy system. Sri Lanka is just poorer and unable to absorb this magnitude of decivilization - dismantling what works, in facor of things that sound good. A common theme of this era, whether it is social norms or technology, is to break stuff to fix problems, end up creating even more acute existential problems.

Cherub Cow
Tue Jul 19 09:35:49
Looks like wtb is still doing his weirdly disconnected misrepresentation thing. He still seems to think that I'm supporting Russia and/or Chinese domination. That's some abysmal reading comprehension. That's either an indictment of universities or a sign of some mental condition.

Still not seeing him trolling in tw's threads — not unexpected.

"What is the significance of the social factor score? Lower is better? Just curious as I'm not familiar with it."

For the WEF Marxist Malthusians, the higher the score the better.
For the people who do not want to see a world genocide, the lower the score the better.

A deeper explanation is under comment "Sun Jul 10 07:03:09", but the short version is that the Social Index represents the effects of LGBTQ+NAMBLA infiltration into society itself (i.e., not just laws but in the social fabric). This is the "community engagement" and Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) aspect of ESG/DIE.

Social Index typically includes factors such as:
• Human "Rights"
• "Too big to fail" logic as a consumer incentive ("too big to fail" also appears in Corporate Governance but in legal form)
• Removing factory farms via social pressures (also covered legally in Corporate Governance)
• Removing/Minimizing conservatism as an obstacle
• Infiltrating schools from the ground-up
• Tracking poverty as a voting block
• Tracking life expectancy to inform eugenics programs
• Cultural infiltration
• Mass movements of people self-selecting out of the gene pool via coercion (lower replacement rates / birth rates)
• Public compliance with government policy (the more compliant, the better for the Malthusians)
• Psychological factors: psychosis, immorality, resentment, short-term memory, lack of long-term decision-making, sense of futility, groupthink, useful anger/angst, self-censorship, community thought-policing, willingness to adopt Corporate-Governance media narratives, etc.

I've explained before (e.g., comment "Tue Jul 12 04:35:40" on the pay gap), but the purpose of DIE is to placate the slave morality masses and get dysfunctional people into positions of power. Dysfunctional people are more likely to mismanage businesses, which means less productive businesses which produce less carbon. These elevated slaves are also more likely to Trojan Horse Corporate-Governance policies once they achieve management status. A resentful and incompetent person is more likely to get the business to adopt further ESG/DIE policies.

A socially infiltrated country is also more likely to accept the infiltration of Corporate Governance because these socially infiltrated masses are more likely to vote for "progressive" (totalitarian) governments. We see this with social movements that aim to reduce checks and balances on the U.S. government (e.g., this belief that the Electoral College needs to be abolished, that the Supreme Court should be packed or directly elected, or that the Constitution is an obstacle). An infiltrated population is more likely to want to centralize government powers and force other localities to adopt the totalitarian views on Corporate Governance. We see this with people opposing Roe V. Wade's overturning [because that decentralizes government powers and interrupts the DNC eugenics program].

The propagandized masses will always prefer centralization of powers. This allows totalitarian objectives to move like Ice-Nine. If power is decentralized, the totalitarian is neutralized by too many obstacles. But, if all countries are operating on the same Corporate Governance framework, the entire world can be commanded by forced interdependence in a massive anti-competition racket. Then, no single country will be allowed to survive without complying with the world order.

In short, the Social Index is a metric of how willing a population is to accept totalitarian rule and thus to accept their own annihilation.

[Nimatzo]: "Of course that will not work either, because of the inherent "volatility" in the way genes "shuffle" from one generation to another. All of this is doomed to fail and largely the works of people who do not understand the human specie and how we turn out the way we do."

That reminds me of The Matrix; that was symbolically captured in the "remainder" population (as described by The Architect), where even in a totally dominated system there will always be a remainder resistance born.

[Nimatzo]: "Not finished yet, but I think I can recommend you both to read it"

I'll check it out!

I've been quiet this week because I was rebuilding my computer setup.

I'm now working on comparing ESG scores in an Excel sheet that shows which countries are vulnerable to collapse due to disparities in compliance rates. I've seen more people talking about ESG lately, but I'm still surprised that people think that it's just "the" ESG score. Even the indy journalists are going to be blind-sided.
Cherub Cow
Thu Jul 21 06:03:07
"Hold onto your butts."

Ol' Dementia McDiaper-Pooper is following Sri Lanka's lead:

President Biden, @POTUS,
[Official POTUS Twitter; July 20th, 2022]
"My message today is loud and clear: Since Congress is not acting on the climate emergency, I will.

And in the coming weeks my Administration will begin to announce executive actions to combat this emergency."

I pointed out in comment "Sun Jul 10 09:31:00" this governmental mistake.

The short version: Biden is going to do the same as the Sri Lankan president: use executive action to boost the U.S. E-Index (Environment) where he has failed to infiltrate the G-Index (Corporate Governance).

Current U.S. ESG:
Environment (E-Index) — 58.7
Social (S-Index) — 77.7
Corporate Governance (G-Index) — 77.3
[World Economics; "United States's Economics"]
Perma-image from today: http://imgur.com/lWp8PmO

The problem with this strategy?

Higher G-Index represents better compliance with globalist policy-making (a standardized legal framework governing all countries via corporate and government infiltration). This is an anti-competitive racket not unlike a pyramid scheme, which means that anyone who joins the scheme and demonstrates G-Index compliance is "protected" by the globalist legal apparatus. Thus, top-down executive E-Index action in a country that has not been totally infiltrated at the G-Index means that corporate losses will not be protected by global policies. Countries *tend* to need a legal framework in place to funnel billions of dollars to each other — though not always (see Ukraine: E—90.9, S—65.7, G—40.2).

For instance, If Sri Lanka had had a higher G-Index, that would mean that it had been designated as "useful" to the global order, so it would be artificially propped up from the outside despite failed internal policies. But, the Sri Lankan president, desperate to appease the ESG/DIE Malthusians, took action in the hope that that action would boost future protections (i.e., he hoped that S-Index and G-Index would follow from a strong E-Index). The gamble did not pay off.

Besides more obvious differences in Sri Lanka and the U.S. (e.g., size, GDP, exports, "hub" potential), a topical difference here is that Sri Lanka's G-Index was at 40.3 whereas the U.S. is at 77.3. Biden may think that that is *enough* infiltration for the gamble to work. Perhaps it is. Or, perhaps he similarly hopes that S- and G- will follow via parallel strategies. We see this with the DNC's legal pushes.

But, whether or not it "works", the signal will be similar: Biden will once again be setting policy which will further cripple the U.S. economy, in particular via the energy sector. This means still higher gas prices, further economic downturn, and billions funneled to ESG/DIE-compliant businesses that will not improve life for average citizens. Gas prices, however, are not totally predictable here, since Biden may attempt to alleviate those prices to hide the bigger picture from the low-information voters.

So, on the cynical frontier, this is a good time to invest in the energy companies that have been getting billions from the White House. E.g., see comment "Mon Jun 27 00:40:52" from the last thread where I took a close look at the businesses in the room at Biden's Offshore Wind meeting in June 2022. That business sector (Offshore Wind) is part of the White House Fact Sheet that accompanied Biden's Tweet:
"FACT SHEET: President Biden’s Executive Actions on Climate to Address Extreme Heat and Boost Offshore Wind"
[White House dot gov; July 20th, 2022]

That is, "Offshore Wind" was in the room during Biden's "YOU take YOUR seat" meeting, and now they're getting the executive order that will grant them billions of dollars for ESG/DIE compliance. One might notice, perhaps, that the big story that day was the "YOU take YOUR seat" blunder, but how many people took the time to go into the company profiles of the people in the room? These are the sorts of distractions that get floated while billions of dollars are changing hands.

Also covered in the July 20th Fact Sheet:
• infiltrating FEMA
• infiltrating OSHA
• Funding to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Climate Change and Health Equity (OCCHE).

Notice the combining of disasters with human health? ESG/DIE seeks to make "climate change" an issue which justifies the control of bodies.

People could also speculate that U.S. companies with high ESG-compliance may be seeing dollar signs right now — waiting for their receipt of billions of dollars to burn on inefficient energy. However, I wouldn't get too excited hedging on disposable benefactors of the collapse. This relates also to Solyndra and the 2008 crash. I talked about that before (also in first thread under comment "Tue May 31 01:47:34"), but the 2008 crash was a testing ground for ESG/DIE. The problem was that they hadn't infiltrated *enough* to make that collapse less apparent to the public, and they needed to solidify their "too big to fail" framework. They've gotten better at this controlled demolition, but, Trump set them back, so their rushed timeline means things will be messy.

It occurs to me that someone completely unaware of ESG/DIE might wonder why a president with such poor approval ratings would continue to set policies which will further sink those approval ratings. This, again, is because ESG/DIE has a timeline that all world leaders must follow: 2030, and 2050. This is from the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. The DNC will happily sacrifice Biden's "popularity" to get these policies through. The DNC–Politburo was even given the green light in late June to go after Biden's decline more rabidly. They'll allow the useful idiots to blame Biden (the person), but the puppet's masters will remain.
Cherub Cow
Fri Jul 22 06:14:36
As the Bolshevik Politburo's "January 6th Committee" wraps its first round of show trials, the low-information useful idiots have been hit with another blast of Marxist psychosis.

In what is perhaps another particularly telling example of Scott Adams' "One screen, two movies", the useful idiots are focusing in particular on the narrative that Missouri Senator Josh Hawley — who I listed in the last thread under comment "Tue Jun 14 10:06:39" as being a top target for the DNC–Politburo due to his being a threat to the Bolsheviks (e.g., he voted against Ukraine aid) — was "running for his life" from the "MAGAt" "GQP" "Insurrectionists" on January 6th.

Imgur's front page was sure to have total coverage:
http://imgur.com/a/g10SMUO (composite of above)

The two movies are these:
1) Hawley was office-jogging to catch up with his colleagues.

The mark of a truly susceptible "mind" here is found in someone who believes the second narrative — despite there not being evidence of it even in the videos shown to them.

The first is far more supported by evidence, given that Hawley..
• was not going very fast
• had a neutral posture (not even a sprint posture)
• had very little calf-lift; he had no calf-lift past the horizontal (his maximum angle was pointed at the ground rather than upwards), where calf-lift past the horizontal indicates jogging and running (particular to running, the calf is far more tucked into the thigh — this did not occur at all).
• a running or jogging gait typically has both feet leaving the ground simultaneously during the "mid swing" of the stride. In running, this happens for longer than for jogging. In walking and speed-walking, this does not happen or barely happens at all..
For Hawley, this can barely be said to have occurred. His longest stride in the video has an initial swing where his rear toe is still in contact with the ground when his forward foot plants — meaning that he was walking quickly (i.e., office-jogging).
• He has almost zero arm swing, which, again, indicates walking quickly.
• He was casually but firmly carrying his files with him.
• When he arrives at the stairs, he takes them one at a time despite having room to pass on the left.. yeah.. super scared and in a hurry.
• He matches shoulders with his colleague, turns to him, and is clearly talking to him without concern.

Now, imagine being so totally in the psychosis that none of that evidence registers at all. Instead, they have to create fiction after fiction to support the Bolshevik narrative. Saying, for instance, that all of the other footage of Hawley was him only *pretending* to be okay or speaking from positions of security, thus demonstrating "hypocrisy". Yeah.....

Belief in these show-trial narratives exhibits truly eroded minds. The spectral evidence they'll accept indicates a people primed to be filled with the lies of The Party. Sadly, the show trial is working on many such persons.

Unsurprisingly, tw picked up this narrative:

The section of the July 21st Bolshevik Show Trial that raises Hawley begins with a montage of videos which does not even include time stamps:
http://youtu.be/JvvVF0L0fp4?t=9352 (set to montage timepoint)
July 21st's hearing is also available on C-Span, but C-Span doesn't do time links:

Notice that they time-stamp VP Pence *walking* out at 2:26 PM, but they OVERLAY IT WITH AUDIO FROM ANOTHER VIDEO, then cut to the other video — which has no time stamp — then cut to another video, also with no time stamp. The other videos were not even in the same location. This is all to sell to the useful idiots, who cannot see through this obvious editing, the lie that Pence was in "[great danger]". Elaine Luria (Bolshevik, VA) is even describing these events in the voice one might use while addressing braindead children during story time.

These show trials are not exactly meant to convince *thinking* people.
These were designed for the type of people who fall for Nigerian phishing scams.

It shows Hawley here at 2:38:05
• http://youtu.be/JvvVF0L0fp4?t=9486

Even the "laughter" that occurred when they show Hawley office-jogging seems like the laughter of people who were coached to do it on cue:
[tw's link from the other thread has that "laughter" recorded]
[Bolshevik Daniel Uhlfelder Twitter; July 21st, 2022]


This really is a perfect summation of years of DNC–Politburo machinations.

The Politburo has taught their useful idiots to deal poorly with evidence. This is how they sold, for instance, the lie that violent criminals were being "targeted" by police due to their race rather than police simply going after violent criminals. The Bolshevik useful idiots would thus look at the races of people in an altercation while disregarding the actions and gestures which made those events criminal. They would be asked to overlook the true criminal actions while paying attention only to the "innate" "criminality" of the person who is not of The Party.

For the January 6th Bolshevik Show-Trials, we now see that the very same people who could not comprehend criminal violence are being fed "evidence" of more such "criminality". Under the surface of this illogic is the persistent demand of The Party: anyone not a Bolshevik is innately wrong. Thus, the trial is not about displaying evidence — they have none. The trial is about convincing its useful idiots that surely The Party must be right to condemn its opponents — whatever the evidence. This sets the stage for the useful idiots to do terrible things on behalf of their Malthusian masters.
Cherub Cow
Fri Jul 22 07:48:45
In other news, representative and New York mayoral candidate Lee Zeldin (R, NY), was attacked at a speech in Perington, New York, on July 21st, 2022:
[NBC News; July 21st, 2022]

• Attacker identified as 43-year-old David Jakubonis of Fairport, NY (outside of Rochester)
• Jakubonis has a 2"-blade knuckle-knife on his index and middle fingers.
• Jakubonis appears to try to grab the mic from Zeldin, who swats away Jakubonis' arm.
• Jakubonis then clenches his hand into a fist, potentially ready to punch with the knuckle knife, which would be lethal.
• Zeldin holds Jakubonis' knife-hand wrist.
• Jakubonis was tackled by staff.
• Jakubonis received release on recognizance (ROR) bail and was charged with "attempted assault", which is a pretty light treatment given the lethal weapon.
• Zeldin identified Jakubonis as an Iraq War veteran with mental health issues and thus wants to help Jakubonis.

For those unaware: a 2" knuckle knife is lethal because the punching force can sever the spine with a good neck hit. It could easily sever the carotid artery.

It vaguely reminds of the assassination of Inejirō Asanuma:
(1960 short-sword killing of Japanese politician)

People are drawing the obvious connection to Shinzo Abe too.

And also reminds of Curtis Sliwa's interaction with a homeless man in August 2021:

Some people are quick to dismiss this as a mere example of mental health issues (which made sense for the Sliwa press conference), but showing up with a lethal weapon is not just a mental health issue — it bridges to bigger issues. The totalitarians would absolutely love for the the mentally ill to take insane actions like these. That is one of the purposes of media psychosis: push the crazy people into useful action. If the media cannot be trusted as a sense-making apparatus, people who are not good at sense-making may just find any random public figure within driving distance.

I have pointed out before, though maybe not explicitly enough, that yellow journalism preceded the death of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand (e.g., thread 2 comment "Mon Jun 06 08:09:01"). Periods of media-imposed psychosis are designed to trigger these sorts of responses.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 24 05:59:18
On July 23rd, 2022, Biden released this Tweet:
"A woman’s medical history – including her history of abortion care – is protected under HIPAA, regardless of her state’s abortion laws. [/] My Executive Order makes that clear."
Biden's Infographic:
"A law enforcement official goes to a reproductive health care clinic and requests records of abortions performed at the clinic.
• Because Roe was Reversed: Clinics and health care providers may be unsure whether they can legally protect their patients' health records, especially in states where abortion is criminalized.
• Under President Biden's Executive Order: HHS clarified that under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, providers are not required — and often not permitted — to disclose protected health information, with limited exceptions."

Unless there's a pending Executive Order (EO) for Monday, July 25th, Biden is referring to EO 14076, issued July 8th:
"Protecting Access to Reproductive Healthcare Services"
[Federal Register dot gov; 2022 Executive Orders; Full Texts]

The EO expands previous legal frameworks for privacy by amending that,
"(b) The term “reproductive healthcare services” means medical, surgical, counseling, or referral services relating to the human reproductive system, including services relating to pregnancy or the termination of a pregnancy."

The Biden White House did a similar definition re-write with the CMS mandate, where they went through the entire CMS legal framework and expanded the powers of the CMS secretary by searching for any mention of his existing authorities (covered in the vaccine litigation thread).

EO 14076 goes on to explain that this extends existing HHS and HIPAA legal frameworks to give women privacy with regards to..
- seeking out information on abortion
- talking to health workers (e.g., pharmacists) about abortion
- having their abortion-data mined
- having their abortion data shared with third parties
- having abortion medications/services hidden from data collection

On the surface, the administrations goal is to simply protect a woman's right to seek an abortion without legal or social penalty. Women thus do not have to worry about GOP states setting them up for legal action should they start planning abortion travel to DNC states. This "protection" was previously covered under Roe's privacy justifications.

I mentioned this "privacy" aspect of the DNC's racialist eugenics strategy in comment "Sun Jul 10 02:59:25" above.

To restate, it is not so much that "[women should have health privacy]" (those protections already exist), it's that the White House wants to prevent, at the federal level, the collection of data which indicates just how widespread abortion has become in the United States. They are protecting the gathering of statistical information regarding the DNC's racialist eugenics program.

From their own admissions, we know already that the DNC has a racialist strategy in place via the placing of Planned Parenthood and abortion resource-centers in particular in minority communities. They themselves (e.g., Senator Warren, former VP Biden, Harris) have stated that minority women will be most affected by Roe's overturning. They know very well that black women in their 20s get far more abortions than any other demographic. But, if tracking of abortions is enabled via the Roe-overturning allowing the collection of abortion statistics, this statistical data can be fully realized by the public. E.g.,
• This would mean not being able to hide behind the red herring of "safe, legal, and rare"; they would have to reveal that most women seek abortion casually.
• They would reveal that abortions are encouraged, in particular, in DNC strongholds where the popular vote has already been secured (i.e., the DNC increases minority and immigrant populations in a region, secures the popular vote, and then manages that owned population with eugenics).

Most of these details have already been gleaned from aggregating dozens of separate abortion studies, but we're talking about the difference between limited samples and a full population study. The DNC does not want to reveal the population study. So, again, by passing this EO, the White House is preventing the wider public from discerning this eugenics program.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jul 24 06:32:00
The mainstream is slowly becoming aware that ESG/DIE is not actually good for businesses.. not that that's stopping them from rationalizing it:
"BlackRock Tilts the Tables on ESG Toward Value Stocks
A note circulated by the Wall Street giant has triggered a rethink across the industry."
[July 20th, 2022]

The Economist similarly talked about the issue here:
"ESG should be boiled down to one simple measure: emissions
"Three letters that won’t save the planet"
[July 21st, 2022]

BlackRock, a major pusher of ESG/DIE, per its CEO, Larry Fink, who met with New Zealand PM Ardern and other globalists in May (see last thread under comment "Sun Jun 05 05:41:12"), lost $1.7 trillion in the last six months and is set to begin its weakest quarter in 50 years.

This is part of the pyramid scheme of a Marxist top-down policy-making, where all of the gains promised by ESG/DIE only occurred through forced investment from a compliant market. That is, the ESG/DIE strategy only "works" where it gets investors to pay into the anti-competitive strategy. It's like a neighborhood kid "getting rich" from "investors" when he's really just setting all of the money on fire — eventually, the "market" discovers the strategy and everyone is broke together.

ESG/DIE does not actually *create* services; it simply funnels money into inefficient energy streams which may well cause more pollution than they claimed. Wind, for instance, may not be as "sustainable" as it has been inflated to be by the ESG/DIE proponents (e.g., replaced blades may be "recycled" into concrete after their service life, but perhaps no one will even buy that concrete, leaving blades in landfills http://news.stlpublicradio.org/health-science-environment/2022-05-27/how-to-recycle-a-150-foot-wind-turbine-blade-haul-it-to-louisiana-mo ). A problem with these top-down actions — when taken in good faith — is that they misunderstand how functional products are created and thus they invest in wasteful or inefficient businesses (e.g., the now defunct Solyndra). And a problem with these top-down actions — when taken with eyes open — is that they intentionally cause these exact sorts of financial catastrophes (e.g., 2008).

A question one might have to ask is
• how many world leaders believe in the good faith version versus
• how many have eyes open and have simply been funneling wealth into their apocalypse bunkers?

Perhaps they believe they can hide from the genocides that they started in some remote part of the world.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 25 01:28:23
A somewhat interesting police-involved shooting:
Andy Ngo Twitter; July 24th, 2022:
"BREAKING: Overnight in Portland, police responded to an incident of domestic violence. An armed male suspect resists arrest & fires a round at a cop, narrowly missing his head. A female cop shoots him dead. GRAPHIC video by Chris Ponte/@ORCopwatchNews"

On the one hand, I don't dispute that this suspect ultimately got what he was asking for (his own death) due to his own actions. That said, an error here (which should not be prosecuted, given the full situation), is that you can see that the male officer successfully disarmed the suspect after the suspect attempted to murder him. The male officer is holding the suspect's pistol in his right hand.

But, the female officer apparently did not realize that the suspect was now disarmed. As the suspect continued to struggle, she thus continued to think that he held a pistol, so she applied lethal force where — in an ideal situation — they could have continued to restrain the now-disarmed suspect.

That is, she shot a disarmed suspect because she thought that he was still armed.

This shows at least two things:
1) The male officer failed to communicate that he had disarmed the suspect.
2) The female officer became a liability given her poor grappling skills and panic.

Strange, though, is that I do not see comments that realize that the suspect was disarmed before the female officer shot.

At any rate, nothing of value was lost.
Mon Jul 25 01:29:45
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