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Utopia Talk / Politics / Diaper-Shitting Ped0 & Totalitarians #1
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:15:20
Full title:
"Dementia/Parkinson’s Diaper-Shitting Ped0phile and Totalitarian Ass-Clowns and Sycophants" the thread series! :D/

Who could we possibly be talking about?

Just a place for a list of things that the diaper-shitting dementia patient and his totalitarian fiends have been up to. Lots of catching up to do, and we're short on time, since the diaper-shitter probably isn't going to last until 2024! :D
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:15:51
Biden being super fucking creepy for 3 minutes:
[NBC News; April 26th, 2019]
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:16:02
More “unusual encounters”, including 2 harassment claims:
[CBS Evening News; April 2nd, 2019]
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:16:23
CSPAN footage Compilation of Biden being creepy, with some repeat footage:
[aoflex; May 19th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:16:32
Biden’s long hug of Hillary and other creepy moments:
[August 16th, 2016]
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:18:21
Ashley Biden's diary, which seems to have been confirmed as real by an FBI operation, includes stories that Ashley Biden recalls inappropriate showers with the Ol' Diaper-Shitter:
"The published page also contains the line that the writer remembers 'showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).'"
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:20:46
Oof. Diaper-Shitter's handlers, this time dressed as Easter Bunnies, usher the dementia-patient away by waving him down. They try to stay in character to maintain the festive atmosphere, but they accidentally reveal that.. yeah.. they're his handlers and they have to keep him on task.. otherwise he'll sundown and his diaper will get too full :'(

"Biden whisked away by 'Easter bunny' while taking reporter questions"
[Fox News; April 19th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:24:48
Two months after the "Let's Go Brandon" meme took flight, Ol' Parkinson's McDiaper-Shit — being in his perpetual stupor — agreed with a caller who trolled him into saying, "Let's Go Brandon", essentially getting Biden to say, "Fuck Joe Biden".
[Associated Press; December 24th, 2021]
Jill, being diaper shit's closest handler, drops her head in shame as she realizes what Ol' Joey 2-Neurons just did. You can tell just how guilty she is about her role in putting an incompetent puppet in place.
large member
Wed May 25 00:26:49
I see your manifesto is coming along nicely.
Wed May 25 00:27:45

Pretty sure if UP was a school we'd be dead already.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:27:53
Big yikes.
With the poop already pooling in his socks, Ol' Puppet McDivision is caught in a sun-down moment. He's easily distracted — as most people with dementia are — into taking a question from a random reporter. Jill, knowing that she has to keep people from seeing how dismally incompetent he is, quickly ushers him away with big toddler gestures:
Wed May 25 00:28:50
But it is nice to see river_of_blood is still around, he's just slightly more verbose in this form.
Wed May 25 00:35:51
Nhill, Do you remember Carrot-gate?
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:42:32
"I see your manifesto is coming along nicely."

You may have meant to post that in the TDS Bot's thread. Here's a link to get you in the right place! ( http://uto...hread=89879&time=1653451350716 )

This thread, on the other hand, is a satire of his thread series.
Try reading it with teeming sarcasm. Good luck! :)
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:42:43
More yikes! D:
After the longest no-press lapse of any previous president in history following entry into office, Ol' Burnt-Urine-Smell's handlers finally have to put forth their naked emperor, load him up with levodopa and amphetamines, and send him in front of a crowd in his first press briefing (Oh no! The agoraphobia!)
[CNN; March 25th, 2021]
Luckily for him, Psaki is sitting in the wings making sure that all of the DNC journalists do not deviate from the script. She definitely won't retaliate in Press Secretary meetings by icing out anyone who deviates! And they don't deviate! Surprise! :D
This couldn't be because the media is in the pockets of the White House, could it? No! It's all normal protocol. They would act this way with *any* president! :D
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:42:47
In this first press conference, Biden holds a list of journalists, pictures of them, their paper affiliation, the order that they're to be called on ( http://i.imgur.com/zJ8f8Co.png ), and talking points for each question. Even so.. his dementia *still* causes him to trip up dozens of times.

Oops! "Vote Blue No Matter Who"!
Finally we have a puppet who can fill a diaper with dignity! :D
Wed May 25 00:48:39
Habebe that sounds familiar. Didn't he go on an all carrot diet?
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 00:54:10
Oh no! Disregard this one, peeps! The Burisma Scandal is no more than a GQP hoax! Those crazy MAGAts!

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking. Hunter Biden *did* receive a large sum of money from this Ukrainian entity after his father got a prosecutor fired, but like.. oligopoly is fine when the DNC does it. Ivanka Trump promoted her own product line with White House fame, so Hunter Biden accepting millions of dollars on behalf of his father by using power leverage over Ukrainian oligarchs is just like.. you know.. not an issue and probably a conspiracy theory. It's the The Celebration Parallax! That's not happening, and it's good that it is!

Anyways, here's Ol' Streak-Marks Mc-War-Profiteer bragging about getting a prosecutor fired:
[User dagalagas; September 20th, 2019]
Wed May 25 01:01:54
I've got popcorn if anyone else is waiting for Q's..err CC's next drop.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 01:21:46
Oopsies! D:
It's a good thing the Former VP has those diapers because this was quite an accident! No worries! It's nothing that baby powder and a quick rinse under the Vatican sinks can't fix! :D

"‘Freedom comes at a cost,’ Marine commandant says after 13 troops killed in Afghanistan"
[Marine Corps Times; August 26th, 2021]

11 Marines died, as did a Navy Corpsman and an Army Soldier.
I know, I know — it's Trump's fault! So it's not really an issue, and if it *is* an issue, it's a good thing!

That said, something seems off about this being Trump's fault. I mean, yeah, Trump planned to withdraw from Afghanistan.. but.. looking at the timeline.. it seems a lot like Mr. Parkinson's Mc-Shuffle-Waddle was in office at the time of this attack. Could that perhaps mean that he was ultimately the one who finalized the exodus and that his exit strategy was severely flawed?

And I know, I know. The Marine Corps in particular lost a lot of its brothers on this day, but like.. I'd really like to not think about it, so like.. can we just memory hole this one? Thx! :D
Wed May 25 01:43:52
Nhill, Yeah, I forget the details, but I distinctly remember multiple threads where he basically argued that carrots and fresh water could cure most any diseases.

Fun fact, Steve jobs did wierd shit like that too with the diets atleast.

He was a self described "appletarian" for weeks/months.Would stop showering to prove that if you are only apples you wouldnt have body odors etc.
Wed May 25 01:50:53
OH shit, yeah now I totally remember. He was talking about clean water curing everything, was a fun running gag back then.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 01:58:05
The Democrats manage to poor diarrhea into a suit and get it to take the shape of the suit for nearly an hour! Now *this* is building back better! :D

In Biden's 2022 State of the Union speech, he appears ultra-juiced up on amphetamines, but he still gaffs repeatedly. I guess that's that "stutter" that the DNC–Politburo assured me is totally a thing that exists and is not Parkinson's or dementia and is not easily debunked by simply looking at videos from 10 years ago of Ol' Dumpster-Brain talking! ;D
[White House; March 1st, 2022]
(I assure you that while the White House YouTube channel's video for this has 41,759 views and only 897 upvotes, it's totally not a "ratio", and YouTube's decision to remove the dislikes only days earlier was a complete coincidence and does not at all indicate any kind of alliance between BigTech and the DNC.)

Ol' Gold-Bond-Powder almost never addresses the actual State of the Union, since it's in shambles and he fucked it up already via massive executive-order authoritarianism. He instead makes this into a campaign speech, making further promises and trying to appeal to the low-information moderates who probably missed all previous information about him and could thus be swayed by his tremendous lies.

Shit-stains opens with Ukraine, a country with which he has no previous connections and with which he would not at all cooperate to make his family millions of dollars, so please stop floating conspiracy theories, you GQP nutters! ;p
Incidentally, Biden talks about fleecing the wealth of Russian oligarchs on behalf of Ukraine.
9:00 — He talks about steps they're taking to reduce American gas prices, which DNC media has assured me is not a thing that a president can do so please stop asking.
12:00 — He lies about coming up in a family that felt poverty, not mentioning that he went to a private high school that cost $30,000 per year.
13:00 — He talks about the American Rescue Plan, infrastructure, and jobs reports, lying about previous tax cuts and the economy.
17:00 — He claims to support "buying American" and creating American jobs, lying about the DNC's strategy of out-sourcing work to China and killing American industries. He takes credit for Trump's America-First policies.
24:00 — He floats the lie about businesses needing to "lower their costs", then says that they need to make their products in America. He offers no way to do both, only lying by crediting DNC-economists who said, "[Trust me, bro.]"
26:00 — He says that drug companies will do "very, very well," an extension of the DNC's strategy of pumping up BigPharma to extract wealth from the masses.
30:00 — He talks "fair share" logic, indicating that his failure-to-launch plan will extract wealth from top earners while omitting his own salary.
43:40 — In an effort to distance himself from the riots that his party caused, he says "We should all agree the answer is not to defund the police, it's to fund the police."
44:00 — He talks gun control, promising to erode the Second Amendment.
45:10 — He talks "Freedom to Vote Act", talking about further rigging of elections on behalf of the DNC.
45:50 — He recognizes Justice Breyer's replacement, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who does not know what a woman is but will issue rulings on behalf of 167 million of them.
47:20 — He talks about fixing "the immigration system" [by flying and busing immigrants to areas where more DNC voters are needed]
49:00 — He talks about transgender rights, being the first president to openly support the mutilation of children.
54:00 — Lauren Boebert is heard yelling out over the deaths of 13 military personnel killed in the Afghanistan withdrawal. The room assures her that we've forgotten about that already and that dead servicemen are not that important.

Selection of Biden mental gaffs:
5:50 — Can't pronounce "roubles"
9:00 — Stumbles on a common adage ("pound for pound")
12:30 — He accidentally says, "Iranian people," instead of, "Ukrainian people."
16:50 — Regarding "climate change", Biden says, "infects," instead of, "effects".
22:30 — He forgets what he was saying and struggles to get back on track.
28:40 — He does his creepy dementia whisper.
27:50 — He says, "Pra-gree-ree-yums," instead of, "premiums."
39:50 — He says, "Presides," instead of "Provides."
40:55 — He says, "Preselld," instead of "Percent."
41:20 — He says, "Parole," instead of "Patrol."
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 02:13:07
In March, 2022, even DNC-fellator Trevor Noah admits that Putin would not have invaded under a Trump presidency:
[Daily Show; March 12th, 2022]
(At 22 minutes)
He also points out that Ol' Rotten-Stench was denied a phone call with the Saudis because Ol' McCatholicButStillProEugenics is a soy-boy beta cuck who can have his puppeteers call.

Luckily, there were no consequences for Biden's failed leadership inviting a Putin invasion. The U.S. has not, to my knowledge, approved $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, and even if the U.S. *has* done such a thing, the NeoCons, left-wing authoritarians, and war-profiteers at Raytheon have assured us that this is a good thing!
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 02:20:48
Ol' Totalitarian McWorldEugenicsPrograms offhandedly mentions that "There’s going to be a New World Order out there, and we’ve got to lead it"
[Forbes; March 25th, 2022]
However, Wikipedia articles assure us that a rising totalitarian world government is a "conspiracy theory". Wiki's article on "conspiracy theories" also mentions that the term "conspiracy theory" — while arising from a coordinated media campaign in 1964 following the Kennedy Assassination — is totally not a C1A phrase used to de-legitimize dissent.

The Celebration Parallax wins again! :D
The awaiting New World Order is real if you support it, but it's a conspiracy theory if you do not. If you point out the coordinated vocabulary and legal strategies of world leaders in the suppression of speech, the control of media, and the controlling of citizen movement, it's *fine*.. if you agree.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 02:35:55
"The Senate has approved roughly $40 billion in aid to Ukraine"
[NPR; May 19th, 2022]

Oops! I guess this *did* happen. It's fine though.. if you agree.

Do you have a Ukrainian flag in your bio, comrade?
Do you stand for [current thing]?

Luckily, the U.S. learned its lessons Post 9/11.
Never again will the country fall for the motives of war-profiteers who capitalize on the psychological control of the population to force wars that restructure alliances and secure the value of the petrol dollar on behalf of world elitists. Many of us could see through the media's lies even then, but we have been happy to see that the world has awakened to these media lies and is thus ready to oppose their latest manipulations.

At the very *least*, the benevolent Democratic Party will recognize its role in opposing war actions and will thus have a good share of its House seats oppose the bill. I know we can count on the Progressive Squad! AOC is a true hero! She really "cares" about her constituents, she opposed helping the Jews like a good anti-Semite — only voting dutifully because Pelosi asked nicely by threatening to primary her — and was very much in favor of supporting social programs at home instead of sending more money into the military industrial complex.. so surely she would oppose sending money into the biggest proxy war in history!

House votes:
Democrat: 219 Yea
Republican 149 Yea, 57 Nay

Well... I'm sure that AOC is a war-monger for a *good* reason!
I mean.. Let me re-think this.
War is so *progressive*! :D
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 04:39:07
The DNC's uni-party strategy is trying to get people off the ballot again! I'm literally *shook*! So surprised! D:

The DNC is only for choice if you choose *them* and *their* dictates, and the best way to force people to choose them is by eliminating competition in malicious and backhanded ways. In 2020, they did this by purging the Green Party from key ballots, and now they're using the perceptions of their useful idiots to purge candidates from upcoming races. In other words, cheat to win:

"Insurrectionists May Be Barred From Office, Court Rules"
[Bloomberg Law; May 24th, 2022]
• "Candidates who take part in an insurrection may be barred from holding public office under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, a federal appeals court ruled, overturning a lower court judge’s decision."
• "While the ruling is legally binding only in the states that make up the 4th Circuit -- Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina -- it could influence the outcome of legal challenges to multiple Republican House candidates tagged by critics for participating in events surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol."

Potentially affected candidates:
• Marjorie Taylor Greene
• Paul Gosar
• Andy Biggs

Hmm. That list sounds familiar.. almost like I pointed out in January that the useful idiots would be activated to hate these names and others on command as we approached mid-terms. Almost like... the hate of the useful idiots had less to do with whether or not that hate were appropriately assigned and more to do with.. *gasp*! whether or not these candidates were running for reelection in 2022??? D: D: D:

But no! The DNC wouldn't activate useful idiots like that, would that??
No!! D: D: D:
These idiots are people with **agency**!!
They're *NOT* NPCs!! D: D: D:
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 04:39:26
Here was my January list:
( http://uto...hread=89239&time=1643113746020 )
• Boebert (up for 2022 reelection)
• Marjorie Taylor Greene (up for 2022 reelection)
• Rand Paul (up for 2022 reelection)
• Ted Cruz (he could run for president in 2024, so we have to seed the hate early),
• Steve Bannon (people should not hear what he has to say! He's spreading "lies" about DNC election engineering! We have to make people hate him so much that they don't look at his own words outside of a DNC-framed article or clip!),
• Matt Gaetz (up for 2022 reelection),
• Madison Cawthorn (up for 2022 reelection),
• Paul Gosar (up for 2022 reelection),
• Ron "Death-Sentence" (up for 2022 reelection; potential 2024 presidential candidate; if we can make that clever nickname stick, I think this one is in the bag!)
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 04:39:37
Interesting. Didn't our resident useful idiot mention Gosar in the Texas thread? ( http://uto...hread=89912&time=1653469850877 ).. almost like he was.. activated... because he's a useful idiot holding onto the inside-out pocket of his handlers. Hmm.. No.. No.. just a coincidence that he has fresh hate available for Gosar. It has nothing to do with a DNC media manipulation strategy that's trying to highlight anything that Gosar does so that he's on the radar for the Two Minutes Hate.

Speaking of which!
Oh.. so strange that "someone" released a "seedy" video of Cawthorn earlier this month and just before his primary!
And so strange that Cawthorn was hit with four other legal charges in the last month.. almost like... those were timed for political purposes and he was targeted for prosecution by the DNC's Cardinal Richelieu mechanism of "[find any crime and quickly]"..
It couldn't be that these things were done to primary him.. right?
Much strange! So coincidence! D:

So, the narrative for the useful idiots goes like this:
• Hur-dur, I've accepted all of the DNC's shit-take narratives on January 6th and cannot be reasoned with on this issue. Trump, Trump, Trump!
• Hur-dur, anyone who took part in the Capitol protests or who agreed with those protests or who peripherally had anything at all to do with the "insurrection" is an "insurrectionist" — there exist no grey areas.
• Urghr? Now it's legal to remove "insurrectionists" from the ballot?? Such coincidental timing! I won't think at all about the morality of removing opposition candidates in a political witch hunt and will simply accept this as the logical conclusion of false premises that were fed to me by the Politburo!
• Sweet! Those candidates that I was taught to dislike — I mean.. that I totally hate because I was exercising my personal agency independently of media manipulation — just happen to be getting raked through the coals by DNC media!

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Lol XD
Wed May 25 06:15:11

Having you considered new hinges? :o)

Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 20:47:43
Texas Totalitarian Beto O'Rourke, a piece of shit supporter of the LGBTQ+NAMBLA groomers known for being yet another of the DNC's uni-party strategists who wants to destroy the social fabric of Texas and the U.S. at large, attempts to do what BLM's fucking idiots do: hijack a press conference to make a political statement. But, given that the DNC is populated with bed-shitting Amber Heard-types, he is immediately rekt in the attempt, since none of these fucktards have a plan for after they get hit. Apparently, soy-boy beta cucks are not confrontational enough to follow through and thus dissolve into their puddle of urine and tears before running back to the safety of their echo chambers.
Wed May 25 22:12:51
I had like a 10 year hiatus, I don't remember CC coming off so hateful and angry before.
Wed May 25 22:18:21
Had the same reaction when I came back.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 22:21:40
DNC clone Coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors has a fake meltdown about the Texas shooting :D
[May 24th, 2022]
His shit-acting is most apparent when he lightly slams down his fist at about 53 seconds. This is usually hack-level acting, where hack-actors recall some melodramatic movie's bad presentation for how people are "supposed to" look when experiencing an emotion — they simply replicate the performance. But, when they manifest that performative step, they realize that their emotion doesn't match the presentation; they realize it's stupid and try to reign it in. Too late, though, since they just exposed that it's all an act. Oops!

And his segue at 1:00 is also pathetic: he immediately goes from his failed pathos display to a direct-action step ("[Vote on H.R.8! Pressure the GOP politicians!]"). This is a transparent tactic: try to get people on your side with your pathos, then give them something concrete that they "should" do. It's a classic proselytization technique, and it really reveals how shitty his half-time hype speeches must be. Then, of course, he tries to replicate the appearance of someone "storming off", but because it was all fake passion, even his walk looks fake. lulz.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 22:48:22
[ep]: "I had like a 10 year hiatus, I don't remember CC coming off so hateful and angry before."

Please refer to my warning for the thread:
"You may have meant to post that in the TDS Bot's thread. Here's a link to get you in the right place! ( http://uto...hread=89879&time=1653451350716 )
This thread, on the other hand, is a satire of his thread series. / Try reading it with teeming sarcasm."

In other words,
This thread is supposed to represent the extreme bad faith of tw's threads.
TW's threads use extreme name-calling, e.g.,
• "GQP",
• "traitor fraud moron criminal toddler",
• "fraudosphere"
• "piece of shit liars"
• "Faux [News]"
• "cult"
• "petty fucking moron"

TW cannot be reasoned with. His threads use Gish Gallop to keep anyone from responding to any one point. If you respond, he'll deflect and immediately move on to the next story/distraction. This allows him to believe anything that he's posted as true, giving him a foundation built on bad faith which propagates further bad faith. For instance, early in 2017, people would correct tw's misrepresentations of Trump's words — even harmless Tweets. Tw would not hear the corrected understanding, instead preferring the media talking points. He would then use those misrepresentations to further justify future misrepresentations — the result was him possessing a corrupted theory of mind for Trump. Now, as a result, he cannot understand anything that Trump says. It must always been the most malevolent understanding.

In this thread, I will be doing the same thing to build a counter-perspective (i.e., a mirror universe of tw's threads). That means lots of swearing, perpetual name-calling, self-insulating logic, and a belief in a growing delusion. There will be some truth mixed in, but it will always be taken to absurdity.

For instance, I do not care that this basketball coach made a silly performance. In empathetic moments, I see that he's just not a bright man and wanted to feel like part of a social movement. I would therefore never normally even make a single comment on him. I did not even know his name before this. I assure you, I never use the term "soy-boy beta cucks" in real life. I took that from a joke made in Sunny in Philly.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 22:48:33
As for nhill, his experience with me has similarly been polluted by his own bad faith. I have tried speaking to nhill in good faith, but he always trolls and hijacks. See, for instance, how I made a thoughtful argument in the LGTBQ thread ( http://uto...hread=89900&time=1653449426151 ). What was nhill's response?

"Jesus you have a talent for using a bunch of words to say nothing."
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 22:48:36
Therefore, I called him out, and he gas-lit. I shut him down and decided not to respond to him anymore. Perhaps he is as lost as tw, which would also explain why their interactions with each other are incredibly toxic (see http://uto...hread=89912&time=1653532795973 ).

People who operate in bad faith have become dime-a-dozen NPCs. They should be ridiculed and then treated as phantoms — as copy and paste ideas with no dimension behind them. If anyone wishes to speak in good faith, as you often do, ep, I am here. Tw, nhill, murder, Dukhat, jergul, and Seb are not "here". We lost them somewhere in the media's psychosis experiment.
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 23:43:20
That old man who keeps yelling at clouds made a speech on the Texas shooting:

"Remarks by President Biden on the School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas"
[White House org text transcript, May 24th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Wed May 25 23:43:24

[CNN video, May 24th, 2022]

Gun-grabber talking points include:
• It's the fault of the gun lobby (delusional)
• This doesn't happen anywhere else in the world (false and irrelevant)
• "commonsense gun laws" (i.e., totalitarian opportunism)
• "When we passed the assault weapons ban, mass shootings went down. When the law expired, mass shootings tripled." (lies, and the phrase "assault weapons" is just a fear-inducing buzz-word for these idiots)
• "The idea that an 18-year-old kid can walk into a gun store and buy two assault weapons is just wrong." (idiotic; they don't just "walk [in]" — he's propagating the lie of easy gun purchase)
• "What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone? Deer aren’t running through the forest with Kevlar vests on, for God’s sake." (This guy is in office, folks... The dumbest fucking argument in the world was just made by the Head Depend-User himself)
• "It’s time to turn this pain into action." (At least he admits that he's weaponizing a pathos argument?)
• "for those who obstruct or delay or block the commonsense gun laws, we need to let you know that we will not forget." (So nice of Mr. FuckUnityDivideInstead! He just promised to politically burn any politicians that don't help him stuff the DNC's shitty bills down the people's throats — so progressive!)
Cherub Cow
Thu May 26 00:47:21
Big yikes! Subversive propaganda for the useful idiots!

Users point out that Ol' Diaper-Shitter's Puppet-Master, Barack Obama — best known for giving himself a Nobel Prize and then killing U.S. citizens in Yemen without a trial — just gave an opportunity for a "master class in subversive communication and mass manipulation":

Barrack Obama:
• "As we grieve the children of Uvalde today, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer. His killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him."
• "In the aftermath of his murder, a new generation of activists rose up to channel their anguish into organized action, launching a movement to raise awareness of systemic racism and the need for criminal justice and police reform."
• "Inspired by these young leaders, @MBK_Alliance launched a Reimagining Policing Pledge for mayors and cities ready to take action. If you’re wondering how you can help make things a little better today, here are some ways to get involved"
[Barrack Obama Twitter; May 25th, 2022]

This posting, which includes an image of justly-killed violent criminal Trayvon Martin, follows a Washington Post story which erroneously claimed that the Patron Saint of Fentanyl, George Floyd, was "shot and killed in police custody" two years ago (New York Post; May 24th, 2022; http://nypost.com/2022/05/24/washington-post-deletes-tweet-that-george-floyd-was-shot/ ).

The manipulation strategy is this: in one Tweet, make an association between gun violence and the death of George Floyd. This way, two different strategies are combined:

1st strategy: The DNC's post-2015 racialist strategy of divide-and-conquer via slave morality. The DNC's racialist strategy is to stoke a racial awakening and cause a Marxist/Charles Manson race war wherein oppressor and oppressed are reversed. Because the DNC has very few moral voters, this means canonizing drug-using criminals like Floyd and making them "victimized" symbols of a "systemic" problem that the DNC claims it is "solving".. by destroying the U.S. Constitution.

2nd strategy: Capitalize on any shooting to pass new gun legislation, making it easier to disable the defensive capability of moral citizens who are *not* committing gun violence but who could be a "problem" for the DNC authorities who are committed to dismantling the U.S. Constitution. Those pesky freedom-lovers!

By combining the subjects, the useful idiot builds an association between the racialist strategy and the gun strategy, believing that winning the racialist strategy requires winning the gun strategy. I.e., in order for a successful race war to take place, the DNC must disarm its citizens. The useful idiot thus believes that he must vote for anyone who will disarm himself.

Users under the Obama post are quick to point out that this is merely a planned statement that had to be made today because today is the Floyd-death anniversary. What those users fail to recognize is that Obama already spoke to the Texas shooting earlier in the day and that this was a specific *combining* of the subjects into *one* Tweet rather than simply making standalone Tweets for the shooting and standalone Tweets for Floyd. Err.. I mean... those users are "petty fucking morons" in a "cult". Yeah.. that's more effective here.
Cherub Cow
Thu May 26 01:00:30
Top-tier memers have tracked the evolution of the left-wing NPC:
[Zarkov Jones Twitter, May 25th, 2022]
Receiving software updates to captivate their attention..
• Orange Man Bad
• Russia, Russia, Russia,
• Quid pro
• January 6th
• COVID (delta)
• COVID (omicron)
• Ukraine
• Elon Musk bad
• Roe v Wade
• Monkey Pox
• Gun control

We can be assured that January 6th will be re-activated in October to get the last little desperate push of compliance from the useful idiots.
Cherub Cow
Thu May 26 02:45:55
Lulz. I should have checked for updates.
The useful idiots were given another dose of January 6th propaganda yesterday:

"BREAKING: Trump Reportedly Complained About Pence Being Taken to Safety on Jan. 6 and Suggested He Really Should Be Hanged"
[Mediaite; May 25th, 2022]
(via http://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/25/us/politics/trump-pence-jan-6.html )
"Former President Donald Trump reportedly suggested that, after learning chants of “Hang Mike Pence!” during the January 6th attack on the Capitol, former Vice President Pence should be hanged and complained about Pence’s safe exit from the Capitol building."

I love the manipulative framing. I can see how that would trick a fucking idiot. Scroll down in that article and you see how flimsy the source is:
"This is according to a just-published New York Times report based on colleagues’ accounts of conversations with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, as was relayed to the House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6th,"

• based on a NYT report..
• based on colleagues' accounts...
• of conversations with Mark Meadows..
• as relayed to the January 6th committee

In court, this is called "hearsay", and it's so removed from the source and went through so many layers of bias that it's fucking worthless.

It gets even better, because Mediaite decide to post the transcript, which is even more watered down:

"then told the colleagues that Mr. Trump had said something to the effect of, maybe Mr. Pence should be hung. / It is not clear what tone Mr. Trump was said to have used."

• "something to the effect of"
• "maybe"
• and "not clear what tone [God Emperor Trump] used."

So, not only was it passed through three layers of hearsay, it was also "something to the effect of" and it was a "maybe"-suggestion whose tone was masked from the operator-game player who relayed this information.

I promise you, this is enough for the useful idiots. This will now be gospel to them. They will distort this in their minds as proof that Trump *literally* called for Pence to be hanged and that that was his goal from the beginning.

This reached the Imgur front page.
Here's the reaction from the Imgur mouth-breathers:
Only one person pointed out that it was hearsay and was swiftly downvoted.
Thu May 26 03:28:33
You know, your going on a list somewhere for all of this.

Probably to a file folder in Al Gore's Lockbox.
Cherub Cow
Thu May 26 03:56:54
"You know, your going on a list somewhere for all of this."

Please refer those comments to tw's thread .. unless you think that it's only the Bolshevik-left making such lists ;D
Thu May 26 04:09:49
Oh, he is on a list somewhere.
Cherub Cow
Thu May 26 04:59:53
Probably so. Maybe we all are, especially after L0ughner (Earth player), though apparently he was far more active on other sites. Earth isn't even on his Wiki. Seems like a waste of a list, though.

My biggest hobby-plan is drawing cat memes and publishing my raccoon story. I'd hope that they'd at least look into what buildings Antifa is burning first. ;)

Funny DNC-signal alert here.

I think that most rational people thought that Beto O'Rourke's stunt was pretty pathetic and was obvious political narcissism, but Imgur — which to me represents the lowest-level propaganda of the DNC — has been boosting the signal on O'Rourke, apparently trying to make it seem like he's some kind of hero who spoke truth to power. Pretty sad delusions by these people. The DNC must be desperate to spin this since they realized that O'Rourke just ruined his chances for the election. Apparently the voters tend not to like dogs that submissive pee? Weird.

Then again, when they push for this many posts to the front page all on one subject, you'd have to first suspect the sock puppets were trying to *make* it a thing and that only a few useful idiots were tricked by it... right? D:

All on the front page:
http://imgur.com/gallery/FjRXeTb user FreshNews247
http://imgur.com/gallery/RsAHKY8 user oldmarley (KKK meme)
http://imgur.com/gallery/qflNgR8 user UnwantedZombie
http://imgur.com/gallery/9xo3XF2 user PatThaiCM **
http://imgur.com/gallery/XvlpwFD user mfrybeasley **
http://imgur.com/gallery/nwTrq1g user oddoregano
http://imgur.com/gallery/Qb5mwG1 user Echo3ToEchoSeven
http://imgur.com/gallery/5zMW0wK user telemonianajax
http://imgur.com/gallery/CU4gVf0 user telecomteardown **
http://imgur.com/gallery/70YBgGG user PoisonHugs
http://imgur.com/gallery/C7dYnuv user komododave
http://imgur.com/gallery/MQdYXTC user sleeperkid **
http://imgur.com/gallery/gMMnL7x user RetrogradeLlama **
http://imgur.com/gallery/ywKSQYI user angelinesg7 **

Six of those (with **) were propaganda accounts that do this regularly. The others appear to be useful idiots who were promoted by the sock puppets. All have the same lie: that O'Rourke had the "courage" to stand up to.. white supremacists? (If you'll believe it! (Please, believe it!! D:)
Thu May 26 08:59:56

"I had like a 10 year hiatus, I don't remember CC coming off so hateful and angry before."

Time in this country does things to people. Especially recent times.

Cherub Cow
Thu May 26 09:49:47
Lulz. Somali pirate who married her brother knows how to nuke Twitter with the dumbest hot-takes that she can:

Ilhan Omar; May 25th, 2022: "Ban AR-15’s."

She's probably going for that "Malcolm X vs. MLK" strategy of "extremist vs. moderate"/"bad cop, good cop" where she gets to take the completely retarded position and then a slightly less retarded DNC politician can say something "reasonable" like, "Ban... some.. AR-15s?"

If you want to see the abysmal ignorance of the Democrat voter, this comment chain is probably the doom-scroll you've been looking for ;)
Cherub Cow
Fri May 27 00:59:59
This post may be the best example we've seen of Imgur's long fall into nihilistic self-destruction and tribal hate-psychosis. A monument.
Perm-image (Imgur compressed it, though): http://i.imgur.com/C3kb8yM.jpg

Link synopsis: A father who wore a t-shirt saying, "Fuck your gun free zone" and who had only joint custody of his child and thus only partial say in where his child went to school.. was the father of a slain child.. and thus is a target for the Two Minutes Hate. Not that that's how they frame it here.

Here, left-wing propaganda echo-chamber Imgur makes an "example" out of the father.

You see, this father committed the mistake of being wrong politically. The Bolsheviks have determined that anyone of the "GQP" and "MAGA" movement is a literal Nazi, thus, any tragedy which befalls them is due to their own politics and represents a proof-of-concept of the "GQP" belief in karmic justice — even when that karmic justice takes the form of random violence by a madman. Causality is given a wide birth here, entering the spectral evidence of desperate psycho-cultural synchronicity (i.e., people over-emphasizing peripheral patterns to evade true causality).

While we might recognize the victimhood of, say, a rape survivor, (in which case we would say that it is absurd to victim-blame and that she did not "ask for it" via any clothes or behavior — that the rapist alone is to blame), there need be no consistency here. This father, via his thoughtcrimes, is guilty for anything that happens in his domain — even the uncontrollable and the absurd. This is consistent in the morbid brain of the left via their persistent fallacy of association, here, taking the form of victim-blaming by proxy. Although the left has indeed blamed the children themselves for their deaths ("[Their fault for being born in Texas!]" — an extension of their belief in aborting people for the aborted's own protection from a cruel world), the left's nihilism seeks proxies for their hate, and a father of the "wrong" politics apparently makes a good enough proxy.

In other words, they believe that victim-blaming does not apply because the father is once-removed from the child — his survivor's tragedy, though severe, is not a shield against their wrath. This flows from collectivist logic. Collectivists use social compliance and groupthink within their own culture, so when an individual acts alone, they believe that that individual — if disavowed by their own collective — must have been a symptom of the opposing collective. Of course, this ignores that their opposition is *not* a collective, individualists instead recognizing individual accountability and not operating in the same level of groupthink.

So, just as the left can blame Trump for every single COVID death (an even further-removed sense of causality), the left can similarly blame a father for any event that befalls his child — no matter how unlikely the event. The sickness of this is not unlike Anton Chigurh sitting before Carson Wells asking, "If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?"

The irony of the left's and Chigurh's deterministic belief is that the "rule" did not bring these people to their death — the madman did.
Cherub Cow
Fri May 27 01:09:56
*"any tragedy which befalls them is due to their own politics and represents a proof-of-concept of the "GQP" [facing] karmic justice"

Ironically, The Chief Diaper-Shitter was called "Sleepy Joe" even before this:

"Joe Biden appears to fall asleep during COP26 speeches"
[The Telegraph; November 1st, 2021]

Comments were turned off on the video, likely because The Telegraph decided to say, "appears to fall asleep", when, in reality, he was asleep until an aid woke him. Or do we believe a student when he says, "I was just resting my eyes"?
Cherub Cow
Fri May 27 03:27:05
Andy Ngo consolidated the Internet sleuthing of some other users (particularly Austin journalist @rachelmillman) to expose a series of the usual suspects who fall for a very transparent Internet hoax. The story ends with the user deleting his Facebook, abandoning his Twitter, and telling the Daily Beast that his account was hacked.. sure.. sure..
[Daily Beast; May 26th, 2022]

Andy Ngo; May 27th, 2022:
"This thread from a man who claims @GregAbbott_TX sent a representative to offer money to pose w/the governor for #Uvalde has gone ultra-viral with the left. But I looked into who is really behind the account. Jason R. Nauertz, 43, is not from Texas. He's from Spokane, Wash."

You'd have to wonder about Nauertz' follow-up plan after making such a big claim. Nauertz' previous grifts were one thing (small-time).. but claiming to have met a public figure and libeling him? Standby criminal charges...

Celebrities that took the bait due to their low-IQ gullibility:
• Joaquin Castro (D Rep., Texas) 282.8k followers
• Richard Whittaker (DNC journo/propagandist) 2.8k followers
• Ellen Hopkins (DNC journo/propagandist) 32.5k followers
• Christopher Titus (DNC comedian) 184.4k followers
• Patt Morrison (DNC journo/propagandist) 5.8k followers
• Annie Parker (slave morality adherent) 17.5k followers
• L. Sahara McGirt (slave morality adherent) 1.9k followers
• Shon Gables (DNC journo/propagandist) 6.4k followers
• Keith Olbermann (DNC journo/propagandist) 987.6k followers
• BG (DNC journo/propagandist) 3.1k followers
• Chester M. Pitts, I (DNC useful idiot) 11.9k followers
• Amy Siskind (DNC journo/propagandist) 554.1K followers
• Yolanda Machado (DNC editor/propagandist) 27.8k followers
• Teresa Woodard (DNC journo/propagandist) 6.6k followers
• Rosanna Arquette (DNC actress) 243.7k followers
• Katie Hall (DNC journo/propagandist) 4.7k followers
• Carol Morgan (DNC journo/propagandist) 4.2k followers
(this last one even followed up *after* Ngo's post and still didn't believe it)

Better than the trail of gullible celebrities is the depths of this leftist's delusions and narcissism, as talked about under Rachel Millman's comments:
• Claims to have lost a nephew in a shooting... a *different* shooting, though, to his credit, this separate shooting in Washington state occurred where he actually lives, so it may be one of the few truthful things he's said.
• Claims to be a former Army captain.. but also said that he enlisted... yeah.. somehow doubting he was a mustang
• Claims to have been a POW who was captured for 31 days
• Claims to have been awarded a Purple Heart for wounds.. but no military records reflect this claim (is not listed on the Purple Heart database)
• Pretends to have terminal cancer... used that to try to get Super Bowl tickets.
• Facebook sleuths found no references to cancer from anyone in his family; it was a fiction apparently limited to his Twitter.
• Claims to have "hacked" the account of someone else who pretends to have cancer.. then.. very weirdly.. asks what his followers would think about someone who pretends to have cancer for likes and profit D:
• Claimed to be black to win an Internet argument
• IRL, his name has domestic violence charges against him
• Twice claimed to have just had a liver transplant.. yeah..
• Claims to have been a 9/11 first responder who was served food by Robin Williams at ground zero...
• Claims to have had a stroke at 37.. allowing his "wife" (probably just him again) to take over his account and solicit more donations........

The Beast article claims that when they contacted him he verified some of the claims as true (stroke, coma, assisted suicide), but, in short, just another certifiable leftist. I'm sure that he'll do some soul-searching and become a better person on the other side of this... if it means he can solicit some donations.
Cherub Cow
Fri May 27 09:45:52
A minor DNC-propaganda repeater tried to lie to readers about how "easy" it is to get the firearm used in the Texas shooting... currently the ratio sits at 2704 comments to 770 likes..

Zack Seward (27.2k followers) of "Quartz" Propaganda; May 26th, 2022:
"We bought a gun—the same Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 assault rifle used in Uvalde. It was like ordering groceries. Click, checkout, done."
And the linked article title:
"We ordered the same gun used in Uvalde. Here’s how easy it was."

People in the comments have pointed out Quartz' obvious manipulation:
• This article, designed to be digested by left-wing useful idiots, makes it seem like people can literally just order a weapon online and receive it "like ordering groceries" — i.e., just another Amazon order.
• In reality, as they bury in the article and disguise with euphemisms, the ACTUAL process involves ordering the rifle online.. AND having it sent to an authorized firearms dealer (which may not even be available for certain weapons in one's state), AND purchasers then have to go to the shop, fill out federal paperwork, AND pass a background check — with wait time varying based on how that goes. If things don't work out? It gets sent back, and purchasers may not even get to touch it.
• Bonus! Users have reminded people that one of the forms — which carries the weight of federal law and can thus result in prosecution for lying — denies users purchase if they are users of marijuana or other drugs. Oops! This puts left-wingers in an awkward spot. Now they have to ask, "[Do I lie, or do I pretend that I'm not *currently* a user.. since I'm not *currently* smoking weed while filling out this form?]" Lulz. Still perjury, but nice try. I guess that medical-marijuana card that California was so eager to give you was a trick to strip you of your rights, and you fell for it, sucker.

In other words, the only thing that's "easy" about this is that you order it yourself instead of asking the shop to order it for you. It does not eliminate the bureaucracy or waiting period of the approval process.

Lies like this are not just limited to "Quartz" — this is the type of stuff that Ol' Shit-Cheeks himself propagates. For further reading:
"Biden’s Missteps on Gun Policies"
[April 8th, 2021]
• Biden falsely said that “you can buy whatever you want” at a gun show with “no background check.” Federal firearm dealers at gun shows must run background checks. Private sales between nondealers are exempt from federal law.
• He said states with “red flag laws” have seen reductions in suicides. But a review of research on whether the policies caused a reduction in total suicides found the evidence is inconclusive.
• The president said gun manufacturers were “exempt” from being sued. They do have protections from civil lawsuits, but there are exceptions.
Cherub Cow
Fri May 27 19:54:33
The left-wing grifter (@MyCancerJourne3) who tricked all of those above journalists (see post Fri May 27 03:27:05) has now deleted his account.. or.. maybe the "hacker" deleted the account? Lulz.
I'm just guessing he's not going to be answering calls for a while, unless it's from his lawyer. Probably time to look into changing his name and moving to another state.. though those stolen valor and libel charges will follow him. That alleged video of him meeting with Governor Abbott is probably going to be delayed ;D

Carol Morgan, meanwhile, is trying to bury her earlier Tweet by spam-posting hate for the Texas GOP. Yep. The Ol' Left-Wing Gish Gallop. If one avenue of attack fails, just ignore it, and make so many more attacks that people would have to make a dedicated project out of dismantling them — all so they could just ignore that project anyways.
Cherub Cow
Fri May 27 21:27:02
Just a reminder of how the totalitarians convince people to pay attention to their red herrings as a vehicle for fear and disarmament under their "protective" tutelage:

"Does the news reflect what we die from?
There is a large disconnect between what gets covered in the media and the day-to-day reality for most. How do causes of death in the US match with media coverage and what people search for online?"
[Our World in Data; Hannah Ritchie; May 29th, 2019]
(Data Image)

Terrorism and homicide constitute about 0.91% of deaths, but media coverage from, say, The New York Times, makes terrorism and homicide 58.4% of their coverage. The fun thing here is that people will admit to sensationalism and yellow journalism, but they will accept it as somehow appropriate — part of their media conditioning.

Recent left-wing manipulation efforts had attempted to make it appear that being shot to death is now the greatest risk for children, but this is yet more statistical manipulation from the totalitarians which discretely amplifies this recent addition to the numbers. They're *really* trying to get people to react stupidly to this shooting, and Twitter is boosting that signal for their weaponized psychosis.

Honestly, I rarely used Twitter before this project, and it's very apparent why. The dumb things that people say on Twitter under their real names...

People calling out for updates on the shooting (that passive psychosis of waiting for more news to land — like "The Social Network" ending of obsessively hitting "refresh"), people floating unconfirmed and later erroneous reports to their hundreds of thousands of followers, sitting politicians saying, "Fuck", in every Tweet, people apparently searching for "Trump" every day to feed their addiction to hate...

It was clear years ago and clear now: The medium is the message. Twitter is designed to boost the insanity of the masses. People who use this site as their primary social site will inevitably become as deranged as its worst thinkers. The only way this site should be used in earnest is to direct people to more thoughtful sites and alternate discourse. Anyone who makes Twitter their home will be calling out for trepanations to relieve their brain of the overwhelming nonsense that it has stored.
Fri May 27 21:51:30
I, for one, appreciate this thread. Kudos and don't stop.
Cherub Cow
Sat May 28 00:25:59
It's getting to be quite a list!
The DNC signal always has something to saturate the intellect of its useful idiots — and something to laugh at for everyone with more than two functional brain cells.

Speaking of which..

Imgur has a propagandist known as "LetsGoBidenFckOffBrandon".

Now, that screen name is a story in itself. He made his propaganda account in June of 2021 — after the "Let's Go, Brandon" meme took off in October of 2021. I guess he was quite "triggered" by someone not liking the Chief Diaper-Shitter.

Let's break down his username:

Okay, "Let's Go, Biden" makes sense from the DNC-propagandist perspective, but...

"Fuck off, Brandon", in the terms set in the "Let's Go, Brandon" meme, translates to, "Fuck off, Biden."

In other words, this user has been posting DNC-propaganda under this username for almost a year now, and he's been publicly stating, "Let's Go, Biden. Fuck off, Biden", without realizing it.. because he never fully understood the meme. And, clearly, few Imgurians have recognized it. That's about the IQ-level we're talking about in these propaganda accounts.

Here he is somehow blaming Trump for the dead schoolchildren:
[May 27th, 2022; Currently at 2,840 upvotes]
(image of Trump with paint-shopped blood on his hands and a caption reading, "Baby Killer")

This was part of a series shared by multiple propaganda accounts (e.g., this user, http://imgur.com/user/ShitpostsAndLotsOfThem ) of posting similar images of various right-wing politicians with "killer" claims upon them.

In a testament to Imgur's groupthink insanity, the one person pointing out the obvious (user "r0b0tc0rpse") received 30+ downvotes and was buried in the hidden comment section for saying..
"How exactly do you blame some one who hasn't been in office for two years?"

The responses were not exactly logic-based — surprise, surprise.

There were lots of the usual strategies of deflection and idiocy; and, as usual, even though they were responding to a fellow DNC-voter, they perceived his light pushback to the lack of logic as his being a Trump supporter. Thus, they vomited the usual rhetoric at this sacrificial lamb:

"You trump cult, baby killing, covid sprayers fume about every dumb fucking bullshit topic under the sun, take a hike"

Quite rational! Quite engaged with the material!

And this was the most *coherent* argument in the doomed section (not to say that it's at all logical or sound):
"His efforts during his four years normalized radicalization and mobilized the worst aspects of our national character. Is that sufficient?"

Quite a claim! It's based in delusions, but it's quite a claim!

This is all again part of the fallacy of association / Ice-Nine strategy of the useful idiots wherein anything bad that happens is Trump's fault — no matter how far removed. They truly believe that the policies of a president not in office can be held *directly* responsible for the actions of a madman in a small town in Texas, when, in reality, at best, that madman's mind was saturated by the same propaganda signal that removed the thinking ability of these deranged Imgur users.

I.e., it's the signal, not Trump himself.

Trump's Tweets were never the message: it was the media that amplified them to liquefy the brains of the useful. It is the collectivist signal-boost of the totalitarians that make people useful idiots, not the individualism of personal accountability. This propaganda has made a mass of useful idiots believe in totally illogical causality. This softens their minds for non sequitur solutions.
Cherub Cow
Sat May 28 00:26:19
Another comment blames *Trump* for the lack of police reforms, which is part of the DNC's manipulation of the "Defund" movement's signal. This was a strategy that Diaper-Filler's handlers organized for him while he was in his bunker in the leadup to the 2020 election. The DNC tacitly supported the defund movement en masse through media manipulation, funding of riots/rioters, and down-grading of charges against DNC-affiliated insurrectionists (e.g., BLM, Antifa). They pushed full acceptance of "defund" through propagandists such as John Oliver (e.g.; June 8th, 2020 episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf4cea5oObY ), and many DNC politicians outright called for defunding police.
Cherub Cow
Sat May 28 00:26:22
But.. what was the "turn" for their "Prestige"?
DNC handlers insulated Glassy-Eyes Robinette from ever saying, "defund". This was their Trojan Horse for "moderate police reform" (i.e., police reform that they could sell to their low-information voters) and their way of distancing from the useful idiots who had rioted on their behalf. Thus, Jen Psaki was able to deliver a calculated lie:

"Jen Psaki Implies Republicans Support Defunding The Police By Not Voting For American Rescue Plan"
[Forbes; June 23rd, 2021]
Psaki: "Some might say the other party was for defunding the police — I'll let others say that."

The absurdity and gas-lighting were immense. Now, left-wing useful idiots such as the above poster were convinced that *DNC* policies could decrease crime — a statement not reflected in the policies or the subsequent realities generated by those policies. The DNC goal is ever-persistent regarding policing: degrade society with bad policy around police structures to pave the way for a federalized police force — FBI-Lite. Police who will submit to the totalitarian signal and commit atrocities on its behalf.
Cherub Cow
Sat May 28 01:19:44
Fresh and easy one making the rounds:

David Weissman (339.8k followers), a propagandist for OccupyDemocrats (itself a left-wing extremist-propaganda organization), decided to attempt to "prove" that Twitter polls all possess echo chamber logic:

"Let's prove how phony the right’s ridiculous polls are by doing one of our own. Who do you trust more @elonmusk @AOC"
Musk - 79.9%
AOC - 20.1%

A meme points out that his post "left his target audience" ( http://twitter.com/StevenHiller18/status/1530410506325991428 )

This is a repeating reality that the left often fails to face: the right interacts with the left, but the left *rarely* interacts with the right. So, Weissman believed that everyone is in an echo chamber and can thus fluff the results of their polls (i.e., only really asking followers who will vote predictably due to implicit agreement), but, in reality, the polls launched by the right simply do not receive much opposition from the left — because the left does not visit the right to see those polls. The right.. on the other hand.. found Weissman's poll quickly.

Unsurprisingly, the left tends to evade this simple reality of interaction (I myself received about 400 downvotes for pointing it out here in March:
http://imgur.com/gallery/E3gDTNQ , summary: http://i.imgur.com/wcMQQWl.jpg ). Many memes exist wherein the left makes a straw man of the right, believing that they're all "QAnon/GQP/MAGAts" with no empathy. Only the left, you see, have empathy and understanding. But, the left simultaneously *refuses* to interact in good faith with the right because "[They're all Nazis]" (i.e., a zero-empathy dehumanizing name-calling strategy). Scheduling left-meets-right interviews has become difficult even for stable center-left shows such as Maher.

This is part of the left's "deplatform" strategy of polarization and compliance. They looked at their numbers and realized that they could get more voters not by appealing to a broader population but by making their existing voters more psychotic and thus more likely to actually drop ballots when asked. In order to make more psychotic voters, they need to make a straw man of the opposition and feed their voters only the DNC narrative.

"Ah!" they might say, "But I spam hate on Glenn Greenwald's Twitter page! Clearly, I am informed of their positions!"

Aside from this being a normal distribution with variation (i.e., most of the left having this behavior but there being falloff towards the edges), the few exceptions that the left has with interactions occur through the left's Two Minutes Hate. For example, when hate against Tucker Carlson is maximized by the media pressures of the current news cycle, Carlson will find his comment section completely overrun by the left's psychosis. In other words, the left will follow the right when they have been told to hate that right-wing figure. The left, for instance, followed Trump quite a bit.

"Ah!" they might say, "But the same logic could be applied to David Weissman!"

Except that no organized signal promoted Weissman.
The DNC will put wall-to-wall coverage of Carlson to get people to funnel to him, but Weissman simply had to Tweet. Searching for a single article about his poll yields nothing. Fox News did not publish a hit piece for Weissman. The right had simply followed him out of curiosity. That is the difference between a populist movement and a top-down propaganda signal.
Cherub Cow
Sat May 28 08:20:32
DNC-Totalitarian strategist Donny Deutsch of the "see early life section" appeared multiple times this week on MSNBC to lay out the talking point strategy for "The Great Replacement Theory".
[RealClearPolitics; May 17th, 2022]

Deutsch openly admits that the DNC must take a "sliver"/"minority" of voters and transform it into a misrepresentation wherein the *entire* Republican Party is implicated in "violence", "racism", and anti-Semitism. He explains that they must make potential DNC voters believe that any mainstream Republican must be "branded" with this fallacious association.

The strategy is this:
1) Boost the signal on "The Great Replacement Theory"
2) Morph it into not just an absurd conspiracy theory that explicitly implicates a Jewish cabal but instead make it represent ANY ideology which recognizes ANY of the actual replacing that is in fact occurring via the DNC's racialist strategy (e.g.; the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DIE) HR-Department infiltration; affirmative action; slave morality)
3) Take the small fringe who complain about this manipulated definition and extrapolate it to the ENTIRE GOP.
4) As Deutsch says, tell anyone thinking of voting for GOP politicians, "You understand you're voting for the Replacement Theory?" (i.e., apply the seeded fallacy of association and the false premise in order to trick someone into not voting for the GOP candidate).
5) Make this propaganda so strong that even GOP politicians begin to question whether or not it's true, and those of weak minds will thus begin to change parties or resign.

This is yet more of the DNC's strategy of smearing anyone of the GOP as "racist", which is a decades old strategy. They did the same thing in 2016 with "Nazi" rhetoric, and, despite this alienating a huge voter base (they lost many of their own moderates over this rhetoric), they doubled down on it after Clinton's loss and boosted the "Nazis" rhetoric in the sock-puppet farms.

What's *extra* interesting here is that they're OPENLY talking about it not as a reality but as a strategy to be implemented in OPEN bad faith. Televising it is almost like they're speaking directly to their useful idiots who take part in the strategy. That is, they're commanding, "[Say these lies! Use them to convince more people of our lies!]" This is straight culture industry, by the way (Frankfurt School). In the culture industry strategy, it is not enough for the media to transmit the signal; the media must convince regular people (useful idiots) to re-transmit the signal, creating repeater signals for DNC propaganda.

Incidentally, this is the same strategy that the DNC openly used on police forces under their "ACAB" propaganda. The idea was to convince police that they represent systemic violence and white supremacy (always the same name-calls — always the same lies). Next (and simultaneously), their objective was to convince police that "[All the good cops have quit... you want to be a good cop, right? If so.. I guess you'll have to quit.]"

Meanwhile, this was a self-fulfilling strategy. If you convince police via propaganda that "all the good police have quit", then indeed departments will begin to lose funding, making them less effective and more prone to error (i.e., the propaganda EFFECTS bad policing). Culturally (before the policy decisions erode police function legislatively), the idea was to fill the remaining police with Nietzschean bad conscience. This is best explained in Dostoevsky's Underground Man: the Underground Man is so debilitated by a society that believes that he can do nothing correctly that he fails to act virtuously — or to act at all. He is so destroyed by an awareness of a massive multitude with contradictory claims on his actions that he hates his own life and can think of nothing good to do.

This is the psychology they will upon the police.
This is the psychology they will upon Republicans.

In short, they are abusing bad faith logic as a weapon in a zero-sum game of "the end justifies the means" — ignoring that this Marxist-progressive strategy can only corrupt the ends; they corrupt their own vision of the future by having no morality in the first place (see also the ending of Watchmen: an apocalypse that would not have happened if these people had been moral in the first place).
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 03:55:13
Antifa, which the Commander in Big-Boy Diapers has declared to be just an "idea", has put up a DNC-affiliated candidate for Congress in Portland. This candidate decided to publish a propaganda video wherein she suggested that millions of homeless people "nationwide" break into unoccupied homes and squat there. How will this strategy work? Well, with "Rage on Behalf of the Machine" playing in the background, she quotes "The Matrix", saying that because no one has ever tried it before, "That's why it's going to work."

Rebecca Parson, May 18th, 2022:
"You feel it. I feel it. We're on the edge of collapse. / Wall St is buying up entire neighborhoods, rent & home prices are soaring, working people can't afford homes. / It's time to occupy empty homes nationwide. It's time for #HousingForAll. RT & join us"

After being called on this, Parson left the propaganda ad pinned to the top of her feed, but she claimed, "I don’t want people to commit a crime."
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 03:55:22
Post Millennial points out that Parson was not just talking tough for funsies.
She has in fact used this criminal strategy before.
[Post Millennial; May 27th, 2022]
"In 2020, she was the spokesperson for Tacoma Housing Now, a group that took over 16 rooms in a motel in Fife, Wash., on Christmas Eve, claiming they were using it to house homeless people. The activists paid for one night, then refused to leave and demanded that local governments pay the motel bill and designate the motel a shelter, as had been done in other parts of the state."
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 03:55:24
Comments below her post reveal an easily-traced network of other Antifa activists willing to commit crimes openly, such as user @JustUnderReal, who states, "Given the choice between respecting the law vs helping people the law takes second fiddle. #radicalCivility"". None of these people exist, of course, since Antifa is just an idea. Additionally, the Diaper-Shitter has previously assured us that he will lead an effort to mobilize "true-inner-nasha-shabba-da-pressure" — a strategy almost as bold as covfefe.
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 04:01:34
*"has put up a DNC-affiliated candidate for Congress in [Washington]"

Flash from the past:
As part of the DNC's racialist strategy, they believe that they "own" minorities. This goes with their slave morality rhetoric of perpetual slavery of a useful voting bloc through bad conscience. Here's Joe "My Butt's Been Wiped" Robinette telling people that "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black":
[CNN; May 22nd, 2020]
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 06:09:06
In the May 26th, 2022 press briefing, the White House was sure to propagate its usual lies and misinformation. Here are some bullet-point highlights (summarized at the bottom of this post):
[White House; May 26th, 2022]
Video from CSPAN: http://www.c-span.org/video/?520606-1/white-house-president-lady-travel-uvalde-sunday

• "Texas plan to allow private citizens to sue their neighbors for providing reproductive healthcare and helping women to exercise their constitutional rights."
We rate this FALSE.
If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion will not be a constitutional right — arguably, it never was, per the arguments. Thus, the White House's narrative is based on a lie.

• "This law is the latest in a growing effort by ultra-MAGA officials across the country to roll back freedoms that should not be taken for granted."
We rate this FALSE.
The White House was referring to Roe v. Wade, which was not a freedom so much as it was a major factor in the DNC's eugenics strategy. The DNC does not want citizens to have freedom, which is why they constantly erode Constitutional provisions. This is a case of accusing one's enemy of one's own actions.

Additionally, Ultra-MAGA is a hilarious attempt by the DNC to boost the signal on their anti-populist rhetoric. Psaki previously lied, saying that Biden came up with "Ultra-MAGA" as part of his free-wheeling attitude (May 10th Press Briefing: "And so, to him, adding a little “ultra” to it, give it a little extra pop." White House; http://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/press-briefings/2022/05/10/press-briefing-by-press-secretary-jen-psaki-may-10-2022/ ).

This is, of course, impossible, since Biden reads off of a teleprompter and sundowns faster if he has to think for himself, thus, his handlers keep him from thinking by feeding him all of his talking points).

And Washington Post, meanwhile, reported..
"Biden’s attempt to appropriate the “MAGA” brand as a political attack was hardly accidental. It arose from a six-month research project to find the best way to target Republicans, helmed by Biden adviser Anita Dunn and by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a liberal group. / The polling and focus group research by Hart Research and the Global Strategy Group found that “MAGA” was already viewed negatively by voters — more negatively than other phrases like “Trump Republicans.” / In battleground areas, more than twice as many voters said they would be less likely to vote for someone called a “MAGA Republican” than would be more likely. The research also found that the description tapped into the broad agreement among voters that the Republican Party had become more extreme and power-hungry in recent years."

In other words, the DNC propagandists (e.g., Psaki) tried to claim that it was just a fun little thing that Biden came up with, when, in reality, the DNC paid a propaganda think-tank to produce it for them to sway useful idiots. Despite this strategy immediately backfiring in the meme centers where it became a joke, the White House insisted on closing out the week with the phrase, apparently trusting in the effects that it could have on those useful idiots (and perhaps it will, since people joking about the meme will just make useful idiots see the vocabulary — not the context). They intend to use it with the same propaganda strategy that propagandist Donny Deutsch laid out above: "3) Take the small fringe who complain about this manipulated definition and extrapolate it to the ENTIRE GOP."

Already, "small fringe" would make the blood of a useful idiot boil, since the useful idiots believe that masses of people wearing "MAGA" hats confirm a representation of all the hateful things that the DNC propagandists have assigned to "MAGA". But, the fringe element in this case was identified by the diaper-shitter himself as Senator Rick Scott of Florida. Biden claims that Scott's plan to tax low-income earners is the "MAGA agenda" of "MAGA Republicans". In reality, Scott's plan seems to be limited to the musings of this single GOP senator — someone that was likely unknown to many GOP voters before O-Shit-Storm dropped Scott's name, and someone with only 389k followers on Twitter (compare to AOC, who has 13 million).

• "Next week, the President will welcome Prime Minister of New Zealand to the White House"
Jacinda Ardern, a good-little-Marxist who sold out her country to the elitist global totalitarian strategy during COVID re-organization, will get to meet Diaper-Shitter's handlers as her thanks for making a two-tier society of compliant and non-compliant — a strategy of weakening the will of New Zealanders so that the next phase of the totalitarian strategists can effect additional compliance via our world-wide drowning-rat experiment. Within that drowning-rat experiment, the rat is expected to swim obediently for much longer next time — and all without complaining! Left-Wing cities, in particular, will be especially obedient to their totalitarian masters.

And you might wonder about New Zealand's benefit in the global order, but perhaps it's as simple as Ardern making a lot of money for her family. All the totalitarians needed was a sociopath like Ardern to produce her crooked smile while she looked at the faces of the people "below" her who will inevitably die in the next stage of the global strategy. The totalitarian benefit, meanwhile, may be to apply the global eugenics strategy in New Zealand so that New Zealand can be preserved as a destination-vacation for the world's trillionaires. That may be their grand vision of the world: population-controlled zones that keep the world's wheels moving while the elitists all go on vacation together.

• "on Sunday the President and the First Lady will travel to Uvalde"
Incoming "Fuck Joe Biden" chants!
On the other hand, the DNC might be able to spin such chants to make GOP voters seem like monsters, so it might be better for people to simply pull a Boebert and yell at Chairman Jao Bai Dun for his part in the totalitarian Great Leap Forward. I.e., maybe when Jao Bai Dun talks about the quantity of children killed, someone can remind him how many servicemen died because of his Afghanistan withdrawal blunders.

Lots more lies spread in the rest of the briefing!
And, of course, the first reporter, Darlene Superville of the AP, reveals that she was fed a question by the White House just so the White House could pretend that they had an organic means to dispense more talking points about that "MAGA Republican" enemy:

Superville: "Thank you. Is there any reaction here from — at the White House to the Senate Republicans blocking the domestic terrorism bill, which was supposed to open the door for some debate and discussion about gun safety, as you were just talking about?"

The useful idiot would hear that and say, "[Ah! The GOP blocked a bill that could stop those children from dying?! Those monsters!!]" Except the bill was bullshit ( http://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/350/text ). It basically amounts to Patriot Act 2.0, designed to target U.S. civilians for wrongthink. The totalitarians do love targeting citizens. Obama could extra-judicially drone-strike-murder U.S. citizens *inside* the country next time!

More to the point: this bill was further proof of the DNC-Totalitarian plan to replace local police with FBI-Lite. The bill would have created an entirely new bureaucracy around domestic terrorism, which would mean offices all around the country designed to suppress citizen dissent. Particularly scary, though, is that these were the results:

Required For Majority: 3/5
Yea: 47 votes
Nea: 47 votes
No vote: 6 votes

Nearly every Democrat voted for it — minus two non-voting Democrats and Schumer)

Schumer would be a surprise.. except that the only reason he voted "nea" was because it allows them to try to pass the bill again in the future. Schumer was sure to say, "The bill is so important because the mass shooting in Buffalo was an act of domestic terrorism. We need to call it what it is, domestic terrorism. It was terrorism that fed off the poison of conspiracy theories like white replacement theory,"

... meanwhile.. the bill was written in 2021 and had nothing to do with Buffalo. Schumer lying? I'm shocked! Shocked! ;)

• DNC to boost the signal on Roe v. Wade for the useful idiots.
• DNC to boost the signal on the "Ultra-MAGA" and "MAGA Republicans" talking point to convince the useful idiots of the "MAGA" threat but with a new vocabulary that makes it seem more "new" (see "hyper-immediacy" as related to psychological manipulation through persistent novelty).
• Jacinda Ardern to get a pat on the back for taking part in the totalitarian strategy.
• Ol' Diaper-Shitter to get heckled today (Sunday) in Texas.
• Totalitarian bill blocked by the GOP — to be saved for later when the DNC totalitarians can get a 3/5 majority.
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 06:23:05
*"... meanwhile.. the bill was written in 2021"

Correction: the bill was introduced in January 2021, after Jao Bai Dun took office. It was likely drafted by the totalitarians in 2020, when they were finalizing their dominoes strategy.

Rand Paul points out additional issues with the totalitarian bill (speech given before the vote):
[CSPAN; May 26, 2022]
The bill also targeted the ephemeral presence of "white supremacy", which is the DNC's code-framing for "anyone who realizes that the left-wing totalitarians have engaged in a massive eugenics strategy." This attaches to their recent propaganda rhetoric about "white replacement" (covered above).
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 09:04:20
From early May 2022, during the Roe v. Wade psychosis, another psychopathic Democrat declared that he wants to expand (pack) the Supreme Court.. and btw.. he says that Trump like.. "stole" those Supreme Court seats from the American people..... even though... the Supreme Court is NOT elected by the people and IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE elected by the American people because they are merely supposed to defend the Constitution from the other two branches.. but like... don't let logic stop you from totalitarianism, fucking authoritarian-left psychopaths:

Senator Edward J. Markey (Democrat, Massachusetts)
"LIVE Outside the Supreme Court: Senator Ed Markey Rallies to Protect Abortion and Expand the Court"
[Senator Markey YouTube; May 3rd, 2022]

Unsurprisingly, the useful idiot who introduces Markey declares that the Supreme Court is "the least democratic body in our government" — like it's a bad thing rather than a DESIGNED FUNCTION.

Of course, this willful misunderstanding of Republic protections around the Constitution is a continuation of the Bolshevik strategy of mob rule — mob rule being a necessary preamble for the dictatorship of the proletariat, which itself is a stepping stone for the vanguard to propagandize the people (controlling the mob's vote in the Party's propaganda groupthink) and then for the Inner Party to seize control — at which point mob rule is disbanded in favor of Inner Party totalitarianism.

The useful idiot at the beginning calls for..
• four more seats on the Court, which she sees as a segue for..
• federal guidelines on "voting rights" (i.e., federal control of elections under the DNC — no state oversight and therefore the end of the republic).
• an end of the filibuster as well, which would consolidate the uni-party's powers; the opposition (GOP and populists) would not be able to stop any bill, no matter how much such a bill might further consolidate the powers of the uni-party totalitarians.
• prosecution of "insurrection". This is not *just* a cudgel for January 6th defendants: in the dissolution of the government via the above means, it would no longer be possible to support the original Constitution, so anyone defying the direction of the totalitarians would be considered an "insurrectionist". The Bolshevik used this strategy as a consolidation of their Marxist dialectic; all political opposition was purged, either with death for "treason" or imprisonment in the gulags — and it was legal.

Markey echos those points and adds more:
• abolition of the Electoral College for majoritarianism (further consolidation of the uni-party; 10:30 in video)
• strength Roe v. Wade with "protection" bill

He also believes in the illegitimacy of GOP appointments (uni-party logic); he claims that the GOP appointments agreed not to overturn Roe v. Wade — a lie and a misrepresentation.

Sound like fiction?
This plan to pack the Supreme Court by expanding to 12 justices takes the form of H.R.2584, which is currently in the House sub-committee on Courts:

And does this have anything *really* to do with Roe v. Wade?


This bill was another totalitarian bill DRAFTED IN 2020 (or before) and introduced early in Biden's term in April 2021. Its connection to Roe v. Wade was merely opportunistic — capitalizing on the passions of the useful idiots.

To spell it out:
Puppet-Biden's January 2021 executive orders, the bills subsequently released in early 2021, the DNC's misinformation strategy, and the compliance strategies used in COVID policy were all planned for the Diaper-Shitter's installation. Not merely part of an incoming government's routine plans for its term, these policies were a continuation of a Marxist strategy that was consolidated with the Deep State during Obama's terms and which was expected to be continued with Clinton's but which was delayed by the DNC not "fortifying" the 2016 election. In 2020, the totalitarians had to accelerate the timeline to catch up with time lost under Trump, which meant aggressively seeding these executive orders and bills — a much more visible insurrection by the DNC. The totalitarians had put plans in place around the world, and the United States was planned for a fall much sooner to align with the worldwide collapse.

Public supporters of the bill:
60 Congress seats and the senate sponsors, including but not limited to...
• Representative Henry "Hank" Johnson, Jr (D, Georgia)
• Senator Edward J. Markey (D, Massachusetts)
• Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, Massachusetts)
• Jerry Nadler (D, NY)
• Ilhan Omar (D-MN)
• Cori Bush (D, MO)
• Mondaire Jones (D, NY)
• Rashida Tlaib (D, MI)
• Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)
• Maxine Waters (D-CA)
• Adam Schiff (D-CA)

Naturally, the progressive Squad is in on this — the Bolshevik vanguard which will be discarded by the Inner Party once they have served their purpose. And, not surprisingly, the Marxist activist that introduced Markey ends by saying that people need to be "on the right side of history" — a phrase that the Marxists derived from Benjamin and Foucault which refers to the overturning of foundational principles for Marxist-progressive reforms. I.e., you must be on the side of the Marxists to be on the "right side of history".
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 10:16:14
In the closing remarks for the World Economic Forum (2022), totalitarians discussed the road ahead in their global strategy of domination:

"Closing Remarks: The Road Ahead | Davos"
[May 26th, 2022] [May 29th, 2022]

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz begins.
2:50 — He mentions that Russia's invasion is parallel to the beginnings of World War I. You know what that means? :D
Sequel!! WWIII!! Ah shit.
4:00 — He discusses that Russia's success would prevent the totalitarian strategy... so.. I guess... put a Russian flag in your bio?
7:00 — Germany will feed 100 billion euros into military budgeting. I wonder if they'll siphon that from the U.S. and the rest of Europe in order to weaken their position in the global order?
8:30 — He discusses Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a pretext for their plans to transfer Europe into a "green" economy, which is their way of saying, "mass death" and depopulation into the next generation.
10:50 — He cites Thucydides's Trap (not by name), downplaying it; this likely means that it is inevitable, since it is only avoided by the globalist's victory.
13:50 — He reveals that the world against Russia in "decisive" unity was a message that the totalitarians have consolidated powers against the last remaining hold-out nations. Russia seems to be the only nation willing to stand up against globalism, with China being obedient so far.
17:00 — They hope to infiltrate Japan with the global strategy of "international cooperation" and "necessary diversification" — likely a way to stop Japan from controlling its genetic makeup. This may appear as a strategy of getting Japan to allow dual citizens and permanent immigration, which will replace Japanese citizens with foreigners.
21:00 — He talks about moving into the next phase of globalization, which reduces resource consumption and emphasizes further global cooperation. He cites "climate change" as a way to blackmail countries into working on parallel economic regulations — countries unwilling to comply with the globalists will be iced out with sanctions.
24:00 — He discusses the "global security" agenda, which involves seizing farmlands, likely to convert the global diet into the globalist ideal — their ideal of a low-meat diet which negatively affects the inheritance of strength, making smaller and weaker people. Meat itself will be a delicacy reserved for the rich, who will have access to a more robust diet and will thus grow into genetically superior tyrants.
He warns that countries that want to protect their sovereignty will have to stand up to the globalists, who will dig their heels in and require more cooperation, ultimately destroying any remaining national sovereignty.

Klaus Schwab begins. He is the author of "The Great Reset", which is a conspiracy theory.. which.. therefore.. means.. that the book doesn't exist? Wait no. It's Celebration Parallax again: the awaiting New World Order is real if you support it, but it's a conspiracy theory if you do not.
29:00 — Schwab celebrates Russia's invasion of Ukraine as the "shock moment" that the globalists needed to consolidate their plans.
31:00 — Scholz explains that the fuel shortages and increasing prices have gone quite successfully, and he is happy to report that the desperation for fuel that countries are feeling is part of the benevolence of their strategy.
33:00 — Scholz explains that the core of their strategy began with the seizure of African resources which expanded. The globalist hegemony has now seized the last sources of fuel and can no force the rest of the world to comply. He believes this will force the world to find alternative energy.
35:30 — Schwab re-directs to energy transformation. 2045 is their goal for full transformation.
Scholz says that industry consumes energy, so industry must be dissolved. He believes that hydrogen from steam plants will be a major source of energy.
38:00 — Schwab talks about their "New World [Order]", saying that globalization's necessary cooperation will force people to comply with government regulations [in the absence of free markets].
40:00 — Schwab talks about speed of efforts: the transformation requires that they pressure governments to comply quickly.
42:00 — Schwab gives Scholz a softball about his position as Germany's new chancellor — clearly, the result of Scholz' great compliance with the NWO. Scholz tries to show that he is very emotional about the need to stop Russia [and consolidate the globalist strategy].
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 22:33:04
As Andy Ngo points out...

Michael Reinoehl, who identified a Trump supporter and then executed him in cold blood on a near-vacant street in Portland in 2020, has become a kind of martyr to Antifa members, who now want Reinoehl to be "avenge[d]" — likely with more state-sponsored violence. In a way, Antifa is communicating to their handlers that they are ready to weaponize this discourse at the next DNC-violence event.

Andy Ngo; May 29th, 2022: "#Antifa violent extremists are amplifying calls for revenge for the 2020 killing of Portland Antifa member Michael Reinoehl by a @USMarshalsHQ task force. Reinoehl murdered Trump supporter Aaron Danielson in downtown Portland before fleeing out of state."

Again, Antifa is, of course, just an "idea" per the Shitter in Diaper-Briefs, so Reinoehl executing a political rival was just sort of.. you know.. like.. a couple of bros going at it. Simultaneously, however, to members of that mere "idea", Trump supporter Aaron Danielson was a "fascist" and thus "[deserved the bullet]", as they say.

This is again the logic of the Celebration Parallax: to those within the "Antifa" community, Antifa exists and must oppose "fascists" with political violence, but, to those outside of their ideology, they do not exist and you're crazy for thinking that they do. This is the self-insulating rhetoric of doublethink as well. Antifa claims that they are merely "Anti-Fascist", and, therefore, anyone who opposes them must be "fascist" — an incredibly simplistic rhetorical fallacy that only tricks halfwits, since merely calling oneself a thing does not make one that thing. One's actions determine what they are, and Antifa's actions show that they are the brown shirts of the DNC's fascist movement, being as they are the violent enforcement mechanism of DNC psychosis — funded by government and corporate interests to enact violence on behalf of the rising uni-party totalitarians.
Cherub Cow
Sun May 29 23:10:31
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a multi-millionare best known for insider-trading and war-profiteering on behalf of a substantial net worth (estimated at $114,662,521) which far exceeds the value of even a completely un-taxed salary in her long career, may be in a little bit of hot water by proxy.

"Pelosi’s Husband Faces Drunken Driving Charge in California"
[New York Times; May 29th, 2022]
Paul Pelosi spent Saturday night in a police drunk-tank and was released Sunday morning. Nancy Pelosi, after hearing the news, kept her appointment at Brown University, where she seemed entirely un-phased as she delivered a 2022 commencement speech ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqlNWGAF1aE ). This is not unexpected for Pelosi, who would not have risen to her position without being able to survive a political scandal.

Pelosi's speech begins with cultural references and jokes that were obviously written by a professional speech-writer (rather than by herself), complete with a reference to "The Office", which was lazily tailored to Brown's geography ("lazily" because Brown is actually about 4 hours from Scranton, hence the lack of significant laughter from this joke). Pelosi makes it about 7 minutes into a speech before she decides to make a sharp turn to feed Brown University students her usual talking points on "the insurrection", "assaults on democracy", Roe V. Wade, "voter suppression", "marriage equality", and shootings. Strangely, she cites "anti-Semitism" and "white supremacy" together as negatives, which must make the progressive Squad quite angry, since the Squad is against "white supremacy" but is openly anti-Semitic.

Nancy moves on to Ukraine, ensuring that the useful idiots support this global-totalitarian strategy. She describes "faith, hope, and charity", which, while semi-religious, likely does not reflect her affinity for blood orgies and hoarding wealth for her family.

Around 11:00, she then turns back to her speech-writer's points, talking about "the arts" and poetry rather than her political talking points. This does not last, however, as at 14:00 she returns to talking points about accepting further immigration and Lincoln's Civil War division strategies. She then pretends that the students should follow their "preeminent passions", but her sample list of "passions" includes DNC talking points about health care, "climate", and the preceding "equity" vocabulary. She then raises slave morality feminism at 17:50, saying that more women need to be in leadership roles.

The only question I would have left is, given that she decided to stay in office for at least another term, will she divorce Paul for political expediency — ending their long marriage just before their retirement years begin? I'd like to think that even a totalitarian beneficiary such as Pelosi would weather this storm so that she can maintain her secret conservative values and spend time with her husband as the world burns in her wake.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 01:20:29
The low-information useful idiots are again confused by Marjorie Taylor Greene's comments as part of the routine propaganda-direction of their Two Minutes Hate (she is, after all, a major target because she is up for reelection in November 2022). Ignorant as they are, they do not pay attention to the totalitarian plans and thus believe that she's speaking nonsense.

Patriot Takes, a Media Matters propaganda-signal repeater with 443.4k misled followers on Twitter, today floated the Celebration Parallax in this way by using a headline which is meant to sound absurd:
"Marjorie Taylor Greene says the government is planning to “zap” people inside their bodies if they try to eat a real cheeseburger."

"Aha!" they would say, "No one is stopping you from eating cheeseburgers!"

This, of course, is a lie.

The AP has been quick to backtrack on previous claims by saying that diet-tracking technology is merely limited to a use-case for those suffering from "schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder and major depressive disorder" (e.g., http://apnews.com/article/fact-check-Pfizer-CEO-Davos-256352183903 ), but, of course, a thing that is useful typically finds its use-cases growing, and the AP is as yet unwilling to delete their previous reporting on the subject.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 01:20:57
As the AP previously reported:
"US regulators approve first digital pill to track patients"
[November 14th, 2017]

The makers of the digital pill, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. and Proteus Digital Health, believe that this pill can increase "medication compliance". The AP even points out,
"The technology carries risks for patient privacy too if there are breaches of medical data or unauthorized use as a surveillance tool, said James Giordano, a professor of neurology at Georgetown University Medical Center. / “Could this type of device be used for real-time surveillance? The answer is of course it could,” said Giordano."

• "The new pill, Abilify MyCite, is embedded with a digital sensor that is activated by stomach fluids, sending a signal to a patch worn by the patient and notifying a digital smartphone app that the medication has been taken."
• "Patients can track their dosage on their smartphone and allow their doctors, family or caregivers to access the information through a website."

Could such pills be placed in all manner of products?
Could such pills thus be used to track the ingestion of certain "controlled" food items?
And is this merely a novel idea with no backing?
As usual, insurance companies would drive the change because they would benefit from medical compliance, ensuring that they do not have to pay out as much for patients who did not comply with treatments or patients who had unhealthy diets. In other words, patients would have to comply or would pay higher insurance premiums or be kicked off their plans.

This is again part of the DNC's medical strategy of controlling bodies. The useful idiots of the progressive left have become so delusional that they declare that health care is a "human right" (an impossibly stupid statement given that human rights cannot depend on rare items and advanced technology). This is a DNC propaganda strategy designed to help expand the DNC's infiltration of health care in the United States via federal controls.

The DNC used this strategy to gain further control of federal medical care in the CMS mandate of February 2022. That is, where it becomes the federal government's purview to control the health of the population via the CMS mandate changes (as discussed in my vaccine mandate litigation thread: http://www.utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=88805&time=1636130551282 ), then the DNC can command medical obedience to a whole host of new patients. Nearly every hospital in the U.S. receives federal dollars, and this is the mechanism by which the CMS changes can now command compliance from all of those hospitals, otherwise, those hospitals will have their federal funding halted. If a hospital were to stand up to this strategy, patients themselves would drive those hospitals into failure, since patients also receive federal dollars from federal insurance schemes and would only go to hospitals that accept their federal insurance plans. In other words, the CMS mandate was a back-door to universal health care, which the useful idiots will praise in their ignorance.

This strategy was the DNC's recognition of a simple line of thinking: health care in the military is ideal because an entire community of personnel receive full medical benefits. But, the military is able to support this health care because they have fitness and entry requirements; military personnel must be healthy and able-bodied and have diets promoting of those healthy physiques — this drives down medical costs. So, in order for universal health care to function on a larger population (e.g., the entire U.S.), federal capture of all American bodies must take place. It must be a *requirement* for citizens to comply with federal health guidelines. The CMS change affirmed this directive via the backdoor of COVID compliance, and the bureaucratic "bomb" is simply waiting to go off.

This strategy is further amplified by insurance providers already giving perks for people who wear fitness watches. Fitness watches track health statuses via heart rate and activity/movement monitoring. The algorithms used in fitness watches server-side can also track your position within your home (e.g., via wi-fi signal-strength tracking, footsteps, and GPS). These watches also pair with your cell phone and communicate the usage of each to each other (i.e., the watch tells the phone its status and the phone tells the watch its status — increasing data accuracy and value). People exhibit particular use-case statuses when in certain conditions, so, for instance, a user who relocates to a particular zone of their home or workplace and then starts checking social media on their phone and changing heart rate based on variable strain and relaxation will reveal to the health tracker whether or not they are using the bathroom. Thus, these companies do indeed know when you go to the bathroom and can track digestion health based on tracking of the frequency, length, and strain of such bathroom trips. As part of the above dominoes, this data will likely become mandatory self-reporting in the future as part of compliance with one's health insurance — watches will move from optional to mandatory as the federal mandates progress.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 01:21:16
J. Michael Evans, President of Alibaba Group, a Chinese-based multinational technology company among the top 10 largest companies in the world — worth more than $231 billion and with yearly assets exceeding $853 billion — discussed an ongoing strategy to track the individual carbon impact of individual citizens in countries around the world:
"‘Individual carbon footprint tracker, stay tuned’: Alibaba president at WEF 2022"
[The Sociable; May 25th, 2022]
In his appearance at the World Economic Forum (WEF; http://twitter.com/AndrewLawton/status/1529045188764921856 ), Evans stated,
"We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint ... That’s where they’re traveling, how they are traveling, what are they eating, what are they consuming on the platform."

In other words, technology is developing by design such that individuals will be assessed of their carbon footprint and told how they can decrease that footprint. Combined with health tracking and a larger plan of travel-tracking (which itself is part of a larger plan of stopping international tourism — keeping people locked in local zones), the end-state here is to stop people from expending more carbon than the state has allowed them.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 01:21:33
Back to the subject of diet and Marjorie Taylor Greene's claim that people will not be allowed to eat hamburgers (a euphemism that she was using to draw a connection between a common vice-item and a very real social imperative from the global elitists), the World Economic Forum published this in November 2016:
"8 predictions for the world in 2030"
[World Economic Forum dot org; November 12th, 2016]

Some of the contents of the article includes the "conspiracy theory" of "You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy", but more to the point of MTG, also included is this:
• "There is a global price on carbon." — This is part of the WEF's strategy of blackmailing all countries to reduce carbon footprints by applying global economic pressures (talked about above; see "Sun May 29 10:16:14"). This also connects with their strategy of applying social pressures to cause people to reduce their own carbon impact by individual tracking (See also Biden's manipulation of fuel costs and the White House's push for adoption of electric vehicles — intentional economic manipulation endorsed by Biden's energy secretary, Jennifer M. Granholm, who has previously laughed at the idea that the economy should attempt to decrease fuel costs; i.e., increasing fuel prices are BY DESIGN.).
• "US dominance is over. We have a handful of global powers." — this is part of the globalist strategy of overcoming nationalism; national imperatives will fall just like individual imperatives in favor of collectivism and compliance. As connected to health strategies, this means individuals must comply with health imperatives by consuming approved foods.
• "We are eating much less meat." — This is the WEF imperative that MTG pointed out in her video. As the WEF goes on to say,
"Rather like our grandparents, we will treat meat as a treat rather than a staple, writes Tim Benton, Professor of Population Ecology at the University of Leeds, UK. It won’t be big agriculture or little artisan producers that win, but rather a combination of the two, with convenience food redesigned to be healthier and less harmful to the environment."

While some have dismissed this claim as a random editorial by the WEF which does not constitute public policy, the above examples of top-down leadership by the organizers of the WEF as recently as a few days ago confirms that this is still a major part of their stated policy. It is not a fringe idea; it is their goal.

Additionally, this is part of a strategy launched decades ago by organizations such as Peta, which in pamphlets of the '80s and '90s declared that people should all become vegetarians to reduce the carbon impact of the human race. Bill Gates similarly has for decades pushed for this agenda of "[making the world vegetarian]". This was part of his push for synthetic beef (see a 2021 push, https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/02/14/1018296/bill-gates-climate-change-beef-trees-microsoft/ ) and his push for vegetarianism even before that (see the New York Times in 2008; http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/13/magazine/13Psychology-t.html ). This strategy has been building for decades.

In short, Marjorie Taylor Greene is completely and entirely correct in her video, minus a little bit of exaggeration. For instance, a "zap" is not necessary when your fitness watch can simply vibrate aggressively while notifying your insurance company that your rates should increase unless you exercise.

Of course, this is yet again the Celebration Parallax — our new mode of operation for such "conspiracy theories". That is, all of these details are publicly available for anyone to search. The only question is whether or not you agree with the policies. If you agree, it's not a conspiracy theory and is good. If you disagree, you must be defamed and denied.
Mon May 30 01:23:36
The left LOVE blowing any and everything MTG says out of proportion.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 01:33:14
Absolutely. She is one of the major targets of this election season, as mentioned above and streamlined here:
• Boebert (up for 2022 reelection)
• Marjorie Taylor Greene (up for 2022 reelection)
• Rand Paul (up for 2022 reelection)
• Ted Cruz (2024 presidential threat),
• Steve Bannon (part of DNC's January 6th propaganda strategy),
• Matt Gaetz (up for 2022 reelection),
• Madison Cawthorn (up for 2022 reelection),
• Paul Gosar (up for 2022 reelection),
• Ron DeSantis (up for 2022 reelection; 2024 presidential threat)

This does not include the usual punditry targets, such as Tucker Carlson, who is one of Fox News' last remaining populists. If they have success with Carlson, their subsequent targets would be Gutfeld and Jesse Watters. The latter two have not been major targets because they tend to dip into the globalist strategy, perhaps accidentally, and would thus not be major obstacles.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 02:24:39
Following up on the above mention of Ol' Shitty-Pants' visit to Texas on Sunday, here he is entering his armored limousine while being heckled and praised simultaneously:
(vitriol in the title, but this is the video source)
[Drew Hernandez; May 29th, 2022]

While one might worry about Ol' Smelly-Fart's decision to elevate his head — which severely increases the amount of angles that a would-be attacker could use — a subsequent video shows the extreme amount of security present at this mostly flat location:
(again, vitriol in the title; ignorant take from this GOP-indy-journalist)
[Drew Hernandez; May 29th, 2022]

I previously wondered if the DNC would use Biden's @55@55i-nayshuni0n in Texas to further push the totalitarian strategy (what a perfectly psychotic way for the totalitarians to force gun reform, disarm the population, and cause civil strife), but, given the amount of angle-coverage at this event, I think that may be an unlikely strategy going forward.

Still, the idea and fallout of such an event is incredibly terrifying. Such an action would spell immediate and massive destabilization in favor of the global totalitarians. So, I would not doubt that some malicious think tank is considering such an Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment (I pointed out as much in 2021 in "shit about Shit & his shit associates #3", and in this February 2022 thread http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=89291&time=1644118429943 ). The fact that the World Economic Forum participants, namely the German Chancellor, likened our current situation to being pre-WWI is particularly alarming. The strategy would make sense, as well, since why would Jill Biden allow her dementia-ridden husband to become president? Would he have agreed to it simply because he knew that his mind was going anyways — and thus his death would be for the globalist cause? I hope not; bad as it is, I'd prefer that it simply be his acknowledgement of his puppet status — where his waning mind would not matter.

It is, of course, equally terrifying to see tribal-hecklers of both political affiliations decrying security when it protects the people they dislike. Videos in the comments show DNC-tribalists swearing at police for protecting NRA-affiliated people in Houston (e.g., http://twitter.com/DrewHLive/status/1530274998484598784 ). It is ironic that Drew Hernandez called this "insane" while, on the same day, he complained that Ol' Joey Poopy-Butt had a lot of security. It seems that the consistent parallel of the accelerationists and their useful idiots is that they want their opposition to go without security, which is a terrible idea for any political affiliation.

Anyways, the ideal outcome here would be for Ol' Poopy-Diaper to simply pass gas out of office. Second to that, he could have a stroke and then cackling Kamala would be on the spot to accidentally reveal classified information to the public. The sheer lack of popularity for Harris would all but ensure a GOP win in 2024. However, the issue there is that the GOP has its own globalists. They were the same people who thought that Trump would take an easy fall in 2016, and they would similarly strategize on behalf of the uni-party in 2024.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 03:40:01
Big oof.
Ol' Diarrhea-Legs gave a commencement speech on Saturday at the University of Delaware, where he propagated January 6th lies that are so erroneous that they typically fly most with the useful idiots. Further proof that the DNC's propaganda and disinformation is top-down:
[The Union Herald; May 28th, 2022]

Sample of his lies:
• 15:00 — "A mob of insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, the very citadel of democracy"

This falsely frames the Capitol protestors as *all* insurrectionists; i.e., if you were in the "mob", you were an "insurrectionist". This is again an example of the DNC's fallacy of association Ice-Nine insanity. They cannot see the distinction between someone hitting a police officer and someone trespassing after the chaos had ended. They see a crowd and see only their own collectivist hivemind. It is part of their strategy of making the ENTIRE GOP guilty of the crimes of the worst fringe — a strategy elucidated explicitly by DNC-Totalitarian strategist Donny Deutsch (spoken about above).

• 15:30 "Imagine what you’d be thinking today if you had heard this morning before you got here that a group of a thousand people broke down the doors of the parliament of Great Britain, killed two police officers, smashed and ransacked the office of members of the British Parliament or any other. What would you think?"

Ol' Shit-for-Brains seems to think that two police officers were killed at the Capitol. This is outright false. DNC propaganda has blamed the deaths of police officers on this event, but their causality is again distorted to absurdity. Some reports (and Ol' Soiled-Pants himself) even draw a straight line from January 6th to the suicide of four Capitol officers (e.g., Reuters; August 2nd, 2021; http://www.reuters.com/world/us/officer-who-responded-us-capitol-attack-is-third-die-by-suicide-2021-08-02/ ). It is quite a manipulation for the propagandists to pretend that anyone who was at the Capitol who later kills himself must have done it BECAUSE of the Capitol riots, but that's the vomit they're pouring into their useful idiots.

In reality, only one officer died, Officer Sicknick, and he died the day AFTER January 6th, with the coroner ruling that it was due to conditions that he already had which were simply excited by exertion (see NPR; April 19th, 2021; http://www.npr.org/2021/04/19/988876722/capitol-police-officer-brian-sicknick-died-of-natural-causes-medical-examiner-ru ).

• 9:00 — He likens the current times as like the Civil War, and he tells this DNC-majority college that they must be politically active for the next 10 years in particular. He mentions that his generation had to respond to an @55@551nayshun, which again could be an intentional psychological priming of the totalitarian plan.
• 10:25 — He again tells the lie about the President of China asking him to define "America" in one word.
• 12:00 — He again misquotes the Declaration of Independence for Woke ideology, saying, "all women and men are created equal."
• 13:00 — He again floats the lie of him "teaching" at the University of Pennsylvania. He was an *honorary* "professor", which amounts to him getting paid to speak there a few times. This was not "teaching". He also again lies about getting into the 2020 race because of Charlottesville.
• 14:00 — He likens his political enemies to "literal" Nazis in the '30s.
• 16:00 — He makes a direct parallel between the Capitol and "white supremacy", drawing a line from the Capitol to Buffalo. He then draws a line from Buffalo to the dead children of Uvalde. This is more propaganda-signal associative logic; i.e., get people to see them all as the same issue so that the useful idiots will see an absolute enemy in all of it.
• 18:00 — He gets randomly angry, exposing again his dementia's effect on his emotional self-regulation.
• 19:40 — He claims that America has a right to govern itself, which seems to go against his globalist masters and contradict his actual policies.
• 21:40 — He claims that this generation is the least prejudiced generation in history, which goes against the woke narrative of racism being beneath every stone. But, it is consistent with their belief in "demographics is destiny", and, in this context, it primes this crowd to believe that the opposition *is* still racist while immunizing themselves.
• 22:40 — He claims that his enemies are "desperate to hold onto power", which indicates that he expects the uni-party will rise; he declares that the new generation of DNC useful idiots will rise.
• 24:00 — He cites Lincoln, the DNC strategy of priming Civil War, and he claims that a benevolent side of the U.S. in the past was their breaking with totalitarianism. This may be a play on the DNC's propaganda wherein it is the GOP who have "fascists", when, in reality, the DNC possesses all of the symptoms.
• 26:00 — Here it is: he wants these DNC useful idiots to change the "trajectory" of the nation, likening their role to the '60s civil rights movement.
• 27:00 — He names "equality, fairness, justice" as "America's most important values". Fairness was sandwiched here to mask that it is the DNC's "equity" redistribution strategy.
• 28:00 — He again lies about he and his sister coming from a "modest background". He lived in a goddamned mansion.

What a shitty commencement speech. This was worse than Pelosi's and Jacinda's. Pure propaganda with no breaks for anything that reflects their actual academic achievements. He doesn't even describe them as going into a work force — he talks about them like they'll only be activists. Is that truly their only future? They'll only serve the dictatorship of the proletariat and then be lost to history.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 06:39:19
Another flash from the past, though, the not-too-distant past.

Patrisse Cullors was last month exposed for her massive defrauding of the BLM useful idiots via the funneling of BLM donations into a massive mansion-buying scheme wherein she awarded homes to her family and herself (herself within a $6 million mansion) — pretending that this was to build offices for BLM when in reality she was buying domestic-zone properties in rich "white" gated communities which she used for parties and just decadent living. While the homes were partially renovated for the filming of BLM propaganda, Cullors herself filmed a video where she admitted that it's her "personal residence". This is, of course, a problem on a problem, since the residence was purchased through shell companies before being transferred to Cullors as part of a way to launder BLM donations into personal use (i.e., she misrepresented the purchases and transfers for tax-evasion purposes). Cullors has since deleted her Instagram video on that subject, but the echos remain and the federal prosecutions are likely impending.

When this was raised to public awareness, Candace Owens visited Patrisse Cullors' residence and was turned away in a quick conversation, seen here:
[Candace; May 13th, 2022]
Also included above is the video by Patrisse Cullors pretending that she was just attacked at her home and that she felt for the safety of her child — pathos arguments that were designed to further trick her useful idiots into not seeing that BLM was a grift on behalf of the Marxist vanguard, as evidenced by the fact that Cullors never actually personally interacted with Owens' crew and that only her security guard spoke to them for a few minutes before they left. That is, she knew that she had been exposed and was now trying preemptively to disguise her lies.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 06:39:37
Adding more dimension to this was a June 2021 meeting wherein Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Melina Abdullah — BLM's major vanguard propagandists and opportunists — met to have a decadent "we made it"/"Thanks, George Floyd, Patron Saint of Fentanyl!" chat wherein they openly discussed their manipulation of their useful idiots.
[New York Post; April 5th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 06:40:17
That video originally was released on YouTube by BLM, but it has since been turned "private" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s53L5nf640 ). Not to worry! It was preserved in parts here:
[Secretary of Akkad; April 6th, 2022]

In the video, Cullors opulently plays with her expensive hair and manicured nails, signaling her status to the other opportunists before her — a show of a lower class social climber whose vision of wealth is consumerism and decadence rather than the societal goods that she claimed to support. Melina Abdullah is unimpressed since she has been at this for much longer and is much better at hiding assets stolen from the movement — the power balance of this table recognizes her supremacy. So strange! Marxism always tends to do this! The useful idiots see the worker's paradise, but anyone with a brain cell sees a pyramid scheme.

Worse, this Melina Abdullah, one of BLM's core propagandists/opportunists who was often seen on microphones in the DNC's insurrectionary 2020 summer, admits what anyone who was paying attention KNEW but the DNC's useful idiots denied nonetheless:
"Remember we ... had to pretend like we weren't — '*defund* the police'. This is a 'budget' issue. And now we ARE talking about abolition. Yeah, we kind of just mean abolition."

In other words, she admits that "defund" was a smoke screen for a strategy of abolition — "defund" NEVER meant just reallocating funds. And this was never a hidden aspect of the defund movement, as there was an article admitting it (see the New York Times' June 12th, 2020; "Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police"). But, the DNC's propagandists nevertheless pushed that narrative before and after that NYT article.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 06:40:38
Days earlier, on John Oliver's propaganda show, he said, "Defunding the police absolutely does not mean that we eliminate all cops and just succumb to the purge."
Oliver then goes on to describe "defund" as moving resources to "community policing" and social programs. This is, of course, a lie.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 06:40:50
The day before Oliver released this episode, protestors in Minneapolis stated the exact opposite:
[Daily Caller; June 6th, 2020]
Transcript ( http://i.imgur.com/83Ezok6.png ):
[De-fund Speaker]: “Jacob Fry, we have a yes or no question for you: Yes or no, will you commit to de-funding Minneapolis Police Department?”
[Frey]: “The abolishment of it?”
[De-fund Speaker]: “What did I say?”
[Frey]: “The abolishment?”
[De-fund Speaker]: “We don't want no mo' police. Is that clear? We don't want people with guns toting around in our community, shooting us down. You have an answer. It is a yes or a no. It is a yes or a no. Will you de-fund the Minneapolis Police Department?"
[Frey; shaking head “no”; audio unclear]: “Not like this. I can’t answer for you.”
[Protestor 1]: “He said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘No.’”
[De-fund Speaker]: “All right, be quiet y’all. Be quiet because it’s important that we actually hear this. It’s important that we hear this because if y’all don’t know, he’s up for reelection next year. If y’all don’t know, he’s up for reelection next year. And if he says, “No,” guess what the fuck we’re going to do next year?”
[Frey]: “I can’t support the abolishment of the police department.”
[Protestor 2]: “Louder, one more time.”
[Frey]: "I cannot support the full abolition of the police department."”
[De-fund Speaker]: “Get the fuck outta here! Go! Go! Go!”

This is a particularly hilarious admission because people still float this propaganda. The moderates being misled by the vanguard STILL believe that "defund" simply means community policing, but they have misunderstood a key component of the defund movement by fault of their own willingness to believe in their own conscience rather than seeing the immorality of the enemy before them:

• To a libertarian, "defund" and "community policing" sounds a lot like "an armed society is a polite society." I.e., a libertarian might hear such words (without context, of course) as meaning that everyone would concealed-carry and public safety would be ensured through a virtuous and respectful culture. This is NOT what "defund" means.

• To an authoritarian-left Marxist, "defund" means "abolition", which means no police oversight in criminal communities — and no legal armament, since Marxists oppose the arming of their opposition. This means unchecked criminal enterprises which can corrupt society and oppose the non-Marxist remnants of the state and of the social order. The end goal of this is not permanent anarchy but rather community violence which reorders asymmetrically to favor the Marxists, who then demand that their own violence be fixed by an omnipotent government. That is, the ultimate desire of abolishment is the expansion of federal powers — a federal police force which will return "order" in a protection racket. It is the protection racket which carried the early Marxist seizing of government, and thus this is the ground-game of the totalitarian uni-party DNC state.
Jesse Malcolm Barack
Mon May 30 06:55:59
Holy shizz thats a lot of spam cc going crazy

imagining her as the thing from this film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2GHSALcfmM&t=18s
Mon May 30 07:05:32
CC, Cawthorn will no longer be running, he lost the primary.

Boebert is hot.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 07:18:45
"CC, Cawthorn will no longer be running, he lost the primary."

I know; I noted it above, mentioning that they had seeded crimes against him in early May to sink his primary chances (Wed May 25 04:39:37). I left him on the list to show that he was part of the list that I put together months ago. I.e., their propaganda efforts have already had a success.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 21:13:47
Former Vice President Robinette Wet-Diaper was interviewed on the White House lawn by MSNBC this morning, where he referred to 9mm bullets as "high caliber", since they could "[blow] the lung out of the body," before repeating his totalitarian's line, saying, "the Constitution, the Second Amendment, was never absolute."
[RNC Research Twitter; May 30th, 2022]

This yet again shows how immensely ignorant the Commander in Depends is about firearms. Someone even *lightly* informed about firearms would recognize 9mm as the standard level of stopping power within commonly used *handguns*. But Ol' Dumpster-Brains is trying to make 9mm sound like an unreasonable level of power for the common citizen — even in home defense. You'd again have to wonder if Ol' Joey 2-Neurons really is this stupid or if his think tank researchers have been feeding him these lines for so many years simply because the useful idiots hear this bullshit and, being even more abysmally ignorant, don't know any better.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 21:30:47
The left-wing totalitarians in America's Hat decided that their best course of action is to follow-through on Robinette Shit-for-Brains' DNC-"insights" and so will be introducing legislation to establish further their part in the global totalitarian order by beginning the disarmament of their citizens:

"NOW - PM Trudeau: "It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer, or import handguns anywhere in Canada.""
[Disclose.TV; May 30th, 2022]

Such disarmament procedures have never, as far as I know, been a prelude to that same government killing its own people in a massive organized eugenics and political reform strategy.

(Also covered in UP: http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=89959&time=1653963136601 )
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 21:58:29
"‘Guns Should Not Be In The Hands Of The Mentally Unstable,’ Says Senile Man With Nukes"
[Babylon Bee; May 30th, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 22:06:12
*[Babylon Bee; May 27th, 2022]

Oof. More lies from the diaper-shitter:

"Joe Biden says he applied to Naval Academy, but dates don’t add up"
[May 27th, 2022]

Not only did he lie, but..
• "After Biden graduated law school in 1968, he reportedly was deemed unfit for military service by citing childhood asthma. His memoir doesn’t mention the condition while describing his football exploits or his work as a lifeguard. A report released in November by his doctor also doesn’t mention asthma."

Yikes. He had "asthma" when it was time to join the Navy, but that same "asthma" never came up otherwise. Almost like.. it's more bullshit from this career liar.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 22:47:10
Abortion and gun-control are the go-to distractions of the DNC when they suffer from an extreme lack of popularity due to their failed policies.
Mon May 30 23:24:07
Guns Should Not Be In The Hands Of The Mentally Unstable,’ Says Senile Man With Nukes"

Thays actually pretty funny.
Cherub Cow
Mon May 30 23:25:21
Yeah, lulz. :D
To counter that argument, the left would have to admit that Biden is a puppet and couldn't talk his handlers into pushing the button ;D
Cherub Cow
Tue May 31 01:47:34
One method of the totalitarians is what's known as the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Score.

To explain ESG:
Whereas a normal business in a capitalist system would be driven by profit, ESG Scores hijack this incentive through artificial pressures from the top down. For instance, it is not profitable to, say, spend 20% of one's company's resources on "green" solutions which degrade the company's own productivity and diminish their final product, but if said company can be pressured by government policy (e.g., the "stick" of government fines, the "carrot" of government loans), then that company will be forced to take the losses into their business model. Companies that best "comply" with these forced losses will receive a "better" ESG score, showing that they have adopted the global totalitarian strategy and can thus be trusted to receive further top-down compliance strategies and propagate globalist ideology.

The cultural enforcement mechanism of ESG is the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) movement. DIE was meant to infiltrate workplaces via their HR departments with under-qualified employees who would act not as functional contributors but as Marxist Party affiliates — not unlike the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) strategy of having at least one Politburo agent within every major business. The DIE movement promotes those more likely to have accepted the bad conscience of slave morality, hence, this promotes businesses in the hiring of LGBTQ+NAMBLA workers, racialist activists, and the mentally ineffective. The imperative here is that one's role in Party structures is more important than one's ability to accumulate wealth as capitalist businesses, thus the HR/Politburo agent will target and eject over-performing or capitalist strategies, instead using the global elitist strategy to erode any one company's mission. E.g., businesses not complying well enough may find their workers "randomly" protesting or demanding more Marxist infiltration — part of the ESG/DIE protection racket scheme.

This strategy was devised by the United Nations in 2004 and endorsed by 20 major companies:
ABN Amro
AXA Group
Banco do Brasil
Bank Sarasin
BNP Paribas
Calvert Group
CNP Assurances
Credit Suisse Group
Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sachs
Henderson Global Investors
ISIS Asset Management
KLP Insurance
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
Morgan Stanley
RCM (a member of Allianz Dr esdner
Asset Management)
World Bank Group
[International Finance Corporation; June 2004]

Today, the ESG globalist pyramid scheme manages more than $30 trillion in assets, representing a major capture of capitalist systems on behalf of the global Marxists. Nearly every major business has been captured, including Microsoft, Qualcomm, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Nike, Facebook, and even Chipotle and Coca-Cola. The most compliant companies are more likely to push the DIE strategies in marketing and hiring and are more likely to sacrifice capital productivity for suicidal Marxism, though the more successful companies tend to out-perform via the pyramid scheme's destruction and cannibalism of other businesses. That is, a business which survives its ESG score is likely to do so through excessive government attention — like the artificial survival of a loss leader. Microsoft, for instance, owns nearly every government computer in the Western world, so it has certain guarantees on its income which can survive an ESG/DIE strategy. This also further allows government–corporate monopolies by these rising fascists.

Naturally, such a system destroys competition by design.

In a major example of this ESG scheme, following the intentional crashing of the housing market in 2008, with Obama's "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009", Obama's White House invested $831 billion into mostly compliant ESG-businesses. The first business to receive funding from this investment strategy was the infamous Solyndra, which received a $535 million loan guarantee. But, because Solyndra was *so*-ESG compliant, it was also incapable of surviving in a normal capitalist structure by itself and was thus not equipped to manage such a loan, resulting in the business going bankrupt within 2 years.

To date, hundreds of other businesses have been artificially promoted under this strategy, and they do not handle market pressures well:

"It’s Not Easy Being Green: Why Is ESG Underperforming In 2022?"
[Forbes; February 17th, 2022]

Ironically, the manipulation of markets through ESG has been negatively affected by the manipulation of the market in other sectors. Biden's intentional mishandling of the Federal Reserve and the inflation crisis have hit ESG businesses in particular. The big indicator with ESG businesses is their price to earnings ratio, which indicates the obvious truth of Marxist infiltration of capitalist models: Marxist businesses under-perform and are overvalued compared to performance by the Marxist government due to Marxist business plans making them inefficient.

This explains a common occurrence: why do so many businesses promote the DIE propaganda even when it threatens their very ability to advertise on behalf of their actual products and services? The reason is because market manipulation under this globalist strategy prioritizes DIE and ESG *before* profitability. Profitability is merely a false promise offered after-the-fact, with profitable ESG businesses most typically having no survivability in a free market. That is, the ESG protection racket DEMANDS that they conduct poor advertisement strategies, and whether or not the businesses survive these strategies is no longer totally in their control.
(See also "why are fat chicks in commercials" http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=89950&time=1653965369635 )

This, incidentally, also links to the idea of "too big to fail" (hinted at with the 2008 crisis), as described by ESG/DIE activists such as Elizabeth Warren. The idea is that the globalists must close ranks around their ESG/DIE strategy, which means that they must go all-in on artificially promoting the survivability of inefficient Marxist businesses and banks. Where Solyndra was bad press, for instance, the global Marxists have adapted and must stand behind certain ESG/DIE businesses in all market conditions. Unsurprisingly, it is the people who suffer for this Marxism, as the vision of the Marxist utopia becomes more important than whether or not a business is producing good works which actually benefit the people in a free market. If another artificially propped-up mega-business fails and is then bailed out by the globalist market, the hundreds of thousands of workers who lose their homes and net worth in the fallout are merely suffering on behalf of The Party's Great Leap Forward.
Tue May 31 02:36:12
Just popping in to show my appreciation and support. Go team?
Cherub Cow
Tue May 31 16:05:54
Top comment: “it’s like the weird guy in the van they always used to warn kids about has suddenly become president.”

(Montage of Creepy Joe doing his whispering routine)
[Don’t Walk, Run!; May 31, 2022]
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 01 04:35:31
"Biden in Fallout New Vegas"
[February 22nd, 2022]

This reviews Biden's dishonest deflections against Bernie Sanders in a debate on March 15, 2020. Biden lied about not having SuperPacs, then claimed that Sanders had "nine", then, when called to name any, failed to do so. Incidentally, while Sanders was not perfect, in this debate, Sanders stated that he wanted to go after the globalist/fascist corporate power structure, but Biden supported the globo-fascist agenda.

In the longer debate, Sanders also pointed out that Biden has a history of arguing to cut social security and medicare spending. Biden lied by saying that he never has. Sanders referred viewers to a simple Google search to reveal this lie. Here is a result of a simple search (Biden saying that he wants to cut social security and medicare in 1995, 2007, and 2018):
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 01 06:50:07
*"February 22nd, [2021]" (previous comment)

Hilarious propaganda meme shared by propagandists at Occupy Democrats and picked up by the unhinged useful idiots of the left:

""This Memorial Day, We honor the memory of Officer Brain Sicknick, the US Capital Police Officer who was killed by Trump's terrorists who attempted to stage an illegal coup on January 6, 2021.""
[Occupy Democrats Facebook; 50,000+ likes; May 30th, 2022]

Simultaneously posted also on Twitter; 9,466 likes

Subsequently posted March 31st by one of Imgur's main propagandists, blank666man, receiving 3,683 likes and 160,000+ views. Average likes for front page posts is about 1,500, so this was doubly popular amongst the unhinged mental-health-issue leftists of Imgur:

This is a good example of how many compounding lies the useful idiots of the left can be exposed to as a means of getting their hot and stupid blood boiling:

• "This Memorial Day, We honor the memory of Officer"

Memorial Day is a celebration of U.S. military personnel who died while serving — NOT of police who died. This obvious error by Occupy Democrats spells out that Occupy Democrats is again applying straight propaganda to redirect the attention of the useful idiots to a more useful emotion and topic (the January 6th propaganda topic — one of the DNC's most useful manipulations). I.e., this meme has NOTHING to do with Memorial Day; it is a pathos activation meme designed to mobilize the vitriol of the left — a Manchurian candidate switch for their feeble brains. They are too stupid to realize that this switch can be turned on for any reason at any time.

- National Shopping Day? — "You know who can't shop today BECAUSE INSURRECTIONISTS MURDERED HIM???!!!"
- Flag Day? — "You know who would appreciate a flag? THE CAPITOL OFFICER WHO DIED PROTECTING YOU FROM LITERAL TERRORISTS!!"
- Take Your Dog to Work Day — "You know who may have wanted to take his dog to work today? THE DEAD CAPITOL POLICE OFFICER WHO WAS LITERALLY MURDERED BY COUP INSURRECTIONISTS OMGs I CAN'T BELIEVE IT AHHHHHH! BE ANGRY!!"

lol :D

• "US Capital Police Officer who was killed"

Sicknick WAS NOT KILLED. The death was ruled "natural". IF he had been "killed", the death would have been ruled "homicide". IT WAS NOT.

No semantic distortion can evade this simple fact of the medical examiner's decision regarding causality. The direct cause of Sicknick's death WAS NOT the actions of another human. The useful idiots in the comments repeat the party propaganda that is, unsurprisingly, in the headline of the Wikipedia article so that they can "win" a debate with further misinformation:
"[Hur, hur] 'all that transpired played a role in his condition'"

Meanwhile, back in fucking reality:
- "The cause was listed as “acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar artery thrombosis.”"
- "The office ... classifies a death as natural when “a disease alone causes death. If death is hastened by an injury, the manner of death is not considered natural.”"
- "the autopsy found no evidence he “suffered an allergic reaction to chemical irritants, which Diaz said would have caused Sicknick’s throat to quickly seize. Diaz also said there was no evidence of internal or external injuries.”"

Another piece of misinformation that the useful idiots float is that the D.C. Police (i.e., NOT THE MEDICAL EXAMINER) declared that he died "due to injuries sustained while on-duty". THIS IS NOT CAUSE OF DEATH. This is the D.C. Police making sure that their officer's family gets the on-duty death payout. I.e., they get more money if he died "on-duty" than off-duty.

The useful idiots cannot see the distinction between events playing a "role" in one's death and the actual CAUSE of death. This again speaks to the useful idiot's inability to decipher proper causality (discussed several times in the thread above).

• "Trump's terrorists"

This is part of the lie that Sicknick was "killed", but it further compounds the lie by saying "Trump's terrorists". Firstly, they were not "Trump's" (direct possession). This again buries causality with the left's inability to draw a logical line between words and action. Secondly, not a single protestor at January 6th has been charged with terrorism. Not a single fucking one. The worst charges so far have been related to "seditious conspiracy" — but not terrorism.

• "who attempted to stage an illegal coup"

At the end of the sentence, we are now several steps removed from reality and truth, and the sad thing? The unhinged left would still be on board. Keep in mind that at this point..
- "who" refers to persons who "killed" Sicknick — who was not killed, thus showing that such persons do not even exist to fulfill the claims of the rest of the sentence.
- "who" were also "Trump's terrorists", when no such causality of possession has been established except in desperate fever dreams of bad interpretation,
- "who" were "terrorists", when no single person has been charged with terrorism, and certainly NOT anyone who interacted with Sicknick.

So, by the time we get to "illegal coup", we are even further removed from causality and truth. We are no longer describing real persons at this point — only phantoms and politically useful delusions. Occupy Democrats is compounding lies and ending with a lie built on a lie built on a lie built on a lie.

Even Wikipedia, which openly hawks propaganda for the left, does not list January 6th in its list of coups around the world. Wikipedia also cannot describe January 6th as a "coup" in its headline for January 6th. It is forced to bury "coup" in sections describing *coverage* of the event and in sections describing people struggling to call it a "coup" for political purposes. The most coherent argument is that it is an "attempted dissident coup ... initiated by a small group of discontents" — in other words, there may have been a few people there who were trying (maybe) to do something resembling a coup. That definition is so watered down that it could be charged tenfold upon many random anti-capitalist protestors.

This is the type of propaganda that routinely rots the brains of the left's useful idiots. They would buy into the entire sentence, not realizing that they were being lied to from its very first words — from its very premise.

And this is again hyper-immediacy propaganda. Memorial Day has fuck-all to do with January 6th, but, if the useful idiot can believe that January 6th is here in the hyper-immediate moment, then the useful idiots can be reminded of the Party's mission for the idiot: be angry, be useful, and have a baseline of insanity ready to be activated when a vote is needed or a campaign must be waged on behalf of the Party. The Party doles out these persistent and disconnected propaganda-signal reminders so that the useful idiot is always primed for their next moment of participation.

It is like a cattle prod being applied every time the muscles show signs of relaxation.
It is like a snake that relaxes for a moment only so that its prey will breathe out, at which point the snake squeezes more tightly.
Wed Jun 01 08:00:08

My God, it's full of words! :o)

Wed Jun 01 08:01:25

Since all this started with diaper shitting, I feel the need to say "On to #2!" :o)

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